Goodbye was More Like a Hello

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They’re good bye was more like a hello.

It surprised them both when they kissed good bye. They had met on a fluke, just two friends meeting up for coffee, saying hello. They talked for hours, talked about everything.

So what happened after …

He needed to go out of town for work, she had time to waste, so she offered to keep him company and take the long drive with him. They talked for hours while he drove, talked and teased. They knew that there would be a possibility that things would work out this way, that things would progress to an intimate moment.

She watched as he finished his work. Watching him work excited her, they way he moved, so sure of himself, confident in his work.

He finished up the job and put away his tools. While he had been working she had lain a blanket in the field to lay back and watch. Once he was finished he walked over to her, bent down and gave her a gentle kiss, then kissed her again, this time lowering himself half on the blanket half on her.

She reached up to touch him. She kissed him back with as much passion as she had felt with the first kiss they had shared.

She opened to him, felt his sweet tongue teasing hers, showing her what he planned on doing soon. She felt his hands moved down as he continued to kiss her. His hand moved slowly down the front of her, gently squeezing as he reaches her breast, pinching her nipple through her shirt, feeling them stiffen at his touch.

He continued down till he reach the bottom of her shirt only to continue back up, pushing her bra up as he went, wanting to feel the nipple he just tightened. He brought his head down so he could taste the stiff, hardened nipple he had been teasing through her shirt. He ran bostancı escort his tongue around the stiffen flesh, sucking and biting her nipple until she moaned with pleasure. After teasing one he turned to the other, given it the same treatment of pain and pleasure.

He could feel her body withering while he teased and tormented her, feeling her hips rising with each touch. Wanting to feel the affect he was causing, he lowered his hand, he could feel the heat and dampness forming at her pussy.

Having to know, he reached up and slid her jeans down her hips. Wanted to feel that soft smooth flesh hiding all her secrets, he pushed them till they fell completely clear. Once removed he placed his hand over her, slowly sliding one finger into her warm wet pussy, just wanting to feel what he had done by just his kisses, his mouth.

She was wet, so wet he found his finger sliding back and forth over her clit, cause electric shocks to surge through her. She ground herself into his hand and he slowly stroked back and forth. His finger found its way into her tight wet hole, inserting just the one finger he was using to pleasure her, brought her to orgasm, he could feel her pussy tight and grip his finger trying to bring it further in. He inserted another finger into her tight pussy stretching it, feeling her juices sliding down his fingers, bringing her to another orgasm.

He brought his hand to his mouth to taste her sweet juices, while kissing her, sharing with her, her own taste. He placed his fingers in her mouth for her to clean off her own cum.

Lowering himself to her pussy, he ran his tongue up her sweet pussy from the bottom to the top, feeling her spasm after one touch, running his tongue ümraniye escort bayan inside and over her clit, back down till he inserted his tongue in her tight hole, tasting all the flavor he had drawn from her.

She could not longer take the torture, she begged him to fuck her, fuck her hard. She wanted to feel ever inch of him.

He stood to remove his pants, slowly unbuckling his belt and lowering his pants. She just had to taste that wonderful cock. Kneeling on the blanket between his legs she took his cock in her hands and stroked it slowly, savoring the feeling of it. She loves the feel of the soft skin on her cheek as she rubbed it on her face. Feeling it harden even more she placed just the tip on her lips and ran her tongue over its head, tasting his cock. Slowly, while looking up at him, watching his face, she brought his cock to the back of her throat, sucking him in until she couldn’t take any more. He could feel her warm wet mouth sucking his cock down her throat, feeling her muscle contract and tighten on his swelling cock.

She loves the taste of him and wanted to taste his cum on her lips. She continues to tease and taste him until he pulled away, stopping her. She moans out in dismay.

“Why did you stop me?”

“Because l need to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my cock.”

He pushes her back down to the blanket, crawls between her thighs, pulling them further up with his own legs, spreading them wide. He could see her pussy opening up for him, wet and ready for him.

Leaning down he pushed the head of his cock into her, feeling the wet warmth surrounding him. Slowly he pushes, feeling himself sinking into her depth, pushing until he hit bottom. Filling ever kartal escort inch of her, feeling her tight pussy pulse around his cock, he could feel her cumming around his cock from the first stroke.

Using his arms to lift her knees higher, he folds her back until her pussy to totally exposed to his thrust. Slowly he starts fucking her, picking up the speed as he felt her tightening up again for another orgasm. When he felt her cumming he slowed down, slowly stroking through it, once he felt her coming down he starts over again pounding his cock into her, feeling it tighten again and again.

Just before he knows he is going to cum he pulls out of her, kneels in front of her, taking her by the back of her head he raises her up, tells her to suck his cock, “taste your cum on my cock, clean it with your tongue”.

Without even a second though she takes his cock in her mouth and down her throat, she loves the taste of her pussy on his cock. She sucks every last taste of herself off of him. Stroking him with her mouth and tongue she brings him as close to cumming as he will allow.

Just before he cums, he throws her back down to the blanket, rolls her over onto her stomach and forces his cock between her legs. Reaching down he takes her hips in his strong hands and lifts her up on all fours. Before she even has time to steady herself he drives his rock hard cock in her pussy and take her roughly from behind, pounding into her like someone wild with lust.

Within moments he feels his cum flowing from his cock into her tight pussy, filling her with his hot cum. As he pumps his last shot into her, he feels her pussy tighten and her body go ridged. He could feel her cum flowing and mixing with his as her last orgasm hits her stronger then his own.

Together they collapse onto the blanket, he takes her in his arms, wraps himself around her … together then come down from their high, looking up at the open sky above them.

And it all started with just a kiss good bye …

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