Jason’s Costume Ch. 03

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My wife and Carolyn returned to the house at 6:45 P.M. I wanted to continue with Jason but I decided to keep a lid on things as best as I could. The downside of getting caught had the real potential of being the disaster of all disasters. I remember how Jason looked at my cock spurting into the nylon as he stroked me and I wondered to myself whether he wanted to try sucking me. The very thought sent me made me crazed. I fantasized of buying Jason some sexy clothes like a short skirt and different colors of stockings and sexy underwear and then being able to somehow be with him in a secluded setting.

In my fantasy he would dress up and put on makeup. I fantasized about making out with him and of fucking him. I was losing touch with reality and it seemed like when his name came into my mind that I would get hard.

Carolyn and Jason stayed for two more days. I took all of us out to dinner for those two days and I would notice that Jason would stare at me on especially when we were out to dinner. I would look at him and he would break off the stare. His mother asked him if he was okay and he said he was. I sat at one dinner and after a few glasses of wine started to get a hard on at the table. I was thinking about Jason. On that occasion my wife had looked at my lap and noticed. She chuckled and whispered to me, “Do you have a problem? Without my response she quietly said that she would take care of it “later.”

That same night after we all had gone to bed my wife slid down on the bed and started sucking me. I could not control myself. My mind was on Jason in the next room as I shot my load into her mouth within seconds. She remarked that she had not felt me come so much and so quickly in years.

It was the morning that Carolyn and Jason would be leaving. I got up at before anyone else and watched the waves hit the beach. It was about 5:30 A.M. I walked to the edge of the water. There were a few fishermen on the beach with their lines into the surf. I was out there about fifteen minutes when I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Jason. He had on a tee shirt that he had evidently slept in and a pair of yellow pastel colored surfer jams. He said he was sad to go. I told him that maybe we would see each other again sometime. He said all he thought about was coming into my mouth and he started to ask questions about when I first sucked a cock. I did not know why he wanted to know but the subject matter made me start to get hard. There was no chance of anyone overhearing us because of the sounds of the waves hitting the beach. There was no one on the beach but us and a few fishermen 100 yards or so away. We both faced the ocean at its edge. Small waves broke over our feet.

I told him that I was his age (18) when I had my first experience. I told him that I had first been with a girl sexually when I was aged 18. I had a girlfriend (Sara) and that we progressed from intercourse to her finally sucking on my cock. She was reluctant to let me come in her mouth but one night at a party where we had some wine to drink she let me. Her reaction was amazing since she loved the taste. Afterwards she kind of became a come slave and wanted to suck me constantly and did not seem to care whether we had intercourse or not. Because of her reaction I wondered what all the fuss was about. I tried tasting my own and it was salty but I did wonder what it was like to get come from a source.

I worked one summer when I was 18 for an architectural firm. It was Sara’s uncle who got me the job. I basically was a messenger and I would pick up and drop off drawings at different clients’ offices and sometimes at jobsites around the state. It was an easy job and I was given a pickup truck to drive.

About once a week I would visit a large jobsite out in western Morris County (New Jersey) and came to know a construction foreman named Larry. He was Italian and kind of a wiseass. He was friendly to me. He was about six feet three inches in height and was well built. He had brown eyes. He would always greet me with, “How are they hanging”? At first I would not respond and then I would say, “They are hanging fine.”

I had been there several times. One day Larry asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him in the construction trailer. I said okay. He sent out for sandwiches and we talked. He showed me photos of his two kids and wife. He asked me about my social life and bluntly asked me how my sex life was going. He said he figured that being a young single guy probably meant that I was kept “busy.” I was a little embarrassed but said it was okay. I was not comfortable talking about my sex life with him.

He had complained often in our prior meetings that after getting married and having kids that he had to take care of his own needs. He said he never wanted to cheat on his wife but that at 30 years old he was very frustrated. His wife never seemed interested in sex at all. I did not know what to say. He said he wished that he could just get his cock sucked once in awhile and that would satisfy him. He said he was fearful of seeing another woman and just wanted to get off.

Jason was wide eyed and I noticed that he was starting to poke out into his jams. He seemed mesmerized. I had bahis firmaları briefly stopped telling the story and Jason asked me to continue and he wanted me to recount “everything that I remember feeling or doing.”

