Grey Hair Ch. 02 – Boat Tales

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A few days had past and I was looking forward to hearing from you. After a few days you shot me a text and said you could sneak away at 10:00 am, however I was going to be stuck in a meeting until 10:30 or so.

As I was locked up, I couldn’t see what properties were vacant. So I told you to meet me at my boat. My crew was provisioning, and I knew no one would be on board.

It is a blue 92s Lazzara Sport Yacht, and the sexiest looking boat I have ever owned. It was at the end of Dock 55, and was named ANYTHING GOES.

You showed up at around 10 and walked down into the main state room.

With a little time to kill, you took a peek in my closet. You started looking at my collection of ties.

With a mischievous smile you grabbed 4 of them and laid them on my bed.

You got completely undressed, slipped on my burgundy robe and laid on my bed with the neckties at your feet.

When you heard the door open and I called out for you,…you opened the robed and squeezed your thighs together in anticipation.

I came in and saw you…and my heart started racing.

I took you in with my eyes, exploring and enjoying every inch.

Your body was soft , inviting, creamy, silky, with just the right amount of pussy hair to direct my focus.

Your legs crossed at the ankle, and with a sly little smile, signaling that you might want bostancı escort bayan to play.

I noticed my ties, and I knew what you wanted.

At the foot of the bed, I made a loose knot with a tie and slipped it around your right ankle, and then repeated with your left.

I pulled your legs open and secured the knots at the bedpost.

You could not cross your thighs anymore,…you were tied opened in that position with your lovely pussy helplessly waiting for my exploration.

With a coy smile you held your wrists together for me, and I wrapped another tie around them…and then to the headboard.

I wasn’t sure you would be into the game …and with no “safe” words to stop, I left them loose enough to easily slip out of.

I took the fourth tie and blindfolded you.

But there you were laid out like a feast, a wonderful sexy buffet, for me to enjoy…wondering what I was going to do next.

I undressed as fast as I could and when I slipped down my shorts, I wished you could see my cock spring out over the elastic waistband at full attention.

I climbed on top of you and slipped my one thigh between your legs.

I started kissing your neck, soft little nibbles in your ear and whispered would you like me to fuck you now?

You responded …yes please, please , I want you…and started rubbing ümraniye escort your pussy up against my thigh.

I stopped your whispers with my mouth , kissing you deep, gently sucking in your lower lip.

And you started wiggling and grinding you pussy against my thigh…and I could feel its warmth and dampness calling me down.

In my mind, I made a path from your mouth to your sweet pussy…and started my journey.

From your ears, and neck and mouth, I slid my tongue down to your left nipple.

I circled them with my tongue as I felt them grow and start to perk up…as I nibbled them with my teeth, but covered with my teeth.

I moved over the the right breast and then under them, and toward your soft and pliable stomach. I kissed and tasted every inch, down to your belly button and then toward your pussy.

You were now past whispering and now begging , please fuck me, please fuck me.

I wanted to taste your sweet pussy , to have my tongue work you clit…but I sensed you were getting to the point that you need my cock in you.

I swung my lower body back around and slipped my cock in your warm and welcoming pussy.

You were ready, but the knowing that you were a little bound up and I owned the moment and made you want to get fucked more than you could ever remember.

As I held myself up so as kartal escort not to make you uncomfortable with my full weight on you…I slipped the blindfold down as I wanted to watch your eyes.

I loved watching you get lost in the moment and I got off seeing the pleasure that I was giving you.

I slid in deeper, worked my pelvis and cock in and out, then right to left, then a little harder and faster, and deeper.

I could feel your legs straining to get out of the knot. The knots were pretty loose and you slipped your ankles out easily.

But now you wrapped your legs around me, with strength I did not think you had. I was in kind of a scissor lock with my cock deep inside you.

Now you had me, as you started to grind your clit against the base of my cock.

I watched your eyes and knew it was time for us to explode.

I lowered all my weight on you and whispered in your ear…now my love?

And you said yes…wait…yes …more please…

And I was fucking you with every muscle in my body…harder.. faster…deeper…harder faster deeper…

When you cried out YES YES YES, and experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of your life…I let myself explode in you. Eyes rolling in the back of my head … unbelievable BLISS!

As I collapsed on you, you slipped your hands out of the tie and held me…we hugged, still tangle together, in each others arms.

We were exhausted, spent, soaked, out of breath… but lingered in the moment as nothing else in the world mattered then…

And we drifted off into our own little dreams.

More adventures to follow in Chapter 3

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