Harley Rain – The Boathouse

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Despite the darkness, she found the address he had given her, and parked beside his truck. He had picked a secluded site, lots of trees and no visible neighbours. Perfect for what he had in mind.

The cabin was dark. He was waiting for her, sitting on the picnic table, bathed in the glow from the campfire. He wondered if she’d worn underwear under the knee length skirt. Knowing her, probably not.

“I didn’t think you’d come…” The tone, half challenge, half smug, caused a flash of irritation, quickly suppressed, but she must have seen it in his eyes, because her lips curved into a smirk. He itched to show her a better way to use her lips. Plenty of time for that, though.

“Really” His voice was soft, low, the word drawn out, and she could feel herself tighten in anticipation. She knew that tone, and could hear the promise that one word carried with it.

His cock felt tight against the zipper of his jeans, as he imagined the ways she was going to submit to him before the night was over. He strolled across the yard, making mental notes — the bundle of tarp straps and rope on the camper hitch, the hammock strung between two trees.

Stopping in front of her, he reached out a hand, brushing the tips of his fingers across her soft cheek, stroked his fingers into her hair. Grabbing a firm handful, hard enough to make her gasp, he yanked her head back, forcing her back until she could brace her hands behind her on the table and exposing her white throat and the swell of her creamy breasts visible in the V of her shirt.

Moving, slowly, deliberately, heightening the anticipation, he lowered his head to the shadowy cleft. Not quite touching her, he held still, his hot damp breath on her skin. He heard her breath catch, and shifted his grip on her hair, loosening his hold slightly, tugging her head further back rather than forcing, and feeling her give in as her back arched and her head dropped. His lips brushed her skin, and he nibbled his way to her neck before closing his teeth on her tender flesh, making her gasp at the sudden unexpected pain.

His voice was barely audible, the tone expressing so much more than his words. “I’m going to fuck you until you don’t even know your own name. But not just yet.” She could feel his breath hot against her earlobe, and his words caused a new flood of wetness between her legs.

With deceptive gentleness, he guided her backwards until she was laying on the table, then stroked his hand down her neck, down her chest to the first button on her shirt, where he paused. She reached her hands up to the front of her shirt, but he batted her fingers away.

Grabbing both sides of her shirt, he ripped it open in one swift jerk, exposing her black D cup lace bra to the night air. Her startled protest was choked off by his hand on her throat, squeezing enough to get his point across. “I want you to turn around.” he instructed, in a tone that suggested she do as he say, and she followed the guidance of his hands, moving so that she was laying lengthwise on the table, with him standing near her head.

His hands stroked over her shoulders, down her chest, sliding in the cups of her bra. He could feel the firm points of her nipples pressing into his palms as he closed his fingers around her soft mounds. Her body jerked as he stroked his callused thumbs over the tips.

As he reached for the clasp of her bra, she reached for his fly, the position of her arms stretched over her head thrusting her now-bare tits up to meet his grasping hands. She could feel the twitch of his cock against her hand as her fingers closed over him . “Oh yeah”.. he sighed, as she moved closer to the edge of the table, allowing her to drop her head over the edge and slide the head of his cock between her red lips.. “Suck me like the dirty little whore I know you are”.

She felt his fingers explore her tits, stroking in ever smaller circles, causing heat to pool low inside her. Arching her back, she slid his 9 inch cock deeper into her throat, stroking her tongue over the shaft and cupping his balls in one hand. Finally, finally, his fingers closed over her small pink nipples, squeezing just enough to mingle pleasure and pain. He could feel the vibration of her moan pulse through his cock, and looked down,. Watching the motion of her throat around his cock, combine with the sensation itself, he knew he’d have to stop her before he lost control. With a little regret, he took a step back and savoured the visual of her lips sliding off his cock.

“You’re way too good at that, but I have other plans for you” He stepped to the side of the table, hooking his hands around her knees to turn her to face him. She pushed herself up on her elbows and met his gaze with an arched eyebrow. Sitting like that, face flushed, hair mussed, shirt open, nipples erect, he wanted nothing more than to shove her flat on the table and bury his cock balls deep in her wet pussy. But not yet.

