One Hundred Percent Straight… Ch. 02

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Authors Note: Thank you guys so much for the feedback on the last chapter. Seriously, I never have the motivation to do things more than once, but seeing you guys comment and like the last part of this story made me very happy. I hope this one is just as good, if not better! This chapter is a bit fluffy, but I’ll get there, I promise! It’s also still a bit shorter than what I would like. I’ll try to work harder on that!

Warnings: army, lesbian fantasies, sexual orientation questioning,


It had been 6 weeks since my little slip up in front of Drill Sergeant Lain, and I was very thankful for her pretending it never happened. She still lets me use her shower, but I decided that after the extreme embarrassment of last time, I would leave myself alone, if you know what I mean. DS Lain was making that promise very difficult to uphold.

Squad 2414 was almost done with basic, just 4 more weeks until we would split off to our respective divisions, training for our specialties. I had no idea what to expect from mine, as all the information I had been given was “You’ll be behind enemy lines before they even know they’re the enemy.” I assume there was some hyperbole there, but the mystique of it all is part of what drew me in.

In my youth, I was rather secretive. Kept to myself a lot of the time, really only ever had one or two friends at a time. Boyfriends were a whole other kettle of fish. Over my four year high school experience, I only ever had one boyfriend. We never really… did anything. I don’t even just mean sexually, we would rarely go out. The only exceptions were birthdays and other such special days. But we would talk. For hours and hours we would talk about what we wanted in our lives, talk about the universe, which parts of it we would want to see and those which we would never dare venture. I never really felt the need to have sex with him, and I think he felt the same about me.

We were up to 3 miles a day, running in the mornings, then strategy classes, and various other drills; shooting, breaching, first aid, etc. I wasn’t sure, because they never actually give you words of encouragement here, but I felt like I was doing really well. This kind of stuff came pretty quickly to me. Apparently that was what got the attention of the higher ups, because I was given an order to report to the CO’s office after our morning run.

The building looked like an old style cabin, exposed logs and all. Inside, there were just two people, dressed down, that I had never seen before at the base. These must be the upper management types, the ones who never work directly with the recruits.

“Ally Stocker?” The farthest to the left says in a very tired voice.

“Yes Sir.” I clapped my feet together and brought the edge of my hand sharply to my brow, like a good little soldier. I wasn’t actually sure what rank these men held, but it’s better safe than sorry.

“At ease, this is an informal meeting.” He looks as though he’s tired of telling people to stand at ease. Actually, he just looks tired. His shaved bald head does not help his already pug-like demeanor, instead enhancing the amount of visible folds.

“You may have already been told that you are being looked at for a position as an infil specialist, yes?”

“Yes sir, but I have not been briefed on the details… or meaning… of said position.”

“It’s not the kind of position you really get a lot of details about. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about what you’ll be doing, but we have been monitoring all of our prospective infil specialists. At this point we take you out of basic and start you working in your field with a direct one to one instruction from a seasoned specialist. We are here to give you your official rank, and an instructor. So, congratulations Private Stocker, you are now a Private Second Class. Report to Specialist Lains’ quarters tomorrow at 0500 for special briefing, dismissed.”

Special… wait what? Specialist Lain? Like Drill Sergeant Lain? Like MY DS Lain?

I couldn’t sleep last night. Not just because in the morning I would be one on one training with both the hottest person on base, and also the one I’ve had the most awkward casino şirketleri experience with, but mostly because I was hornier than a poachers trophy wall. It had been 5 weeks since I last got off, and boy howdy was it getting to me. The worst part about it… I hadn’t noticed a single man since I left that bathroom 5 weeks ago. All my attention was on DS Lain. The way her tight shorts hugged her lips so closely, her glaring smirk whenever we would finish a drill, even the way she ran her hands through her perfect hair after a particularly tough work out… There was no reason why I would be getting turned on!

My dream was different this time. There was no DS Lain undressing me slowly as she practically melted me in her grip, no deep, passionate kiss that stopped time itself. This time it was me and her, lying on my couch back home, blanket on our entwined legs, as a movies soft glow lit our smiling faces. Shes spooning me, our hands gripped lightly together, as my eyes slowly droop closed. She nuzzles her face closer, and right before I fall asleep completely, she leans over to plant a gentle kiss on my shoulder. But her lips never make it to their destination as the alarm rings out.

I wake up more startled than usual, having just been woken from an extremely serene scene of two Very Good Friends just Hanging Out. That’s all that dream was probably. Yeah, I think I just want to be DS Lains pal… yeah…

Man have I got some stuff to think about.

I was spared from the morning run to report to DS… or rather, “Specialist” Lain. I was very well acquainted with her quarters, having showered there for the past 6 weeks, so I just let myself in. Standing before me was Specialist Lain. In her underwear.

