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I am awake after only an hour of sleep unable to contain my excitement a second longer. Bolting from the bed to check my messages, I am sure there will be one from you. I can’t wait to hear the thick, husky baritone I’ve grown to adore. My hands are shaking as I press the phone to my ear. You never disappoint.

“You have one message,” the automated alert informs me.

“Just boarding the plane now, Angel,” your voice announces above the whir of the jet engines, “We should touch down at JFK right on time.”

A smile seizes my face as the veiled excitement in your voice edges me on.

“I can’t wait to see you, but you haven’t told me where the cabbie should take me,” you remind me, “Not changing your mind now, I hope.”

Is that trepidation I hear? Uncertainty? Surely not insecurity from the most confident man I know.

“An army couldn’t keep me from you,” I text along with the name and address of the hotel I have selected to celebrate our union.

“When you arrive go to the concierge desk. There is an envelope there for you with the pass key to our room and your directions,” I add biting my lip.

I wait patiently for the call from the concierge announcing your arrival.

I place the black satin blindfold on the bathroom counter, next to the Polo Black body wash and aftershave. I hang the hotel robe on the back of the door and stack two plush, white towels on the counter. Then I return my shampoo and body butter to my bag and stow it under the bed. Grabbing the handful of crimson lace that includes a bra, matching thong, garter belt and nude silk stockings, before nudging the bag further out of sight.

Checking the time I quickly drop my robe and glide the wisp of shimmering lace up my legs and over my hips, adjusting the thin strap between my cheeks. Wiggling my hips, I find the perfect placement of the thong. I slip my arms into the bra, guiding the luxurious fabric up my arms. I lean forward filling the generous cups to the brim and secure the front closure nestled between my two mounds. I stand upright and adjust the positions of my globes within the decadent material, noting how sensitive my nipples have become. An image of your head bowed in reverence as you suck the tight bulbs, takes my breath away.

“Pull it together, woman,” I self-chastise as I shake my head to clear my focus.

Back on task, I slide the garter belt up over my hips, sitting on the end of the bed with the garters dangling. I can’t help but notice that all of this movement is causing the thong to caress my clit and kitty in delightful ways. Even my tight rosebud is receiving the attentions of this new addition to my wardrobe. My body provides its seal of approval, as the rubbing elicits a deep contraction accompanied by a flow of juices escaping the garden gates.

“You have to get a grip,” I admonish myself, “If you keep this up he will find you spread eagle, without a stitch on, in the middle of that big bed, flicking your bean instead of discovering you the way you have planned.”

Shaking my head once again, I slip my foot into the first stocking. A sigh escapes my lips, as the delicious silky material melts into the contours of my calf and thigh. I snap the first garter in place as a shiver runs up my spine. Quickly, I secure the other garter and notice the lacey band of the stocking is kissing my inner thigh dangerously close to my quivering lips. I am surprised by the loud groan my throat brings forth.

“How in the world am I going to have even a semblance of composure when he arrives if I can’t even perform the simple task of dressing myself?” I ponder.

“Will power! Will power! Will power!” I begin chanting as I bring the rumblings under control.

I continue my mantra as I repeat the motions with the second stocking. My legs tremble as the other thigh is encased in smooth, sexy, softness. With the concerted efforts of every muscle and nerve ending in my body, I slip my feet into the three inch red heels.

“Lady you can’t even put those shoes on how for Pete’s sake are you ever going to gracefully walk in them?” I challenge.

I bring the thong back to its upright position and my fingers linger over my pleading nub a millisecond too long. Before I can stop myself, I am rubbing the hard pearl in tantalizing, small circles. I lift my head and notice the full length bursa escort mirror on the wall facing the bed. Looking closely, I see the quivering lips of the wicked woman staring back at me.

“What a slut,” I proudly surmise, “she doesn’t even have the courtesy to remove her hand from her panties while I’m staring at her!”

I giggle and continue the evaluation of my current physical condition. Approvingly I note my hair has air dried into a sexy, explosion of soft full waves framing deeply flushed cheeks and smoky, wild eyes. I gaze appreciatively at the Pilates sculpted curves clad in sinfully, silken lace indulgences. Finally I feel confident in my appearance and the butterflies settle a touch. In sincere appreciation, I offer up a heartfelt thank you to the powers that be for my natural blessings and the gift of this beautiful man to worship them.

Satisfied with my appearance, I turn my attentions to the four other senses. I dip my finger in the raspberry flavored edible body butter and bring the finger to my mouth for a taste.

“Yummmm, perfection,” I proclaim and return to the task at hand.

Paying close attention to areas that may need extra care, I smooth the luscious moisturizer from head to toe rubbing in the gratifying elements while leaving the sweet, delectable taste of wild raspberries for you. The cool mist and hypnotic scent of my signature cotton candy fragrance envelopes me, as I apply just a dab to the hollow of my throat, the pulse points of my wrists, the back of my knees, and each ankle. A long line is left to define my cleavage, while extra dabs are placed on my inner thighs to draw him in.

