It was a Wonderful Day

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The drive to the beach.

It was a wonderful day to skip work and head to the nude beach. The forecast was calling for eighty five degrees and sunny, just right. In just under two hours I would be there.

Keeping in shape is very important to me, as nobody wants to see an overweight guy wearing a Speedo or a g-string. So my main motivation when I workout is to show off a bit. I usually wear a g-string pouch style suit that I sew myself. Today I am wearing a white one. It becomes transparent when wet, so when I come out of the water, or when I am drenched in oil, my semi hard cock is clearly seen. I shave my balls and pubic area and keep the rest of my body hair very short. I also like to wear metal rings around my balls and cock. The tight feeling is exquisite and I get lots of comments by both girls and guys of how cool it looks. And my final confession is that I always pop a Viagra type pill an hour before I arrive to keep me in a semi hard state or more – I never know which it will be.

Part of the thrill of going to the nude beach is walking from the parking lot to the beach. I park near the walkway that goes through the woods then across the road then past the showers and concession stand and then the final walkway to the beach. As I step out of my car and walk around to the back to open my hatchback, I am acutely aware of my naked ass that is covered with only a thin white elastic ‘T’. I scan the parking lot for rangers –none yet. I do see a few people sitting in their cars watching me.

‘Enjoy the show.’ I say to them in my head.

I then retrieve my beach backpack chair with all my gear and heft the chair onto my back. I decide to leave the body board in the car for now; leaving my hands empty, which prevents me from covering myself if I get a stiffy- another risky maneuver. As I walk towards the walkway through the woods I see some folks headed my way from the beach.

‘Here we go’ I think to myself. ‘Will they approve or disapprove?’

I see the couple approaching; the girl sees me and is sporting half a smile as she sees how little I am wearing. I smile back thinking, ‘I know what you’re looking at,’ then smile back. My cock twitches. I wonder if I’ll make it to the nude section before it gets too big and hard to stay covered. The guy she is with nods to me as if to say, “You have some balls, man.”

A single guy is now coming down the path. He already has a big smile. He is looking more at my g-string than my eyes. As he approaches he says, “Nice little suit there! I wish I had the nerve to wear that.”

I laugh in response. Another twitch- rocky is on his way up. He likes the attention- even from guys. I increase my pace, as I know this little g-string cannot contain a full boner. I’m torn between wanting to casually walk past the concession stand and showers with my cock near full mast with the possibility of being stopped by a ranger. The last time a ranger (female) stopped me I was wearing my black g-string suit.

She just said, “Could you wear a little more next time?”

So that assured me that I was indeed legal- but barely.

I cross the road from the path to the showers without seeing any ranger cars and attempt to adjust my suit so my cock is contained. ‘Big guy’ is starting to pull the suit away from my body. Anyone looking at me from the side can see some of the rings and cock.

I see guys and gals near the showers checking me out but I look forwards. I don’t want a full woody yet. I am nearly there, ‘stay down now’, I tell my cock as I walk down the long boardwalk to the beach. I see a few couples walking up the boardwalk. One girl is cute. She’s wearing a loose fitting top that’s so thin it shows off her bouncing breasts and hard nipples nicely. Her eyes are glued to my package as she continues her conversation with her partner. My little man is happy to get all the attention. He starts on the rise again. ‘Be cool, just a little further’ I think to myself.

Finally, my fear of being caught in the clothed area with my cock fully hard and straining against the material of my suit is relieved as I pass the sign that reads, ‘You may encounter nude sunbathers in this area’. The worst thing that can happen now is a lifeguard asking me to lie down on my towel or go into the water to cool it off. But they only do that when kids are around- which rarely happens here.

I look out over the hot white sand and see a few hundred folks on the beach already. I pass by naked bodies lying on blankets with their legs spread, others gathered around a few big umbrellas having a party and some are playing Frisbee or volleyball. A few of the regular volleyball players wave to me, as I like to play whenever there is a casual game going on. I remember a volleyball games I was in a few weeks ago; the game is in mid play and as I bump the ball off my arms my cock pops out of my little g-string. My semi hard cock flops around until the volley is over and then I slowly tuck it back in my tiny suit. The other team likes to accuse me of trying casino siteleri to distract them when my chrome and brass ringed cock pops free of my suit. I just laugh and say, “I guess it worked!”

