Hot Sex with the Ex

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As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Almost a year after my ex-girlfriend Jennifer broke up with me without so much as giving me a reason, I hastily forgave and forgot, and we were dating again. Without going into the details, the second run at a relationship lasted for an anxious three months before ending the same way the first try had. I still remember holding the phone to my ear, bewildered after Jennifer hung up following breaking up with me for the second time. Once again, I wasn’t even given a reason.

There was no way, I thought, that the bitch would fool me for a third time. Almost two years passed before I even saw Jennifer again, and I had intended to keep that streak going indefinitely. However, she eventually did cross my path again, and the circumstances surrounding that meeting were a little bizarre. I even suspected they were not coincidental. Not only did Jennifer find out where I worked, but she stopped by and asked for me specifically, even though she knew my department had nothing to do with the service she claimed she needed. I was immediately taken back when I saw her, not expecting the visitor to be who it was. I wasn’t at all happy to see her, so I calmly referred her to the proper staff member and quickly left her there.

Jennifer would not be denied, however. She had held onto my phone number for all that time and texted me that night. The jist of what she had to say was that she wanted to be friends again but still stunningly didn’t seem to understand that she had done anything to hurt me. I inevitably shared my feelings with her, at which point she did ask for my forgiveness. I was OK with forgiving her but wasn’t too interested in being friends, seeing as I had trusted her twice already and she had hurt me both times. I was ready to once again close the book on that chapter of my life until Jennifer pulled out the card that few men could refuse.

“What if I told you I really want to have sex with you? Just fuck me, one time.” She had my attention.

Just because we dated twice for a combined four months didn’t mean we’d slept together, and we hadn’t. I’d wanted to, though. I still did, actually, but not for the right reasons. I guess I hadn’t really forgiven her and was still kind of bitter. I liked the idea of letting her close to me physically, like she had done to me emotionally, and then dropping her as a form of payback. It was admittedly a selfish, immature motivation on my part. I deserved for it to backfire like it would.

On top of it all, Jennifer was really sexy, and I could only imagine she was a good fuck. She was 5’8″ and thin; thinner, now, in fact, than I remembered her. She must have started working out again. Her bright brown eyes and long, light brown hair could make my heart melt, too. Her best physical qualities for sure were her C-cup boobs and, of course, her awesome tight ass. She had about as rocking a body as any 30-year-old I knew.

My mind ran wild with possibilities when I fantasized about nailing Jennifer. I had a pretty perverted mind that could conjure up some really debased fun I could have with Jennifer’s sexy body, making it even harder to refuse her tempting offer. I decided that as long as I could stay in control of this casual affair, it would be harmless to sleep with her. After all, I had done some things that I was much less comfortable publicizing than simply what would amount to me as break-up sex.

We did end up having sex, in fact, and did so without so much as a real date. In the past, our actual dates had gone well, but, frankly, I had wasted enough time and money on her. Therefore, we cut out the formalities, and she met me at my apartment late one warm night toward the end of autumn. When I greeted her at the door, she was wearing a tight, long sleeve, low-cut gray shirt under which nothing was worn to cover the cleavage of her lovely breasts. I’d never gotten that good of a look at her rack when we were dating, so I was sporting a nice bulge in my pants pretty quickly. With the top, she wore simple blue jeans and black slip-on shoes.

In about the same time it took to describe her attire, the clothing was on the floor. Jennifer asked where the bedroom was and then made a beeline for it, scarcely looking over her shoulder at me as she pulled off articles of clothes all the way from my front door to the bedroom. I stood like a statue as I watched her go around the corner, into the room just before she tossed a black bra into the hallway.

I snapped to it and hurried down the hall and into my room to see Jennifer grinning playfully as she was already up to her chin under my comforter. At that point, I finally disrobed as well. Those final few minutes leading up to intercourse were a blur. I joined her in bed as she sat up, pulling the comforter up in order to let me in. My cock shot to full attention as soon as I saw her naked body, which was every bit as hot as I had imagined it. Jennifer knew she had me in that moment, her sly, seductive grin betraying her confidence as she watched my eyes drink in her luscious curves bursa escort and sexy features – including those wonderful boobs, which, when bared, were every bit as arousing as I’d hoped.

