Getting to Know Her Ch. 03

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Continued from Part 2.

I woke up at around 7AM, and saw that Shirley was still asleep. Both of us were under the same warm blanket, and absolutely naked. I could feel the warmth of her body even without touching her. I moved close to her and hugged her from behind. This woke her up, and she pushed herself into me. My cock immediately sprang to attention as soon as it touched her soft buttocks. She must have felt it grow against the crack of her ass and would have guessed my intentions. I hugged her tightly and cupped her breasts with my hands. We just lay there for a while, as I enjoyed kneading her soft but ample breasts. Slowly, I moved my hands to her nipples, and held each one of them tightly between my fingers. Shirley let out a soft moan, as the pleasurable sensation ran through her body. I turned her around, took her face in my hands, and looked at her at length.

She looked even more beautiful in the morning. I thought to myself – wow I fucked this woman for the first time last night. I kissed her softly on her forehead and then on her lips. Slowly, we locked our lips and kissed each other passionately. We broke the kiss, and I pulled her closer to me. Our bodies were now touching each other from head to toe. My cock was now as hard as it could be and was pushing against her belly. With a swift move, I pulled her on top of me and she sat up, straddling me. I could feel the wetness of her pussy on my cock. She leaned closer and we kissed again. I started fondling and kneading her breasts. The sight of those two delicious globes hanging above me was out of this world, and was driving me crazy. I made her lie down on the bed çatalca escort again, and lay next to her. Her chest was heaving with excitement, and she looked all set for the next round of lovemaking.

I kissed her on her neck, and moved downwards slowly. Shirley obviously loved this, as she wriggled around and grabbed my hair. I paused as I reached her breasts, and took in her aroma. The sweet smell of a woman’s naked body, especially early in the morning, is intoxicating, and really turns me on. I kissed her nipples, and took one of them in my mouth. I moved it around inside my mouth as though it was a toffee. I moved my tongue over the areoles in circles, and this made her nipples rock hard. A small “ouch” escaped her mouth as I lightly pinched both the nipples at once. I licked her body in between her breasts and traced my tongue downward in a zig-zag manner. I stopped at her navel, and dove my tongue into her belly button. She responded by grabbing the back of my head and running her hands through my hair. Shirley rarely talks when we make love, but I could easily understand her responses by the ample visual and physical cues that she gives me instead.

I resumed my journey downwards, and licked her inner thighs, before moving upwards towards her crotch. Her pussy was absolutely ready and was emanating a nice musky smell. I could resist it no longer and dove my tongue straight into her waiting love-hole. Immediately, my senses were filled with her strong feminine fragrance, and the warmth of her pussy. I licked her hurriedly, as one would lick a melting ice-cream. Her breathing became shallower, esenyurt escort and heavier. She held me by the back of my head as I explored her wonderful pussy. After having my fill of her juices, I moved upwards and kissed her clitoris. Needless to say, it was engorged with anticipation. I took it between my lips and pressed hard. Shirley closed her eyes and let out a loud moan. I toyed with her clitoris till the time she could take it no longer. She pulled me up towards her and kissed me hard. She must have got a taste of her pussy again, as our tongues danced in each others’ mouths.

Suddenly, I felt a soft, warm hand on my throbbing cock. Shirley had slid her hand between our bodies, and was now fondling my tool. She caressed the shaft and then cupped my balls. She then held the hard cock in her hands, and began to jerk me slowly. Her grip was just right – not too soft and not too hard. I was getting super turned on by this and climbed on top of her. She parted her legs and allowed me to settle in between. I took my cock and rubbed the tip against her pussy. She was absolutely wet and dripping by now. I pushed the head of my cock between her pussy lips, and it entered quite easily. I took it out, and pushed it in again with a greater force. Shirley moaned, as more than half of my cock entered her. Another push, and I was completely inside her. The feeling was magical as I felt her pussy muscles gripping my cock from all sides.

I started thrusting into her slowly, and we built up a nice rhythm. She was rubbing my back now, as she held me close to her. Gradually, we started fucking faster, etiler escort and I sensed that we would reach the point of no return pretty soon. It also struck me that I had not worn a condom yet. So, I slowly reduced the pace and pulled out of her. The condom was on within 30 seconds, and I entered her again. It was a whole different experience with the condom, but then I did not want to impregnate her. It was just our second lovemaking session, and I hoped there would be many more. Shirley was now close to her orgasm, and I increased the pace and the force of my thrusts. Her wet pussy, and my condom clad cock made some strange squishy sounds, as we ground our pelvises against each other. Soon, she started moaning heavily and loudly as she came with a mighty force. She grabbed me tighter, as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her.

Slowly, she came down from the heightened state of ecstasy, but I was not done yet. I kept fucking her furiously for nearly two more minutes, before I could feel the cum building up in my balls. I came with a fury and spurted my cum into the condom. We were both breathing heavily, as our bodies regained their composure. Both of us were covered in a thin film of sweat after our exertions, and this made Shirley look even more sexy! I lay on top of her for a while, savouring each and every moment of being inside her. I then got off, cleaned up and disposed off the cum filled condom. We were both feeling extremely hungry now, and decided to have a bath and head straight to the restaurant.

It was then that an idea struck me. As Shirley asked me whether I wanted to go have a bath first, I asked her why not go together? She made faces and hesitated, but I insisted and led her into the bathroom. What followed was a steamy ten minute long kissing, fondling, licking and caressing session, that I will not forget. Yes, I finally got to know Shirley intimately and our lives would never be the same again.

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