Heather’s Bucket List Ch. 01

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Heather walked down Belmont Avenue, her heart beating furiously. She had survived another boring day of classes (Rhetoric and Trig!). And now she eagerly entered the lobby of her high rise, her eyes hungrily searching the lobby. The concierge tipped his cap and smiled, but otherwise the spacious room was empty.

Sinking disappointment filled her as she trudged over to the elevator. She was sure she had timed coming home right and that she would see the man she had fantasized about to get through the boring lectures. As she waited for the elevator, she figured she had an hour or so before her mom came home… more than enough time to rub away the need she had felt all morning.

Sometimes it sucked living at home while in college.

“Hold the door please!”

Heather grabbed the closing door and peeked out. Beautiful brown eyes met hers and she blushed at the spark of desire she felt. Their eyes met and she got lost in that handsome face. She ducked her eyes bashfully.

“Thanks.” He said, slightly out of breath. He reached past her to press the button for the 44th floor (the top floor of the building). She imagined she felt the heat build as their bodies crossed close to one another. He must have just come from work. He wore a dark blue suit with a sage shirt and tie.

“No problem.” Her voice squeaked and she almost stomped her foot at her girlish tone.

“You get home from school?”

She tried to meet his gaze and felt the blush return. “Yeah.” SHIT! Why couldn’t she give more than short answers!

“I didn’t think high school got out so early. I remember you seeing you on Monday.”

“I’m in college.”

“I didn’t realize that!” He smiled kindly. “I thought you were sixteen – seventeen at most.”

Heather laughed but cursed her body. Yeah, her C cup tits drew the gaze of many men. But her body still lacked more curve of the hips and she brought to mind skinny instead of petite. Plus she kept her hair long, all of which made her look younger than her nineteen years.

“No I’m nineteen.”

“A freshman in college?”


“Cool… I loved my college days.” He laughed. “Long ago…”

She looked up at him. He had slight laugh lines around the eyes, but otherwise he projected strength… masculinity. She remembered when she first saw him. She had been absently looking around, waiting for a friend to pick her up. She saw the powersuit and almost ignored him, but then he turned his face towards her. She had never felt the shock of desire she felt looking at his beautiful face. Of course, she guessed he was in his thirties ataşehir escort (maybe even forties!?), but there was something about his gaze. He projected a masculine sexuality. Since then, she had skipped around the lobby at various times, trying to figure out his schedule.

She liked him in his suits because it made him imagine him being an important CEO. When she saw him in short and a t-shirt, she could see he kept himself in good shape and she imagined she saw a nice sized bulge ready to spring out. Even when she saw him with his wife, it only reinforced his virility in her eyes.

Take a breath of courage she smiled up at him. “Not so long ago surely.”

He glanced at her and this time she did not break away from his stare. “It’s been twenty years since – “

Heather heard the ding and knew they had come to her floor. Reluctantly, she shouldered her backpack and stepped out of the elevator.

Wetting her lips, she turned and stuck out her hand. “I’m Heather.”

He put his foot at the door and smiled (what an amazing smile!). “I’m Don.”

She held his hand a little longer after he released his grip.

“Um…” Barely daring to believe she had the courage, she continued. “Um, I’ve always wondered what the top floor condos looked like. Could you show me?”

Surprisingly he blushed (had he been checking out her butt? She had worn her tightest pair of jeans in the hope of seeing him). “What would your parents say about going into a stranger’s place?”

Heather felt a surge of confidence. “One, I’m an adult. Two, you are hardly a stranger. We’ve seen each other around the building for the past few months.”

“True…” He looked up thoughtfully at the ground. Absently, they trailed up her legs and settled on her breasts.

Heather felt a thrill of excitement. When Don realized what he where his gaze was, he looked away and blushed deeper. “Don’t worry, I have to head back down soon anyway.” She gave him a sarcastic smile. “My parents will be home soon.”

He motioned her back into the elevator and the teenager felt a thrill run through her. As the elevator continued up, there was an awkward silence.

“So… you haven’t been in the building very long.”

“Yeah, I – um we moved in earlier in the year.” Don smiled and nodded his head. “You?”

“Yeah, my family moved in eight years ago.”

“Cool. Ah, here we are.”

Heather followed him down the corridor, her eyes wandered over his broad shoulder down to a cute ass that played peekaboo beneath his suit jacket. He turned and smiled after opening his door.

“After kadıköy escort bayan you.” He waved her through the doorway.

