High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 20

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Big Dicks

I opened my eyes to the first inkling that day light was about to replace the night sky thinking how much I hate Monday morning. An entire work week staring you square in the face. As I came to my senses it dawned on me that I was off this Monday my first three day weekend in a very long time.

I rolled over onto my back and found a sleeping Kay next to me. As I expected I had a rock hard piss hard-on and probably should have slipped from under the comforter and quietly went down the hall to the bath.

Kay stirred slightly from my motion beside her and snuggled in closer draping one hand across my chest.

So much for slipping away quietly to relieve my bladder. I thought to myself.

I turned my head toward her and watched as her eyes fluttered beneath closed lids. Her fingers moved slightly on my chest and I knew she was dreaming about something.

Kay had my left arm trapped between us but I could lift my right and slipped it under my head. She mumbled something that I couldn’t make out then moved her hand again sliding it down a little on my chest.

Day light was beginning to take over and as the minutes passed the room grew brighter and brighter. I continued watching Kay as she slowly started coming out of her dream state.

Another few minutes and the light streaming in from outside managed to awaken my sleeping lover.

Kay smiled realizing she was snuggled up to me and whispered. “Morning darlin.” Her body moved closer soft tits now pressing into my side.

“Good Morning to you.”

Kay lifted her leg and moved her knee over mine curling her leg and drawing it up along my thigh.

I should have excused myself then and went to pee but Kay’s hand slide down and found my erect cock.

“Hmmmmm….” She moaned. “What have we here?”

I smiled back at her as her hand slid along the shaft and found the sensitive corona to massage.

“Breakfast in bed?” Kay whispered then giggled her hand slowly stroking my cock.

I grinned at her but knew I had a choice to make. I could let her continue and serve up some hot sticky sauce for breakfast or I could break her heart and dash off to the bath.

I knew that if I chose the latter I could always come back and start over again and if I decided to serve up hot sauce now it might very well have a little urine mixed in.

“Kay I really have to go to the bath room.” opting for a fresh start in a few minutes.

She smiled. “I knew that. I’ve felt enough piss erections in my time to know that’s what we have here.” Her soft hand sliding up and down my rock hard cock.

“I’ll be back in a flash.” I promised as I began slipping away from her soft warm sensuous body.

“Maybe I’ll still be here.” She replied giggling.

I grabbed the robe Kay had worn yesterday and although it was a little small and couldn’t close to hide my stiff prick I made a mad dash to the bath down the hall. Being able to relieve a bladder that is nearly bursting is probably one of the top five things a guy can do and I enjoyed the relief immensely for what seemed like three or four minutes. Before I headed back to the bridal suite I ran some hot water and used a wash cloth to wipe my loins down. I picked a bath robe that fit and draped the smaller one over my arm so Kay could use it later when she showered.

“Phew I must have had a gallon stored up in my bladder.” I remarked as I closed the door rejoining Kay in the room. Kay was now sitting up in bed her back supported by the pillows against the head board. She only had the comforter pulled up to her waist so I was greeted not only by her sexy smile but also her soft round breasts and erect nipples.

As I approached the bed I commented. “Judging from those it looks like you started without me.” I pointed to her hard nubs.

Kay just smiled and with one hand flipped the comforter off her legs. She drew her knees up until they were bent completely then slowly spread them not stopping until her legs touched the bed on either side. “Breakfast is served.” She said

Not only were her nipples totally erect but her very inviting pussy was glistening with moisture. I slipped the robe off and as I crawled across the bed toward her I said. “I love breakfast in bed.”

As I reached the point where I could just lay down on my stomach and my face would be directly at her loins Kay reached out on either side of her and grasped the brass rods of the head board. “Look what we could do.” inferring that she could easily be bound to the head board.

I ignored the comment choosing instead to concentrate on the sweet meal she was offering between her thighs.

I slid one hand up and ran my index finger and middle finger along each side of her lips gently massaging the moist rim of her pussy starting at the top and slowly moving down.

Kay cooed softly as I slid my middle finger back up between her lips opening them just a little.

“I can’t wait to taste my breakfast juice.” I commented as I circled her hard clit with the tip of my finger.

She kind of rocked her hips back lifting pendik escort her loins a little higher to give me a better angle and in doing so caused her lips to part just a tad more. I could see the glistening pink flesh beyond inviting me to lick where that juice was held.

