Jackie Pt. 02

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This story is being written by Jackie as a narrative of her progression from sexually inactive, to widower, to sexual active, to millionaire. Jackie and Edward are older so don’t read if you are looking for young only. Also Edward dominants female employees which you may find objectionable.


Our night at Phantoms

The limo driver led us into a back entrance but we could see the line around the front trying to get in. The hostess escorted us to a table that over looked the dance floor. She asked us what we wanted to drink and we both said white wine.

A very handsome well dressed older gentlemen came up saying, “Hi, I am Henry, you must be Jackie and you, Shannon.” Henry was almost a carbon copy of Edward, trim, sharp feature and full head of salt and pepper hair.

“Correct,” I said.

“Welcome to Phantoms. Here is our VIP Card. This will get you into any room. Before you leave come by the VIP room and ask for the owner suite. I would like to hear more about the new club you are starting.”

“We would be glad to,” Shannon and I said.

“Sally, take good care of our guests,” Henry said. “Edward started a tab for them and the house will pick up the first drink.” He looked at us saying, “I would really like for you to try the house specialty and give me your opinion.”

“Ok,” we said in unison.

“Edward also said you had cards to pass around. The host and hostess can give them to people that might be interested. I have instructed them to only pass out to people they know to be quality people.”

“That would be great, takes a lot of work off us,” I said as I gave him a stack of open house cards.

“I want you to enjoy the club tonight.” Henry bent over and kissed us each on both checks European style.

“Ok ladies, I will get you the house special and a bottle of our better Chardonnay,” Sally said. “There is a place under the table for you purses and I will watch your table if you both leave. Enjoy yourself.”

“What a place,” I said to Shannon. “How does this compare to other clubs you have been to?”

“It is not one of the largest but it definitely the most eloquent. Mostly it is the clientele. This is definitely the best dressed crowd I have seen.”

“It certainly looks like we should find candidates here.”

Sally got back with our drink and a stand for the wine. She waited for us to taste the drinks and we both declared it delicious. “Just wave if you need anything.”

We watched the people dancing and finished our cocktails. We talked continuously about the place. We poured ourselves a glass of wine and enjoyed watching the crowd for a little. It was hard to talk as the music was loud. There was a DJ and dancing girls in skimpy outfit located around the club.

As we started our second glass of wine two young boys, I would guess barely drinking age, came up to our table and one said, “Hi, I am Jacob and this is Coby. It is obvious you ladies have drinks so you took our only line ‘Can we buy you a drink’ so simply can we sit and chat for a little while.”

They look like choir boys and about as non-threatening as possible. I looked at Shannon and gave her a ‘you decide’ look. “Sure, have a seat.” Jacob sat by Shannon while Coby sat by me.

They were friends and seniors at Florida State back home at each parent’s house. Shannon and I both asked them questions about what they were doing and about school. After about 30 minutes they asked about us. I did not want to say anything that would have let them know I was a 50-year-old grandmother and Shannon knew to avoid it. Shannon spent more time discussing college. But then we got around to describing The Swinger Club and how excited we were about it. We both knew they were not candidates so it was easy to talk to them.

“Would you like to dance?” Jacob said to Shannon.

“Love too.”

As they left Coby asked me, “Would you like to dance?”

“It has been so long since I danced and I was not that good at it anyway.”

“It does not matter. You will see it is really not dancing. It is moving anyway you want and doing anything you want. I will help you.”

“Ok, but don’t you dare laugh at me.”

“I would never laugh at an elegant lady like you.” Ok, I thought, he knows I am old enough to be his mother.

We got on the dance floor and you could barely see anyone except the people right around you and the music was deafening. I could not see Shannon and Jacob. Coby started by showing me a few moves. These were mainly moves that had us grinding into each other. I did begin to notice that the dance was simulated sex and I could catch glimpses of people having sex. More and more I noticed women with skirt pulled up, showing ass and pussy. I was beginning to believe I was the only one wearing panties. After about 5 minutes I was comfortable that I knew how to do this simulated sex dancing and Coby sure seemed to be enjoying is. Coby wrapped his arms around my middle, rested his hands on my ass, and pulled my crotch casino şirketleri into his crotch. I did not object.

“You have a great ass,” Coby said.

“Well, thank you.”

