In the Company of Men

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I looked at myself in the mirror and my reflection smirked back at me from behind the glass.

Looking good, you handsome devil, you, I thought to myself, as I patted scented aftershave onto my cheeks. I was preparing myself. Even if I was just standing there in front of the bathroom mirror in nothing on but my tight, grey Calvin Klein briefs.

I had to look good for tonight, had to get completely psyched for the event ahead, needing to know and believe that I am the fucking stud.

To that end I tried out every crooked grin I had into that mirror; trying not to come off as too much of a smart-ass, nor too aggressive either. And certainly not sneering.

What the fuck was the perfect smile to get me laid tonight?

All around me the posse assembled in the bathroom I shared with eight of my fraternity brothers. Everyone was preparing for the night ahead. The brothers were wired and the house was totally bustling in anticipation of the big night, almost bursting at the seams. It was as if the place itself had a hard on in expectation of what was to come, both figuratively and literally.

I turned my attention back to the mirror one more time, my hand straying to my recently shaved cheek.

It was definitely smooth as a baby’s ass. I rubbed my hand from my cheek down to my smooth chest, appreciating the way my muscles bunched and flexed in the mirror, showing off ever minute of all the hard work I’d put into my body since I was fourteen years old. I was hot. So what? I’m vain. I embrace it. I was two hundred twenty pounds of thick, ripped muscle. Not so much that my six foot, three inch frame looked bulky, but rather nicely filled out. Damn, I was looking so fine that I just couldn’t help it. I flexed my right arm in the mirror, my guns formed nice, rounded peaks like hard baseballs. Just for the fun of it I had a go with a most muscular pose. Mmmm, nice striations and a defined six pack. Hell, if I were a woman, I’d do me. But that wasn’t enough. I felt the pressure of my brothers around me. I had a nervous feeling in my gut.

From the shower I heard someone yell out, “Hey, dude, no flexing in the mirror!”

I turn to see Jamie coming out of the shower, toweling himself off.

I broke out of my pose, starting to feel really good about this evening in spite of the pressure. Someone has started a chorus of ‘I’m too sexy’ to the assembled jeers of the rest of the guys in the room.

A’right, I thought, if that’s the way they want to play it.

“Yeah?” I taunted Jamie, leering back at him, “At least I got muscle, man.”

“Muscle?” he responded contemptuously, “Yeah, dude, that’s all you got!”

I grabbed my crotch through my briefs, emphasizing the size of my balls in the process, in order to remind him that wasn’t true.

“At least,” I said, laughing at him, “It’s all in the right place, fuckwad.”

Not being able to think of anything to come back with, but trying hard not to be outdone, Jamie began a prissy little dance routine to egg on the riotous shouts of our buddies. I just waved it off. I was way too cool for that shit and I need to get dressed anyway.

I was like an actor. I needed to prepare.

“Catch you girls later,” I called out loudly, as I slipped out of the bathroom, “I gotta get ready for my fans.”

I turned my back to them, but I could hear the guy’s catcalls following after me all the way down the hall.

In the relative quiet of my own room I dressed for the evening to come, needing to be perfect. I slipped on a white silk shirt and added a grey Italian blazer to the mix as well. Soon I started to feel the excitement of the night ahead. I felt my manhood stirring below in my already too tight Calvin’s.

“Down boy,” I said quietly to myself, “You’ll get your turn later.”

And I said a silent prayer to myself that it was true. I tried to relax myself back into submission in order to save my stamina what was to come. This was not a night for failure. No hunting party had failed in twenty years. I was going to be damned if mine would.

My attention was distracted as Doug knocked on my door.

He didn’t wait for a response, but barged in hurriedly, as I was just finishing raking a comb through my chestnut hair.

“Ready, man?” he asked impatiently.

“I’ll be right there dude!” I respond, grinning.

But he was half way out the door and down the hall before I’d finished.

I took a deep breath and took one good, long last look in the mirror to satisfy my incredible vanity. I could hardly believe that this was the last time I’d get to partake in this little ritual. It was a great honor.

“Gentlemen start your engines,” I said to my reflection.

But it didn’t respond.

