Behind the tapestry Pt. 03

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Angelina Castro

Part 3

The morning found the king and queen laying in the same position. With his hardness returning, he thrusted himself and entered her with ease due to the wetness of their desire still on and in her. This encouraged him to wake her with his passion of wanting. His desire to paint the inside of her once again with his extract of life.

Some time during the night, the queen had removed the new gift the king had placed on her nipples that previous night. She had decided that she enjoyed the pleasure it brought the king when she had them on and planned on surprising him with them in the future. The thought of connecting them to the necklace that held the key to their room intrigued her.

During breakfast the conversation was cheery and light. Their playful banter and teasing caused the others that accompanied them to smile and giggle. The enjoyment the king and queen had by being together was infectious to all that they encountered.

The king met with the cook and assembled a simple, yet filling picnic lunch. He helped with loading the provisions on a pack horse and then readied his and the queen’s horses.

The blue sky was sporadically dotted with cotton candy shaped clouds that took the shape of animals. As they rode from the castle grounds and through a field of wild flowers, they could feel the sun smiling at them with its warmth. With each step, the horses assisted the flowers in serenading the royal couple with their symphony of aromas that arose from their colorful petals.

There were moments of laughter which made the horses ears twitch. Moments of silence that made them aware of and appreciate each others presence as each quiet second passed. Moments of teasing and giggling. The couple enjoyed the time of being together without allowing the burdens of their positions overwhelm them nor enter their minds.

“Tell me a story my love.” Said the queen suddenly. “Tell me a story that will take my breath away.”

The king tilted his head back and closed his eyes. Allowing the warm sun to reach in his mind and melt away all other thoughts except the ones he would use to create a story. He had a story in mind, but he did not know if he had the words to make it take her breath away.

He took a deep breath, exhaled slowly then began.

“The couple had been floating on the makeshift raft for over a week. The ocean rocking them gently now. Lulling them to sleep as the sun was setting on the horizon. The tranquillity, even with the suffering they had endured, was not lost on them.

She rested her head on his chest and listened to the slow cadence played by his heartbeat. The heart she knew she owned, the one that also carried all of her love. The heart that has always been so strong, the one that would fail soon if they were not found or found land.

This thought caused her to sigh then silently weep. No tears formed due to her body trying to conserve every particle of water in order to survive. She knew he would die to protect her, but she never thought that they would be in this situation. A situation that made them both powerless in their ability to help one another.

‘Before the sun sets my love, you need to drink.’ He said to her as he rested her head on an improvised pillow made out of folded up clothes.

She knew that he was as weak as she was, and was amazed that he could still sit up and remove the cork from the water skin. He held her head up and allowed some of the fresh water to enter her mouth. She held it there and allowed the refreshing nectar of life revitalize her cracked lips and permeate the dryness of her parched throat.

He then placed the water skin to his lips and tilted it back. As he replaced the cork, he licked the droplets of water from his lips and said ‘ahhhh’ as he looked back down at her.

As they rode he continued with the story and how each time at dusk, he would give her a drink of water then place it to his lips. He would feed her with what little provisions he was able to salvage from the wreck. Without her knowledge, casino şirketleri he was only saving a bite of the food for himself and giving her the rest.

“Then one morning, just before the sun lifted its brow above the horizon, he heard a sound that he had not heard in over two weeks. It was the sound of lapping water, splashing playfully on the sand.

They were being guided to the shore of an island by small waves. He was able to get out and stand on the sand with water reaching up to his neck. He pulled the raft towards the shore and was able to help the waves land it on the sand.

Exhaustion overtook his weakened body. He laid next to the raft and felt the dry part of the sand warm his back and the sun warm his face while he thought of what to do next.

He could hear his loves voice calling to him in a gentle coo. He could feel her hand as she pressed it along side of his face. “Honey, I need you to be ok. I need you to come back to me.”

When he opened his eyes he could see her angelic face with a halo encompassing her head. He closed his eyes again then realized that he had fallen asleep on the shore of an island. As he opened his eyes to look at his angel, he was greeted instead with the sunlight staring at him directly in his face.

