Slaving Away Ch. 3

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Continued from Their First Time.

Sitting on a tall wooden chair watching Paula wash dishes, Ryan wished he could help her somehow. Smiling to himself, Ryan trotted quickly up the steps to their bedroom and quickly reapeared, hiding something in his pocket. Nudging her gently to the side, he finished up their dinner plates and put the last one in the drainboard to dry.

“Thanks, Ryan. I despise doing dishes alone…it’s just no fun!” she giggled.

“Anytime. But, now you owe me.” he continued “you are to be my sex slave.”

“Hmm? I’m confused…why don’t you show me?” she said innocently, egging him on.

Grinning mischeviously, Ryan was adamant “heh oh I plan to.”

With her hands on hips, she wondered what he had in mind. She didn’t have to wait but a second to find out. Ryan moved quickly, pushing her backwards to the island in the center of the kitchen. Skillfully, he turned her around so her back was to him once again. Kissing behind her left ear brought a gutteral groan from Paula that Ryan loved to hear. He knew he had her with that kiss. She was all his now and would do whatever he wanted…which was good in this case as they were going to explore.

Silently he removed his clothing, tossing it in a heap on the chair. Pulling her t-shirt over her head and unsnapping her bra was now easy casino şirketleri for him as he had practiced this many times in his head before they even met. He added her remaining clothing to his and put his arms around her chest from behind. Gently squeezing her nipples, they now became aroused and erect. Caressing them, it sent shivers of delight through both of their bodies. Pulling her hips backwards, she was now leaning over the island. He thrust her legs apart and for what seemed like minutes, she stood there totally exposed.

She could hear something was going on behind her, but she didn’t dare to look. She was enjoying behing his slave and wanted him to have fun.

“Lean over more.” he said. Obeying, she did as he requested. Spreading her lips with his fingers, he inserted two of them and knowingly searched out her G-spot. A loud gasp and moan let him know he had found it. Working the spot like a pro, he had her wet in no time. Removing his fingers, he used the juices to lubricate himself. With ease, he slid his member into her hot waiting pussy. Pumping in and out just a few time, he quickly withdrew, much to her dismay.

“Where are you going! Don’t stop Ryan!” she pleaded.

“ssssh, you’ll see.” Ryan responded.

A few moments passed and she felt something warm being applied to her ass. Spreading casino firmaları her cheeks with his hands, he nudged his cock into the hole of her ass, allowing the lubricant he applied to help guide him in. Clutching onto the table for dear life, she relaxed and let him enter her slowly.

“Are you ok?” he asked, worried he was hurting her.

Barely able to breathe she mumbled, “I’m ok. It hurts a little but it’s arousing, too.”

Not very convinced, hesitantly he edged in a little more. She knew he’d stop the second she asked if need be, but she was willing to give this a try. A sudden and unexpected wave of pleasure wrapped around her body and Paula gasped and moaned as she got chills down to her toes.

Not daring to go much farther then a few inches in, with his hands on her hips, Ryan gently pressed in and out of her, never fully withdrawing. The tightness was incredible, something he had never experienced before. Reaching down to her swaying breasts with his left hand, he gently rolled the nipple in his fingers.

“Oh god” he mumbled, “this feels great”. He continued to thrust his cock in and out of her tight asshole, spreading her apart so he could watch himself slide in and out. Snaking his hand between her legs, he flicked her clit with his fingers, sending her body into convulsions of pleasure.

“PLEASE güvenilir casino don’t stop Ryan! I’m going to cum.” she moaned. Breathing rapidly and gasping for air, her orgasm hit and her body twitched with force. Hearing her scream with pleasure, Ryan was unable to contain himself much longer and shot his warm cum into her anus, thrusting himself in deeper as he did so. The sensation was incredible and she could feel every spurt as it entered her, putting a little smile on her face. Withdrawing, he gently turned her around to face him.

Putting a hand on each side of her face, he drew her mouth to his and parted her lips with his tongue and kissed her with such passion she melted. Their tongues intertwined, they kissed for several minutes.

“I love you, Paula. You make me so happy. I can’t believe I almost didn’t get on the plane that day. I was so nervous to meet you. New York was so far away…but I’m go glad I came.”

“I love you too, Ryan. I would have been devistated if you didn’t show up. We’ve waited an eternity to be together it seems. You are my soul mate…there is no other man for me, Ryan. We should give Charlie a call and tell him thank you for introducing us.” she said with a smile.

“Next time, Paula…it’s your turn to fulfill one of your fantasies.”

Smiling, she knew what he was referring to. “Ok babe, we’ll see what I can do. But for now, I’m taking a shower and jumping in bed for the night… care to join me…again?” she teased.

“SURE!” he laughed as he chased her up the steps to the bathroom.

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