As I lowered my mouth toward it Kay was still holding the brass rods her arms stretched out to either side but I knew it would be long before her long sexy fingers would be combing through my hair and guiding my mouth to every part of her warmth.

I extended my tongue and touched the tip against the tiny patch of flesh that separates her pussy from her ass causing her to moan softly.

Very slowly I drew my tongue up sliding between wet lips and tasting her sweet nectar for the first time this morning. I used two fingers to press on either side of her clit causing the hard nub to pop from its fleshy hood of moist skin.

“Hmmmmmmmm……” Kay moaned as I circled the sensitive clit with the tip of my tongue.

I lifted my mouth only long enough to whisper. “You taste so good this morning.”

Kay responded by releasing her grip on one bed rails and as I’d predicted combed my hair with her sexy nails then lowered my mouth to her quivering slit below.

“Eat your breakfast before it gets cold.” She softly whispered.

I knew this breakfast would do nothing but get hotter as I began licking more aggressively at her. I moved my hands up to softly rest on the very top of her thighs right where they connect to her torso and began probing between her lips with my tongue.

“Yeah that’s what I need.” Kay cried out as my tongue dipped deeper inside her.

I massaged her pulsing pussy with my mouth occasionally lifting to suck her hard clit sending her loins into a quivering frenzy.

“I want your cock in my mouth. Come up here and let me suck it, let me get you hard so you and fuck my hot pussy.” She almost demanded as I lifted my mouth from her wet slit.

I straightened up between her legs then stood on the bed placing my feet on either side of her hips. My limp dick was directly in front of her face as I rested my hands palms flat against the wall above the headboard.

“Hmmmm….it looks so good.” Kay said before she moved one hand in to lift me to her lips.

Kay took the head between her lips and gently sucked on just the tip. I felt my cock react and begin to swell.

Now it was my turn to encourage her. “Get me hard so I can fuck you.”

As my erection grew Kay took more inside her warm mouth gently sucking licking and nibbling on the hardening shaft.

“Feel it grow in your mouth.” I exclaimed as I reached near total erection.

Kay moaned softly as my cock grew toward her throat and filled her soft wet mouth.

She started moving her head back and forth mouth fucking me to a totally hard state.

“I need to fuck you!” I pleaded pulling back until my hard cock slipped from her awesome oral grasp.

Kay looked up at me as I stepped back and softly replied. “I need to be fucked.”

I stepped back to her feet and began to kneel as Kay slid down the pile of pillows she was resting against. As I moved between her thighs she used both hands to spread her hair lusciously around her head on the pillow.

Her eyes were fixed on mine a passionate stare as she whispered. “Fuck me.”

I hooked my hands behind the bend of her knee and lifted her ass off the bed. My hard cock position just outside the glistening entrance to her warmth. My hips moved slowly forward touching the spread lips then slipping beyond.

Kay cooed softly was my hard cock pierced her and moaned as I slowly plunged deeper and deeper until my balls rested against her ass.

“Oh god that feels so good.” Kay said feeling me fill her completely.

I released her legs and leaned forward placing my hands flat on the bed beside her shoulders and Kay instantly hooked her heels together behind my waist.

I felt her muscles clamp down on my cock as she pulled with her legs pressing my cock head even tighter against her cervix.

“Yes fill me.” Kay exclaimed as my cock twitched from the awesome massage her pussy was providing.

I pulled back drawing my cock nearly out of her then slowly plunged to her very core again.

I continued my slow motion plunges into her causing Kay to moan softly each time my balls came to rest against her ass.

“I love when you fuck me slow like that.”

Lowering myself to my elbows my chest pressed against her soft tits and our mouths joined. Lips suckling, tongues probing in a passionate good morning kiss as our slow motion fucking continued.

Kay’s pussy molded to my shape her muscles grasping at every part as I plunged very slowly but with the same rhythm each time. She was so very wet so very warm and so incredibly sexy.

I began to feel more pressure from her heels as I plunged letting me know to increase the pace of my thrusts.

“Give it to me please fuck me harder!” Kay exclaimed her heels digging into my back.

Her maltepe escort pussy got wetter and began to swell inside making her feel even tighter as I began fucking a little faster. Kay began pressing her heels and lifting her hips to meet each thrust I made.

Our mouths continued their passionate dance of lust and we continued a glorious morning fuck.

