On The Edge Ch. 06

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This story is a work of fiction and all sexually active characters are age 18 or older.

This one is short and sweet. At the moment I’m not quite sure where the story goes from here. There are several characters introduced in Chapter 1 that haven’t had their stories told. Suggestions and constructive comments are welcome!


Selene bobbed her head on her boyfriend’s cock, her jaw stretched wide around his noteworthy thickness. Gone was the cramping of her jaw muscles – she had been diligently practicing her oral skills 4 or 5 times a week for the past month, ever since their second date ended with her giving Roger his (and her) first experience of fellatio. Roger’s staying power had improved dramatically as his enthusiasm and sexual confidence increased. Selene was frequently the happy beneficiary of Roger’s questing tongue and fingers thoroughly mapping the nooks and crannies of her pussy as deeply as he could reach.

“Selene, honey, I’m getting close,” Roger warned through gritted teeth as his girlfriend sucked hard and jammed her mouth full of swollen cock. She had felt his glans swelling beyond its usual large circumference and already knew he was close to cumming. She forced a ‘hmmm’ out of her vocal cords and it tipped Roger into orgasm. He twitched and quivered, making random motions with his torso as he tried to avoid shoving his spurting cock down his girlfriend’s throat. Selene continued bobbing her head to keep the spurts of cum jetting into her drooling mouth, loving the sexual power she had over her lover.

Roger finally relaxed and his breathing slowed. “Selene, you’re so good at that, I can’t believe what you do to me.” He gaped at the petite woman sliding her mouth off his prick and displaying his copious payload of semen beginning to drip out of her smirking mouth. She quickly tilted her head back and gulped the translucent white fluid down with 2 swallows.

“You’re such a good man staying away from garlic that I’ll do this anytime,” she chuckled. She slid her naked body over his and kissed him on the cheek.

Roger grabbed her slight form and pulled her fully onto his torso, finding her mouth with his, not caring that he was tasting traces of his own semen. He slid his hands around to her compact, firm buns, squeezing them and grinding his still semi-erect prick against her freshly waxed mound. As much as he loved Selene’s increasingly expert blowjobs, he was hopeful that they’d start having full on sex sometime soon. He’d been avoiding masturbation for a week to keep his libido charged. He knew she was on the pill but also knew that his girlfriend was technically a virgin.

Selene pulled away from their kiss after a few minutes, gave Roger her brightest smile and chirped,”How about we lose our virginity this afternoon?” She couldn’t avoid a slight snicker at the excited expression blossoming on his face. “I’ve been doing some stretching exercises, if you know what I mean.” She rubbed her pointed little breasts around his nearly hairless chest and waited for him to react.

“Oh god yes, I’ll be gentle and we’ll have such a good time…” He stopped his stammered speech as Selene covered his mouth with hers once more, sliding her damp labia up and down the length of his resurgent prick.

“Make me wetter, Honey. Touch me all over and make my little cunt ready for your fat woody. Make me horny.” She kissed him again and writhed against his excited form.

Roger reached lower past the girl’s buttocks to graze the bottom of her spread nether lips. Collecting a cargo of nectar on his middle finger, he transferred the slick wetness to her puckered rosebud. Rubbing up and down the crack of her ass, he gently worked at pushing a fingertip into the orifice. They’d played this game before and he knew the girl would push back to let the digit penetrate her forbidden hole. He worked his finger in to the first knuckle and began a gentle in-and-out pumping motion.

Selene’s hips moved slightly in a complementary rhythm to get the finger worked deeper into her bum, sliding her blossoming labia against his stiffened prick. She felt his flared frenulum scrape against her hooded clit, forcing a shiver of arousal to shake her body.

“Did I hurt you?” Roger asked, withdrawing his partly buried finger.

“Stuff it back up my ass right now, all the way,” Selene demanded, reaching back and covering his hand with her own.

Roger smiled and complied, working the extended finger 2 knuckles deep and roughly thrusting it in and out. His other hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so their eyes could meet. “We have over 3 hours before my parents get home but you’re making me crazy.” He ducked his head to lick and nibble a nipple, making Selene gasp at the triple clitoral, oral and anal assault.