There are plenty of parties at my fraternity of course, I reminded myself as I headed out, but once every year we have what we call surreptitiously: boy’s night. It doesn’t do it justice by a long shot. It may be a bit arrogant to say so, but the brothers bahis firmaları of my particular local chapter are carefully chosen both for their qualities as men as well as for their sexual prowess. For a number of reasons, no one has ever made it through the arduous pledging process still a virgin.

Not that many were to begin with.

We don’t think badly of any other frat though, or anyone else for that matter, but we revel in our masculinity. It’s a little difficult to explain to the uninitiated. But we have only one mission on this night, to worship at the alter of hedonism for one night, fucking ourselves until we are completely sated. Completely. Like a bacchanal. Each hunting party is on one mission only tonight, to find and conquer at least one woman for the pleasure of the whole house. But only willing women. No brother of my house would ever, ever, stoop to the coercion of drugs or alcohol. We were not, nor have we ever been, rapists.

The hunt was on. Let the game begin.

Of course it isn’t quite as simple as I know I make it sound. You see, girls come and go; sex in college is plentiful. But there is just something about our little ritual that brings out a primal bonding frenzy in us. It’s actually very good for the brotherhood. The first time I experienced such a night was when I was a fresh-faced and naïve little newbie brother. Yeah, I had gotten laid before, frequently, and sometimes in some very interesting and inventive situations, but I didn’t understand true sexual power. I didn’t understand how someone could still ravish a girl who was all the while a willing participant. Not until I saw the older brothers in action.

And now I was in another hunting party, and more than that leading a hunt.

The fact that some of the guys, including myself, had pretty steady fucks or girlfriends wasn’t the point. This was not about easy sex or about mere sex at all in fact. It was about worshipping the pussy and the cock, about virility and strength. Knowing that as a man, you have the instrument that WILL rip apart a woman’s holiest of holies.

Not to but anyone down, but after that, everything else is just gravy on the mashed potatoes.

What we were going to do tonight, well it went beyond mere carnal relations. It was about total domination and total pleasure. About the kinds of things that wars have been fought over: pussy and oil. But, lets face its, all the good ones have been fought over pussy.

Empires have been lost for less than this.

Those brothers selected for the duty of finding sacrifices always leave in threes. It’s traditional. Safety in numbers I guess. I didn’t intend to come back empty handed.

We had chosen a place down by the docks for our particular assignment. It was a little club that had a lot of buzz, but wasn’t too popular, known by some of the brothers to be a good pick-up place. The faithful of my particular pilgrimage were made up of Jamie, Doug and me. The battlefield went by the name of The Jolly Roger. Aside from the obviously tacky title, the place did cater to a hip, young scene, consisting mostly of young twentysomethings from the local colleges. Most with too much money to burn and not a lot of sense.

It was called a pussy mission in colloquial terms. But everyone called it a hunt. Very apropos.

We left in a sleek black SUV, courtesy of an alumni brother. Other parties left at the same time while the rest remained at the temple patiently waiting for us to return victorious.

I entered the bar with Jamie on my left side and Doug on my right. It was like a scene from a movie. We had a pack mentality and we were thinking as one, scoping out the sites, judging the competition, and generally surveying our territory.

The music was a mix of INXS, Robert Palmer, and other hip rockers of days gone by, mostly from the eighties and seventies, with a few of the nineties thrown in for good measure. Excellent, I thought, we would run into a more sophisticated sort of woman here. These were women dressed for the work hours, rather than after school hours. They wore tight, short skirts and slinky little dresses, exposing their firm curved bodies.

I ran my tongue over my lips savoring the sights.

I nodded to Jamie to take the left, as Doug was already heading for the right. That just left the middle for me. This place had a good feel. Past the main bar area there were pool tables and a dance floor. And there were plenty of sweaty young bucks strutting their stuff out there on the floor with their prey, moving in time to the beat that permeated the building.

Quick check of the watch: 9:00. Not too early, but maybe not late enough.

I moved like a cat through the crowd, smiling at the ladies, noticing the ones who smiled back and the ones who just stared. I dismissed the older women out of hand, they would never do. Also the ones traveling in packs. The ratio seemed good. However, there were more women than men. So it would make ’em that much more kaçak iddaa eager. I prowled further through the crowd, gently brushing against women, making polite conversation here and there. Hoping I oozed just the right amount of charm, and very little sleaze.