“Faster baby!” Kay implored me breaking our kiss only long enough to plead.

The bed began to squeak and eventually the headboard began to bump into the wall behind as Kay and I began our slow sensual climb up the mountain of pleasure.

“Harder fuck me harder.” Kay pleaded her mouth moving away from mine only long enough to encourage me.

As I began thrusting faster and harder Kay’s heels pulled me in.

I let my full weight come down on her crushing her soft tits beneath my chest and sliding my mouth alongside her head.

“Cum for me.” I whispered into her ear.

The pace of our love making quickened as I pounded my cock into her my balls now slapping against her ass and the headboard slapping the wall.

Kay turned her lips to my ear and pleaded. “Cum with me fill me with your sweet juice.”

Our passionate climb to ecstasy nearly complete I felt her pussy flood with juices. Kay unhooked her heels and let her legs drop to the bed spreading her pussy wide open and allowing me to thrust even deeper inside the flooded pool of lust between her thighs.

“I’m gonna cum!” Kay exclaimed.

Her loins convulsed as she began to climax internal muscles grasping at my swelling cock eliciting my balls to fill her with hot cum.

“Oh god Allen I’m cummingggggggggg!” Kay screamed as the full tidal wave of pleasure crashed over her being.

Her scream was enough to send me over the top also and I felt my cock fill with hot cum surging toward her pulsing pussy.

Arrghhhhhhhh!” I groaned as my cock exploded a thick wad of cum against her cervix.

I moved my mouth to hers to muffle our screams of ecstasy as we rode wave after wave of sheer orgasmic pleasure together.

Kay bit hard on my lip adding a bit of pain into the mix. I was frozen in time my cock buried balls deep inside pumping her full of thick hot cum.

Her quivering hips and pulsing pussy accepting every drop my cock and balls could provide.

“Oh my god that was incredible.” Kay whispered in my ear as her climax began to subside.

My cock was still twitching inside expelling the final drops of cum and I gave her a quick little thrust for good measure.

Incredible wasn’t nearly a good enough word to describe our good morning love making.

I rolled off her my cock slipping from her fiery depths and leaving a smear of our combine sex across her thigh.

“Awesome!” I exclaimed. Kay rolled to her side and lifted one leg on top of mine. Her hand sliding along my chest to my jaw.

She turned my face toward hers and whispered. “I love you.”

I smiled and replied. “I love you too.”

My words brought a broad smile to her lips and she moved on top of me to kiss me passionately tenderly like two lovers should.

Yes we’d fallen in love but I knew that weeks before. This just seemed like the perfect time and place to admit it to each other.

It was nearly eight before either of us made a move to slip out of bed. Kay kissed me for what must have been the thousandth time then whispered. “I’m gonna take a quick shower.”

I thought about joining her but I knew if I did we’d be right back in bed for another couple hours of incredible sex.

“I’ll jump in while you’re doing your hair and make-up.” I said just before she headed off to the bath room.

Kay returned after ten minutes or so her hair wrapped in a fresh white towel and that luscious body I love so much covered with a white bath robe.

“Times a wasting.” Kay commented as I lingered a little too long under the comforter.

I slipped out of bed and noticed her eyeing my naked form. “We could….” Kay interrupted me and said. “No we’re not going to lie around and fuck all morning.” A sheepish grin on her lips.

I could tell Kay had her mind on antiques and I wasn’t about to try and change it at this point.

“Okay okay…I’m going.” I said as I slipped into my robe and headed to the bath.

When I returned after an even quicker five minute shower Kay was out of her robe and wearing the cutest pair of pale yellow panties and matching lace bra. She had slipped into a pair of open toed heeled sandals and was just starting to blow dry and curl her wavy red locks.

“That’s a sexy outfit.” I remarked.

Kay just turned her head toward me and smiled. She had laid out a yellow sun dress on the bed which I’d never seen her wear before and to be quite honest I couldn’t wait to see her in it. The contrast between her red hair and the yellow dress seemed very inviting to me.

I had fewer options on what to wear. A pair of comfortable jeans and a navy blue sport shirt. I skipped socks and slipped on my favorite pair of kartal escort Docksiders.

Kay finished her hair in record time a series of waves cascading down to just touch her shoulders and a cute little wave that crossed her forehead. Her hair framing her lovely face.

