Hell in Heels

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Hell In Heels. (A Dylan James Adventure)

These are all of the “Dylan Joins The Band” series put together. Several of my really nice fans had asked me to do this — so this is for them. The text has been cleaned up a little, and there are some small changes. Hope you enjoy!

These are the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Please check all his adventures out. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All constructive emails are welcome.

Chapter 1

The Drummer

“Ohh, Dylan! Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, your cock!! Oh fuck me with that cock!!”

Dylan lay on his back as the dark haired beauty slid her tight velvet cunt up and down his 9 inch monster. She was doing all the work as they lay in the back of her old Econo-line van and she rode his cock. Her big tits were bouncing violently as she drove his rock hard prick deep into her juicy snatch. Her smoky gray eyes were closed and her strong tattoo-covered arms were braced against his muscular chest for support as her slick hot cunt worked the length of his cock. She had cum once already and she looked like she was headed for another strong climax.

“Uuuggghhhh! OH…Dylan!! I love your cock!!!! OH…FUCK!!!!”

Dylan’s hands were on her shapely hips guiding her thrusts as she rode him hard. She was not the usual girl that Dylan ended up with. She was the drummer in an up and coming female rock group, “Hell In Heels,” and they had met when he went to hear another group at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica. The crowd had been very small and the other band sucked, but the instant heat between the two of them when they met was hard to miss. She had a tight black wife beater on that was stretched across her good sized tits. The bottom of the wife-beater was torn off to reveal her very taut and sexy stomach, and a very small black and white mini-skirt is all that kept the world from seeing she had no panties on! She had tattoos all up and down both arms and shoulders. Her black hair (too black to be real) was streaked with crimson and she wore really heavy dark eye makeup. Her nose was pierced on one side, and a ring pierced her lower lip right in the center. She had a silver band over one of her rather developed biceps and black leather bands on each wrist. Her taut stomach was a display board of different tats — stars, sun signs, and Celtic runes. Her belly button was pierced with a gold chain, and she stood at least 5’10” in her biker boots. Her eyes were smoky and dark, and she stared you right in the eye when you spoke to her. The look she gave you seemed to be almost daring you to try and touch her, or maybe to fuck her. She was smoking hot, she knew it and she was not afraid to use what the good Lord had given her.

“Unhhh, unhhh, unhhh, unhhh,” she moaned as she repeatedly rose and fell on Dylan’s giant cock. He moved his hands from her hips to her bouncing tits and twisted her pierced nipples hard. “OOOHHHHHHHH, FUCK!!!!!!!” she wailed as the sudden sharp pain coursed through her body and straight to her rock hard clit. The combination of the pleasure of his large hard cock filling her tight cunt, and the pain of him twisting her hard pierced nipples drove her over the edge to her climax. She started double-timing her ass up and down, trying to jam as much of his huge pussy-pleaser up her slot as possible.


She screamed as her ass churned up and down driving his cock deep into her gushing cunt. Her juices flowed out of her pussy like a river and coated his balls and thighs. She was cumming apart at the seams as she thrashed about on his towering prick, her tight rippling cunt trying to squeeze his cum out of him like a vice. The whole van was shaking from the violence of her thrusts.


As Dylan watched her going crazy on his cock, he thought back to their first fuck. It had been that first night. As soon as the other band’s set was over, she had grabbed him and taken him to the bar and started ordering shots. He matched her drink for drink and she could hold her booze. He learned her name was Angel, she was 28 in three days, she was in a band and she loved to suck cock. By the time the bar closed at 1:30 AM, they were shit faced. They staggered out to her van and it didn’t take them 2 minutes before Dylan’s raging cock was stuck up her wet tight cunt. They fucked for what seemed like hours in the back of her van parked on an LA city street, but no one bothered them. When they woke up the next morning, she was covered in his dry cum and they both had massive hangovers. Bad ones! She ran a brush through her sperm covered hair, put on her wife-beater and skirt and they stumbled to the nearest diner around the corner, where they ordered tons of really greasy food, and lots of water and coffee. After they had eaten all they could, she followed him ataşehir escort bayan back to his bungalow in West Adams where she called in sick to work. They crashed hard in his king-size bed, and we they finally woke the debauchery started again. Drinking, smoking, fucking is all they did for two days until she realized that she had a gig the next day. On her birthday! So she kissed him goodbye and invited him to the birthday show.

