Kelli Gets Even Ch. 3

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Kelli woke Wednesday with thoughts of Cindy on her mind… Wondering if those boys that she had sent over were done with Cindy yet. Flipping on the monitor, she saw Cindy, still tied to the bed, with one of the boys at her head and one between her legs, both thrusting away. The other two boys were sleeping on the floor. Oh, well, Kelli thought… I guess it’s no more than she deserved. Chuckling evilly, Kelli wandered off to the shower.

When she returned to her room, she sat for a few moments and savored the revenge she’d already had on Cindy and Bonnie. Today’s was bigger, better, and more complex; it was time for Erin to get what was coming to her.

For the past 5 months, Kelli had been keeping up the pretense of being friends with Erin, not admitting that she knew what Erin had done to her. During the last semester, they had taken the same class. At the end of the semester, Erin had earned an “A” from the teacher by arranging for yet another prank to be pulled on Kelli. The teacher was a lech, gross in the extreme, which is probably the only reason Erin didn’t just sleep with him to get the grade. Instead, she waited until the weekend of the big party and set up an inescapable situation for Kelli.

Kelli had confided in Erin that she was probably going to connect with the guy she was dating at the time during the party; she had no idea how right she was. Erin was secretly seeing the two-timing bastard as well, and together they put their plan into action. Kelli did get laid that night, several times in several positions, most of them very acrobatic, and very loud. The next class, the teacher asked her to come to his office in the basement, and Kelli noticed a very self-satisfied grin on Erin’s face. She did, and he confronted her with a copy of the videotape, insisting that she take off all of her clothes and do as he said, or he would send a copy to her parents. In tears, Kelli did a striptease at his bidding; then he forced her to watch the tape with him, masturbating herself to climax each time she had an orgasm on the tape. Finally, he ordered her to give him a handjob. She did so, grateful that he didn’t ask for something worse, and fled the scene with the tape, a copy of which he kept so she wouldn’t go to any authorities. Needless to say, she found a reason to break up with the guy immediately; but she didn’t let on that she knew Erin had set the whole thing up.

Now it was time for Erin to pay the price for her trick. Further abusing the email system, Kelli had sent email from Erin’s account to a certain teacher requesting an appointment at a certain time in the professor’s office to discuss some “extra credit activities.” She had also sent email from that teacher’s account to Erin, requesting a meeting at the same time to discuss her grades. Kelli had then arranged for some really good fake photos of Erin in the throes of passion to arrive in the teacher’s email box, with a note promising more of the same when they got together. The best part was that Scott, a friend of Kelli’s who had been dating Erin for a couple months at Kelli’s request, had set up casino şirketleri an erotic date with Erin that night immediately after the appointment, guaranteeing that Erin would dress provocatively. As usual, Kelli had the professor’s office wired for video, and tapes ready to record the action.

Five p.m., the time of the encounter, came with agonizing slowness for Kelli as she sat in an empty office down the hall watching her monitor. Finally, Kelli saw Erin enter the professor’s office. Checking to make sure her tapes were recording, Kelli leaned back to watch the show.

Erin was oozing sex. Her 5-6, 110lb frame was wrapped in a skintight sheath of red dress which ended just above the top of her black stockings. 4″ fuck-me heels finished off the ensemble. She was obviously braless, her smallish but perfectly formed breasts pushing against the confines of the dress. She sat in the professor’s outer office, waiting to be called inside. Finally, the door opened and she went inside, unaware of what was waiting for her beyond that barrier.

“Hello, Ms. Ashe” Erin said as she walked into the office.

“Hi Erin,” the professor replied, “I think we need to talk about your grades. Close the door.” Erin did so, and went to sit down at the professor’s desk.

“Don’t sit, Erin. Stand up, and face the wall, please.” Somewhat confused, Erin did so. Professor Catherine Ashe walked up behind her then, and whispered in her ear. “I loved the pictures you sent to me…. And I think we can turn that F into an A in this class if you do exactly what I say.”

Erin’s first reaction was to say “I can’t get an F, I won’t graduate!” Her second reaction was to wonder about what pictures Catherine was talking about. Her third reaction, which pushed the other thoughts out of her mind, was “Oh my God” as the realization hit her and Ms. Ashe placed her hands on Erin’s ass, squeezing gently.

“I think there’s been some mistake,” Erin began lamely.

“Oh, no mistake,” replied Catherine. “You have something I want, and if you want to graduate, you’re going to give it to me. Make your choice now.” She punctuated the sentence with a hard slap on Erin’s ass that shook her slight frame.

Erin ran through her options, and said the only thing she could say “Yes, Ma’am. Whatever you want.” Catherine smiled with delight behind Erin’s back; Kelli laughed out loud at Erin’s predicament. When she had learned of Ms. Ashe’s… tendencies a few months earlier, she had begun to plot; the payoff was better than she had hoped.

Ms. Ashe was many things. A professor for one. A lesbian for another. And, finally, a dominatrix in her spare time. Kelli applauded herself for her cleverness as she watched the spectacle unfold; the fake pictures she had sent had given Ms. Ashe the idea that Erin was a submissive lesbian; Erin had no way out of the situation she was in. Kelli tuned back in to what was going on as Catherine Ashe told Erin the rules of their encounter. “You will not speak unless instructed to do so. You will do what I say at all times. Any transgressions will be immediately casino firmaları punished. Do you understand? You may speak.”

Erin said “Yes, Maam” meekly.

