Her Shoes

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She put on the shoes. Yes, an impulsive buy, the hot pink stiletto’s held a sort of enchantment for her the instant they caught her eye. She knew she would wear them for him. That is of course why she grabbed them from the rack in the first place. Now as she slipped them onto her feet, she again felt that sense of change come over her. The woman she could only be with him emerged, releasing her from the bonds of the proper manners she lived by day to day.

She stood and admired the way the four inch heels accentuated her calves. They definitely made her appear different. Her legs looked longer, sleeker. She inadvertently stood with her chest out, back slightly arched, feeling very sexually confident. She practiced walking in them: mastering the moves she would make as she imagined him sitting there watching her saunter towards him. She liked the way her hips swayed as she stepped seductively on the teetering heels. She could feel the dampness beginning to grow between her thighs and she licked her lips anticipating his response. It escort ataşehir struck her that she enjoyed the way she felt in these shoes: powerful and uninhibited. She could just see the smile on his face as he watched her transform into the sex kitten he had created her to be.

She moved her full length mirror closer to the bed to get a good look at herself in those shoes. Blazing hot pink, “fuck- me- now” shoes. They definitely stood out against her fair skin. She wondered how much of those sexy shoes he would actually be able to see in the heat of the moment. She kneeled in front of the mirror, situating herself as she would if he were actually standing before her. She tried to perceive herself from his angle: her blond hair cascading down her back, her eyes looking up at him as she kissed and licked his throbbing cock. She smiled knowing he would see those hot little numbers peeking out from beneath her bottom like a bright neon pink sign flashing “I am yours, take me.”

Crawling onto her bed on all fours she kadıköy escort turned to glance behind her. She liked what she saw in the mirror. Her hands and legs spread, her round ass right there at the perfect height calling for him to grab her hips and thrust deep inside of her aching pussy. He would have a full view of those amazing shoes; toes digging into the mattress each time he pumped her. They would be a constant visual reminder of the uninhibited passion he had taught her to embrace; a trophy signifying his conquest of this newly created porn star. She loved the thought of it all.

Sitting now on the edge of the bed with her legs spread, shoes touching the floor, she willed his head between her legs. His dark hair would be tangled in her fingers as his tongue sweetly tortured her clit. She envisioned leaning back on her elbows, head thrown back as she savored his oral delights. She imagined nearing her orgasm and looking up briefly as her legs gripped him only to see that flash of pink reminding her she was indeed maltepe escort bayan changed. Those shoes, the catalyst in this recent quest to fulfill her fantasy, would incite her to give him anything he wanted in appreciation for the opportunity to live out her wildest desires.

Next she rolled onto her back. Looking over her right shoulder at her frame in the mirror she deliberately lifted her legs up to mimic encircling them around his waist. What an amazing sight! The thought of his body pressed against hers, and those shoes bouncing in the air with each thrust of his hips made her squirm with anticipation. She was giddy at the thought of those thin piercing heels slightly digging into his tight ass and muscular thighs prodding him onward as he fucked her so thoroughly. She smiled, knowing these were just as much a gift to her as they were for him.

She rested there for several moments caressing her large breasts, reveling in the fact that she had been awakened to sensuality and sexuality beyond her imagination. She was grateful for him, and the way he made it so easy for her to let go of her fears and BE in each moment. Her body and her mind longed for his touch, for his seductive powers. And tonight she would surprise him, by greeting him at the bedroom door in nothing but those shoes.

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