I conduct a quick mental inventory of the five senses and position my iPod in the speaker dock, cueing the seductive playlist I have been creating since the day we met. I glance around the room and give myself a thorough once over. I sit in the corner chair to verify its correct positioning and my thoughts wander over the countless fantasies I’ve had of this day. Sighing contentedly I am very pleased with my preparations and hope he will be as well. All at once my day dreams are interrupted by the shrill rings of the phone plummeting me back to reality.

I answer, noticing a distinct tremor in my voice.

“Hellllloooo,” I draw out, the word seeming to take on a life of its own.

“He has arrived,” the concierge announces and bids me a “good day.”

I thank him and quickly hang up. I glance around the room and smooth out the bed. Grabbing my discarded robe from the floor, I toss it into the closet and dive in behind it. Only the whiff of cotton candy and wild raspberries provides evidence of my presence.

The door handle rattles and clicks as the door is opened. A bit more rattling as I assume the Do Not Disturb sign is hung. Then three clicks as the door is closed and locks are engaged. My heart is pounding out of my chest. I am sure that if you listened closely you could hear it. I hold my breath as I hear you moving around.

You have gone directly to the bathroom taking your bag with you, just as you were instructed. I breathe a sigh of relief and quietly slip out of the closet. I make my way to the cream covered wing back chair positioned in the far corner where I will wait for you to emerge. The angle of the chair gives me full view of your entrance to the room.

I launch the playlist and the room is filled with sweet, sultry melodies. I hear you softly humming and the shower squeal to life as hot water is fed through the pipes. The humming turns to a full volume baritone accompaniment to John Legend’s “All of Me” spilling from the speakers. I recognize that you know I am here and are singing to me. With this realization my heart skips a beat and a huge smile erupts across my face.

I hear the water stop as the last chorus of the song floats from your lungs. My breath catches in my chest. I bite my lip and wiggle adjusting the thong and garters once more. My heart thuds so hard I am sure it will give away my presence. I close my eyes and concentrate on steadying my breathing and slowly my heart rate. I literally jump in the chair as the click of the bathroom door signals your entrance.

All at once, there you are. My hand flies up to cover my mouth as my breath hisses from my body at the sight of your rugged form clad in only the white terry and black bursa escort bayan slip of silk hiding your eyes. I can hardly believe you are finally here. I wipe away a joy filled tear trailing down my cheek and stand on wobbling heels.

Just as I directed you stand perfectly still in the entry way, waiting for me to guide you further. I try to take a step and swoon, sitting back down to get my bearings. The enticing smell of Polo Black and you fill the room. I ease myself out of the chair and walk slowly over to your side. After all of this time, I can’t believe that I can finally reach out my hand and touch you.

Standing on tip toe, I brush a soft kiss across your lips and slip my small, soft hand in your large, firm grip. I feel you deepen the kiss and relish the comfort of your other arm wrapping tightly around my waist. I allow you to veer away from my directions for a minute as I fall captive to the dancing of your tongue with mine.

My breasts are heaving and my loins are ablaze when I pull back breaking the embrace and struggle to regain composure. I lead you over to the end of the bed and untie your robe, sliding it off your shoulders sending it cascading to the floor. I groan. You are absolutely breathtaking. From your scrumptious five o’clock shadow to your happy trail and majestic rod you are pure perfection in my eyes. The sight of you fully exposed, willingly bringing yourself to me makes me weak in the knees. I quickly nudge you onto the bed allowing myself to collapse next to you.

I catch a glimpse of us in the mirror and gaze in awe as your member stands at full attention inches away from my touch. I drag my nails lightly down your chest and stomach and am promptly rewarded as a hiss escapes your lips. The hiss turns into soft moans as my nails move up your thighs and my breath blows across your cock. The closer I get to your manhood the more enunciated the twinges are. Your velvet encased rod appears to have a mind of its own as it dances in time to my touch.

“Kali, Sweet Kali, kiss me again please,” you moan.

My heart skips a beat and I lean over softly biting bottom lip. I brush your lips and your tongue parts mine, delving into the hollows of my mouth. I moan as your hand comes up to hold my head. You are breaking the directions, but I don’t care. Kissing you is the closest thing to Heaven that I have felt in so long.

I moan and drag my mouth from yours, kissing the tip of your nose and chin before beginning my adoration of all that is you. My hair skims your body as I lay soft kisses down your throat and over your chest. I pause to run my tongue around your taunt left nipple and blow over its rigid peak. The soft sigh you produce springs to a full throated groan as I gently bite and then suck your nipple into my mouth.

I resume my path, kissing my way down your stomach as my nails tease your sides. My teeth gently pulling at your smooth, tender flesh. My hair is now gliding over your cock and balls with every twitch of our bodies. I hear you softly chanting my name between moans. Seeing you enjoying my endeavors encourages me to forge ahead.

