His Awakening Ch. 02

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A little while later he gets a phone call needing to go to his parents house, he kisses her softly, slaps her ass gently grabs his keys and he’s out the door, just as he pulls out of the drive way the phone rings she talks on the phone for a little while setting up something for him, she hangs up the phone and she’s off.

She heads off to the store to do some shopping for the evening getting all the necessary items, getting home she puts it all away, goes into her room and slips on one of his t-shirts and goes about cleaning up the house.

He comes home yet she doesn’t know he’s there she continues what she’s doing, sneaking up behind her he wraps his arms around her, she jumps looking him in the eyes as their lips meet.

“Damn you silly man stop that you scared the hell out of me, now let me finish my work before our company comes tonight!!!!!!!!!!”

“Company? We are having company tonight??” he asks in his sexy accent.

“Yes Amy is coming for dinner, you better be a good boy and behave yourself too Mr.!!” She replies with a devious wink.

“Oh damn it do I really have to?” he asks kissing at her neck softly.

“You’d better cause if you don’t you won’t get the surprise I have planned for you!!” she whispers in his ear.

“Baby girl I liked the surprise that I already got, coming home to find you in my t-shirt and nothing else was a nice surprise!” his hands slipping onto her ass caressing it gently, kissing the side of her neck softly.

“Honey please, oh god not bursa escort now I have to finish what I’m doing and go take a shower and get dinner started before Amy arrives.” She moans softly as her head goes back onto his shoulder, her hand reaching behind her feeling his member hardening in his jeans.

“This place looks almost as wonderful as you do, come with me and I will help you to get ready.” He whispers, his hands slipping under her top, his hands finding her naked breasts.

Taking her hand he leads her off to the bedroom, taking her face into his hands, his lips meeting with hers, his tongue slips into her parting lips, her hands exploring his body as she works his shirt off him slowly, running softly over his chest, her nails finding his nipples dragging over them lightly, they harden to her touch, twisting them gently, rolling them between her fingers, his body squirms.

“Oh girl now you’ve done it, you’re mine now!!” removing his t-shirt from her, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples, tugging on them gently, sucking one into his eager mouth.

“Damn you I have to take a shower and shave my legs amongst other things and get ready!!” her moans getting a little louder, as her fingers run through his hair, she feels her juices beginning to flow.

His hands slip under her arms picking her up laying her gently on the bed, kissing his way softly down her body his tongue exploring every inch of her, slowly his tongue explores her navel, her hands guiding him further down her body, bursa escort bayan putting her legs over his shoulders, looking up at her, their eyes lock onto one another as his tongue reaches out teasing her clit lightly, his finger entering her hot very wet love tunnel, her body tightens as he does this, sucking her clit into his mouth, nibbling it gently, his finger exploring deeper inside her, her hips grinding against his mouth, he slides another finger inside her, fucking her screaming pussy sucking her clit, he knew he was pushing her to her limit, faster and deeper he pumped her with his fingers, she starts to scream her body thrashing around as he drives her crazy.

“OHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS BABY…I’M GOING TO CUMMMMM DON’T STOP BABY PLEASE DON’T STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!! She screams as his tongue explores inside her replacing his fingers, teasing her clit with his thumb.

Feeling her body tense, her pussy squeezing down on his tongue, she can’t hold back anymore as he pushes her totally over the edge, she explodes riding wave after wave of orgasms with his tongue deep inside her, as her body starts to settle down her eyes still locked on his.

He moves around on the bed, she knowing he’s hard as a rock his member begging to be released, looks at him with a devious look.

“Why don’t you come up here baby and let me fix that problem for you!!”

“Oh you bet your going to fix it, or your not getting off this bed until you do!!” he replies as he moves up toward her head.

Standing escort bursa on the side of the bed, turning her body she opens his jeans slowly, his member so rock hard now its tenting against his jeans, releasing it lowering his jeans over his hips, she takes his member into her hungry mouth devouring it, taking him all the way to his balls, her lips locking around it, her head bobbing up and down as she sucks him harder then she probably ever had before, looking up at him watching his face change, his breathing deepens as he grabs the back of her head slowly fucking her mouth, her tongue running up and down his main vein, finding that very sensitive spot right under his head, she teases at it gently, his pace picks up fucking her mouth faster and deeper, her moans muffled by his thick cock in her mouth, reaching under him she cups his balls massaging them gently.

Teasing his balls with her nails his body jumps, his head throws back, feeling his cock swelling in her mouth, his balls tightening his body tensing, feeling his member throbbing in her mouth.

“Baby if you keep this up you know what your going to get don’t you??”

She not say a word, she just sucks and sucks harder and faster, working his balls with her nails, his voice deepens yet softens as she pushes him over the edge this time, his member exploding into the back of her throat, as she swallows every drop, sucking it one last time sucking him dry, licking his member and his balls cleaning him up completely, as she finishes she looks at him with a sexy look, he winks at her.

“Baby I really need to finish getting ready now, Amy will be arriving before long!”

The question is…WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN AMY ARRIVES, read chapter 3 to find out!!!!!!!!!!

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