The aroused girl shivered with excitement and a little trepidation at what she was about to do bahis firmaları – lose her virginity and simultaneously take her boyfriend’s. She levered herself up off his chest and raised her hips several inches above his fully revived, throbbing penis. Roger’s finger slipped out of her pucker and his hands settled loosely on her smooth hips as Selene reached between her legs to grasp the stout flesh post she was about to impale herself on.

“Don’t move, Honey. I’m going to have to work myself down the length of ‘The Stump’ a bit at a time. You’re such a big fucker that you could split me in half.” They both smiled at the joke and their pet name for his fat cock. Her hand swished the flared glans up and down the length of her neat little labia until she felt the blunt tip settle into the mouth of her cunt.


Selene remembered her older sister’s instructions from their discussions about Selene’s upcoming first time. “Take your time and go really slowly. No matter how big around his cock is, it’s going to fit perfectly. I love a large cock when I can find one.” Jasmine tugged at her younger sibling’s sleep shorts. “Get these off and we’ll work on making sure you have fun with your stud.”

Selene shucked her shorts off and sat on the edge of her visiting sister’s bed. “Spread your legs and stroke your pussy to get it nice and aroused,” Jasmine directed. “I remember the first time we masturbated together,” she said as she stripped out of her clothes. “I’d just lost my virginity to that guy Derek a few hours before and was still worked up.” She reached into her travel bag and pulled out a slim vibrator. “I never travel away from home or school without my little ‘Pinko’ and a couple of spare batteries.”

Seeing her younger sister creaming as she worked a finger into the gap between her still-virginal labia and rubbed her clitoris with the other hand, Jasmine licked and slobbered on the dildo and advanced on her target. “I’m going to slowly work this all the way into that cute little twat and prove that you can fit almost anything into you. Cocks go in, babies come out.” She frowned at Selene. “You’re taking your pill every morning, right?”

Selene promised she was and Jasmine quickly resumed her demonstration by pulling Selene’s hands away from her swollen gash and inserting the tip of the saliva-coated tool between the slick lips of her sister’s vulva. She pushed firmly but slowly, withdrawing the smooth plastic a half inch for every inch she penetrated the girl. Selene watched in fascination as her sister fucked the dildo deeper and deeper into her body.

Once the dildo was fully inserted, Jasmine began pumping the full length of the device in and out faster and harder. Selene began to pant and gasp, flopping back on the bed with her knees pulled up and spread wide, the tendons on the insides of her thighs quivering. The senior sibling reached up and pinched one of her little sister’s nipples. Selene twitched and raised her hips to Jasmine’s pumping hand.

“Keep going, keep going, I’m almost ready to cum!” she begged. Jasmine complied, gently twisting and rolling the protruding hardened nipple as she stirred and pumped the dildo in the squelching hole. A quick turn of the ridged knob at the base of the toy sent rapid vibrations through the sensitive flesh as it speared in and out. Selene screamed her ecstasy as a massive orgasm spread from her clasping hole and swollen clit to flood through her body and wipe out her senses.

As Selene calmed and Jasmine removed the now-quieted vibrator, she directed the sweat sheened girl, “Stay put. You need to get an advance feel for what a cock as fat as that picture on your phone is like.” She pulled another, much larger dildo out of her bag. This one was flesh colored and cast from a real cock, replete with a large glans and veins running down its length. She squirted some lube on the silicone shaft and pushed the new toy slowly and carefully into the recently vacated slit, twisting her hand back and forth as the fake cock bored into her sister. Selene groaned at the new, larger intrusion, feeling new discomfort as her vaginal walls were stretched far beyond what she had previously experienced. “Relax, it’s not going to be uncomfortable for long. Imagine that it’s Roger’s cock stuffing you right now. Would you tell him to stop?”

“God no, I want to fuck his brains out. Keep going, keep going!” Selene flopped back on the bed once more and let her sister work. She soon felt her arousal increasing again as Jasmine slid the dildo in and out, going gradually deeper until the blunt tip brushed the mouth of Selene’s cervix. Strumming her fingers across the bottomless girl’s clit, Jasmine concentrated on generating another orgasm.

Selene bucked and cried as she came again. “Oh, oh, on fuuuck, oh cumming again!” Her hips thrashed and her spasming cunt tried to crush the dildo, virtually locking it in place.

