Now Serving Ch. 10

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This work of fiction features incest combined with hard BDSM, so please stop reading right here if you don’t like the juxtaposition. There’s plenty of both, so please don’t read and submit an irate comment(s) if you object to the mix of these two genres. All characters are of legal age.


Justine was kneeling in the living room on the coffee table, surrounded by two video cameras and lighting equipment. A boom mike was positioned over the coffee table-cum-oversized leather bench. She’d spent the afternoon at the spa, getting a facial (the non-cum kind), a waxing and a styling of her hair and make-up. She hadn’t done a scene on-camera since the videos her son Justin had done with her.

She looked great: collared and leashed, her head encased in a bondage harness, her chest encased in a matching harness, wrists and ankles cuffed, tits bulging from velcro bands at their bases, olive skin lightly oiled, perspiring from the hot lights, mound newly waxed, nipples and labia all severely clamped, chained and weighted, a thick, wet ball gag hanging beneath her jaw so she could first drink a cum cocktail. A leather strap was deeply embedded between her pussy lips and tied front and rear to the harness’s thick leather waist cinch.

Janette and Angie obeyed Justine in parental and household matters, and she sometimes punished the teens (which she much enjoyed) for misbehavior, both with and without Matt’s presence, she was otherwise the House Sub. The girls enjoyed their opposite roles, adroitly switching from being Matt’s subs to being dommes of Justine, venting their resentments and frustrations of her. Especially since she’d recently grounded both of them on a Friday night when they already had plans.

Matt knew that the best way to satisfy Justine’s cravings were to periodically force her into new and ever more degrading scenes. He liked the creative challenge. Now Justine’s father and brother were eagerly awaiting a copy of the video where their Angie would be disciplining her mother and forcing her to cum. And Justin, the fledgling porn star’s son? He was the main cameraman.

Ever since surreptitiously watching one of the videos on Justine’s computer, in which Justin used and abused his mother, Matt knew that Justine was incredible on camera – superbly photogenic, responsive and exciting. She could withstand – and get off on – serious, prolonged abuse. Her amazing body reacted vocally, and with great mobility.

Matt stood by the coffee table. He would remain off-camera for this shoot, keeping it first girl-on-girl (or girls on woman) and then son-on-mother, while he recorded them all with the second camera. Justin, more experienced than Matt in these shoots with his mother, had suggested that he do most of the closeups while Matt essentially stuck to wider shots, until Justin went on-camera.

Although the scenario had been pre-planned and explained to Janette, Angie and Justin (but not to Justine), Matt would still direct, using hand gestures. At Matt’s signal, the guys started recording and Matt nodded to Angie, nude except for a garter belt, stockings and a waspie corset that exposed her luscious young tits.

Angie held up a traditional cream pitcher. “This added treat is a special mix from your father, brother, son and boyfriend.”

Next to Angie was his own daughter, Janette, wearing a waist cincher and stay-up stockings. Both of the girls’ waxed pussies were covered by heavy strap-ons, the thick, black 8-inch members jutting menacingly from their nude mounds while six-inchers were stuffing their own wet cunts, along with nubbins to stimulate their clits. Their assholes were stuffed with sizable plugs.

Angie poured steaming cum from the pitcher into her mother’s triple vodka martini. A prolonged hissing sound filled the room, the steaming white spunk descending into the icy clear vodka. Swirls of cum spread through the oversized martini glass. Justine raised the glass to her wide mouth, drank slowly for the cameras and set down the glass, aware that her thick lips were so coated with the gunk that it splattered onto her thighs.

Justine set down her glass, relieved when the girls set upon her. Angie and Janette walked up to the kneeling sub, raised her toned arms and bound them to a bar above her head, trembling with shameful arousal. Janette pushed the huge red ball gag between Justine’s greasy lips, the fresh spunk on them dripping onto her tits, while Angie tightened the straps on the head harness. Each girl pulled on a labia chain, stretching a thick dark pussy lip till Justine moaned and the girls fasted the chains to metal grommets in their sub’s lace stocking tops.

As the girls stretched and bound her cunt lips, their big strap-ons were bobbing and swaying in Justine’s face. She saw that Angie’s was dripping with lube. So her mother knew it was her daughter who would be fucking her ass. Justine also saw the red buttons on the strap-ons, so she knew the bobbing monsters were filled taksim grup yapan escort with steaming cum. Some of the hot cream would shoot up her cunt and ass, so the cameras could have a close-up of a thick, double camel pie, the thick white goo drooling from the dusky skin circling her wrinkled asshole and oozing from between the dark labia on each side of her cunt, while the remainder of the reservoirs would drench her face, tits and slit.