The bar itself loomed up right before me, the bartender looking at me expectantly like he didn’t have all day to wait around for me to jack off before I ordered my drink.

Registering his expression I nodded to him, “Jack and coke, man,” I said.

He went to fill my request.

From the bar I saw a petite blonde creature sitting idly at the far end. She seems to be alone, staring off into the crowd of people dancing. Perhaps it was the heat of my stare, but she glanced in my direction, our eyes encountered one another. And I knew she was the one. Like magic, I turned on my best smile, and she smiled back in sweet, sexy way, then as quickly turned away, brushing a lock of her long hair from her face.

Could it possibly be this easy? I wondered, daring to hope.

We flirted for a while, our glances growing stronger, each lingering longer. I think the time had come and the time was now. She is wearing a strapless yellow dress. I could see, as she sat on the stool, that she had long, shapely legs, crossed delicately to cover that most private of areas. The dress was skintight and there wasn’t a single ounce of anything unnecessary on this chicklette. Absolutely luscious. Finger licking good. There was nothing holding that dress up except those two ample tits, like pert tight, round softballs. As the dress rounded over them it exposed the shape of her nipples underneath.

I was gonna enjoy the sexual agony and ecstasy of this girl.

“Hey,” I said, my Southern drawl oozing like molasses, at the same time giving her my most award winning smile, “Y’all from around here?”

She looked at me, almost lost, so I tried a more self-deprecating approach, “God, I guess you probably get hit on a lot. I must sound as corny as Kansas in August.”

Again I used the smile.

Trust a compliment. The façade she had melted away and she finally leaned into me, laughing.

“I’m a student in the city,” she says, “Yourself?”

“Oh, me too,” I stated matter-of-factly, but the grin was there again showing I meant business.

I start circling my quarry. The ice has been broken and we got to talking. I led the conversation as carefully as I could, working my way inside her defenses. After all it’s always easier if they let down the drawbridge before you storm the castle.

We ordered more drinks. We got up to dance. Then more drinks. Then more dancing. My groove was on.

This little babe had moves, I’ll give her that; she kept me on my toes. I moved in behind her on the dance floor and she permitted her firm, sensual ass to move closer to my thighs. We ground together as I transferred my hands down around her waist. My boner rubbed the crack of her ass as she danced. She led me on the chase, keeping the hunt fresh and exciting, twisting and turning, leading me to dead ends, and then letting me catch her scent to allow me to give chase once more. She assumed that what I wanted was just plain old sex. Poor thing, if she only understood that before this night is through more men than just me will have worshipped many times at her heavenly gates.

The night was getting exciting.

Check watch: 11:30.

Something needed to happen soon though, there are men waiting with bated breath back at our temple fortress, while their brothers are out slaying the dragons. I was not about to disappoint them tonight.

Our cocktails have started to get stronger, mixed with things more powerful and I’ve ordered shots of tequila to speed things along. She plays her game, but sex is in her eyes – I know that look well, have, in fact, seen it in my own eyes reflected back from a lover’s gaze. If this were any other night in the world I would say ‘fuck all’ and take this bitch for myself, all night long. But I have miles to go before I sleep, so I accelerate the relationship into overdrive.

It’s time to break this little mare in and I was just the stallion to do it.

I caught Doug’s eye across the room, then Jamie’s. Jamie had been chatting up a girl for some time, and I think from the looks of things that he may have made some progress. Doug too had apparently had some success.

When my date got up to get another drink, I motioned to them from across the room, signaling time and pointing to the men’s room. I had already checked it out a few times before when I’d needed to take an earlier piss. It was small and not terribly busy, the people in this place were starting to head out anyway for the bigger nightclubs downtown. Only the hardcore regulars remained.

Doug and Jamie took my meaning immediately, perking right up, but I was not sure if they were ready yet or not. Oh, well….

She came back with another martini.

I had taken the conversation kaçak bahis about as far as I could. But after some very sexual innuendos, she asked me, “So, stud, are we going to fuck or what?”