He continued this move until my dress was around my waist. I thought Coby was disappointed with this as the boy cut panties covered almost everything he was interested in. Coby then slid his hands inside my panties and rested his hands on my bare ass. It felt so good I did not object. I could feel Coby hard against my stomach. His leg moved between my legs and he was grinding again my clit. I was getting very wet. This boy wanted to fuck this grandmother. I was not going to fuck him on the dance floor but I was going to tease him and let him have something.

“You are making me wet,” I whispered in Coby’s ear and kissed his neck. He gave me a big wet tongue kiss and I could feel him unzipping the back of my dress. He had it almost down and I said, “I am not going to take my dress off.”

“That is not what I was doing.” Coby said. “Let me show you.”

“Ok, you are showing me how to dance and I am your pupil.”

He gave me a long kiss while he rubbed my back and shoulders. Now I was wet. He slowly turned me around leaving one hand inside my dress. As I turned his hand found my tit. He cupped it in his hand and could feel the thrill down to my toes. He found my nipple and pinched it until I was ready to cry out. He knew he had me. With his other hand he unzipped his fly, took my hand and wrapped it around his shaft. His hand was inside my panties, finding my pussy and gentle started rubbing it. His other hand was rubbing my tit. I was now moaning very loudly.

“You have great tits,” he whispered in my ear. “I wish I could see them.”

I rubbed up and down his shaft. “I like this dance. And my pussy is thrilled. Stick your finger in and let me fuck it.” He put 2 fingers in my wet pussy and I rocked back and forth until I had multiple orgasms. “Let me take care of you.” I turned around slowly to get his hands out of my dress without tearing it. I went to my knees and just as I took his penis in his mouth, I said, “Fuck my mouth Coby. I can take it.” I took his entire dick into my mouth and waited for him to thrust. He slowly started taking his dick almost out of my mouth and all the way back in. He was not so large so it was easy and pleasant. I stuck my hand in my panties and gave myself pleasure while he fucked my mouth. His pace picked up and I knew he was going to cum.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” he said as he pumped into my mouth. I took most of it in but some ran down the side of my mouth and onto my neck. Coby gently lifted me to my feet, took me in his arms as he zipped me back up. Some of his come got on his shirt. He did not seem to care. He then gave me a big kiss.

“I need to get my purse and go to the lady’s room for a few minutes. But don’t leave before I get back.”

“I am more of a gentleman than that,” Coby assured me. We got back to the table and I grabbed my purse so I could fix my face and clean myself up.

When I got back Coby was talking to Sally. “Hi gorgeous. I was just ordering you a drink and some ice water. Is that OK?”


“Did you want another bottle of wine or just a glass?”

“Since Edward is paying make it a bottle. Coby do you drink white?”

“Sure but I wanted to buy.”

Sally smiled, “Why don’t you buy her a Red Rose.”

Coby looked at me smiled and said, “Absolutely.”

I kissed him on the check saying, “That is so sweet.”

Sally was back very quickly with a Red Rose on a small stand that sat on the table and poured us both a glass of wine. We clicked glasses and said, “Cheers.”

“I really enjoyed the dance,” Coby said.

“I did also.”

“Can I see you again?” Coby asked. “We will have to leave soon.”

“Well the club we are starting is having an open house two weeks from today, can you think of anyone that might be interested. I gave him a card. I am the one who answers the phone number on the card.”

“Funny you should ask. When you and Shannon were describing it I thought about my dad. We lost my mother a few years ago and he has been stuck. He works all the time and needs a social outlet. This may be exactly what he needs. He is a successful surgeon so he could afford your fees and the address is not too far from us.”

“Great give one to your dad and tell him you know the Director of Membership is very friendly.”

“I can attest to that. Give me a second, I also have an aunt that is in the same situation. It is for both men and women, right.”

“Absolutely, we want as many open minded females as possible. I think she would be a kid in a candy store.”

I gave Coby several cards. Shannon and Jacob came up and Shannon grabbed her purse, excusing herself to go to the lady’s room.

“Want a glass of wine Jacob?” I asked.

“Sure if you don’t mind. But I really wanted to buy Shannon a drink.”

“I bought Jackie a rose,” Coby said.

He casino firmaları waved at Sally and asked her to bring another Rose. Sally poured a glass of wine for Jacob and Shannon just as Shannon came back.

“Well did you guys have fun on the dance floor,” Coby asked smiling.