Watching him, seeing the look in his eyes, she slowly smiled and, planting her feet on the edge of the table, she parted her knees and let her skirt fall escort kartal to her hips. She was definitely not wearing underwear, and he could see drops of moisture glisten on the folds of her sex.

She reached down between her thighs and slowly stroked her one finger up and down her slit, giving her hard little clit a flick at the top of each stroke.

Dropping her eyes to his cock, she watched as he slowly wrapped a hand around the shaft and matched his stroking to hers. He could have reached out and touched her himself, but the torture of teasing her, of having her teasing him, was definitely part of the fun. When she raised her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked her own juice off them, he knew he needed more than his hand around his dick.

Stepping over the bench, he grasped her hips and yanked her to the edge of the table. His lips closed over hers and he could taste her salty sweet flavour on her tongue. Dropping his head, he scraped his tongue over one aching nipple while his fingers closed on the other. She arched into him, clutching the back of his head. Her pussy spasmed with desire, and she could feel the wetness on her thighs. “Oh yeah, suck my tits.”

His cock twitched against her thigh, and he shifted his grip on her, cupping one breast in each hand and pressing them together, allowing him to run his tongue over first one nipple, then the other. She reached between them for his cock, expecting him to plunge his thick shaft into her and give them both the good hard fucking they had been aching for, but instead he pushed her back on the table and sat on the bench before her.

“You gave me a taste but I want to go straight to the source.” His breath was hot on her thigh, and he pushed her legs further apart, spreading her almost painfully. He stopped to admire the view of her cunt displayed so vulnerably in front of him before leaning forward and stroking his tongue lightly over her clit. Under his hands her thighs tensed.

“Tell me what you want!” he invited, looking up at her. Her eyes were tightly closed, lower lip caught between her teeth. He lightly traced her pussy lips with his index finger, exploring and gently probing, intending to torture and succeeding amazingly well. Sliding the tip of one finger into her, he watched, fascinated, as her lips clenched around the invading digit.

He slid his finger deeper into her, then stroked her clit with the pad of his thumb, once, twice. “Tell. Me. What. You.. Want.” He flicked her clit with each word, and each flick of that tender little bud made her pulse around his finger.

He barely heard her. “Lick me.”

“Where? Say it!” He probed at her, lowering his head to her inner thigh so she would feel his breath.

“My pussy…Lick my pussy.”

“Say please.”

“Damn you.” Each breath against her flesh was killing her, and she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. She tried to pull away, then gasped as the finger inside her curled up, hooking her and effectively keeping her in place. The slow drag of his thumb against her clit was excruciating, and she gave in, as he knew she would.

“Please… lick my pussy.OH MY GOD!!” The reward for obedience was swift as he leaned forward and clamped his lips over her clit. His tongue stroked her briefly, causing her hips to buck against him.

He continued to flick her clit with his tongue and forced two fingers deeper into her swelling hole. Her hands wrapped in his hair as she held him between her thighs. She could feel the orgasm coming, the sweet release only seconds away. He was so talented with his mouth. A moan escaped her lips as she angled her hips further towards him and he returned the sound, after all, he loved to make her cum.

“You have the greatest pussy.” he said, his voice full of desire.

His fingers plunged deeper and faster and his tongue flashed against her clit again and again. Stars exploded in front of her eyes as her pussy juice flowed into his waiting mouth and her fingers dug into his neck.

“Look. At. Me!” he demanded. She forced her eyes open and stared directly into his as waves of pleasure crashed over her body.

His cock ached to push passed her waiting folds and plunge deep inside her, but he waited until her breathing slowed and the world around her began to return. The smell of nature and sex filled the air and a sly smile crossed her face. Without a word she freed herself from his hold and swung her legs away from the table. She glided across the grass towards the lake, looking back only long enough to make sure he would follow her. He stroked his cock, in a vain attempt to relieve some of the pressure and watched her. She left a path of clothing in her wake and soon he could see the silhouette of her naked body in the moonlight. She heard her step onto the peer and a soft splash as she entered the frigid water. He followed, leaving his remaining clothes in a heap next to the table. The water glistened in the moonlight, looking temping and inviting, but it was cold and he knew it. His thoughts raced as he thought of how hard her nipples maltepe escort would be and longed to flick them with his mouth or squeeze them in between his finger and thumb. She was in the water somewhere waiting, it was her game now.

