Getting What She Wants

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Mia and Ryan were the only one still working in the office. They liked to tease each other from time to time.

“And do you already know what you will be wearing on the party next week?” Ryan asked.

Mia knew that this wasn’t a polite friendly question. He was teasing her with this topic while she always had a huge problem to decide what to wear on a party.

“Well a nice red blouse and below the waist nothing,” she blurted out without thinking and she regretted it immediately.

“Wow, you mean you will be naked below the waist,” Ryan liked the idea.

“Yes, but no touching only watching,” she tried to repair the damage but she made it even worse. “Please let someone stop me,” she thought.

“No touching.” Ryan looked disappointed.

“And you, what will you wear?” Mia tried to change the conversation.

“But ok, watching will also do.” Ryan just didn’t want to let it go.

“Ryan please stop.”

“You will look stunning on the party.”

“You think so.” Mia laughed while saying that. “Well at least I can play along,” she thought.

“Of course, you will outshine all the other girls dressed like that.”

They both laughed.

“There’s only one problem,” Ryan continued.


“I will have to wait for more than a week to see you naked below the waist.”

“It will be soon.”

“I can’t wait so long.”

“And what do you suggest,” Mia joked.

“Well, we could have a rehearsal today.”

“Just like that.”

“Why not, it would be fun.”

“You are serious?”

“Yes, we could leave the office now, go to your place and have a rehearsal.”

Mia looked at Ryan. She knew that he was only half joking. “Let’s shock him,” she thought.

“Well why not. C’mon let’s leave and go to my place and I will show you my new dress naked below the waist.”

She succeeded. Ryan was staring speechless at her. But he soon recovered.

“Ok let’s go.”

An hour later Ryan was sitting in a chair in Mia’s apartment.

“I still can’t believe istanbul rus escort it, that we are here in my apartment,” Mia said.

“I know, it’s crazy. But hey, it’s spontaneous and fun.” Ryan replied.

“So you wanna see my dress for the party?” Mia was teasing him.

“That’s why I’m here.”

“Ok then. First I will get my red blouse.” Mia went to her bedroom.

Ryan was nervously waiting for her. He still didn’t know if he would really see her half naked. Mia came back. She was wearing a red blouse now.

“You look great in that blouse,” Ryan said while also checking her above knee skirt and her legs in pantyhose and high heels.

“You still wanna see me naked below my waist?”


“Ok, I will do it. But promise me something. Absolutely no touching just watching.”

“I promise… I promise anything you want.”

For a moment Mia got a devilish look in her eyes.

Mia took slowly off her high heels. She unzipped her skirt and let it slip down on the floor.

“You have such beautiful legs.” Ryan was admiring her legs.

Mia stepped out of her skirt and slowly turned around showing her legs to Ryan. Then she took off her pantyhose. She did it slowly and very seductively. She was enjoying it. She saw that Ryan’s dick was already hard. It turned her on.

There she was standing in front of Ryan only in her blouse and panties.

“Well Ryan it’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair.” Ryan was surprised.

“I’m almost half naked and you are are still fully dressed.”

“No problem, I can undress really quickly.”

Mia laughed. “Only your trousers. If you wanna see me half naked, you have to be half naked first.”

Ryan didn’t have the time to answer. Almost immediately he was sitting half naked in the chair. He didn’t even know that he could undress so quickly. Mia was staring at his big hard dick.

“And now you,” Ryan said.

Mia turned around and seductively put her panties down and let them kadıköy escort slide down her legs. Then she provocatively showed her ass to Ryan.

“Amazing…” Ryan said.

She slowly turned around and he could see her pussy. It was shaved but not completely, it still had some pubic hair.

“Wow, you have a sexy pussy.”

Mia smiled naughtily. She came slowly closer to him.

“Here, you can get a nice look at my pussy. But remember, no touching.”

Mia was standing with her pussy in front of Ryan’s face. She could almost feel his breath on her pussy. With her fingers she spread her pussy lips, so that he could clearly see her clit and the entrance into her wet pussy. Ryan was breathing heavily. With his fingers he was touching his hard dick.

“Ryan, remember no touching,” she said again. Then she moved closer so that here pussy was above his dick. With her hands she leant on Ryan’s shoulders. She could see that Ryan was really turned on. She waited for a moment in this position to build up the tension and then she said, “I know what you want. You want to grab my ass and put your dick in my pussy. But you can’t touch me, so you can’t do it.” Mia was smiling at Ryan with a devilish look in her eyes.

“But I’m willing to help you. I will sit down on your hard dick, all the way down.” She moved her pussy closer to his dick. Then she suddenly stooped like she would remember something. “I almost forgot. We have a problem. I only let boyfriends put their dick into my pussy.”

Ryan was staring at her for a while. Then he said, “You wanna be my girl?”

“I would love that,” Mia replied. “So we are now a couple?”

“Yes we are.”

Mia moved down a little bit. Her pussy lips were touching Ryan’s dick. She slowly rubbed his dick with her pussy. Then she said, “It’s fair that I tell you something.”

“What….” Ryan was already totally turned on, the only thing that he could think about was how to get his dick into Mia’s sexy pussy.

“I’m not protected,” Mia kartal escort said.

“You are not?”

“No. So if I sit down on your dick I wont get off your dick anymore, because I’m really horny and I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.”

Ryan was stupefied.

“You will probably make me pregnant.” Mia continued.

“It’s ok,” Ryan replied.

Mia smiled. “So it doesn’t bother you if we make a baby?”

“No.” Ryan was completely lost.

Mia moved down a little bit. Ryan could feel how the head of his dick was getting inside Mia’s warm and wet pussy.

“I will be mummy and you will be daddy.” Mia was totally excited about the idea. She was moving her pussy in small circles but she didn’t let Ryan’s dick get deeper. Ryan was pleading her with his eyes, he wanted his dick completely inside her.

“You know it would be nice if we would get married before I give birth.” Mia said.

“I agree, that would be nice.” At that moment Ryan would agree to anything just to get his dick inside her pussy.

“Great. I would love a nice romantic proposal in the next days.” Mia was happily smiling at him. “And by the way I want three children.”


Suddenly Mia sat completely down on his dick. They both moaned. Ryan could finally feel his whole dick inside her hot and wet pussy.

“I will be mummy and fiancee.” Mia was ecstatic.

She got up again so that only her pussy lips were touching his dick. They were both breathing heavily. Then she quickly sat down on his dick again. They were moaning intensively. She did it once more and they both came. Ryan filled Mia’s pussy with his cum. She was pushing her pussy against his dick as much as possible.

Later, when they caught their breath, Mia got up and sat down on a chair facing Ryan. She spread her legs. Ryan could see how his cum was dripping out of Mia’s pussy. He slowly started to realize what he did. He started to panic. Mia saw that. She laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’m protected,” she said. “Nothing was serious, it was just a little role playing. I had just some fun. You can relax.”

Ryan was relieved. He watched her smiling at him.

“Do you have time tomorrow evening?” he asked.

“I have.”

“Would you like to go out with me?”

“I would love to.”

They were both smiling at each other.

The end

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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