“We did, did you,” Jacob said.

“What do you say Jackie?” Coby asked smiling at me.

“We had a blast. I had not dance in a while and he showed me some new moves that were inspirational.” Coby and I both laughed and did a side hug.

“I am going to see if my Dad and Aunt will attend your open house,” Coby said.

“That is great Coby,” Shannon said. “Jacob can you think of anyone?”

“My cousin is a very successful business woman here in Tampa. She needs a social life. This might work for her. Let me have three cards. I can put them in good hands.”

Shannon handed Jacob cards while kissing him on the cheek. We finished our glasses of wine around 11pm. Jacob and Coby said they needed to get home and wanted to see us again. I gave Coby a good night kiss as Shannon did the same with Jacob.

“Well that was fun but we need to find Henry,” I said to Shannon. We got our purses and went to the VIP room and asked for the owner’s suite.

As we entered, Henry greeted us saying, “Everyone this is Shannon and Jackie.” Everyone said hi and got back to their fun. There were 3 couples obviously into each other in various states of dress, Henry, and a very fit guy sitting in the corner alone. Shannon looked over and clearly knew him.

“Girls have a seat and tell me about your new club,” Henry said.

“It looks like Tyler need some cheering up,” Shannon said. “Mind if I try and let Jackie explain the club? He really looks sad.”

“Honestly,” Henry started, “if you could cheer him up I would appreciate it. I tried but you may have better luck. He is a really good friend. He caught his girl friend sucking off some guy on the dance floor and found out she had been seeing him behind his back for months. Maybe a new female admirer will help. So please do. I am sure Jackie can take care of me.”

“I am sure of that also,” Shannon smiled and kissed Henry on the cheek.

Shannon sat on the couch next to Tyler while I sat next to Henry. It was a very comfortable couch. “Who is that?” I asked Henry.

“That is Tyler Ross, the starting forward for the Orlando City Soccer Club, the Lions. He is a great guy that has bad luck with women. He keeps choosing the wrong ones. You must not be into soccer?”

“No, I am not.”

“Tell me what you are into.”

I must have talked for 15 minutes telling about myself before I realized what was happening.

“Henry, I am sorry. You are far more interesting than I am. Tell me about yourself.”

“Instead of that, talk me into coming to your open house.”

“Ok.” I spent another 15 minutes telling Henry about the club and why he should come. “What do you think?”

“Look over at Shannon and Tyler. I think she is making some headway,” Henry said. Shannon dress was missing and I now knew she had not worn any panties. Tyler only had his jockey shorts on. He was laying on top of her working his way down from her tits.

“I think he is making headway with Shannon.”

“No doubt.”

“Now, are you coming to the open house?” I pleaded. “What would it take to get you to say yes?”

“Unzip that dress and let me massage those giant beautiful tits.”

“I think that is too much. Tell you what, I will take my panties off and let you kiss my ass if you will say yes.”

“Make it both cheeks and it is yes.”

“Done,” I said as I stood and removed my panties quickly before he changed his mind. I lifted the back of my dress and backed up so he could easily kiss each of my butt cheeks. I made sure to keep my legs together and put my hands on the front. He kissed both my ass cheeks slowly and kneading the mounds making me want more.

I took a step away just as he finished. “Wait a minute, we are still negotiating.”

“Ok, what is your offer.”

“What about myself and 5 good candidates for your club for you sitting back on this couch letting your top down and giving me 10 minutes to explore those fleshy mounds.”

“That is an intriguing offer,” I said but wanted to find out if I could get more. “What happen if you don’t follow though on your portion of the deal? I am taking all the risk.”

“I will let you lead me around the club with no clothes for 10 minutes and let you spank my bare ass in the middle of the dance floor. With that assurance, what could I get for 10 candidates?”

“If you promise not to tell Edward about this negotiation, for 10 candidates I will unzip your fly, sit on that hard dick and let you have your desire with my tits until you fill up my pussy and are soft.”

“Deal,” Henry said as he stuck his hand out to shake.

We shook, I turned around saying, “Unzip me.” I let the dress drop slowly to the floor as Henry took in the view. güvenilir casino I knelt in front of him, unbuckled and unzipped his fly, taking his slacks off. I took his penis in my mouth and tasted his manhood for a short period of time while he removed his coat, tie and shirt. I straddled his hips and let his dick slide into my wet pussy. I put both his hands on my tits saying, “All yours big boy until the little head explodes.”