“Why thank you sir.” She flashed a smile at him.

She imagined him drinking in her body as she tried to sway her hips a little more. A good sized kitchen was on the right but it was the large room that drew her eye. The entire wall was paneled with windows looking out over Lake Michigan.

“Oh wow,” Heather moved to the windows, barely noticing the rest of the room. “You have a place facing the lake!”

She saw Lake Shore Drive snake far below her. The lake was calm, waves barely registering before disappearing against the shoreline. The lake vanished beyond the horizon blurring against the blue sky.

She felt Don step up behind her and say, “This is why we bought the place. You should see it at sunset.”

Heather dropped her bag and took a half step back so her body brushed against him. Before he could move away, she grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the southeast corner where she could see a part of the Chicago skyline.

“Now that is spectacular.” She didn’t let of his hand as she stopped to look at the view. Don was forced to pull away his hand or stand close to her. She smiled as he moved up against her.

She leaned back… lightly at first and slowly let her body fall against his. She felt his solid frame. She inhaled his masculine scent. She still refused to let go of his hand and began to trace fingernails up his arm with her other hand.

“Um… Heather. Perhaps you should go.”

The teen’s confidence nearly crumbled. Of course he wasn’t interested in her. But as she turned towards him, her hip brushed against him and she clearly felt his rock hard cock!

She looked up at him and he returned her gaze. She had never really been attracted to older guys, but there was something about Don…

She reached up and gently touched his chin. When he didn’t pull away, she stepped closer, pressing herself against him. Oh yes, she could very easily feel his cock.

“I’m married.” Don said, but he didn’t move away from her.

“Well that’s good cuz I don’t want to get married any time soon.” Heather bit her lip unsure what more to say. Instead, she pressed herself harder against him.

“I’m twice your age.”

“I don’t care.” She moved her hips up and down against his crotch. Something in his face change and he leaned forward to kiss her.

A shiver of excitement ran through her, as his hands gripped her hair. She felt her body start to respond, but then he quickly broke escort maltepe it off.

“You are hot little girl aren’t you.” He whispered in her ear.

Gasping for breath, Heather merely nodded.

“You’ve gotten me hard.” He pushed her back and unzipped. Her eyes locked upon his manhood… thicker than any of the boys she had been with before. “Oh, I see you like it.” He stepped forward and pushed down on her shoulders.

Her knees buckled willingly and his hand cupped the back of her head. He pulled her forward and she had no choice but to open her mouth and his head slid in. Heather was surprised to feel how wet she was! Yeah she had wanted this to happen, but before when guys pulled her head for a bj it was a turn off.

He pulled her back and his cock popped out. He rubbed it along one cheek and then the other. She purred and tried to swallow it again, but his grip on her hair tightened and kept her in place. Instead, he rubbed the head of his cock back and forth along her lips.

“You’re a hot slut… you look perfect right there.”

Heather smiled brilliantly.

Don tilted her head down and she obediently opened her mouth. She felt the head slip in. He gasped and pushed deeper. Heather opened wide, taking his penis further than she had ever sucked a guy before. The tip pushed against the roof of her mouth… deeper until she was about to gag.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you.”

He jerked deeper and his cock rammed against the back of her throat. Tears blurred her vision and she fought to keep from gagging. And then… and then… the discomfort and pain flipped to pleasure. Warmth spread down her body.

Don began plunging in and out of her mouth. Each thrust brought a new wave of pleasure. She was definitely wet now. Her right hand felt the seam of her jeans at her crotch and pressed. A mini climax shook her body and she moaned in ecstasy.

He must have sensed her reaction because he chuckled. “You are so fucking hot.”

She looked up at him and saw his eyes hungrily gazing back at her. She felt locked, unable to look away, unable to do anything other than to be his personal pleasure toy.

The thrusts sped up. His grip tightened and warm cum began to spurt. Each spurt filled her mouth and she eagerly swallowed it all. He continued moving in and out, slowing with each thrust. His cock shriveled, but she continued sucking until his grip released her hair and he stepped back.

“Get up.” He ordered as he zipped up his pants.

She stood immediately and stayed still. He smiled at her and unbuttoned her jeans and slowly unzipped them. Heather gasped as his hand reached in. A finger slid her panties aside and slipped into her.

Don pulled it out and held the shiny finger in front of her face. Thoughtfully, his brought it to his mouth and tasted it. “Well then, where do we go from here?”

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