As I was listening to Larry my mind wandered and I wondered why he was always telling me this. One day while I was in his company his conversation on this subject of getting sucked made me hard. I happened to be in a horny mood and whatever he said caused me to make mental pictures of a cock in my mouth. I did not let on. I did not necessarily consider him as a candidate at the time. I thought I concealed my erection.

He asked me when I would next return and I said I was not sure. What did that matter? I heard someone walking up the steps of the trailer. It was one of the laborers. He used the rest room in the trailer and then left.

Larry then asked me why I was hard. He had noticed. I became very nervous. He asked me if the thought of sucking a cock was exciting and I could not answer. I did not say no. He asked me if I might be curious about sucking his cock and I did not respond.

Larry stood up. He had a pair of beige workpants on with tan construction shoes. He had a dark blue sweatshirt with a hood. He looked very big as he stood up and he touched his crotch as he did so. He asked me if I would touch his cock. I told him that I was scared about doing it where we were and also of getting caught. I was afraid for my job. He motioned to me to follow him. I began to shake but I still followed him.

He walked me to one side of the trailer where there were some supplies in boxes. My mouth become dry and I felt like I was hyperventilating. There was a window with a shade on it. There was a door leading into and out of this room. He shut the door behind us and asked me to sit on the boxes. As I did so this placed my face at about his waist level. He said he would be the lookout. He glanced out of the window through the shade and he said no one was around. This was happening so quickly. He said that if I did not like doing it then I could just stop.

He pulled his fly open and out popped his cock. It was the first cock that I had seen hard aside from magazines or a porn movie. It was the first one in person that I had ever seen. He was circumcised. In my memory bank I guess he was about six inches or so in length or maybe a little longer but he appeared very wide. His cock bent a little to the left and had a lot of veins. The head was very pink and looked wet at the tip. I remember the head of his cock poking out of his left fist as he stroked it. He was almost begging me to touch him. I could sense that he was getting very excited. I could see how his chest was heaving with gulps of air. I lightly stroked him with an open hand. I examined it and played with his cock. It was a different feeling than stroking my own. He started pushing his hips towards my face. He kept on saying, “Please!!” The head of his cock felt warm as he pushed it closer to me.

I put the head close to my mouth and licked it once and held it with one hand. His cock smelled of sweat. I licked it again and then placed the head inside of my mouth. He was salty. I wrapped my mouth around the head (just like Sara) and sucked. He moaned and pushed deeper into my mouth. I concentrated on the head with my mouth sucking and used my tongue on the underside. His hands were on my shoulders as he pushed forward. Without any warning Larry came with such ferocity that the first spurt hit the back of my throat and caused me to gag and choke. He had been in my mouth for maybe two minutes. His come flew out of my mouth but he was still spurting. One huge spurt hit my front teeth and splashed onto my right pant leg. My shirt got some of it and I did swallow a few times. The texture was not too thick but not runny. He tasted bitter but for whatever reason the taste was not unpleasant. After he stopped spurting he tucked himself into his pants. He made like it had not happened as we both walked out of the room. He said he had to get back to work. I left shortly thereafter. In the days following this I fantasized about what I had done especially when Sara sucked me.

Jason asked me if we could go to the outdoor shower. He looked to be in a trance. I did not ask him why. We walked up towards the house. The time was about 6:00 A.M. and fortunately my wife and sister in law were heavy sleepers. I looked around as we approached the shower. He walked in first and then I followed. We locked the shower door from the inside. It was a little crowded. I whispered to him that because the windows to the house were open that we should not speak loudly but either with hand signals or just whispers. He looked at me and started to touch my chest and then my face. He just stared at me for a moment. He stroked my chest again and then his hand went down to my cock. He pulled at my shorts and I helped pull them down. My cock was hard. He kneeled down. The humidity had caused his hair to curl around his face. He stared and I waited. His mouth with his perfect white teeth opened slowly as he pulled on my cock with his fingers. He licked the head and I sighed and pushed. He licked again. I could not speak. I kaçak iddaa could only hear the pounding of the surf. He kept on just licking and then let the head of my cock settle on his tongue. He closed his mouth around the head and then stared up at me as he started to move my cock in and out. I could see that his cheeks were flushed as they bulged. This beautiful mouth and tongue were sucking on me like I was providing him with an oxygen lifeline. I was losing control. I tried to hold off and I warned him with a hand signal. Jason stared at me as I came. He shuddered and I saw his cheeks expand and then I saw him start to swallow. I shot eight spurts into his mouth before it subsided. He swallowed after every two spurts. He kept me in his mouth for a least a minute afterward before I slipped out and he stood up.