I know I’m a god damned adult, and underwear shouldn’t be something that is ogled at or cause for excitement or anything. But. The fact that I just walked in on a superior, who just so happens to be drop dead gorgeous and in her panties and bra, felt like the most scandalous thing on this planet.

Shes standing there, pants in hand, wearing nothing but a black no show thong and a low scoop bralette. I can see her full figure, nothing to hide her perfect curves, or her even more perfect chest. I don’t know where she hides these incredibly full, perky tits of hers. The next thought that crosses my mind is how on earth she thinks shes going to work out in something like that. Only after that thought did I maybe think to look away.

“You’re early. It’s only 4:40.” She just stands there.

“Ye..s. Yes Drill Sergeant. Sorry Drill Sergeant. I’ll come back… Drill Sergeant.” There were a few extra “drill sergeants” in there than what would have sounded like a normal human speaking, but I was quite noticeably flustered.

“Ehh, no need for that. Just us gals here, right? And besides, you’re not…’like that’ if I recall.” So she remembered. I guess you don’t really forget hearing someone moan your name when they jerk it.

“And quit with the ‘YES DRILL SERGEANT THANK YOU DRILL SERGEANT’ bit now.” She puffed out her chest and presented like a soldier at attention, which did not help my embarrassment one bit. “I’m basically your mentor now. Just call me Specialist Lain, or even just Sarah, if you’re so inclined. This is all pretty informal from this point out. Can’t really have you acting like a soldier in this line of work.”

Despite the intrigue of her last comment, I was distracted as she started getting dressed. I couldn’t tell if I was thankful or pissed. I had seen my fair share of undie-clad women in my time, from sleepovers to gym class. Not a single time was I ever affected like this. What the hell is going on with me? It must just be the hormones of not getting myself off for so long mixed with the excitement of a new environment. That must be it…


We started just by talking about what exactly my specialty was, and confirming that I was interested in pursuing it. It kind of felt like I had no choice at this point. Apparently I’m going to be responsible for going into hostile territories before the infantry, and gathering intel, or possibly assassination. So. I guess I’m a spy. That’s casino firmaları pretty neat I think.

We talked about how important it is that I don’t go around telling others that I’m an infil specialist, as that kind of defeats the purpose, but rather tell people that I work in intel gathering.

“There’s also the matter of your training. From now on, you report only to me. We have to start you on a more rigorous exercise regiment that includes hand to hand combat. That’s what were working on today. Nothing too crazy. You already know the basics so were doing a few throws and holds. Any questions?”

She sounded a lot more official than in my previous conversations with her, however brief they were. I can really see the soldier in her. It still just blows me away that inside that curvy, toned body, and behind those soft bright green eyes, there’s a trained weapon.

“…Stocker… Were you listening?”

Ahh fuck. I forgot to answer her.

“Yes Specialist Lain. Sorry. I’m just very excited for this opportunity.”

“I know we just spent the last 6 weeks beating it into your head to always address your superiors like that, but with me, you have to be more casual. I find it really hard to train someone who thinks of me as a stiff.”

“Understood. I don’t think you’re stiff… I mean, I don’t think you…” I don’t get to finish my blustering before she laughs. Oh god. Her laugh. Before this moment I never knew my heart could smile. Her laugh is like hearing your favorite song from when you were a kid. Completely filled with genuine joy and an odd longing that comes from not being able to get the same emotion anywhere else.

“You do that shit all the time… it really gets to me.” She says while pulling her hair into a messy bun. “Follow me to the gym, we got some training to do.”

She kicks ass. More specifically my ass. We sparred for about 30 minutes as a warm up before I learn some new moves. I could barely keep my hands up as she locked her eyes with mine and threw jabs. I have never been both horny and terrified at the same time, but go ahead and tick that off the emotion list.

“You wanna learn a hip throw?” The question was so informal and out of no where that I dropped my guard entirely. Before I could answer, her right hip pressed against my whole lower section and I was on the ground, her straddling either side of me. It didn’t feel… good… per se. But after 5 weeks of nothin, just about any contact felt nice. Plus, now I have this woman on top of me so beautiful that I am genuinely questioning my sexuality, so that doesn’t help.

Woah. I guess that’s the first time I’m really realizing it. I’m questioning my sexuality. I can like both men and women, right? Maybe I just like this one specific woman. I can’t say I’ve never been at least a little curious, but never curious enough to actually act on it. Maybe lying under the woman who is giving me these feelings isn’t the best place to have this conversation with myself.

We ran through the hip toss a couple of times, it wasn’t especially hard to do, but I suspect Specialist Lain was letting me get the hang of it by being a bit more pliant than she normally would be.