Once his mother had cum from the DP, and his sister and Janette had also cum, Justin would add suction tubes to Justine’s nipples and clit, face-fuck her, fuck her cunt and ass, then shoot his huge, long-lasting load, inundating the MILF from the top of her glossy black hair to the splayed out, inflamed lips of her cunt, the lips that had just been repeatedly struck by Janette’s switch.

Janette undid the rear of the cunt strap and pulled it out, the squishing sounds of Justine’s drenched cunt filling the room as the young domme dragged the leather out of the sopping slit and up over Justine’s big bulging clit.

Angie slid beneath her mother, a quirt in Angie’s hand, ready to hurt her mother’s jutting tits, while Angie’s anal plug was quite visible. Janette, grinning at her gagged substitute mother, positioned herself between the mature slut’s splayed legs, her own anal plug protruding from her cheeks, a switch in her hand to use on her mature sub’s clit, outer lips, tight ass and inner thighs.

As the huge cockheads simultaneously pushed into her holes, as the first strike of the quirt struck her clamped and bulging tits, as the switch smacked into her clit, Justine knew she wouldn’t disappoint the cameras or Matt. The girls thrust the strap-ons deeply into their sub. Matt grinned as he watched his daughter’s naked, oiled asscheeks start drilling into his girlfriend’s cunt. Justine started moaning, assaulted by the twin strapons, the bulging ball gag, the nipple and labia clamps and weights, the quirt and the switch.

The three grunting, heaving and sweating sluts all began cumming. After depositing half of the loads in their strapons inside Justine’s cunt and ass, the teens pulled out and shot the remainder all over the MILF’s body. Spent, Janette slumped forward onto Justine’s chest, exposing her cunt and ass to her father behind her. As twin rivers of cum came out of Justine’s freshly fucked holes, Matt put down his camera, stepped forward and pushed into his daughter’s tight hot anal sheath, mashing her big tits into the clamps and chains imprisoning Justine’s nipples beneath her. Matt quickly shot off deep inside Janette’s tight ass chute.

He pulled out, staggered back and fell into a chair, enjoying the tawdry view in front of him: three voluptuous brunettes, a sandwich of sex-crazed, sweat-drenched, fucked-out hotties – his daughter on top, his girlfriend in the middle and his daughter’s BFF on the bottom. Janette rolled off Justine, the two of them sinking onto the cum-stained carpet, their limbs sprawling. Janette’s tits were deeply marked, inflamed and sore from being crushed into Justine’s heavy metal clamps and chains. That left Angie on the coffee table, her strapon sticking straight up in the air and swaying with her labored breathing.

Justin looked at me to see if he could stop recording. I nodded. He set down his camera, removed Angie’s tarpon from its harness, lubed his cock, shoved it all the way up his sister’s cunt and fucked her hard till he quickly came. When he withdrew, he also sat in one of the easy chairs, next to me. Justine was still suffering from all her bondage gear: ball gag, head and chest harnesses, tit bands, nipple and labia clamps and chains. I told her to clean up Janette and Angie.

Dazed, she struggled to her hands and knees, crawled to Janette and licked up Matt’s cum, still dribbling from Janette’s crinkled, gaping rosebud. Then Justine crawled to Angie but just knelt there, refusing to do as Matt had ordered.

He jumped up, grabbed a switch, went to her, ripped off the black strips binding her bulging tits, yanked upward on her nipple chain and swiftly whipped her big tits, greasy with oil, sweat and cum, till they were covered with fresh striations. When she’d stopped yelling, Matt dropped the nipple chains and she crawled to Angie, where she swiped her thick long tongue along the girl’s crack and sucked up Justin’s still-hot spunk from the teen’s gaping pussy lips. There was so much cum that she was slurping it up.

Justine had never felt more debased or humiliated, forced to lick her son’s jizz from her daughter’s cunt. But, she was deeply convinced, that disgusting act was nothing other than what she deserved – if not worse.

Matt and Justin watched as their cum still dribbled from the well-used holes of all three of their subs: the teens’ stretched young cunts and assholes, and both of Justine’s well-used holes. Once Justine had cleaned up all of Justin’s spunk, Matt called taksim masöz escort her over.