Jason asked me (in a whisper) if I ever saw Larry again after that first time and I told him that I sucked him off on a weekly basis for two years afterwards. With that Jason grabbed my face with his hands and stuck his tongue in my mouth and we kissed. He had the most beautiful warm lips that I had ever kissed. I could taste my come from his tongue. We were grinding against each other. We kissed for a few minutes before I knelt down pulled his jams down and sucked his cock into my mouth. Shortly thereafter he came and I did not swallow. My mouth was literally brimming with his come. I stood up and we shared his load passing it back and forth. He stayed hard but I thought it best to stop. We got ourselves together and carefully walked out and into the morning sun. We walked the beach for about a half hour. Neither of us said anything. I could not speak for Jason but I knew in my heart that this thing of ours would continue.

After Carolyn and Jason left I started to pay attention to what I ate and added pushups and sit-ups to my three mile run. I felt rejuvenated. I felt years younger. My wife and I started to have these hot make out sessions in bed before we got up. I was so horny that I started to fuck her twice per day. In a moment of passion I asked her if she would dress up for me in a garter belt and stockings and make-up and she said that she would not since she thought that was “perverted.” She said she would not dress up “like a whore.”

After the second week we returned home. The passion that I felt at the shore waned. I learned that Jason had been accepted to a community college and that he worked part time for his step father.

My wife and I decided to throw a Labor Day party that summer. It was basically the same group (family) who showed up on July 4th including of course Carolyn, Greg, the kids and last but not least Jason. It was a perfect day. We had set up some outdoor games for the kids. I used an old wheel barrel and filled it with ice to place the bottles of beer and soda. Jason and I threw a Frisbee around. We ended up talking about his course selection at college.

During a quiet moment he asked me if we could “meet” and be alone. I started to get hard. He said he wanted to dress up like he did on July 4th and I asked him if he would consider putting on makeup as well. He said he would. We said we could communicate through our computers and cell phones. He told me he was horny for me. I wanted to find a place to suck him off right then and there but I thought it best to remain cool.

I researched and located a small motel that was twenty miles west of his college. He could tell Greg that he had to study on a certain day and he would not go to school or go to work. I asked him for his equivalent dress sizes and shoe and stocking sizes and he e-mailed me the information using a code. I went to a mall and purchased black sheer panties and two garter belts one in purple and one in pink and then two pair of heels, one in brown (with a strap) and one a blue pair of pumps. I purchased the longest stockings I could find in dark black, dark brown, grey and white and also three skirts. The skirts were one blue denim mini and then two longer skirts, one red and one beige that hopefully were not too big. I purchased a white corset. I stored all of this and an eave in the garage at my home. I had set up a scenario in advance at home by that would have me possibly being away over night. Jason and I e-mailed each other constantly. He told me (in code) that he would not make himself come for one week before we met. I was going nuts.

It took about two weeks to get everything into place. I was to pick him up at school. He said the lot was a safe place to leave his car. We met on a rainy Tuesday morning at 8:30 A.M. I had reserved and paid for the room the day before so that there would be a minimum of any potential problems. I retrieved the results of my shopping spree. I had packed a change of clothes, toiletries, beer, vodka, cups, some snacks and KY jelly. I was prepared. If I was to get to fuck him I was going bareback.

I pulled up to his vehicle at school and he was all smiles. He had on a pair of blue jeans, a blue denim jacket and a maroon pullover with running shoes on his feet. He had a small travel bag with him. He radiated health and happiness. His smile sparkled.

We stopped and had breakfast a few miles from the motel kaçak bahis and talked. He told me at breakfast that he wanted me to be patient with him with regards to the makeup because he was not really used to putting it on. I told him to take all the time he needed. We arrived at the motel at about 11:00 A.M. The room was small but clean. There was a queen sized bed and a small refrigerator in the room. I put the drinks in the refrigerator. There was a cable hookup for the television so I put it on.