Most of folks at this beach, like me, have also shaved their pubes smooth. Two of the girls playing volleyball today are very sexy. They smile as I pass by. I hope to join them after I’m settled in.

I decide to set my chair down near a couple playing Frisbee. She has a great body, and he looks pretty good too (not that I’m gay, but I appreciate a well built guy sporting a well hung cock and balls). I guess I would be considered bi-curious. The hot girl sees me and I smile at her while nodding my head once. She smiles back with a gorgeous smile. I pull my chair off of my back, set it up facing to the left of the couple (I don’t want to be mistaken for a gawker), then walk around it to retrieve my cooler and little gym bag from the chair pocket. Then I sit down and recline it a few notches and grab a cold beer and a tube of sunscreen. I pop the beer top and take a good pull. ‘This is paradise’ I think as I settle back in the chair. I place the beer in the cloth cup holder and busy myself with applying sunscreen to most of my body. My cock starts to relax a bit.

‘Now for the fun part,’ I think as I reach into my bag for my large bottle of tropical suntan oil. I liberally squirt a line of the thick warm oil up each of my muscular legs and then rub it in with both hands. As I generously coat my arms, the excess oil drips onto my chest and g-string causing my cock to begin growing again. I squirt a bit on my chest and then spread it around slowly, pinching my nipples a little as my hands pass over my chest- hmmm, nice. The excess runs down my abs wetting my g-string some more. Saving the best for last, I hold the inverted bottle right over my covered cock and give it a nice long squeeze. The hot oil soaks through the suit instantly, making my cock magically comes into view as the oil turns the suit from opaque to transparent. My cock quickly hardens at the warmth of the oil. Man, I am rock hard. The metal rings are preventing the blood from rushing out; making my now seven inch red cock very tight; it’s pulsing with each heartbeat. It’s too long for the little suit now; either the head stays out or if I try to pull the material up to cover the head, my balls hang out.

“Mmmmm, nice.” I think to myself.

I grab another beer and chug half of it. The hot girl playing Frisbee is looking over at me. Looking up, I realize that I have been giving both of them a little show. I’m a little embarrassed. Our eyes meet and hold on for a moment. She is pulled from our little moment as the Frisbee hits her in the shoulder and falls into the sand near her feet.

“Owe!” she yells, looking over at her partner with a guilty laugh.

Then, standing there in all her naked glory, she gives me a coy little smile, slowly turns around, then spreading her feet, bends over to pick up the Frisbee. I can’t believe she is showing off for me! Her perfect heart shaped ass fills my vision and I can see her puffy pussy lips and cute little anus. Wow! I notice a gleam in her pussy, detecting a clit hood piercing — very sexy. She looks at me though her legs and smiles, then stands up and throws the Frisbee back to her partner.

After a few more tosses the Frisbee lands near my chair. Opportunity strikes.

Feeling emboldened, I stand up (fighting back any feelings of shame I would have felt in the high school locker room with a hard on). My cock is fully erect, the engorged head poking out of the oil soaked g-string suit. Oil is dripping off my cloth covered balls. Picking up the disk I walk towards her and call out,

“Hi there, mind if I join you?” Then hook my middle finger under the rim and fling it perfectly towards her.

“We would love a third” she says with a smile, trying to catch the disk while gazing at my cock. Now she is a little embarrassed.

Feeling a little self conscious, I look at my hard cock and say jokingly, “Sorry about this, but it’s mostly your fault you know!”

“Well, I may have helped, but you were nearly exposed as you arrived here!” Stepping closer to me she says in a softer voice, “Not that I’m complaining, I enjoyed watching you spread that oil around before.”

“Yeah, that is a big turn on for me.” I confess. Looking down at her natural looking medium sized breasts, I now see that her nipples are pierced as well.

She takes a few steps back and tosses the Frisbee to me.

“Think quick!” She shouts. I barely catch it and then toss it to her partner.

“My name is Lisa, and this is my husband, John”, she states as she tosses the disk to me again.

“I’m Jack” I reply, as I toss the Frisbee to John.

We play for awhile making small talk. I inform them that I am married, but my wife isn’t into the beach scene. My cock slowly returns to the ‘nice and plump’ state but is clearly visible through the white cloth. After a while longer she slot oyna says,

“I’m getting hot, let’s jump in the water.” She throws the Frisbee towards their blanket and starts jogging the hundred yards or so towards the surf. As she runs by me, I stare at her breasts bouncing sexily with every stride she takes. They’re nice and firm and her nipples are extended.