The well-trained, mature sub slowly crawled over to him, her leash and heavy chains dragging along the thick carpet that impeded their movement, pulling on her collar, nipples and pussy lips. She assumed a kneeling posture at his feet, spread her thighs, and in a daze clasped her hands behind her head. A clot of cum from her daughter’s drenched cunt clung to her chin. . . and then fell to the carpet.

Matt nodded at Justin, who picked up his camera and resumed shooting. Janette handed him a double dildo (actually, vibrators) and a matching remote control, so newly bought that he hadn’t had a chance to test it before shooting began. Justine gasped when she saw the 8″ and 6″ shafts. As instructed, Janette had filled the side-by-side, capacious shafts with hot semen. Very hot semen. They were heavy. Judging from the amount of cum which Justin had just dumped in his mother’s ass, there was no need to coat the anal dildo with lube.

Angie handed Matt another new purchase, cutout panties with a sizable slit in the middle (they weren’t crotchless, they just had a vertical opening), plus a very special, black leather bra with big cutouts for her massive aureoles. He held the trashy garments up in front of Justine, who naturally was under the misimpression that they were just a cutout bra and panties.

Coordinating the next step, he pulled up on Justine’s leash and she scrambled to her feet, swaying slightly with anticipation. Angie, standing behind Justine, positioned the bra at her mother’s maltreated tits as Janette brought a freshly microwaved pitcher of spunk from the kitchen and poured the hot gunk into the bra cups till the entire inside surface was covered. Janette held the panties at Justine’s feet. Stunned by this degenerate plan, Justine, the cum- and pain-slut, stepped into the panties and Janette pulled them up to her thighs, positioning the pussy clamps and chains so they emerged obscenely through the black leather slit. Justin was amazed at how shocking his mother’s mons looked through the camera lens: the fat clit, rubbing against the heavy leather, and the thick, dusky pussy lips, clamped and chained, protruding from between the black leather.

Janette coated the inside of the panties with the steaming hot jism. In a state of disbelief, Justine stared as her daughter pulled the bra firmly onto Justine’s tits, which Matt had whipped mere minutes before, which were now showing angry raised striations, while Janette pulled up the heavy panties till they were pressing into the MILF sub’s groin. Justine’s eyes widened in shock when she felt that these were not a normal bra and panties, they were a punishment bra and panties, filled with dozens of tiny tacks and red-hot jizz. She’d never worn either of this type of S&M garments before. She gasped as the pain hit her, rocketing her to a delirious state of arousal.

Matt quickly nodded to the teens. They pressed the two pieces into their sub’s erogenous zones. All four of the doms were stunned to see the hot cum squeezing out from around the edges of the bra cups, the thick white goo flowing over the thick black leather and oozing across the wide dark aureoles, sliding down the tortured charcoal nipples and finding its way into the joints and angles of the cloverleaf clamps.

(When Angie had bought the items for Matt, she’d decided on her own – without telling Matt – that she’d intentionally ordered them in a size too small.) Once Angie closed the bra clasp, Justine, in torment from the pinpricks and scalding cum, yelped and bucked, her entire body spasming in a frenzied orgasm as even more cum oozed onto her chest, cleavage, belly and the straps of her body harness. Cum gushed from the punishment panties as well, so much that the stuff ran all over the dusky pussy lips, into the deep cleft, then seeping over the labia clamps and the big links of the chains. The two girls could barely hold onto the shuddering slut’s body to prevent it from collapsing.

Matt pulled Justine’s harness and brought her to her knees, his huge boner in her face. As her meaty lips spread around the head of his aching dick, Matt grabbed al four of her nipple and labia chains with one hand, pulled and released them, controlling the speed of her desperate blowjob and the depth of her astounding cocksucking.

Janette held the double dildo on the carpet while Angie pushed on her mother’s shoulders, forcing the suffering MILF’s cunt and ass down onto the two cocks, the heavy links of the labia chains falling around the twin shafts. Janette took up the remote and turned on the vibrators in both dildos.

With his other hand, Matt reached down and squeezed all over the bra cups and panties as Justine moaned gutturally while deep-throating his shaft and fucking her holes deeper onto the dildos. He had stuffed a broad tawse into the chair cushions. He pulled it out, tugged taksim otele gelen escort Justine’s cock-loving mouth off his member and whacked the weighted tawse into her bra cups and cum-covered clit.

