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My name is Lisa. I am 5’3″, with 38D breasts, a plump butt, and a pussy that gets extremely wet when aroused. I have medium length brown hair. I love sex, and my lover Mike knows just how to satisfy me.

I am house sitting right now….the house is out in the woods – not another house in sight. It is very scary right now because the entire downstairs has lots of windows and no curtains on them – whoever is outside can see right into the house.

I am alone, taking a hot bath, thinking of my boyfriend making love to me. I’m fondling my large breasts, squeezing the nipples ever so softly. My hand slides down to my pussy, and I begin to rub my clit. The more I think about Mike’s hard cock thrusting deep inside my hot wet pussy, the wetter I become….but I am not alone. You are outside my window, watching me as I pleasure myself.

Your cock is getting very hard as you continue to watch me. You pull out your dick and begin to stroke it, faster and faster. As it continues to grow you see my face as I bring myself to orgasm. Your cock is now rock hard, and you quietly enter the house, not wanting to make a sound. You walk down the hall in anticipation, knowing that pendik escort I am now lying in the hot tub with my legs spread open waiting for your hard cock to thrust deep inside my juicy cunt. The thought of that first thrust inside my hot pussy sends a wave of hot arousal throughout your entire body – nothing can compare to that feeling of first penetration into my pussy.

We start kissing very passionately, and our hands begin to wander. Your hands begin to rub my breasts as my hands begin their journey down to your hard awaiting cock. You begin to lick my breasts, making my nipples very hard. My cunt is very wet now, and my hand finally makes its way down to your cock. I begin rubbing it and stroking it faster and harder. We both begin to moan with pleasure. I sit on the outer edge of the hot tub with my legs spread open awaiting your tongue. You begin to lick my juicy cunt. Your tongue is swirling in my pussy and I begin to rub and feel my breasts. I begin thrusting against your tongue as you continue to bring me pleasure. I finally cum with a wave of orgasmic juices, splashing pussy liquid all over your face.

“It’s time for something a little softer”, I say, escort pendik as I get up and head for my bedroom.

You follow the rose petals to my room. The house is filled with candles. As you enter the room, I am lying in a bed of rose petals waiting for you, my legs spread open as I continue to pleasure myself. We embrace in a long passionate deep kiss as our hands caress each other’s bodies. Your lips move to the nape of my neck, then to my swollen breasts. You kiss and suck on my breasts making my nipples perk up. I grab your cock and begin to stroke it, making it soooo hard.


As we both become so aroused and our moans of pleasure become louder, I say to you, “Fuck me with your hard cock, I want you now!”.

As you thrust your penis deep into my wet, silky heat our moans of gratification are harmonized. As your cock is thrusting deep inside me, I meet your slow and deep thrusts. I grab your butt and pull you deeper into me. Your thrusts go deeper, faster and more frequent.

You tell me that you want me to ride your cock. I climb on top of your erect pole and my wet pussy slides onto your hard member, which is already wet from my love pendik escort bayan juices. I rock back and forth, up and down, telling you how much I love to ride your cock. I continue to ride your cock, moaning with pleasure, feeling your dick deep inside me. Not being able to stand the pleasure anymore I explode in orgasm. The expression on my face excites you even more, as I continue to moan from the pleasure, my juices explode all over your cock. Your cock is dripping from my love juices.

I am soooo wet now, as we begin to make love again, you are on top thrusting your cock deep within my cunt. You are telling me about your threesome fantasy. We are both so turned on from it, the thought of me sucking on your cock as you are licking another women’s pussy is so exciting. Your thrusts into my cunt are becoming faster. You fantasize about her exploding her pussy juices in your mouth, and then passionately kissing me as I taste her love juices, which excites me as much as it excites you. The thought of fucking me and then her excites you even more, and we are so aroused from the thought of this fantasy that we both explode in orgasm. Your hot cum fills my love hole as my juices burst all over your cock.

Exhausted from a night of passion, we both fall asleep, cuddling all night long to keep our bodies warm as they cool from our hot love making, and then we begin again in the morning…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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