Hot Workout

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I arrive at the Fit Bodies Gym at 4:30 AM every morning. Tyler comes through the door like clockwork by 5:00 AM, his sun kissed skin already shiny with sweat from running; bare chest, gym shorts hanging low on his hips.

“Morning,” he pauses long enough to swig down some water. I can smell his sweat, an aphrodisiac scent of sex and man.

“Good morning.” I can’t help it, my eyes nibble, bite and eat up every sweet inch of him, dark sandy curls are sticking to the back of his neck. I know I’m grinning like an idiot, I don’t care. We’ve got the whole place to ourselves until the first spin class at six.

He’s heading towards the free weights. Love when he uses the bench press. As soon as he lays down, I can see his thick cock straining against his shorts. Halfway through his breathing gets a little louder and he starts to growl with exertion. My pussy is beginning to tingle and throb with each sound, the thought of fucking him in the gym, in front of the mirrors, sprawled out on the equipment. I jump on the stair stepper and pretend I’m listening to music. He’s in between sets now, straddling the bench. He must feel me staring because the next thing I know he is looking right at me with a lopsided grin and dark flashing eyes.

Aw, caught me. I smile back.

He moves to the nautilus room and out of my line of sight. I climb bursa escort off the stepper and lay on the bench, all I can think about is riding his face. Closing my eyes, I can’t get my hands into my panties fast enough, my pussy is soaked, hot and primed to explode.


“You almost done?” He squats right next to me, hands on top of his bulging thighs.

“No,” I pause and our eyes lock.

Inhale, exhale, I take in a couple slow breaths, letting my fingers slide in and out of my wet cunt massaging the growing sensitive nub underneath pink skin.

“Just getting started.”


His lips softly brush mine, his sweet warm tongue teasing mine, feather soft kisses trailing down my chin and neck, then back up until he’s inches from my ear.

“You are driving me cray-zy.” his whisper sends shivers through me.

Reaching into his waistband, he pulls his cock out while pushing his shorts up under his balls. I leave my drenched pussy and grab hold of him, hungry to lick, suck, and stroke his thick head. He wraps one hand around the back of my neck, sliding his other hand under the shoulder strap of my sports bra, pushing it down and exposing one large breast, his big hand squeezing it. Using one hand to slide up and down his erection, I take him inch by inch into my mouth until his balls are soft and cool bursa escort bayan against my chin. My top is completely down now, while he twists my nipples and fucks my mouth. Each slice of agony from his pinches is a strike of lightning to my aching cunt, I can barely moan with his dick filling up my mouth.

A low growl escapes his throat as he grabs my face, and looks into my eyes.

“Makin’ that tight, hot pussy throb?”

I nod.

He wraps his fingers in my hair, and pulls his dick out of my mouth playfully rubbing his swollen head across my lips. Kneeling down at the far end, he pulls me towards him, dancing his tongue across my chest until he finds a rigid nipple to take between his teeth and tease. I arch my back, wiggling my hips as he pulls my shorts down to my ankles and over a sneaker, leaving them wrapped around the other foot as he spreads my legs apart.

“Oh yes, bury your face in my pussy.” I guide his mouth towards my clit, hard and sensitive from every torturous kiss. His tongue explores the folds of my lips, returning to gently suck and then flick it, bringing me to the edge of insanity.

“Please don’t stop.” I grab the back of his hair, pulling him into me. He pushes his fingers deep inside, tongue massaging my clit relentlessly until I slam into an endless stream of shudders. Each orgasm escort bursa crashing over my whole body, yes, yes,

“Oh yes!”

Wearing a shiny wet face, he stands, reaching down to pull me up.

“I want you to kneel right here.” He puts me on the incline bench, ass up in the air.

“I want you to fuck me full of cum.” I tease him, reaching back to stick my fingers in my pussy. Staring at him in the mirror, I put them in my mouth and suck.

Holding his cock, he slides his shaft over my slippery, quivering folds and pushes slowly, softly, until his head disappears.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” He’s staring at my reflection while I feel him slide all the way inside. Building a slow and powerful stroke, his swollen cock is pumping deep into my throbbing pussy. I push back against him in rhythm, tits bouncing off the bench vinyl.

“Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He roars at me.

“Fuck you full of cum.” He pounds my pussy, slapping my ass cheek red as his legs begin to buckle and his body locks for a split second. He grabs my shoulders and thrusts again.

Groaning, he pulls out slowly.

“Fuck!” With one final thrust he collapses on me.

Relaxing with his weight on me, we’re catching our breath when his watch alarm sounds. Reluctantly he stands up.

“C’mon babe, doors open in fifteen.”

I join him, wrapping my arms tight around his neck.

“Same time, same place?”

“Yeah, tomorrow I want you to straddle me on one of the benches. Just squat down on my face till you explode and then slide down on my dick…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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