Hmmm…His First Visit

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This was the first erotic story that I ever wrote. I wrote it especially for someone, but it lead to more. I hope that I improved quickly! Please enjoy, though, and leave feedback as I am keen to learn. Thank you!

The door is open as I approach. I am aware that you had been watching me as I drove past three times before parking up and walking towards your house. I push the door open and you give a hint of a smile, turning away but with your hand outstretched leading me in.

We climb the stairs. I am aware that you are wearing no bra as your dress moves with the slight sway of your breasts. I can see the outline of your panties with the fabric of your dress stretching tightly across your hips. A slight sway, confident, inviting.

You open the door to your bedroom and push me in ahead of you. You are standing behind me, slipping my jacket off then pressing hard against me. I can feel your breasts, firm on my back as you reach around unbuttoning my shirt. Your hands lower pulling at my belt, loosening my trousers letting them fall to the floor. I reach down, remove my shoes and socks and step out of my clothes.

Your hand stretches around and into my shorts. I’m already hard, been that way since I left work. You slowly stroke my cock and reach around with your other hand to gently squeeze my balls.

“It certainly has been a while!” you say as their fullness becomes bursa escort apparent to you. “Let’s sort this out.”

You press behind me, pulling gently in long strokes. I want to turn around but you say ‘no, not yet.’ I can feel your nipples harden on my back as you increase your grip. The pressure in my legs begins to build.

“God, this won’t take long.” I say.

“We’ll see about that,” you whisper “I have hidden talents.”

I feel my legs tremble and you firm your grip around the base of my cock and press a finger hard in just behind my balls. The pressure drops and you release me. My cock softens ever so slightly. You took me to the edge and then stopped me cumming.

‘”Jesus, how the fuck did you do that?” I gasp.

“Hidden talents!”

You start to move your hand up and down again, gently, your other hand hovering just under my balls. Fuck, I feel the pressure in my thighs building again so quickly. You sense it too, lowering your grip and pressing your finger hard in again.

“I am in full control.” you whisper.

You look around me body down towards my cock. I small droplet of clear liquid has formed on the tip.

“Now that’s what we wanted for starters.” you say.

You rub your finger around spreading it across the top of my cock, the slippery lubricant sending a further spasm though my legs and buttocks.

“Relax,” you say, “I bursa escort bayan could go on like this for a while…but I won’t, not this time.”

I sense you step back and in the reflections and shadows around the room I see you lift your dress above your head. You move to lie across the bed, I turn around. I admire your rounded creamy breasts, the curves of your hips.

“I want your cum, all of it, all over me, every last drop.”

I straddle your hips, my inner thighs brushing just above the line of your panties. My balls rest gently on your stomach rising and falling as your breath quickens. You take hold of me, pulling back on my cock, directing it downward towards your body.

“Let go.” you whisper.

I feel the heat rising up through my legs, from the back of my knees, through my thighs and across my buttocks. Pulsing through my balls and then…one, a fucking explosion…two, fuck…three, four, five, it’s not stopping…six, seven, I’m normally done by five… eight, it slows…nine, you press hard on my cock.

“Every…last…drop!” you say as the final droplets of cum are squeezed out.

You take my hands up to your breasts.

“I love cum on my boobs.” you say, moving my hands across and down your body, spreading the warm fluid around your nipples and down between your legs.

Giggling, you push me off and turn over, your heels kicking escort bursa up.

“My turn!”

I move behind you and pull your knickers off, reaching forward and lifting your hips up, your head resting down on the pillow. My hand passes between your thighs from behind, stroking slowly from front to back and back again, exploring at first. I gently ease you apart; a finger inserted finds no resistance.

It is clear that I was not the only one waiting for this for a while. I raise you up from your pillow, my left hand rubbing what remains of my cum across your breasts. Your hips begin to move rhythmically, my hand lowers to your clitoris. I know I have hit the spot first time as your entire body shivers. I begin to stiffen and go to move forward.

“No,” you say, “that’s against the rules. Touch, taste and toys only. Anything else is hubby’s domain for the time being, if you recover fast enough we’ll sort that out in a bit.”

I heed the reminder and move back. I pass my hand back down through your buttocks and round to your front.

The rhythm returns and increases. You won’t last long. I can feel your muscles tense; your buttocks begin to squeeze my hand tightly. You fall forward to grab your pillow, my left hand under you as you press your pubic bone down against the bed, ensuring maximum pressure.

I feel the pulses, how many? I’m not sure but eventually I feel your body collapse. You roll over, smiling. My cock is hardening slowly.

“Not quite recovered yet.” I say.

“We’ll leave that for the next time.” you reply.

“Next time?”

“Oh yes, that was just a taster.”

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