He had shown up at the birthday gig early. Angel’s band was playing a private party at the Buddha Lounge, and they were scheduled to do 3 sets that night. They were going on about 10 PM, so Dylan got there about 9 PM and was soon helping Angel setup her equipment. As he watched her muscle in her drums, mics and help the other girls with their amps, he realized what a beautiful and strong woman she was.

Tonight she was dressed in a black corset like top and skin tight pink vinyl pants. The top had ties all the way down the front similar to a corset, and you could clearly see that she had no bra or anything under the top. For a quick escape, it had a concealed zipper on the side under an arm. Her vinyl pants were so tight that you could see the outline of her pussy lips in the molded crouch. They also had cut-outs on the hips that showed her bare skin and made it impossible for her to have a thong or anything on underneath. The pants had wide flared bottoms that showed off her 4 inch spiked come-fuck-me pumps, and a zipper that ran down one leg. Without that zipper the pants would have been impossible for anyone to get in or out of.

He met the rest of the band, had a quick shot with Angel and then she pulled him out to the back alley. She shoved him into the back of her van, and told him it was time for her first birthday present. She pulled off his boots and jeans, and just groaned when his 9 inch prick burst into view at full mast. She quickly peeled her skin tight clothes off her extremely fine body and lowered herself onto his towering prick. She was so wet that his prick sunk balls deep into her hot box with one stroke. She savored the feeling for just a moment then her ass went into overdrive. Dylan marveled at the passion that Angel did everything. Music, drinking, sex were all done at full-tilt, nothing was held back.

“God I have thought about this dick for a whole day! Fuck, I love your cock, you son of a bitch! Oh, Fuck! This feels so good!” Angel commented as she rode his prick for all she was worth. Soon the sounds of slapping flesh and squishing cunt juice filled the van.

That is how they had started this night, but now Angel was just finishing her 2nd orgasm of the night as her creaming cunt was locked onto Dylan’s iron manhood like a vice. She was grunting so loud that she sounded like an out of shape tennis player as she drove her cunt up and down on his massive cock. Finally, she collapsed against his chest exhausted from cumming. Dylan let her lie there for a moment; his great prick still buried balls deep in her fiery clutching cunt. Then slowly, he held her close to him and he turned over with his prick still buried in her cunt. He was now above her, and she was lying on the small single mattress in the back of the van.

In passing, he wondered how many guys Angel had fucked in this van. Possibly hundreds if she approached every potential sex partner as she had approached him. Direct, to the point, and no chance of escape. That is how he had felt that first night — she was the hunter and he was the prey. Once she had him in her sights, he was not going to get away, and he hadn’t. He didn’t remember much of what happened in the van that first night, except in the morning there was dried sperm and cunt juice everywhere. It must have been a hell of a fuck-a-thon.

“Oh, God! Are you going to fuck me again?” she panted as Dylan rose up between her wide spread thighs.

“That was the idea,” he smiled as he pushed her legs up over his shoulders.

“No one has ever made me cum like you do. No One! Oh, Fuck Me Hard!”

Dylan smiled at her as he leaned over her, causing her knees to crush against her straining breasts. He grabbed the top of the old mattress for support, and slowly pulled his long prick out of her hot gash until only the big mushroom knob was left inside.

“You want this?” he teased.

“YES…YES…Give it to me NOW!!!” Angel hissed at him. She was so turned on at that moment she was almost hysterical.