He jumped into the water and when his head broke the surface he searched for her. She stood ten feet away, a sexy shadow, waiting, watching. The cold was the perfect contrast to the heat that was coming from his loins sending his nerves tingling and begging to be touched. She moved closer and swung her arm to send a spray of frigid water flying at him. He reached out to grab the offending arm and held her wrist. He pulled her closer. She kissed him hard on the lips, and probed his mouth with her tongue. He broke the kissed and ran his tongue along her neck. She tasted of desire and clean water. She moaned as he nipped her ears, her neck and back to her waiting mouth. As their bodies entwined his hard dick rubbed against her thighs. She reached down and started to stroke it, the other gently grasping his balls. His hands reached for her tits and he found her hard nipples, flicking and stroking them to match her rhythm on his cock. Her nipples swelled under his touch, her breasts filling his waiting hands.

“I want you inside me.” she said, he voice husky in his ear.

Deftly he reached down and slid a finger into her waiting warmth. Her heat was like a drug, enveloping him and he kissed her again. The kiss was hard, needy and full of lust. The combination of the kiss and his fingers in her almost sent her spiraling into bliss again but she knew what she wanted. With a small hop she stretched and wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck. He caught her weightless form and encircled her, his hands kneading her ass. Her hand reached between them and grabbed his throbbing rod. She slid onto his cock and the pleasure was immediate. He fit perfectly in her. He was so warm, and so hard. She gyrated her hips on his dick and he groaned with pleasure.

His eyes closed as he enjoyed her tight hole and gave into to her timing. Thrusting his hips into her, pushing himself deeper and deeper into her warm depths. The water churned around them and her moans of pleasure cut the silent air like a knife. His cock throbbed inside her, pushing deep and then almost pulling out only to thrust in again. Her eyes locked on his, both unwilling to break the contact. With each thrust, cold water would hit his hot cock and splash against the moist heat of her pussy, to be replaced with each other’s heat and the sensation was no other either had felt.

“I am going to cum!” She panted. “Don’t stop, your cock feels so good in me!”

Lost for words he slide a hand up to grip her wet hair and forced her down onto him harder, faster. He was ready to explode.

“Cum on my cock!” He answered “and tell me about it!”

A final thrust and she screamed his name with abandon.

“It feels too good!”

At the feel of her pussy pulsing around his cock he gripped her tighter and let out the pent up groan he had been holding. The pleasure was absolute, a complete release. His cum mingled with hers deep inside her as his orgasm racked his entire body. He shook as his cock pulsed over and over.

“Look at me!” she demanded. His eyes never left hers.

His body shook with pleasure as her pussy continued to pulse around his cock. It may well have been the best sex they had ever shared. He spun them slowly in the water, taking in the silence. She unwrapped her legs from his body and slowly stood. Her legs were like jello, her loins throbbing and she reached for him again. With a gentle grip on his cock she let him know without words that the night had just started. The water lapped in small waves against the beach and they emerged onto the grass. The boat house loomed large and empty to the left and in the distance a lone light marked the warmth of the cabin and a table she wanted to be bent over….

A squeaky hinge told her he had entered the boat house and the snap of a light switch told her to follow. She wondered whose game it was now?

The boat house was full of summer fun, seadoo’s, wake boards and a large powerboat. Crates full of life jackets, motor oil and gas filled the corners. The smell of the open air mixed with the old wood and fuel and she could feel the goose bumps rise on her skin. He stretched around a crate and reached for two clean towels, passing one to her. She fluffed her wet hair, into a disheveled but funky curl, which he loved. As she bent over to towel off her legs, he enjoyed the view of her ass, ready for the taking. She could feel his gaze on her and a tingle spiked through her loins again. He was hard to resist. She wanted him again, to feel him deep inside her. Her mind wandered to darker places and she wanted him to take her.

He tore his gaze away from her and used his towel to dry himself. The fabric felt rough and cold compared to her skin but as it rubbed across his cock his mind wandered to darker, rougher places. He wanted to take her, fill every inch of her, to pendik escort bayan fuck her until she couldn’t remember her name. The thoughts sparked the beginning of a hard-on and he lowered his hand to the shaft to encourage it.

She watched him.

