Honey’s Seduced by Sexy Older Man

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Recently any thought of visiting Brie’s house gets my heart racing, a rush of blood to my head and a tingling between my legs. My head is still reeling from last weekend. I can’t stop thinking about it, but I can’t talk to anyone about it either. So I thought I should write it down.

I’m normally a little shy and I’m not showy with my sexuality like many girls my age. Like, I don’t have an Instagram account showing off my legs and bikini covered crotch or anything like that. I do notice some of my friend’s dad’s looking at me and I get a little thrill from it sure, and I like the attention, but I get really nervous too. I don’t want them to think I’m cheap or slutty. So I don’t know what came over me that day. It still leaves me breathless to think of it.

I was spending the day with Brie as we often do on the weekend. We both live at home and my place is kind of far away, now that my family moved suburbs, so we often base at one of each other’s homes. Even if we have something else to do on our own during the day, we’ll stay over and come evening we get to hang. It’s nice crossing paths throughout the day when we have things on. We love to do things together and her dad is super chill, and my parents like her too. It’s like having a sister, or a flat mate.

This day was pretty standard as far as our routine goes, an early yoga session flexing our lithe, athletically curvy 19-year-old bodies on the back deck, catching up on the week’s events, talking general girl stuff. While mid-posture a couple of times I had noticed a shadow move across one of the upstairs windows. I thought it might have been her dad, Mr Stenlake. I was wondering if he was watching us. It was a fleeting thrill, but I pushed it down. Don’t be gross. What a perverted thought.

It wasn’t until we were in the kitchen making a smoothie that I saw some complete stranger who must have been in his forties, pass the doorway. “What the fuck, who is that”? I urgently whispered to Brie. I thought someone had broken in.

She laughed, “oh, that’s Jarrad. He’s a long time friend of my dad’s. He’s in town for a couple of weeks on business and Dad invited him to stay. He’s cool. You’ll hardly see him, he’s out most of the time.” She brushed it off and we carried on talking. I pretty much forgot all about him.

Around mid-morning Brie had to go out. A last-minute call from her boss calling her into work to cover for a few hours. It was a bummer, but I had an assignment due soon anyway, so it was a good chance to get ahead and get it done. I had a quick shower and changed into a skirt and slouchy kind of linen shirt. Perfect for romping around the house and I was on my own, so I skipped the bra. I love the feeling of my braless breasts moving a little as I walk. They’re not huge balloons. No, they swell like a C cup, hanging just a little, with a nice curve up to the nipples that crown their perky shape. If I wear a t-shirt without a bra, the shirt hangs from the nipples, just barely touching my flat tummy. I think it looks really sexy, but I’m too shy to go out or let anyone see me like that. In my yoga gear, pendik escort my girls are firmly strapped in place. But like this, they jiggle a bit as I walk, which feels nice. With this shirt, the fabric rubbing lightly across my nipples felt a little naughty.

I wandered down to Mr Stenlake’s study, knowing I was the only person home so his computer would be free. I didn’t bring mine as I certainly wasn’t planning to do any work this weekend. Brie’s dad was pretty relaxed and had no problem with me using his computer to check emails and what not, so I figured it was a good idea.

The door was open and as I stepped in I could see the screen was on, like someone had just been using it, which I thought was odd but put it out of my mind. I sat down pulling in the seat and reached up, flicked my long blonde hair back and shook it out a little to relax. Then I heard a “ping” and a message appeared in the open window. When I looked there was a whole string of messages, and replies coming back – hang on.

“What is thi… oh my gosh”!

My heart started beating a mile a minute. It was a chat window, but it was sexy chat! Like someone was chatting on this computer. Was it Mr Stenlake? what a perve. I had no idea he was like that. Curious though, I couldn’t pull my eyes away. I cautiously started reading the messages.

It was a chat for ‘Younger women for older men’ and he was chatting to a girl called ‘SexySitter’ who said she was 19. There was some small talk, then it started becoming flirty and suggestive. She was describing her clothes, and he had replied he’d like to slide his hand up her skirt. A little voice in the back of my mind was wondering if he thinks like this when he looks at me. And to my horror, I was getting a little tingly between my legs just thinking about that.

She was describing clothes kind of similar to mine. The skirt was lightweight, mid-thigh and flared out a little, so it sashayed when she walked. She was wearing a button up blouse and no bra. Then I heard someone cough at the door. I swung around in a flash – Busted!

My face went so hot, I must have been blushing like a tomato. I don’t think my heart has ever raced as fast, even in a 100m sprint. Shit, shit, shit. I didn’t know what to do or say. But it wasn’t Mr Stenlake!

His friend Jarrad was leaning against the door frame, a wry smile on his face and a sparkle in his eyes, like some mischief was brewing. Calmly and confidently he just asked me what I was reading? I didn’t know what to say, my blood was still pulsing and I was looking at him as he came closer. He came to just behind my chair, leaning over it slightly to peer at the screen. I too turned back to the screen.

It pinged again and Sexy Sitter asked, “if she was wearing a loose blouse would he steal a glance down her top”? He read out the question as I turned back to look at him. His blue eyes bored right into mine for a pause, then slowly lowered his gaze down the front of my slouchy shirt. I quickly turned back to the screen, My left hand clamping my chest above my breasts, closing the neckline. My heart rate jumped escort pendik another 50 beats per minute. My blushing skin went another shade of red. Oh my god, I thought I was going to faint.

“Don’t you think you should reply?” is all he said.