Henry smiled, put both his hands on either side of my G’s and buried his head between the mounds pushing in with his hands. He was obviously enjoying this and so was I. I was slowly grinding on his hard dick and stomach. My pussy muscles were clinching and relaxing. Henry came up for air and kissed my nipples. One side then the other. He took them between his teeth and gently and slowly rolled them bringing about a little pain and a lot of pleasure. I had my first orgasm with his dick in my pussy from the way he was working my tits. I could not help moaning. He took both tits and lifted them up. He kissed the crease where the breast became abdomen. It was a neglected spot and caused me a second orgasm bigger than the first. I picked up the pace now stroking up with my pussy clinched and relaxing on the way down. His hands moved to my ass and took handfuls of ass cheek in each hand. His head buried between my breasts. With his hands full of ass, he moved my pelvis the way he wanted. There was a low gruel emitting from his throat. With a lot of force, he moved my hips rapidly back and forth, giving me a massive orgasm to match his. I collapsed on him, tits again engulfing his face.

We both took our time getting our breath, eventually Henry saying, “Best deal I have made in months. What a screw?”

“It certainly was, I enjoyed it too,” Tyler said. “Didn’t you Shannon?”

Henry and I looked up, realizing we had an audience. Shannon and Tyler were standing next to us nude and smiling. “Yes, Tyler I enjoyed it and I think my BFF really enjoyed it.”

I got off Henry. He handed me my shirt saying, “You can clean up with this.”

“No need, I am going to wear this cum home. Figure that makes me a celebrity in this club.” Everyone got dressed.

“See you in two weeks at our club,” I said to Henry. Shannon and I headed to the limo.

As the limo driver was pulling off I said, “I like clubbing.”

“I could tell. And I think I am going to like swinging. I got Tyler to commit to bringing himself and 5 others to the open house.”

“That is great. I got Henry and 10. I am older and can hold out longer. What was the attraction to Tyler?”

“I am a big soccer fan and particularly a Tyler Ross fan. He has played here a couple of years and has many female fans. Can’t believe I got to screw him.”

The limo driver dropped us off. It was close to 2am in the morning and we both needed rest.

A busy week

Sunday I went to see Francis and my grandson, Teddy. I loved doting on him. He was only 8 months old and Francis felt comfortable leaving him with me while she did other chores. She actually wanted me to visit more often. I told her a little about my new job but left out the naughty bits.

Edward had bought Shannon, Bruce and myself iPhones so we could keep up with each other. So as Teddy napped I updated Edward on our trip to Phantoms and next week’s schedule in multiple texts. The following week was packed with Monday thru Thursday being phone calls in the morning and meetings with various groups in the afternoon. When the posters were ready, I was planning to take them around and place in strategic locations. Monday I was invited to a business luncheon down town and then Rotary Club at 6pm. Friday, I let him know I would be in the office all day on phone duty and helping Shannon arrange the dining area for the open house. It was her first time and she wanted assistance with placement and decoration in the room.

He texts back ‘Good job at Phantoms. Will talk to Henry this week. Schedule looks good. Really busy. Plan the following also, come by for 15 minutes before you leave for business luncheon, work out Tuesday morning and change into clothing for marketing picture, clothes will be in locker, staff meetings will be a 9am every Friday morning. Keep staff updated, we need to work as team. Outstanding work!’

I texted back ‘Thanks see you 11am Monday morning for meeting. Shannon and I swimming, you may want to see suits chosen at Anna’s.’

He texted back ‘Can’t wait, will dream tonight about seeing you two in selections with Anna.’

I hoped he would not be disappointed.

Shannon and I met in the parking lot dressed in our Anna swim suits and a beach cover. Edward was dressing from the morning work out. There was a big ugly hairy man and two young girl coming out of the shower.

“Jackie and Shannon, this is Chef Arnoud,” Edward said. We shook his hand and this may have been the hairiest guy I had ever seen. I glanced down where his penis should be and could only see folds of fat. I was hoping this would not be a regular thing.

“These two young lady are part of my staff.” Chef Around pointed to a very petite girl not 5-foot-tall and if she weighed 100 pounds I would be surprised and the other a little taller but very rotund.

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