“Good slave” replied Catherine “now take off your dress.” Erin complied, pulling the dress over her head and tossing it aside. Kelli laughed again; Erin was ready for her date with Scott… she wasn’t wearing panties either. Echoing her thoughts, Catherine whispered in Erin’s ear again “No panties… you ARE a good little slut for your mistress, aren’t you? Now turn around and undress me, Erin.”

Erin complied. First she took off Catherine’s long skirt, revealing high leather boots underneath and thong panties. Then she removed Catherine’s blouse and bra. “Now the panties, Erin… with your teeth.” Trembling, Erin knelt in front of Catherine and tugged her panties down using only her mouth. Catherine now stood over Erin, an intimidating sight in thigh-high leather boots, dark straight hair that fell down her back, large breasts with hardened nipples pointing at Erin. Erin stood before her, clad in heels and stockings, waiting for what was to come next.

Catherine stepped forward, and without preamble grabbed Erin’s breasts in her hands and squeezed. Erin gasped with the forcefulness of it; she was unable to control her body, though, which responded, hardening her nipples in Catherine’s hands. “MMMM…. Very responsive. That’s good, slave.” Catherine walked over and unlocked a cabinet. Drawing an item from it, she walked back to Erin and affixed the nipple clamps on her erect nipples, gently tugging the chain that connected them to make sure they were secure, drawing multiple gasps of pain from Erin. “Don’t worry… soon that will seem like nothing, Erin.” Catherine consoled her.

Catherine pushed Erin up against the wall and groped her roughly, squeezing and pinching all over her body. Each time Erin tried to resist, Catherine tugged on the chain; Erin learned quickly how futile her protests were. After exploring Erin’s body to her satisfaction, Catherine dragged Erin over to the desk and bent her over it, her ass sticking up high in the air. Reaching into the cabinet, Catherine pulled out a flexible rod. Without warning, she began spanking Erin with it, alternating softly and with power, drawing gasps and sobs from Erin. After several strokes she moved around to the front of the desk and knelt in front of Erin, placing them eye to eye. Reaching out and grabbing her chin, Catherine forced Erin to look at her; slowly, then, she leaned forward and licked Erin’s tears away. “you’re doing well, Erin… after the pain comes the pleasure.” She returned to her position behind Erin and spanked her again, this time with her bare hand, until Erin’s flesh was bright red.

“Spread your legs wider” Catherine ordered. Erin obeyed immediately. With a look of satisfaction, Catherine used the rod to gently rub Erin’s mound; she smiled as Erin started to get damp from the ministrations. Reaching into the cabinet again she pulled out a vibrator with leg straps, placed it over Erin’s clit, and strapped it around Erin’s güvenilir casino legs, keeping the remote control in her hand. “Now kneel, slave” Catherine commanded. Erin complied, kneeling at Catherine’s feet. Catherine pulled a chair up and stepped one leg onto it. “Eat my pussy, slave.” Several looks crossed Erin’s face; as far as Kelli knew, Erin had never had a lesbian experience before. Erin’s indecision was eliminated a few seconds later when Catherine slapped her across the face and pushed Erin’s lips against her wet pussy.

Erin started to lick, hesitantly at first, then more forcefully. With each pleasure Catherine felt, she triggered the vibrator, giving some pleasure to Erin. She alternated with yanks on the chain, just to make sure Erin’s senses were always on edge. “MMMM that’s good…. You’re a natural, Erin…” Catherine moaned, causing Erin to lick even more furiously. Finally abandoning herself to the situation, Erin slid 2 fingers inside Catherine, causing her to cum immediately. As she did, she turned up the vibrator full blast, bringing Erin to orgasm almost immediately.

Catherine climbed off of the desk and stood in front of Erin again. Grabbing her hair, Catherine lifted Erin to her feet and threw her down face first on the desk again. Pulling some straps from the cabinet, Catherine bound Erin to the desk, legs spread wide, face pressed hard against the wood, the straps going across the back of her neck painfully. Pulling a huge strap-on out of the cabinet, Catherine put it on and stood in front of Erin so she could see it. Erin’s eyes grew very wide at the sight of it, and she started to whimper; Catherine picked up her own panties that Erin had removed from her earlier and stuffed them into Erin’s mouth to keep her quiet. Kelli watched with great pleasure at Erin’s discomfort.

Moving behind Erin, Catherine spanked her again with the flexible rod, then teased her with the strap-on, getting her very wet. She flicked the vibrator to it’s fastest position, then set it aside, grinning as Erin’s whimperings increased from her prone position on the desk. In one thrust she pierced Erin with the strap-on, causing Erin to scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure as the huge piece of plastic slid within her, filling her completely. Catherine then alternated slaps with thrusts, each move causing Erin to cry out into her gag. A few more thrusts and slaps and Erin climaxed again, shaking all over. With almost no pause, Catherine moved around to the front of the desk, pulled the panties from Erin’s mouth, and slid the huge strap-on between her lips. Erin gagged as Catherine slowly fucked her mouth with the strap-on, her head pressed hard against the desk. Erin’s whimpers trailed off as she submitted to the abuse; finally, Catherine slid from her mouth and unbound her.

Pushing her back from the desk Catherine commanded “Kneel, slave.” Erin complied immediately. “Know now that you belong to me for the next week, or I will fail you in my class and you will not graduate. I expect you to return to me each day at 2pm, no question. You will do this, slave?” Erin nodded meekly, eyes downcast.

Kelli leaned back and popped the tape from the recorder. It had not gone perfectly, but it was still good… and who knew what might happen tomorrow? She left the building already thinking of her next victim.

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