I don’t know why that even made sense. Maybe it was the dizziness of my raging pulse, caused by the shame of being caught reading his chat. That and a surge of nervous excitement of this hunk of a man looking down my shirt, and the stream of sexy-talk I had just been reading. I couldn’t think straight, some unconscious sexual desire like I’ve never known was taking over.

He whispered into my ear, “I would slide my hands up under her shirt from the bottom, caressing her body to cup those lovely breasts.”

It was so sexy hearing him talk like this, in his soft gravelly voice, so close to my ear. I could feel his breath on my neck. Oh my god. My heart pounded even harder. I shakily placed my hands on the keyboard to type and as the words appeared on the screen, I could feel what I was typing. What was happening?

I jumped as I felt his large slightly course hands ever so lightly touch my waist, under my shirt. They were so warm, my skin burned at his touch. He just continued to slide them up, caressing my body and breathing into my neck. His lips so close to my skin. When he reached my breasts, his spread fingers came together, giving a slight squeeze on the plumpness of my boobs and his thumb and forefinger gently pinched my nipples, rolling them between his fingers. A flash of heat radiated through my pussy. Oh god, what was happening. I was like a furnace inside. Trembling.

On the screen, a reply came back “I wish I was sitting on your lap so you really could do that to me”.

I turned and looked at him again, as if in a submissive trance. Looking for instructions on what to do next. Where was my mind? Why couldn’t I control this situation? Jarrad suggested I stand up to let him sit. I stood, staring back at the screen, as he came around to sit on the chair and pulled me back onto his lap. As I lowered, he flapped the fabric of my skirt out from under my bottom, so my panties were against his pants.

Something jolted in my mind. “Wait, that doesn’t feel right” I thought. “I can feel skin”. I looked down and he’d dropped his chinos to his ankles as he sat. My ass and pussy were separated from the warmth of his skin, only by the thin fabric of my lacy white panties. I could feel his hard penis behind me, against the top of my butt cheeks. I felt a surge of thrill, but I was in shock at the same time.

“Tell her she is on my lap, and what happens next” he whispered in my ear, so close, I could feel his damp breath. Then he nuzzled my neck, smelling my hair. both hands caressing my breasts again, having unbuttoned my blouse. My breasts were totally exposed. Nipples harder than they’ve ever been. Like bullets over half an inch long.

“I would slide a finger up the inside of your thigh, from knee to your panties,” I wrote.

“Oh heavens!” sexysitter replied.

I improved the response with another. pendik escort bayan “I slide one finger across your pussy, over the top of your panties. Feeling your swelling lips”. it was almost as if I was instructing him while talking to this girl. His hand and finger followed exactly my thoughts and an electric jolt burst through me, as he slid his finger under the edge of the fabric and along the wet, wet flesh of my lips. Back and forth and then – boom! He hit gold just as I was typing “I slowly fondle your clit”. I was so wet with excitement.

“Oh god” SexySitter exclaimed. “I slide forward on your legs, leaning against the desk, and you pull out your cock” she wrote.

I felt myself sliding forward, following her lead. I leaned onto the desk as Jarrad moved underneath me, sliding his hands over my thighs, then WHOA – something rock hard and hot slides across the total wetness of my lips, parting them from the perineum to clit. Another bolt of lightning. He had his cock out, against my pussy.

Where are my panties? – they’re at my ankles. How did that happen. How did I miss him doing that?

“oh aaaaaah” I exhaled deeply as he rose off the chair to a stand, pushing me forward, his cock still sliding along my lips. “Oooh aah uunnggh” again, groan involuntarily.

His hard cock slides inside me, easily parting my lips all the way. The slippery friction is electrifying. Both rigid and soft. He slides in and out with rhythm, slow, gentle, steady, then changes the angle slightly and a whole new wave erupts over me. I collapse my body over the desk. One of his hands slides around and cups a breast, the other on my hip. It slides across my hip, caressing my ass. He slaps it, I moan, he slaps it again and again. I’m groaning in pleasure. This is a feeling I’ve never experienced before.

Oh, another wave of pure pleasure as he circles my anus with his thumb. What?

“No, I’ve don’t…” I protest weakly.

“oh, yessssss”, I moan urgently. He continues his thrusts, building speed, strong yet gentle. His hand squeezing my breast with each thrust, rolling my nipple.

“Oh! aaaghh!” I shriek. His thumb, wet and slippery, pops into my ass. He pushes it in, past the knuckle. He’s still thrusting as he wriggles his thumb. His cock sliding, his thumb pushing, his other hand squeezes my tit, then slaps my ass. I’m completely on fire inside, about to explode. There’s nowhere for all this pressure to go. His pace increases. I can feel his cock’s head swell. It’s so hard and fills my tight pussy so completely, that as he pulls back it creates a vacuum of pressure. He thrusts forward and I’m pushing my ass back into him with a slap. Faster, then faster again.

“Uuh yes, keep going” I shriek again.

Booooom! I explode again, wave upon wave of pleasure. I feel his hot cum burst inside me like a firehouse. Warm spurts of it pulsing, I collapse forward, his hand holding me up. He’s still inside me. I’m still reverberating waves of pleasure. He slides his hands across my now very firm breasts. Cupping and squeezing. He pulls me back onto his lap, his cock up inside me. I can feel it slowly subsiding, still large and firm.

I pant, he lets out a huge sigh. I flop back onto his firm body and he rubs my pussy a little and my breasts. After a few breaths, he says “Hi, I’m Jarrad”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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