Janette cranked up the vibrator speeds as Angie, without Matt’s knowledge or permission, undid the two vertically situated bra clasps at Justine’s back and pulled them to the other set of clasps, two inches away. The MILF’s 34Cs were crushed even further into the bra’s tacks. Justine resorted to a hand job on Matt’s prick, scooping up the cum from her nipples and pussy slit to lube her master’s dick.

The Master, dommes and slave were all in sync. As soon as Janette turned the remote to maximum, Justine started a gigantic cum. Janette pushed the new feature of this model, the remote’s red button, and twin salvos of hot cum shot into the depths of Justine’s stretched and plugged holes. She simply screamed in the most shattering and prolonged orgasm ever, as Matt’s cock spurted a fountain of fresh cum onto her head and into her gaping mouth, her voice hoarse from yelling.

Janette shut off the vibrators as Justine careened backward. Unintentionally, the nipple and labia clamps were yanked off, catapulting the crazed MILF into another massive cum as she collapsed onto the floor, Matt careful to spray her agonized nipples and tumid cunt lips with more jolts of thick spunk.

Justin turned off his camera and set it down. He, his sister and Janette were all stunned into silence. “Angie, put a bowl under her.” Matt knelt on top of Justine, his knees on the floor on either side of her tits, and wiped several viscous strands of jism onto Justine’s eyebrows and nose.

“Janette, collect the cum from her hair, face, tits and belly.” Janette scooped the thick ropes and clumps into a small martini glass while Angie placed a pillow under her mother’s ass and then a bowl to catch the river of jism pouring out of her mother’s well-used and gaping holes.

“Girls, take off the bra and panties.” The teens did so, this time gently. Nonetheless, their slut MILF groaned when the punishment bra and panties were removed, revealing a livid ass, swollen tits and an abraded mound – the latter two all streaked with cum.

He pulled the slack sub into a sitting position and pulled the straps at the rear of the head harness, tilting up Justine’s head. Since her mouth was already hanging open, Janette had no resistance when she angled the overflowing martini glass above Justine’s slimy face and ever so slowly poured the gooey gunk into the MILF’s mouth as Justin recorded this final scene of humiliation and degradation. Justine kept swallowing reflexively till the glass was drained. Several gross bubbles of cum formed, briefly encasing her mouth.

Matt nodded at Angie, who removed the bowl from Justine’s groin. It was so overfull that the stuff sloshed over the sides and spilled onto the MILF’s spread thighs and inflamed mons. Angie poured the contents into the same martini glass, held it to her mother’s cum-saturated lips and poured in another glassful. Between the two, Justine the cum-slut was swallowing the equivalent of about 8-12 men’s ejaculations.

Justin stopped videoing and Matt laid his depleted sub back on the carpet. He smiled at his three weary assistants. “Well done.”

~ ~ ~

Matt was proud that Now Serving, the movie’s title, was a hot video. He would take the movie to the next major family gathering, where they would all screen it in the evening. Justine’s father, brother and son would love it. No doubt it would be the highlight of the holiday.

Justine, already tied with ropes and straps for the viewing, would be squirming (as much as her bounds permitted) with shame – yet also wet with arousal – as she watched the debauched scenes with her main Master, Matt, and his daughter, but especially with her son and daughter. Janette and Angie would also have to service the guys, but Justine would be the main attraction. As they kept watching, the men would probably tawse her tits, cane her ass and whip their willing sub’s gorgeous thighs and belly.

Matt hoped that Justine’s father and brother would be particularly pleased and excited by the part with the punishment bra and panties, since they’d never used them on their daughter and sister. Perhaps the movie would even give them some new ideas to use on Justine, their devoted family sub.

Matt anticipated that long before the final scene, they’d be using their hot MILF’s thick lips to deep-throat their cocks and her tight holes to fuck them, presumable in a DP or Triple Penetration. He’d make sure that she’d be facing the screen, so she would always be confronted with her previous decadent behavior while she was being freshly abused.

Matt even had detailed outlines for a quartet of Now Serving movies, each more elaborate and ambitious than the one before. They’d rent a beautiful, elegant house for the weekend. Justine would wear gorgeous clothes, the best makeup, expensively slutty lingerie and hot bondage outfits.

In the second installment, she would be used by all the three men in her immediate family: father, brother and son. Matt and Janette would be the videographers, while the two teen girls would supervise the “props” and be available to the men for the duration of the weekend.

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