Summer Heat

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Eric’s family, the Millers, had owned the cottage across from my grandparent’s since I could remember. His family spent a majority of their summer out at the lake. We had become friends instantly and spent our time on the beach or off on adventures, typical kid stuff. When we met, he was a gangly kid with mousey brown hair and sharp blue eyes. I was a tomboy, freckle faced, with auburn curls and greenish brown eyes. We had changed so much over the years; this summer was going to be no exception.

When I pulled into my grandparent’s driveway, the day after my high school graduation, the first thing I noticed was Eric out in front of the Miller’s cottage mowing the grass. He waved and my stomach fluttered. The second thing I noticed was the For Sale sign and my heart sank.

The mower ceased as my sister Lila and I stepped out of my SUV and a familiar voice called out “Hey Grub!” His adoring nickname for me. “I hear you actually graduated. Congratulations!” Eric ran up and wrapped me in a hug from behind and the smell of fresh cut grass and salty sweat filled my nose causing my head to spin. I felt a wave of heat pulse between my legs. He greeted my sister and I heard them exchange a high five.

“I did!” I exclaimed, still dizzy. “Is med school going to cost too much, Lena and Ed have to sell?” I composed myself before I turned around to face him. I caught the sadness in his eyes. “Yeah, looks like this is our last summer to cause some mischief around Akita Beach. My mom thinks her next adventure is waiting for her in Florida, closer to her family.”

I held him at an arm’s length and looked into his eyes. I smiled as genuinely as I could. “We’ll just have to get everything accomplished in these 4 weeks we said we would do when we were 6.”

He laughed heartily, “So we’re going to build a fort, finally camp in the woods, AND get married?” I couldn’t believe he remembered the deal we had made. I felt my cheeks grow hot and I played it off, “Yeah hubby, grab my bags.”

As he lifted my suitcase, I couldn’t help but notice his rippling biceps. The humidity left small drops of sweat on his evenly tanned skin and they glistened in the morning sun. I desperately wanted to smell his natural musk again.

He had changed so much over the past year. He was taller, he had cut his hair so his brown locks curled slightly around his handsome face, and his muscles had filled out quite nicely. He wasn’t the only one who had changed. I had grown out my hair so the curls bounced around my chest, I got my braces off and now sported a size C chest that I was extremely proud of. My body had formed into that of a woman and had given me all the urges, beşevler escort bayan too.

I had always denied my feelings about Eric to myself and others. I would lie and say I regarded him as a brother until last summer at the Beach Slam party that closed out the season. He had grabbed my hand during the fireworks show and held it until it was over, signifying the end of our summer. He had then leaned in, with his hot breath on my neck, and whispered “I wish this could last forever.” I had wanted to kiss him but instead gave him a simple hug and promised to text him as often as possible.

I smiled at the memory as I followed him up the walk.

“When you get settled, meet me at the spot.” he called out as I laid my suitcase on my bed. “K!” I replied just as Lila strode in saying she was heading to the neighbour girls to go tubing. Excellent. I’d be alone to prepare for what I was going to say to Eric about what happened last year. What better place to tell him how I feel then at The Spot. OUR spot.

I tied up my purple bikini and slipped into the white cotton sun dress Eric had picked out in one of the boardwalk shops last year. It showed just enough cleavage and my nipples were straining against the fabric. I pinned back the long auburn tresses of my hair. I gave myself a once over and when I was confident with how I looked, I dabbed a bit of perfume just above my breasts.

I scrawled a note for Nana that we’d headed out and would be back for dinner.

I started out toward the special spot we had discovered when we were six. My breath was uneven and my heart was pounding in anticipation as I stepped off the path. I hiked up toward the huge rock that overlooked a small inlet on the lake. This was the spot where Eric and I had pledged to be together after we turned 18.

He was already sitting on a blanket with a line in the water when I arrived. I had to tell him. I needed to.

He patted beside him, gesturing for me to sit down. I laid back and kicked off my flip flops trying to organize my thoughts. I watched as his eyes traced from the small tattoo on my ankle, up my leg and paused right before my sweet spot. His eyes widened and he gulped hard before he spoke. “I’ve missed you. And I..” I cut him off “I meant to tell you how I felt about.. What happened at Beach Slam. I wrote and deleted at least a dozen texts about it and I didn’t know how to tell you. I love you, Er-” His moist lips cut me off mid-sentence. His tongue infiltrated my mouth and traveled along my own causing a shiver to run from my womanhood all the way up my spine.