“I’m so excited about today.” Kay remarked as she applied a clear lip gloss and only the slightest hint of eye shadow.

“I am looking forward to it too.” I replied then added. “We should be able to hit six or seven shops in the area.

Kay finished her make-up then walked across the room in that sexy underwear. She slipped the sundress over her shoulders and began buttoning it up the front. The dress fit her perfectly looking casual but sexy at the same time. I walked over and stood in front of her as she closed the top button.

I smiled and reached out undoing the top button so just the top of her soft cleavage showed then said. “I need an incentive to keep up with you today.”

She giggled and walked across the room to the dresser. Removing a small bottle of Channel No 5 from her make-up bag Kay dabbed a drop behind each ear then slipped the glass applicator between her tits and into the soft cleavage I’d just exposed. “Just in case you can’t find me with your eyes this will lead you back to me with your nose.” Kay remarked.

I had already packed my bag and waited patiently as she carefully folded all her things into her larger suitcase.

As we prepared to head downstairs Kay paused a moment and looked around the room.

“Forget something?” I asked.

Kay walked over to where I was standing and replied. “Actually I don’t want to ever forget this room or what happened here.”

I kissed her softly on the cheek and gave her one last hug in the bridal suite where we’d consummated our love for each other. “I love you Kay.” I whispered softly in her ear.

She smiled. “I love you.”

Kay had a sexy bounce to her walk as we went downstairs and headed toward the kitchen.

Mark was standing in the kitchen having a cup of coffee when we entered.

“Morning Folks.” He instantly greeted us as we entered.

“Morning Mark.” I replied.

“I hope everything was satisfactory.” He asked already knowing it was.

Kay replied for us both. “Satisfactory is an understatement. Your home and that bridal suite are just fabulous.” Her wide smile and sparkling eyes confirming she was more than pleased with his accommodations.

“I’m very happy you like it now how about some breakfast?”

“Oh yes please.” Kay answered. “I’m famished.”

Mark walked to the island counter in the middle of the kitchen and said. “We normally put out a breakfast buffet but since you are our only guests this morning I figured I’d make your breakfast to order.”

“I’ll start off with a cup of coffee.” I said. “What would you like Kay?”

“The coffee smells so good I’ll have a cup also.” She replied.

“I can do an omelet sunny side up or scrambled.” Mark offered.

“If you have mushrooms and cheese I’d love an omelet.” I requested.

Kay opted for sunny side up.

“How about some home fries and toast?” Marks asked.

“If it’s not too much trouble.” Kay replied.

“No trouble at all.” Mark assured her. “Let me pour your coffee and you can have a seat in the dining room while I prepare your food.”

Mark poured us each a New England size mug of coffee and said. “Cream and sugar is on the table.”

We sat down and started enjoying our morning coffee. “So do you know where we’re headed this morning?” Kay asked between sips.

“We’re going to start at a place called “Antiques Warehouse” and from there I figured my GPS should be able to find more shops.” I replied.

“Antiques Warehouse?” Kay asked. “Sounds like a big place.” She remarked.

“It is. Judging from the photos on their web site it looks to be a converted furniture store so we could be there for quite some time.” I explained.

“Well we’ll check it out but I suspect I will prefer the small shops like Kay’s.” Kay said recalling our visit yesterday with Kayla.

I smiled as Mark approached with two plates of steaming hot food. “I prefer a place with great prices.” I said as a great looking breakfast was placed in front of me.

“Smells wonderful.” Kay remarked.

“Enjoy.” Mark said then added. “I’ll be back in a few to freshen up your coffee.”

The breakfast tasted as good as it smelled and Kay and I gobbled down our food in no time.

“Morning sex must make you hungry.” I remarked as she finished before me.

She smiled then leaned close to me and whispered. “Well I did miss out on my morning shot of man chowder.”

“Should I be apologizing?” I asked.

“Absolutely not besides I can always get it at lunch time.” Kay suggested making me consider the possibility of a road side blow job later.

Mark returned with the coffee pot and as he poured refills for us he asked. “So what are you two doing today?”

“We’re spending the entire day antiquing.” Kay replied.

“That sounds like fun.” Mark said.

I picked his brain a little since he had furnished his entire Bed and Breakfast with antiques. “We were planning to going by the Antiques Warehouse. Do you know of any other good shops in the area?”

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