Her hand was on my cock before I had even settled in beside her. I wanted badly to be in control and not give the girl who broke my heart the satisfaction of winning me over in any way, but the instant her warm, soft hand made contact with my flesh, I let out an involuntary moan that conveyed I had all but lost the upper hand. Jennifer let out that cute laugh of hers and went to work on my dick, sliding her hand up and down the shaft as she stroked me to insure I was totally hard for her. Of course, she knew almost right away that I was good and ready to be inside her.

I stayed still and watched as Jennifer pushed her hair back over her right ear and lowered her head down to accept my cock into her mouth. I felt a strange sense of powerlessness as my ex began to suck me off. As soon as the head of my cock slipped into her mouth, she pressed her lips around the phallus and pushed her head down until the entire shaft was inside. Jennifer didn’t so much as gag as she held my entire member in her mouth for a second, the tip of which poked at the back of her throat.

Again, so desperate to for once have the upper hand with this girl, I tried to suppress a moan but failed. The corners of Jennifer’s mouth pointed up a bit, and her eyes met mine as she smiled as best she could with a mouthful of cock. Then she slowly pulled her head up, my cock sliding within her mouth until my cock was out of her mouth entirely, exiting with an audible pop, at which point Jennifer inhaled deeply. I groaned again, and before I could regain composure, Jennifer threw her head back down and took my prick right back in.

Without further adieu, Jennifer’s head bobbed up and down on me, her lips and tongue expertly pressing against my shaft as she blew me. I gripped the sheets and finally managed to keep it together, simply sighing while the pretty girl sucked my cock. To date, I had done some pretty hot and debauched stuff with girls, so I didn’t know what it was about a simple blowjob from Jennifer that had me overwhelmed with her, but I was very much at risk of falling into this girl’s trap for the third time.

Jennifer kept her one hand at the base of my manhood, rubbing my hard balls as she coated my shaft with her spit. Her hair shifted back and forth as her head moved up and down, slurping and sucking on my cock. Every several seconds, she would slow down to lick the tip as she looked me in the eyes before going back to town on my shaft.

Jennifer blew me off for several moments before finally pulling away and straightening her back. She sat up, licked her lips a bit as she looked down at me and then smiled. In that moment, at least for that time, I forgot about all the anxiety this woman had caused me and wanted nothing more than to finally be intimate with her.

“What do you want to do to me?” Jennifer asked me sweetly. At that point, I felt like I regained my senses a bit, and a little of that selfish bitterness crept back in. I’d planned out in my head well in advance of this tryst what exactly I wanted to do to this girl, and that fantasy played out through my head again as soon as she asked me that question. As I got up and helped Jennifer onto her back, I made up in my mind that I was going to fuck this girl in every hole.

I started by crawling on top of Jennifer as she lay on her back. She grinned while I knelt over her, hovering my cock over her chest as Jennifer pressed her big tits together in anticipation of what I was about to do. First, though, I was captivated by her rack. Her large, perfectly round boobs pulled me in before I could do anything else to the bitch. I leaned over and squeezed both of her boobs before taking one of her nipples into my mouth and sucking on it.

Jennifer gasped. She moaned when my tongue traced her tit and pressed against the flesh on her right boob. Next, I switched to her other boob, a move that elicited more moans from my new fuck buddy. I continued to suck and lick Jennifer’s perfect breasts for a few minutes until I sat back up and slipped my spit-soaked cock between the lovely twins.

Holding her boobs together, Jennifer laughed and then smiled at me as I started to thrust back and forth, sliding my hard cock between her tits. I went slowly for just a minute or two and then leaned forward, propping myself up with my hands on the pillow on either side of the girl’s head, being careful not to accidentally pull the light brown hair that was splayed all over that pillow. With more leverage now, my thrusts became harder and faster. The more intensely I fucked Jennifer’s rack, the closer my body came to smothering Jennifer to the point that she was able to kiss my stomach as my cock slid between her sexy tits.

As enjoyable as it was to fuck those perfect fun bags, after a few minutes, we both simply needed to come together at last. I was already breathing more heavily and also perspiring just a bit, and Jennifer had bursa escort bayan that look in her eyes that conveyed she wanted that cock inside her without another moment’s delay. I intended to consent to her tacit request and pulled myself off her just briefly. Jennifer groaned with desire beneath me and hurriedly used one hand to hold open her twat while grabbing my cock with the other. I looked into her brown eyes at first, but she was busy looking down. Instead, I gazed down her breasts and stomach before looking at he open pussy as my cock was pulled up to it. With one glance at Jennifer’s pussy, though, I decided I needed a taste before going inside.