John catches up to her and says to me, “You heard her, let’s go!” He says to me, while I watch his own six inch dick flopping around with each stride.

‘I wonder how big that get when hard.’ I think to myself. ‘This is a really fun couple’.

As I jog after them my cock is bouncing around and will soon be free of the confines of the little piece of cloth that I call a bathing suit. As I approach the water they are both frolicking in the waves and laughing.

She spots me and says, “Come on in, Jack!” waving to me. Her nipples have grown even longer in the cool water. They’re as big as my pinky finger tip.

The water feels wonderful after a sweaty game of Frisbee and jogging over a hundred yards. The waves are on the small side but large enough to body surf. Lisa encourages both of us to take a wave with her. John is on her left and I’m on her right. After we take the wave in together I stand up and my g-string is to the side, so my cock is now fully exposed, showing off my chrome and brass cock rings.

“Nice rings!” she says.

“Thanks. It’s my beach jewelry.” I respond while attempting to cover my hardening cock. The water wraps the cloth around it making into a cloth covered pole.

The next few waves Lisa started getting more physical with me; pushing me, grabbing my ass. Then as we float waiting for a wave, she grabs my cock! She looks at me with a coy smile as she holds onto my hardening dick. “Hmmm, nice,” she purrs. Then she lets go and dives away from me giving me another eyeful of her sexy ass and pussy.

After a while we head back to our respective beach places. I am about to sit in my chair.

“Don’t sit way over here.” John says to me. “Would you like to join us?”

I gladly oblige. John pulls out a few cold beers and tosses me one. We talk for about half an hour or so and are really hitting it off quite well. After a few more beers John Stands up and says, “Hey Lis, let’s take a little walk.” to me he says, “Help yourself to anything in our cooler, Jack. We’ll be back in a bit.”

“Okay, thanks,” I reply, and watch them as they walk down the beach hand in hand.

I recline my chair all the way and close my eyes. I’m feeling a nice beer buzz and the coconut/cocoa butter smell of my oil is very soothing. I find myself fantasizing about Lisa. I imagine her coming up to me in my chair and giving me a deep kiss while grabbing my cock. I also start to think how John would be part of the activity as well. His cock was very enticing. I wonder if she can get that monster down her throat. I find myself fantasizing about a three way with them; I am lying on my back and Lisa is sucking on my cock while I am licking her shaved wet pussy. I imagine John approach Lisa’s pussy with a nine inch long hard cock. I think of how it might feel as it passes over my tongue as it fills her pussy. Then after several deep strokes he pulls out and thrusts forward, missing her pussy, but filling my mouth instead. The huge cock presses on the back of my throat, and then slides down it. Every other thrust into her pussy is shoved down my eager throat. He would cum into her pussy as I cum into her throat, but I would keep licking and swallowing all the cum I could. Then after he pulls his cock from her depths he lets it fall into my mouth again and I suck the remaining cum out.

I awake to the feeling of lips pressed to mine. I open my eyes and realize Lisa is kissing me. She stands up and smiling says,

“John dared me to kiss you awake! Hey, we have to get going; we’re having a little pool party at our house.’

Turning to her husband she says, “John, do you think Jack would be a good fit with our guests today?”

“I think he would fit in very nicely.” John replies.

“What do you think, would you like to come?” She says, knowing she made a double entendre.

“Sounds like a fun, I’d love to come.” I respond with a half smile.

John says, “We live just a few miles from here, so you can follow us over.”

John pulls some gym shorts on and Lisa just pulls a long t-shirt on to walk back to the cars. John’s cock is clearly outlined by the material and Lisa’s shirt is so thin I can see her large nipples standing out proudly and the darkness of her aureoles clearly. My cock starts to grow again thinking about how she is going to be thrilling the folks on the way to the parking lot.

I simply fold my chair up, put my cooler and gym bag in the chair pocket and throw the chair onto my back.

“Wow!” she says. “You’re pretty daring wearing just that g-string back to your car.”

“Ha! Said the kettle to the pot.” I reply.

“You make a good point” she retorts, canlı casino siteleri looking at her nipples, then at my cock realizing she made another joke.