Selene held Jasmine’s fingers tight against the top of her slit kaçak iddaa until the peak subsided. Finally the grool-soaked dildo was slid out of the girl’s hole, generating small aftershocks as it was withdrawn. “Damn, if sex with a guy is that good, I may have to date a couple at a time.” She stroked her sisters forearm. “I think we need to switch positions. I owe you big time.”

Jasmine grinned as she crawled onto her bed. “I was hoping you’d offer.”


Selene slowly lowered her hips, wedging his glans in the mouth of her tunnel. She kept a hand on Roger’s chest and moved the other to his hipbone so that he couldn’t thrust up into her. She slowly rotated and tilted her hips as her knees gradually spread. The sensation was almost indescribable; there was the urge to simply luxuriate in the sensations coursing through the bundles of nerve endings at the front of her vulva versus the desire to plunge her hips down, impaling herself completely on her lover’s cock.

Roger groaned in ecstasy, resisting the strong desire to grab his girlfriend’s hips and jam her onto his prick like he had the first time she blew him. He felt her tight passage oh-so-slowly engulf him. The sensation was amazing, even better than Selene’s enthusiastic and excellent blowjobs. He stroked the soft curves where her torso met her hips and stared into her eyes as she gyrated in slow motion, gradually skewering herself onto his rock hard erection.

Their hips met and Selene explosively exhaled, suddenly realizing she’d been holding her breath. Roger took a deep breath, realizing he’d been breathing shallowly to avoid plunging himself into her petite body. They both laughed and Selene levered herself down to kiss her boyfriend. “We’re no longer virgins,” she whispered as she trapped his lips with hers.

Roger wrapped his arms around her and pushed his groin against her nether lips stretched tightly around his cock. He pulled out slightly and then sank back into her heated hole. Her juices were stirred by his most welcome intruder, causing them to both utter appreciative groans of mounting pleasure.

Selene lay in Roger’s arms and tilted her hips back and forth, shallowly fucking herself on his thick shaft. Roger increased his short thrusts, withdrawing more after each plunge until they were both almost losing contact with their partner’s genitals before their pubic bones collided again and again. Selene whimpered at the painful delight storming through her body as Roger panted and grunted his sexual accompaniment.

Selene’s efforts increased in intensity and she rhythmically slammed her hips home. She held the lad’s head with both hands as her tongue scoured his mouth.

Roger, for his part, gripped the taut globes of her ass, pulling her thrusting hips against his pounding prick. His mouth firmly joined to hers, he sucked on her questing tongue and tried to draw enough breath through his nose, feeling like he might asphyxiate. His reprieve came when Selene orgasmed.

She raised her face from his, gasped, shuddered and cried out her sexual oblivion, barely aware of anything except the feel of the cock stuffed into her clutching, spasming, flooding cunt. Her entire existence was collapsing to the nerves and tissues her boyfriend was gleefully ravaging.

Roger breathed deeply while continuing to push deeply into Selene’s grasping, fluttering hole. He held her hips tightly to his own and rolled them over with only a mild mumble of confusion from his lover. With full freedom of movement, the freshly minted stud began ploughing her wet furrow from above.

Selene was pinned to the bed like an insect on a pin. She was still cumming and Roger hammered into her welcoming body on his way to filling her twat with baby batter. Selene wrapped her arms around his shoulders and nestled her heels in the hollows of his knees, only able to weakly thrust up at him and murmur her fading orgasm to the room.

Roger increased the length of his thrusts, sometimes actually exiting the mouth of his girlfriend’s glistening pussy and driving back to the bottom of her well, spreading her labia and pounding them between her flushed mons and his soaked pubic hair. Their sweating bodies slid against each other, providing constant stimulation for the panting girl’s nipples. Selene’s fading orgasm rose again as her sensitive flesh was pleasurably and remorselessly stimulated.

Selene’s orgasm rose again as she felt his shaft and glans swell, scraping against her inner walls with renewed vigour. Roger continued mercilessly fucking the girl as his balls contracted and he spurted one of the biggest payloads of sperm he’d ever spewed. Selene cried out again at the sensation of cum jetting into her waiting cunt. The man crushing her to the bed sobbed and gasped his orgasm as his gonads enthusiastically pumped their contents into a waiting vagina.

After several minutes Selene kissed Roger’s chest and spoke. “Honey, I’m dripping your cum down the crack of kaçak bahis my ass and it’s getting cold. I need to clean up a bit.” Roger roused himself apologetically and rolled onto his side. Selene cupped her crotch and pecked his lips, then rolled away and carefully waddled out of the bedroom.