Fucking superb! I was right about her intentions.

“C’mon,” I told her, nodding my head toward the bathroom, “I think I’m too drunk to piss without some help.”

The look on her face easily told me that the thought of illicit public sex excited her even more than when she’d felt my boner earlier on the dance floor.

The john had two urinals and as many stalls, one of which was a big handicapped stall at the end.

As we entered the empty bathroom, I moved to the urinal closest to the last stall. I did in fact need to piss, so I unzipped in front of her and whipped out my horse cock, discharging a pale golden stream into the white porcelain receptacle. The feeling of taking a piss when you really need to has got to run a close second to raw, urgent fucking. I could feel her looking at my broad back, intrigued by what she was seeing. Such a normal masculine activity as a long piss had become one of intense erotic arousal for her and I heard her breath become uneven as she continued to watch me.

Suddenly her arms were wrapped around my waist, encircling my manly breadth. Her fingers moved around and down to touch my hand as it held onto my pecker, pointing the stream firmly in the right direction.

I was just finishing, shaking it off, but I held it out there, allowing her grip to reach down to the, as yet, unseen creature. She stroked the base of my shaft and I felt my already semi-hard soldier spring up into action. I took my left hand and stroked it up and down the length, while my right hand held firmly onto hers.

“Turn around,” she whispered into my back.

Giving her the security of feeling in control, I did as I was told. Her gaze dropped down to my crotch, and the power tool I was still gently rubbing.

I didn’t even have to say a word; she got down onto her knees of her own accord. My mast was glorious and fully erect, pointing up in vain toward my covered chest, although still weighed down by its own enormous size. She gave a sharp intake of breath, but only for a second. I was big, and I knew it. Chicks loved my cock, and once they got a look at it they wanted it. They wanted to know if all the rumors about getting fucked with a big dick are true. Once they had me, they knew the answer. They became addicted.

My cock was standing at attention before her, and when she gripped it with her small hand it seemed even bigger than its nearly ten inch length! Her hand looked miniscule when it was wrapped around such a thick, rock hard dick. She leaned forward and kissed the end of my mighty shaft, her eyes locked on mine. She bent further and sucked one of my balls into her mouth as her hand stroked my manhood. I sighed, leaning back slightly. I watched her tongue snake out and slowly make its way up along my shaft.

Finally, she opened her mouth and slipped the mushroom tip of my thick dick into her mouth, past those thick, pouty lips. She really had to stretch her mouth around it. She ran her lips down my pole, trying to get as much of me into her mouth as she could. But it barely went in halfway, so her hand stroked what remained of my naked flesh. I could feel my warm rod touch her throat, and she slid her lips back up to the top. As she knelt before me, her head bobbed up and down on my dick, sucking loudly. Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp went her mouth as she gave me one hell of a blowjob. For an instant, she went too far down my dick by mistake, and coughed a little, still holding me in her mouth. She recovered quickly, though, and continued sliding her lips up and down the top half of my hot rod.

My eyes watched this gorgeous beauty give me head. Her perfect lips were wrapped tightly around my aching shaft, gliding up and down it. My dick glistened, coated in her saliva. I could see her face completely, and her eyes were closed as she sucked me off eagerly.

This girl really got into her blowjob. She was so horny she took it out on my cock with her mouth. Determinedly, she opened her mouth to a size even my experienced eyes wouldn’t have thought possible, stretching her cheeks wide, swallowing inch after tender inch of the massive steel rod, using her hands to cradle my giant balls and stroke my lower shaft.

This admirable little slut took so much of my length in on that last suck that, if I had been anyone else, I would have been completely confined in her mouth by now. As it was though I had to make do with the ministrations of her supple tongue moving around the sensitive underside of my shaft, pinned entirely in the warm, wet confines of her mouth. She was doing magic to me without even moving her head. But then her best was still yet to come. She started fucking my prick with her mouth in long slow strokes. Her tongue moved out to stoke my cock from the base to the exquisite tip of my immense head.

I had to steady myself against the urinal behind me; fearful that my feet would go out from underneath me as a result of the sheer intense satisfaction she was giving me.

This one was impressive, most impressive.

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