“You’re making two good points” I throw back at her.

“Do you think?” she responds. And then she brings her hands to her breasts, feeling her hard nipples. She pinches each of them and gives them a hard pull, causing them to grow to full size. She smiles proudly.

“You are such a tease!” I comment. Her performance has made me near fully erect again. My cock is now pulling the little g-string away from my body. I try to pull the side elastic to my back to make me look less exposed. It doesn’t help much.

Lisa sees my predickament and states sarcastically, “Did I do that? I know what you can do; just walk close behind me so no one will notice.”

I see no alternative, so I close the distance between us. My cock is just inches from her lovely ass now.

As we start walking up the boardwalk, I think to myself, ‘I wonder if this is a clothed or nude pool party? Well, if everyone else is wearing a regular bathing suit I’m going to stand out big time. But, what the heck, I won’t know anybody anyway. It will be fun being the center of attention’.

When we get to the crest of the boardwalk I walk closer behind her, matching her strides. Suddenly she stops and my cock presses into her crack. It feels marvelous. She wiggles her ass on me and says,

“Just making sure you’re still indecent.” Then she reaches behind her and gives my cock a squeeze.

“Mmmm, nice.” She purrs and then starts walking again. My cock is sticking straight out again. I follow them past the showers and concession stand (hoping there are no rangers around) while both of us are getting smiles and stares from the folks there. Lisa is getting her share of attention with her thin t-shirt that shows off her hard nipples and is short enough to barely cover her ass. I imagine that from the front her pussy can be seen occasionally as well. Maybe it will keep some eyes off of me. Finally, we get past the showers and across the street without getting in trouble. Now we enter the wooded ‘jungle path’ to the parking lot. As we get to the middle, nobody is in sight. Lisa stops again, this time bending over all the way, reaching for something on the path. I’m not as close, so I don’t run inter her. I close the gap; my hardening cock on auto seek. I put both of my hands on her hips and nestle my hard cloth covered cock into her crack.

“Mmmmm, she says. I can’t wait to feel more of that.” Then she stands up and resumes walking.

I look back at John, who is just smiling.

“Are you okay with this?’ I ask softly.

“I love it when she acts so slutty. I’m cool.” John reassures me.

As we emerge from the wooded path I discover that they are parked just a few spaces away from my car. After my backpack is placed inside my trunk I opened my door and slip in. And I mean slip. The oil remaining on my skin causes me to slide around on the leather seat. I love it. As I start the car I think about how it’s always been my fantasy to be at a pool party wearing just my g-string. I follow them for about 5 miles as we enter a very nice neighborhood with large houses. They pull into a long driveway. I’m relieved that I don’t have to park on the street and walk by any homes with my ass on full display.

I park my car near theirs and walk over to join them. “Nice place you ever here” I say, looking around at the large modern home and tall fencing surrounding it.

“Thanks very much” she says. “We like our privacy.” she adds with a wink, referring to the fencing.

John is fumbling was something in the trunk and says to me,

“You go ahead, I’ll catch-up”.

As I walk up the walkway with Lisa towards the pool gate, John catches up to me and says,

“You’ve got something on your neck, I’ll get it.” As he slaps my neck I feel something like a sting.

“Ouch!” I exclaim. “What was that?”

“I think it was a dear fly” John replies.

All of a sudden I start to feel lightheaded. As my knees buckle, John and Lisa are on either side of me to catch me before I hit the walkway. I hear Lisa say, “I’ve got him. Open the gate.”

I think to myself ‘something is not right here.’ Then I black out.

*The center of attention.*

When I wake up the first thing I see is a swimming pool in front of me, but my arms and legs are strapped into some kind of contraption. I’m facing in a downwards position- like riding a racing style motorcycle; my butt is in the air and my head is bent back some. I am entirely immobile- yet not uncomfortable. I hear Lisa’s voice say “Jack, I’m sorry that we drugged you, but we weren’t sure if you would go along with our little game. We have been looking a long time for a guy like you to have some fun with. I hope I’m not wrong about you.” She bends towards my face and gives me a sensuous kiss.

“What is this contraption for?” I ask.

“You will see soon enough.” She says to me.

Then I feel my ass cheeks being parted and something cool being inserted inside me. Then I feel my bowels being filled with some warm liquid. After a few minutes of this my stomach is distended and I feel very full inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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