After nailing the throw, we had a little break on the mats. She sat arms length from me and grabbed my hands, putting her feet on mine to do some stretching. Her hands are even softer than I imagined.

“So… you have any family, Ally?” That was the first time I had heard my name used without my surname in a long time. She just keeps catching me off guard.

“Yes Specialist Lain, my mother, back on Earth is…”

“If you don’t start calling me Sarah I’m gonna start calling you by a nickname, and trust me, no one likes my nicknames.” She interrupted.

“Sorry. Sarah. My mom is waiting back home for me, got two siblings, brother and a sister, and then there’s my dog, Mark.” I smile thinking of my family.

“What the hell kind of name is ‘Mark’ for a dog?” Sarah asks, with her signature smirk.

We stop stretching, and both cross our legs in true sleepover talk fashion.

“I was just a kid when I named him, and I thought it was really funny for güvenilir casino dogs to have really human names. Still do. What about you, if you don’t mind me asking. Any family?”

“Nah, it was always just me and my dad. He passed away a couple years ago. Didn’t really have anywhere else to go so I joined up with the army.”

“I’m sorry to hear that… Wait, a couple years ago? How long have you been in the army?”

“Mmmm five years now? Yeah. Four years in the field. Decided to take a break and come teach the newest recruits. I’ll probably get back in when I’m done here.”

“Do you mind me asking… just how old you are?”

“You get inquisitive when you talk casually, huh?”

“Sorry, if that was too far I apo…”

“Nah, its fine, I like the casual you. Plus it’s cute when you get all flustered. I’m 23 this august. You’re… what, 19? 20?”

“I’m actually 22. People tell me I look younger though, don’t feel too bad. I always win when carnies try to guess my age.” She smiles at that, and for the first time I actually see a human, not just a hard ass higher up. It’s a lot harder to think of her as a superior when shes only a year older than me, but granted, shes accomplished way more than I have. I find myself staring a bit too long at her, and she notices.

“You know, you sure do stare at me a lot for someone who ‘isn’t like that’.”

“I didn’t mean to… offend you… when I said that. I think you’re… obviously… very pretty, and any man would be lucky to have you,” I rush through that last part. “but I just meant that I don’t… I don’t like women in that way. I’m not lesbian.” That part came out a bit harsher than I intended and I regretted it immediately. I quickly followed it up. “At least… Not that I know. You know?” I sure do have a way with words.

“It’s okay to not know. I didn’t know for a long time. But when I did know, I knew there was no point in trying to fight it. It’s okay to like things. In fact, it’s really really fun to like things. In this case it’s really really fun to like women. It’s even more fun when they like you.” I knew she wanted to be more casual, but I can’t help but feeling like she’s stopped being a mentor and started talking to me more like a friend. As flustered as I was, I find her really easy to talk to.

“Oh… I didn’t know that you were…”

“‘Like that’? Yeah, I’m a lesbian.”

“Man you really like to throw that back in my face don’t you.”

She giggles and the air is a bit lighter in my chest.

“I mean, you did moan my name while getting yourself off, so yeah I think I’m gonna hold on to that one just a touch longer.” She takes a beat before dropping a bomb on me. “What was with that anyway? Masturbating in your drill sergeants shower the second day you’re at boot camp? Do you really need to do it that often?”

My hands are starting to get sweaty and my face flush. I am supremely embarrassed at the thought of discussing my masturbatory habits with someone I learned the first name of only today.

“I… To be honest, yes. But I promise, I haven’t done it since!”

“Oh you poor thing!” She took an oddly motherly tone with that last exclamation. “Listen, I can’t be having my soldiers all backed up and frustrated, it’s not a good head space for learning. So if you need to use the shower to do that, by all means. Just don’t make a mess.”

Did I just get an order to fuck myself? My face is already beet red, but it darkens about three times when she chips back in.

“God knows I do…” The absolute longing in her voice when she utters that makes it seem like she would rather be doing it now. I don’t think I can say I blame her.

Too quickly for me to stop, the thought of Sarah getting herself off in the same spot I do came flooding into my brain, complete with full graphic detail. The water running off her tits, flowing down her stomach to where her hands fulfill her own needs. Her fingers gliding effortlessly over her lips, gently bumping her hardened clit. Her other hand gently massaging her stiffened nipple just the way she likes. The warm water cascading over every perfect ridge, curve, and valley. What I wouldn’t give to be just a molecule of that water.

God dammit, I did it again. I fucking moaned. In front of her. It’s like I can’t even pretend to be straight when I’m around her. She’s staring at me with a puzzled look.

“Maybe it’s time for you to hit the showers.”

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