Abruptly pulling away from Jennifer’s hand, I just as quickly dove into her pussy, putting my mouth right on that wet slit and licking her clit before sliding my tongue inside. Jennifer playfully screamed and then laughed as she immediately began to writhe on my bed as I ate her out. Her hands pulled away from inside her thighs to the back of my head, pressing my face even closer against her twat.

I could feel Jennifer lift and spread her legs, her thighs rubbing against my beard. I couldn’t see, though, since she was holding me tightly to her cunt as my tongue traveled all around inside her. As I feverishly licked Jennifer’s pussy, I sensed her body’s tensing as I pushed her closer and closer to an orgasm. Soon, she was moaning loudly and lifting her legs up even more. She started to encourage me to continue while still holding my face close to her as I held her bucking hips and licked away.

Judging from Jennifer’s high-pitched moans, the bitch was cumming after really not that much oral attention. She was obviously as turned on as I was. She cried out, clutching my head and holding me close to her cumming pussy as Her hips nicked into my face. After a moment, her limbs finally relaxed, and I was able to sit up and breathe some fresh air as my renewed friend came down from her climax. As she caught her breath, she opened her eyes to be greeted by my gazing down at her body that was just starting to produce beads of sweat. She was already getting a workout, and the real fun had yet to begin. She laughed sweetly as she looked up at me and then spread her legs again, indicating that she was finally ready to open up to me physically, even if she never had emotionally.

Jennifer resumed where she had been before I had assaulted her pussy with my mouth. She spread her slightly trembling cunt with one hand while taking my cock, still rock-hard, and guiding it toward her opening. We both looked on steadfastly as, after years of my maddening frustration with this girl, our sex organs joined.

We groaned in unison as the tip of my cock pressed against her sopping wet pussy. From there, my dick slipped right in, her cunt already prepared for me by the orgasm the brunette had experienced just a moment before. Immediately, I was balls-deep inside her, for now fulfilling my lust.

Jennifer moaned, then giggled and then moaned again as I ground my crotch against hers, stuffing her pussy, which clung tightly to my engorged cock. I couldn’t help but moan with her as I felt her wet insides against my member. Jennifer wrapped her legs around my waist and ran her hands up my thighs as I held onto her hips and buried my cock as deep into her as I could, at long last. Then I began to thrust in and out of her, looking first at my glistening cock as it disappeared inside the hot girl and then reappeared when I pulled back. My eyes moved up to scan her flat stomach and then those fantastic boobs again before looking into her pretty eyes, which pleaded for me to give her a good fucking.

Jennifer’s hands moved up to my arms, and she beckoned me on top of her as I continued to push into her steadily. I quickly came down on her, smashing her tits against my chest as I moved in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Jennifer gasped and cursed, tightening her legs around me and throwing her arms around my neck as she kissed me. It wasn’t our first kiss, anyway, but it was the first one since we last broke up.

With the bitch wrapped around me and my cock pummeling her pussy, I became completely intoxicated by my lover. Her smooth and slightly damp flesh was warm as it pressed and slid against my own. Her tongue tangled with mine as we made out with passion that had always been inexplicably absent from our relationship until this night. As I fucked Jennifer’s pussy harder and faster, the grip of her limbs around me grew tighter until her fingernails were sinking into my back.

Between kisses, we breathed raggedly into each other’s mouths as her eyes intensely met my own as we passionately made love. Our sweat mingled together amid the ever increasing heat in that small bedroom. As I thrust into her over and over, the mattress depressed each time to accept her lovely body. The sound of the bed frame’s creaking joined the slapping of flesh along with our moans of pleasure to give us the perfect soundtrack for our intercourse.

Once again, I felt Jennifer tense as I pleasured her. This time, it escort bursa was even more obvious that she was closing in on an orgasm since I could feel her pussy tightening and on the verge of convulsing as my prick thrust in and out of it hard and fast. Accompanying those signs were the moans escaping from Jennifer’s mouth, which grew more and more intense. Before long, she was entirely unable to kiss me because of her uncontrollable moaning, so I kissed her neck as my cock pounded her straight into her second orgasm of the night.