He grabbed my face with both hands balgat escort bayan and sighed. His breath smelled sweet and he smiled. “I’ve been waiting to hear those words for a long time. I thought since you didn’t respond to my move last year that you weren’t interested. I’m so relieved.” I kissed him again and decided to finish my sentence. “I love you, and I always have. I want you, all of you. Now.”

I had gone over this scenario a hundred times and now, finally, it was happening.

He pulled his shirt over his head and his hand immediately graced the small of my back. I traced my fingers along his perfectly sculpted body. His mouth worked its way down my neck and lingered on my chest. He quickly pulled the string of my bikini top and pulled it out of my dress. My nipples responded by pressing rigidly against the cotton top.

Heat flushed through my entire body. He yanked my dress down and wrapped his cherry lips around the perky nub of my nipple and I released a soft moan. He kept his eyes closed but he sighed “Are you sure this is what you want?” I grabbed his shorts and undid his fly and he got his answer. My hands grazed his bulge as I guided his shorts down to his ankles. He kicked them off and laid me back, his hands finding their way onto my bottoms. I raised my hips to give him the room he needed to slide them right off.

His breath was at a quickened pace and he had a wild look in his eye. He grabbed the soft cotton of my dress and ripped it right off of me! He discarded the fabric and grabbed my hips. He kissed right above my mound and his thumb found its way onto my sensitive button. He looked up for reassurance. I nodded and laid back, closing my eyes. He moved it in a circular motion while my hips rocked up toward his mouth. He took the soft lips of my slit in his mouth and slid his tongue through my wetness. I shuddered as a whimper escaped my lips. My first orgasm rippled through me and he was relentless. He slammed his eager tongue into the depths of my folds and started circling my swollen clit even faster. He did this over and over again while my body twitched and reacted with every stroke. My juice poured down his chin.

I sat up and grabbed his boxers. I wrenched them down allowing his beautifully hard rod to spring free of its fabric prison. I had never seen a cock in real life; only in the porn videos I watched when I was curious. Eric’s was in the running for biggest and best. I wrapped my hand around its girth and froze. Eric lifted my chin and smiled as my eyes met his. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” Ah, always the gentleman. I whispered, “It’s batıkent escort bayan not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I have no idea what I am doing…” He chuckled lovingly, “Well, Grub..You’re doing a mighty fine job.”

With that, I laid beside him and gently took his tip into my mouth. A soft hiss of encouragement escaped his lips. I ran my tongue over the soft tissue of the head and traced through the sensitive hole. His thighs twitched as I explored him with my tongue. I ran my lips down his shaft and soon my chin was resting on his soft sack. His fingers made their way to my nipples as I started bobbing at a quickening pace, making sure to keep my tongue moving all over his hardness. My cunt tightened with every suck. I continued bobbing and it wasn’t long before I felt his pouch tense up. “Oh Kendra, I’m gonna…Aahhhh!” He shot a stream of warm cum down my throat. I enjoyed the sweet tang and was delighted by my accomplishment. When I had licked up the remainder of his load, I sat up and smiled.

“That..was..amazing.” Eric’s breath was ragged. He kissed me hard as his tongue met mine. He must have tasted his spunk because he smacked his lips and said “I came so hard that I didn’t even have time to warn you.” I grinned playfully and said, “That’s ok, I like the taste.” His cocked twitched, rejuvenated at my words.

He got that wild look in his eye again and leaped onto me, knocking me backwards. He kissed me fiercely and immediately made his way to my nipples. I pulled his face up towards mine. “I need to feel you inside me.”

Eric spread my legs and rested his rock hard member against my eager slit. He rubbed it up and down the wetness before he coaxed it open and slid half way in. He held my body next to his and my nipples hardened against his warm skin. “You ready?” he asked, his blue eyes piercing mine. “Please..” I begged, I couldn’t wait any longer.

He plunged all the way in. I inhaled sharply as I felt the sting of his cock tearing my virginity. My cunt adjusted to his size and the pain soon turned into sheer pleasure as he started pumping at a steady pace. He changed the angle of his cock as it entered me and it sent me into a frenzy of orgasms, rocking my body. I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts, I started coming and felt a release that I had never felt before. When he felt the warmth of my nectar spilling out from pleasure, he let out a gasp that let me know he was close. He leaned in to kiss me and gently bit my lip. I raked my hands down his back from his shoulders to his perfectly sculpted ass. As I did that, he clenched and shot off deep inside my wanting pussy.

With sweat beading on our bodies, he collapsed on top of me, completely spent.

Our breath began to even out. Eric’s mighty cock softened but he remained inside me.

We were one. I was exactly where I needed to be.

I blinked away a happy tear as he gently caressed my face. He leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I wish this could last forever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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