Dylan drilled his 9 inches of solid muscle deep into her cunt. The great head bounced off of Angel’s cervix. Hanging on to the mattress for leverage, he fucked his long dick in and out of her slick pussy, trying to get as far up into her as he could. Angel was screaming at the top of her lungs as he relentlessly drove his prick into her. Her head was shaking from side to side, her hands are crawling at her tits, and she was churning her ass up and down trying to get more of Dylan inside her. She had never been fucked like Dylan fucked her. Long, hard, escort kadıköy powerful, and never-ending. Her pussy could begin to cream at just the thought of him and his amazing cock. But actually having the real thing between her wide spread thighs drilling into her hot cunt was heaven. She felt her orgasm cumming and it was going to be huge. One of her hands dropped down to her rock hard clit and she began to strum it in time with Dylan’s bone shattering thrusts. In and out, he plunged into her molten core, spearing his cock into her gushing cunt, touching her in places few men’s cocks had ever even reached. The tension was building for both of them as he plowed into her time and time again. Suddenly, her hands flew straight out to the floor of the van, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she began to bounce her ass up and down as if to throw him off. One stroke, two strokes, three strokes and her world exploded. A shattering cum that sent a world of colors swirling through her head.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she bellowed as the sound of slapping flesh and creaking shocks bounced off the walls of the van. Her cunt muscles shut down on Dylan’s drilling cock but he continued to drive into her clutching cunt trying to take her to new heights.


Suddenly, Dylan’s release was there and he allowed Angel’s hot cunt muscles to take him over the top. He fired missile after missile of hot cum deep into her cunt, bathing her inner walls with his sticky, white seed. As his cock continued to thrust into her hot mushy core, streams of white, milky fluid spilled from the lips of Angel’s cunt. It ran down the crack of her ass and pooled on the old mattress. She moved her ass up and down trying to maintain the amazing feelings that Dylan’s plunging cock gave her, but finally all things end and so did their mutual orgasm. Dylan gave up his hold on the top of the mattress and slid back. As he did, Angel legs came down with him until her legs were locked around his waist. They were face to face with Dylan’s cock still buried in her drooling cunt. She grabbed his head with both of her hands and plunged her tongue deep into his mouth. They exchanged a relaxed but passionate kiss that was filled with all the joy and pleasure that comes from a fuck well done.

Finally, breaking the kiss, she said, “That is the best present you could have given me. God, I love fucking you!”

Dylan just smiled as he kissed her again. Having a 28 year old “rock” goddess want his cock so much did wonders for his ego as well.

As the kiss broke and they just stared into each other eyes, Dylan could see an idea form and come to birth in Angel’s eyes. “I know what I want you to give me for my birthday?”

“You want something else? After this?”


“What would that be?”

“I want you to fuck the rest of my band tonight during our show.” Dylan just stared at her dumb-founded. As the look of shock crossed his face, Angel grabbed his head once more and deeply kissed him again.

Chapter 2 The Bass Player

“What did you say?” Dylan asked as he watched Angel struggle into her skin-tight vinyl pants.

“I want you to fuck the members of my band tonight during the show. It will be fun to see if you can do it.”

“Why would you want me to do that?”

“No reason. You asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Other then fucking you, that’s what I want. If you can’t do that, okay.” Angel was zipping up the skin-tight pants that she had somehow squeezed into. They molded to the curves of her smoking body like a second skin outlining everything including the lips of her pussy.

“But they all have boyfriends or husbands, why would they want to fuck me?”

“Because they are sluts, everyone one of them. The fun part would be to see if you could do it in one night. Jade is engaged to be married next month. Eve, the bass player would do you right now if you asked her — she thinks you are hot. Misty has a boyfriend, but I know she fucks around — so…” Angel left the unsaid end of that sentence hanging out in space. She finished putting her black top on and opened the back door to the van. Dylan was still sitting naked on the floor of the van. She jumped out and looked back at Dylan.

“I have to go get ready for the set. I will see you afterward. Look, I was just kidding about the other girls — I just thought it would be fun. If you are uncomfortable with it, I understand. Later, lover.”

She slammed the door shut and the old van creaked on its shocks. Dylan leaned back and looked up at the rusted ceiling of the van. Why did he feel like he had just been put down? He had just fucked her really well, yet she seemed unhappy with him. Women? Can’t live with them, and you can’t kill them! Not that he wanted to, but he sure did not understand them sometimes. Why would she want him to fuck her band?

He reached for his jeans and put them on. After putting on his boots and shirt, maltepe escort he got out of the “ole fuck bucket” as Angel called it and went inside. The place was about half full and Angel was up on the bandstand doing some final equipment and sound checks. He went over to the bar and got a JD on the rocks. His thoughts were still confused. He really felt like leaving. He had gotten laid, and really there was no special bond between Angel and him. She was a great fuck, but that was all it was for both of them. As he sipped his JD and thought about what he should do next, a cute blond slipped into next to him at the bar.