Moaning and cursing through her climax, Jennifer tightened her legs and arms around me so tightly that it became hard to breath. I was already panting and sweating from screwing her as it was, but having sex with Jennifer was so much fun that I could overlook the discomfort. She, too, was quite a sweaty, sexy mess as my cock slammed her, sliding in and out of that cumming pussy over and over again until Jennifer said the words that led me perfectly into what I wanted to do to her next.

Cursing, she said, “You can do whatever you want to me!” I slowed down my thrusts inside her, still masterfully holding off my orgasm so as to enjoy some more fun with this bitch. I wondered just how serious she was with that she said. Of course, I was going to take advantage of her regardless of what she said.

“Anything?” I said, seeing just how easily I could get away with completely fulfilling my lust.

“Yes,” she said. “Anything. You deserve it. Fuck my ass, cum in my pussy – anything you want.”

Wow. I was hellbent on screwing Jennifer’s ass from the outset but never imagined it would be this simple to pull off. I continued to rail Jennifer’s pussy throughout that exchange as our bodies remained tangled together, our sweat mingling. Once I had the green light to give her anal, I gave her just a couple more thrusts and then began to pull out. Jennifer responded by relaxing her arms and legs around me, allowing me to escape the cage she had formed with her limbs.

Panting and without so much as looking at me, Jennifer turned around and got to her hands and knees. I straightened up my back and knelt behind her, my erection standing on its own without need of support from my hands for now as I used both hands to spread Jennifer’s ass cheeks. Just as I was thinking about if Jennifer had ever received anal before, she answered my question without my even needing to ask.

“Mmm, please don’t be shy,” she said. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a good ass-fucking.” I needed no further motivation. To be honest, simple anal sex was not a huge turn on for me in most situations. I didn’t have much desire to fuck a girl’s ass, as I much more enjoyed the pussy. However, Jennifer had probably the sexiest ass on any girl I’d ever gone out with and, now, fucked, and even my limited experience with giving it to a girl in her ass demanded that I give this hot butt the proper treatment.

Without a word in response, I held Jennifer’s ass wide open and easily pushed the tip of my cock against her tight, dark hole as I once again admired that part of her body. Once my prick was in place between Jennifer’s ass cheeks, I left only one hand on her ass and used the other to grip my cock and push it one inch at a time past her sphincter. Once the head was in, Jennifer let out an amused cry and dug her fingernails into the mattress. When one more inch slid in, she moaned, sounding a little more uncomfortable. Another inch, another moan. I switched my hand back onto her ass, and, slowly but surely, my prick sank deeper and deeper into hot Miss Jennifer’s tight, sexy ass, drawing out moans and groans the whole time, until my balls were touching her taint.

By now I was groaning. Jennifer laughed and threw her hair back as I stayed still for a moment and sunk my nails into her supple cheeks. I began to merely grind on her until she ordered me to really give it to her.

“Come on!” she said. “I said don’t be shy, mister. Fuck that ass with your sexy cock!” Yes, ma’am, huh? Holding tightly to her ass, I immediately thrust hard in and out of her tight, raw ass. Jennifer screamed, making a noise that sounded to be a mixture of arousal and amusement. This hole was, of course, even tighter and much less lubricated than her pussy, and it took a little more effort at first to soundly fuck it, but within a minute my cock was gliding in and out of that tight, hot ass like it was nothing.

The air in the room grew even hotter as the mattress creaked beneath us. She and I were both panting, cursing and moaning as we fucked. Jennifer’s entire back was shining with sweat, and I could feel drops of perspiration forming and dropping all over my own body as I nailed Jennifer hard and fast in her shitter.

I imagined sex with this ex-girlfriend of mine would be hot but never thought it would be as fun and intense as this night had been. As I pushed in and out of Jennifer’s butt, I began to reconsider my original plan. This sex was too much fun to just let it be a one-time thing, but, on the other hand, I was walking a dangerous line of growing attached to this girl for the third time. Maybe, I started to think as the depraved lust demon within began to dictate my thinking, I could take further advantage of our situation and pull off some really fun and sinful shit in the near future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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