I told Jason that I had done some shopping and that after he put his makeup on that I would like him to model for me. That seemed to get him a little crazy and we almost started to play. He had taken off his jeans when we had this conversation and he became hard. I pulled his cock out and gave it a wet kiss and a lick and told him to hurry. He took the bags of clothing I had purchased with him.

He went into the bathroom and I heard the shower run. Afterwards I heard him in the bathroom. He was in there about forty-five minutes. He walked out and my heart stopped. He was made-up with red lipstick and the way his eyes were made up made him look like he stepped out of a salon. He had some eye shadow on and some face makeup. He looked as beautiful as a magazine cover girl. He was wearing a blue striped robe. He had the same shoes he wore during our first meeting but had a dark brown stocking on his right foot and a dark black one on his left foot both rolled down around his ankles.

He said he was not “sure” which looked better and needed my input. He walked over to me. Under the robe was the white teddy. He suggestively placed one foot at a time on my edge of the bed where I sat and asked me to roll up each stocking on his leg to check to see what was more appropriate. I did so. I kissed the tops of each thigh and he shivered. I connected the tops of the stockings to the snaps of the garter belt that were part of the corset. He took off the robe. His cock stuck out from the middle of all this and was as hard as a cock could possibly be. It was as rigid as a steel poker. It waved and pulsed to his heartbeat. He said he wanted to kiss me and he did lightly so as not to smear his lipstick. His lips were magical. His mouth opened and my tongue and his met lightly. I took off my clothes. We stood and kissed again. I asked him if he wanted anything to drink. He said that he wanted to drink my come. I squatted down and ran my face across his legs. My hands went onto his firm butt. I started to make out with his balls. My tongue went under them and I held them in my mouth. I stood up and we kissed. He sat me on the edge of the bed and he then crouched and started to lick and suck my cock. I could not take it anymore and pulled him onto the bed. We started to do some heavy duty kissing. We got into a sixty-nine. Those legs around my face with his cock buried down my throat sent me off. I could hear him gurgling on my come. He came shortly afterward. The amount of his come seemed endless. There was a stream then spurts then a stream then spurts again. He was amazing.

We were on the bed for a while. I asked him to change into a different outfit and he did so and refreshed his lipstick. I poured each of us vodka and we talked. I liked each of the outfits he put on. I really liked the red skirt. This was not tight was enabled me to place my hands underneath it and stroke his legs. I pushed him on his face and pulled the hem of the skirt up and licked the backs of his legs. I ran my tongue up his butt and spread his cheeks out and tried to put my tongue into it. He went wild and begged me not to stop. He moved onto his right hip and raised his left leg and I ran my tongue all around his butt rimming him. I spent a fair amount of time just eating his butt hole. I was able to get my tongue into his butt and he would just go nuts. No matter where I put my tongue on him he tasted sweet. I slipped a saliva filled finger into his butt and he said it felt good. I told him that I wanted to fuck him. I continued with my finger covered with KY to get him prepared for the sensation. He said to be careful. I got the KY Jelly out and spread it all over me and all over and into his butt. I had fucked my wife in her ass earlier in our marriage and also had fucked Sara in her ass as well but never a guy.

I asked him to get on his side and then had him on all fours at the edge of the bed. I placed my left knee on the bed and left one foot on the floor. I found the right angle. I pushed the head in and he winced. He did not say to stop. I proceeded slowly. I was like a rock. I felt around and his cock was hard. I pushed and he grunted. I got the ridge in and stopped. I flexed my cock muscle. I had never felt anything as good as what I felt at that moment. My cock was enveloped in his being. I wanted to have this last forever but I could not hold out long. I took my time pushing in and out and I only was about half way in when I started to feel him pushing back. I never went in and out at a hard or fast pace. I was afraid of hurting him. I could hear myself groaning involuntarily. I pushed in and he pushed back and all at once I went all the way in when I shot the load for the ages. He was groaning and calling out my name. He said he could feel the heat of my come inside of him. I stayed all the way in while I shot and wiggled my cock from side to side. I lost my mind and told him I loved him. He did not say anything in return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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