Roger watched his girlfriend’s departing ass wiggle as she left, thinking how lucky he was as he bathed in the afterglow of the most astounding experience of his life.

Selene called down the hall, “I really need a shower. Want to wash my back?” She laughed at the sound of feet hitting the floor as Roger bounded toward the bathroom.

They luxuriated in the warmth of the shower, slicking their hands over each other’s soapy body, caressing, kissing and enjoying being naked and together.

Roger reverently towelled the diminutive young woman dry, inadvertently rewetting her with his hugs until he quickly wiped his torso before once again enveloping her in a towel and his arms.

The pair stumbled back to his bedroom and surveyed the wet, tangled mess of sheets. “I guess we’ll have to change the bed and air out the room before your parents get home,” Selene gibed, “or your Mom will be aghast at your slutty girlfriend taking advantage of you.” The girl spun in her lover’s arms to look up at him with an evil glint in her eye. “How about we make changing the sheets a little more worthwhile, like…” grinning and wrapping her arms around his neck so her pert breasts rubbed against him, “doggie style? My sister says she highly recommends it.”

Roger swept her off her feet and dumped the squealing girl on the narrow unstained section of sheets. Selene scrambled to her hands and knees and the lad spread her ass cheeks as he stuffed his face in the freshly washed cleft. He licked the entire length of the chasm, flicking across the little brown star and proceeding lower to lick and nibble the tidy pussy lips and clitoral hood.

Selene eased her legs apart and pushed back as Roger went to town on her freshly deflowered cunt, licking and slobbering his way deeply between the lips his stiff cock had recently ravaged. The thought of more sex with his pretty girlfriend soon had his prick at the ready again. He gave a final lick and shuffled forward between her knees.

Selene reached down and spread her labia to give his boner unimpeded access to her glistening pussy. Roger carefully swiped along the length of the slit and seated himself at the gates of his personal heaven. She sank back and smoothly engulfed his tool as he pushed his hips forward, humming her pleasure at their bodies combining again.

His hands slid over her hips and up her sides to rest on her chest, cupping her breasts. He rolled and played with the erect nipples he found there, eliciting whimpers of pleasure from the combined sensations he was inflicting on the girl. He began shafting Selene harder, changing his grip to her hips to keep her in place. Selene lowered her torso so that she rested her head and chest on the boy’s messy bed, putting her pussy at the perfect angle to receive the full length of the cock now splitting her hungry cunt.

Roger had already cum twice in the space of less than 2 hours; he had lots of staying power now. He continued to rail the girl’s cunt as she rubbed her clit as it peeked out from it’s hood. Selene came again, her inner walls clutching the intruder at the center of her pleasure. Roger kept steadily stroking, hoping to see and feel his girlfriend orgasm again. Several minutes later, Selene began to feel the results of the day’s workout on her pussy. She reached farther and massaged the base of her boyfriend’s prick, encircling it with a finger and thumb.

Roger felt his cum rising in his balls, his orgasm triggered by the added sensation and Selene’s plea to “Cum for me, Baby! Fill me up again!”

Roger complied, seating his cock as deeply as he could push it into Selene’s welcoming hole. Cum jetted out of him, lubricating the dome of the exhausted girl’s cervix. He slumped over her back, then withdrew his softening member from his girlfriend’s overworked pussy.

Selene didn’t move, letting their combined juices trickle down the insides of her thighs. As sexually satiated as she was, she felt like they’d been in the gym for hours. Muscles not used to the activities they had been subjected to were making their existence known. “I’m going to walk funny for days. No bikinis either – I’ll have bruises on my hips.” She sighed and giggled, “But it was sure worth it!”

Roger rolled her onto her back and kissed her. “I’ll look after you with my tongue for the next few days and then we can ‘work out’ again. In the meantime I want to wash the sheets and throw them back on my bed.”

Laundry done and the bed they’d lost their virginity on remade, the couple walked down the street holding hands and discussing their next activity. “I want a movie tonight, in a theater. How about we see who wants to come with us. I need protection so you don’t have your hands all over me all night,” Selene teased. She kissed her lover and slid her hands under his sweater to glide along his bare skin. “But it doesn’t mean I can’t fondle you!” she joked as her fingers tweaked his nipples.

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