I slip down to the floor pressing your legs apart, so that I can sit between them. I spread kisses from your left ankle to left hip, lingering in just the right spots to let my breath kiss your flesh and taunt you mercilessly. I reverse the act, trailing kisses from your right hip down to your right ankle. I bite your instep gently and tell you to scoot down a bit.

When your behind is at the edge of the bed I grab your thighs and stop you. I lick your left inner leg in one long firm stroke from your knee to the crease where your leg and body meet. Then my tongue glides along that crease punctuating it with flicks the entire way. I give your left inner thigh a firm nibble as a promise to attend to it shortly.

My self-control is waning, as I softly scoop your balls into one hand and the base of your cock in the other. I begin gently massaging your balls as my tongue flicks up to catch the pre-cum beading up on the very tip of your mighty sword. You jump as my warm wet tongue meets your sensitive head. I take this as a signal to continue my concentration and raise up on my knees. My other hand moves to your side to keep my balance as I circle your tip with my hungry tongue. The circles grow larger and larger, as I strive escort bursa to run my tongue over the entire head of your cock.

As I hit the rim my lower hand grips you tighter as a finger nail teasingly flicks over the sensitive spot on the underside. You jump again and I replace my nail with my tongue, flicking this spot several times then slipping just the head of your cock beyond my lips sucking you in further and further with each of our moans.

I feel my juices running again and quickly suck your cock deep into my throat. I wanted to take this so slowly, but I waited far too long. I moan as my nipples brush the stiff lace and my mouth tightens around you more. I pull up and quickly swallow taking you into the back of my throat. I quickly pull back only to plunge you in deeply yet again. Your stomach begins to convulse and I pull back quickly as your balls tighten.

I stand, pushing your legs together to allow me to straddle your hips. I pull the thong to the side and rub the head of your cock between my welcoming lower lips. You gasp and I feel your cock jump as I slip you to the entrance and press down. I groan and grab your hands entwining our fingers.

“I am going to need a bit of help here, pleeeeasssseee,” I direct with a tad of begging included.

I feel you grab my hips, holding me in place as you press upward with yours. The head of your cock urgently pushing against the tight band guarding my entrance. You pull my hips down and impale me as the sweet sting of the stretch draws a gasp and scream from my throat.

We both stay perfectly still, savoring the union of our bodies as we have so vividly described to one another for so longer. This is much more than we imagined. I am overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment. I don’t even realize I am crying until the soft drops hit your stomach and you start to pull away. I grab your hand to prevent you from lifting the blindfold.

“Kali, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” you plead with a voice tinged with concern and arousal.

I bring a finger to your lips and tell you to hush as I bear down taking more of you inside. My eyes overflow with tears of bliss as my pussy weeps with joy. It has never been so full. I press down further and further until it is impossible to see where you end and I begin.

I feel your hands gripping my hips again and then you are urging me on thrusting in and pulling back in rapid succession. I feel your balls slapping my behind and the sounds of sex fills the room. Moans turn into loud declarations praising our maker for the pleasures we have been bestowed one minute and incoherent pleas the next.

I reach up and place one of your hands on my clit and the other on my nipple. I take control of the ride as your thumbs wreak havoc with my senses. I am bouncing and throbbing around you. My tunnel hugs you tightly. My whimpers have become full out screams begging you to cum with me. I see your stomach quiver again and feel your balls tighten under me. I slam down against you holding your cock within my depths.

My contractions deepen as my pussy embraces and releases its hold in quick successions. I am trembling from head to toe as I grab your arms and pull you to a sitting position. My legs wrap around your waist, ankles locking behind you. My arms encircle your neck as the new position pushes me over the edge. I call out your name. My mouth is crushed by yours as I feel your cock happily dance within me.

The kiss deepens as our mutual explosions lock our bodies together tighter than a welder ever could. I feel you relax and turn to kiss my shoulder. I hold your waist tightly. My body unwilling to release its hold now that it has finally found you. The force of my orgasm has left me almost limp, but I cling to you kissing your face over and over. Finally, I pull the blindfold from your eyes and look you directly in their entrancing realms.

“Hey there, I’m Kali,” I say with a tinge of shyness surrounded by elation.

Your soft chuckle is music to my ears as you roll me to the side and catch me in your warm embrace. I whimper as you pull out of me and roll over to grab me in a spoon. You place one hand on my breast and the other sinks lower, cupping my sex. You urge me to rest and enjoy the full benefits of the release.

“Only for a few moments, we have a lifetime to enjoy one another Angel,” you reassure as you pull me closer and kiss my head.

“Sleep with me,” you whisper as you nuzzle my ear “sleep Kali, I’m not going anywhere.”

I sigh, knowing for the first time in my life I am finally home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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