“Hi,” she said as she smiled at him.

“Oh …hi.” Dylan said as he stuttered to remember the bass player’s name. Eve, that was her name. “How’s it going, Eve? You almost ready?”

“Yeah, I am all done — just waiting for everyone to do their stuff,” Eve said as she signaled the bartender. She was a pretty girl with a slim figure, pale skin and dyed blond hair. She was wearing a long 50’s style party dress and combat boots. She didn’t have any tattoos that showed and the only jewelry that she wore was a simple choker around her neck.

“We heard you giving Angel her birthday present. It sounded like fun.”

Dylan turned bright red at that. He usually did not get embarrassed by sex or having it, but for some reason he was blushing like a red rose.

“You’re cute,” Eve laughed at him. “Ang says you fuck like a monster, but you’re all red. That’s cute.”

Dylan took a big gulp of his JD.

“Look, I don’t know if you are and Ang are anything real, but if you’re interested … I think you are extremely hot, so … let me know, okay?”

With that, Eve gave his arm a squeeze, and turned away from the bar. As she walked towards the bandstand, Dylan turned to watch her as she left. She had a great walk, her ass swaying back and forth as she moved with a slow strut. Because of her loose fitting dress, he really couldn’t tell what her whole body looked like, but it seemed to fit right in all the right places. Her perfume and voice were certainly sexy; well … His cock gave a lurch down his leg at the thought that passed thru his both of his heads, top and bottom. Maybe fucking her here would be possible?

About that moment, the lights went down and the MC announced, “Welcome, Hell In Heels!”

The lead singer, Jade stepped forward and welcomed the crowd to the show. This was a semi-private party for some fashion designer who had a show in LA at the moment, and he loved this band. Jade nodded at Angel who counted off and then the band slammed into a kick ass version of Aerosmith’s ‘Sweet Emotion.” As the girls worked their way thru the first song, Dylan was impressed. He thought that this band would probably suck, but they really could play. Angel and Eve laid down a tight rhythm and the lead guitar player, Misty really had some nice licks. Jade had a lot of stage presence and a great rock voice. He slowly moved from the bar toward the front of the band stand. He drifted to Eve’s side of the small stage. She was very energetic dancing around the stage and flirting with the audience. About mid-way through the third song, Eve saw him down front leaning against the wall, and she smiled at him. Between songs, she went back up to Angel and said something to her. They both looked in his direction and then laughed. As the set continued, Angel every once in a while would look at him and nod towards Eve. At the end of the 6th song, Eve moved to the edge of the stage right in front of him and lifted the hem of her dress just enough for him to see that she had no underwear on. The crowd around him just roared their approval as she smiled down at him and bounced away.

Towards the end of the set, Dylan moved back to the bar and got another shot. He was sitting there when the first set ended and the very entertained crowd poured out their approval. As the applause washed over the stage, the girls moved off stage, and the sole roadie they had, a young girl named Kris, started getting setup for the next set.

After a few minutes, a gentle touch on his shoulder and a sweet kiss on his ear, told him Angel had arrived. He turned around and gave her a strong kiss and held her to him. She really was a very hot girl.

“How did you like the set?” she asked with a little concern in her voice. Dylan smiled to himself. That was the first time she had every shown any doubt about anything since he met her.

“I loved it! You guys are great.”

“Good. Hey, come backstage. I wanna show you something.” Angel took his hand and led him through the crowd. When they got backstage, Dylan noticed there were doors leading to two dressing rooms. Angel knocked on one and opened the door. She pulled him in after her. “Misty and Jade are in the one next door. I am sharing this one with Eve. It is the first time that we haven’t been all crammed into one. Come on.”

As she pulled him into the room, he saw it had really dark walls and low lights except over the two make up tables. There were a couple of old couches in the room. A very typical dressing room in a small second rate club. Angel locked the door behind her. At that moment, Eve walked out of what he guessed was the bathroom, and she stopped when she saw him.

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