She laid the towel across the hood of the boat, and laid on her back, tits pointed to the roof with her legs spread toward him. She licked her fingers and slid her hand around her pussy. She knew how to pleasure herself and she knew he liked to watch. Raised on one elbow she touched herself slowly, massaging her clit and teasing her slit with experienced fingers.

His cock was fully erect now, straining against his hand as he stroked himself. When a soft moan escaped her lips his cock twitched in answer.

She plunged two fingers deep into herself and used her thumb to grind her clit, teasing herself, teasing him. Her eyes roving back and forth between his hand on his cock and his eyes.

He wanted so badly to touch her, but he stayed where he was and she was out of reach.

Her eyes closed as the first signs of fresh fluid flowed out of her and glazed her fingers. “Come here and fuck me” she willed him, but she didn’t call out. She thought of his cock in her, pounding her, his hands rough on her body, tangled in her hair. She wanted him to violate her, push himself into all her holes and cum hard.

He could see the look on her face change, it was animalistic, carnal, predatory and he wanted to wipe it off her face. He was stroking himself harder, faster and his balls were clenched in anticipation.

He moved fast, and grabbed her leg, slamming her body into his at the edge of the boat. Her eyes flashed, but it was pleasure not fear. His cock raged and he wanted to fuck her. Roughly he turned her around and bent her at the waist, her ass ripe and ready to be fucked and her hole glistening wet. He pushed his fingers deep into her, twisting, searching, pleasuring. She was so hot, so ready. He was so hard, so ready.

He grabbed her shoulders with both hands and thrust himself into her pussy.

“Fuck yeah!” she called out. “Harder!”

It almost broke him, he pulled out to focus, wanted to split her in two. His cock was covered in her, wet and ready. He parted her ass cheeks and slowly circled his finger around her hole. She groaned with pleasure.

“Yes!” she thought “Please…” She would beg if she had to.

He inserted a finger deep into her ass, slowly pulling in and out. She squirmed in pleasure. His cock felt like it might burst.

With a quick movement he replaced his finger with his cock, pushing deep into her ass. It was tight, and strong. It felt so good. In and out slowly, pulling out so far that only his tip touched and then plunging back in burying every inch of his shaft.

“Oh my God!!!” she screamed.

Over and over he fucked her hole. He was going to cum. She was going to cum.

He was ravishing her body, pounding her, taking all of her, using her and she loved it. She could feel his cock straining in her ass as her orgasm began to build. Heat rose across her body has he grabbed her hips so he could thrust harder.

“I am going to cum in your ass” he growled

She panted and forced her hips into his thrust. She was undone. The waves of pleasure rolled through her body shaking her to her core. She came, as he thrust into her ass. She reached back to grab his ass. He was undone, his cock exploded in her ass, filling her, flooding her with his cum. The warm liquid flowed back over his cock and he bent over her, panting, reeling in the explosions taking place in his body. Fucking her was amazing.

They were still for a few minutes until he released her from his weight. She turned to look at him.

“You are the perfect dirty little whore.” He said. She smiled and answered “yes, but I still know my name.

She wrapped herself in the towel and walked out on to the wet grass. Her eyes following the line of clothing she had left in her haste. She slowly collected her items as she headed for the cabin. She could her faint noises from the neighbors and she smiled knowing whatever they were doing wasn’t anywhere near as much fun as her night. She reached the table and looked at her shirt. He had destroyed it earlier and it was useless to her now. She balled it up and tossed it in to the fire. All the evidence burned away.

He stepped up silently behind her and opened the door. She shivered with a slight chill. He noticed and lit the fireplace and headed for the bathroom. She heard the shower running.

“Coming?” he asked.

She dropped the pile of clothes in her hands and followed him. Steam was already starting to rise in the bathroom and the heat felt good. She stepped into the hot shower and sighed with a different kind of pleasure while she waited for him to join her.

He closed the door behind him and climbed into the shower with her. He watched as she shed all the sex and lake water from her body and admired all the things that her body could make him feel. He had teased her, submitted her to his wishes, watched her play with herself, enjoyed her weightless freedom in the lake, and her willful abandon on the boat. He had enjoyed it all. Although he didn’t think it was possible his thoughts were again stirring his loins, threatening to make him hard all over again.

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