As he sat up, he looked over his shoulder and saw her at a small stream that lead to the ocean. She had filled up the water skin and was bringing it to him so he could drink. She realized by the weight of the bag that he had not taken a drink or as full of a drink that he gave her every night. He had kept his word and was willing to sacrifice his life to save hers.

Once they had both been refreshed by the cool and clean water, they sat in the shade under the trees. After eating the last of the food they were able to save, they decided to follow the creek up stream so that they may find a place of refuge out of the weather.

The sound of bubbling water brought a lift to his heart. He knew what they were going to see as they rounded the corner of trees. Knowing that they were about to reach a place of solitude, comfort and safety, he knew he had succeeded in saving her.

The waterfall was about as tall as the trees. It gracefully peeked over the edge before it greeted them with a splash and gentle churning bubbles in a cool pool.”

As the king finished his last sentence, they turned the horses around a grove of trees. He had stopped his horse in order to see the queens face. A look of awe would be a mild expression to try and describe the way the queen looked at the waterfall.

“This is the waterfall from your story!” She exclaimed. “How did you…you knew I was going to ask for a story?”

“No, I did not know you were going to ask for a story. I was going to try and lead you up to the waterfall anyway, but I did not know how I was going to be able to tell you without just stating we are going to a waterfall. Once again, your timing is impeccable and you allowed me to carry you away and release you from the bindings of this world.”

He helped her down from her horse then picketed all three of them in a shaded area under the trees. He gave each of them a quick brush and a pat on the rump to remind them that they have served them well. After the oat sacks were strapped on each of the horses, he turned his attention to his queen.

She was standing on the edge of the water, mesmerized by the gentle fall of the water and the deep and dark color of the pool. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her tummy. She locked her hands within his and leaned back into his embrace.

“You know.” He said into her ear.

“I do.” She returned.

While kissing her neck, he pulled his hands away and untied the back of her dress. The criss cross pattern of the lace, opened eagerly and fluttered as her dress crumbled at her feet. She turned to him and kissed him. As she reached up to remove her undergarments he gave her a quick shove! She landed in the water with her arms outstretched and the look of revenge casino firmaları on her face.

His laugh was so loud the horses perked their heads and a flock of birds erupted from the treetops nearby. He was temporarily blinded by the tears in his laughing eyes. Deaf due to the uproarious laughter being emitted from deep inside. His own frivolity caused him to not realized the queen had gotten out of the water, come up behind him and with a shove of her own, sent him headlong into the deep cool water.

Their laughter melded into a harmonious chorus as he climbed back on shore. They giggled as they finished removing their clothing then hung them to dry. The smiles on their faces as they walked towards one another were only being outshone by the sun.

Hand in hand they turned to the deep water and jumped in. They could feel the worries and stress leave as they were floating and gliding in their personal oasis. The coolness of the water coupled with the warmth of the sun invigorated and relaxed them at the same time.

“Follow me!” The king said as he dove under the water and resurfaced behind the waterfall. The queen followed him without a moment of hesitation and reemerged facing the falling water. The king took her hand and led her away from the waterfall. She found that the bottom was sandy and they were standing in water that was a little higher than her knees.

“I found this area when I was a kid.” The king said as he sat down in the water and leaned against a rock ledge with a smooth stone wall behind. The queen walked over to him and lowered herself onto his lap with her legs straddling on either side of his.

Reaching up and running his hand along her jaw, down to her throat, then trailing off of her shoulder, the king sighed.

“Before I found you, this is where I would go to hide. This is where I would allow myself to release my burdens and find solace. I am sharing this with you because it is now a place of peace and happiness for me. I have not been here in a long time.”

The queen kissed him. He thought he saw a tear run down her cheek as she leaned in to him. She kissed him again, then again. She could not say words that could express the feelings she had because of him telling her of his own personal fortress.

Rising onto her knees she was able to take him fully into her. She needed to feel him inside of her as he let her enter into his mind, his psyche and his heart.

She put her hands on the smooth stone behind the ledge and began to grind on him. The king leaned his head back to the wall and moaned a low growl as she gyrated her hips. She began to intensify her movements by circling her hips then grinding forward and backwards. Once she began to piston herself on him he reached and grabbed the hair on the back of her head with one hand and pulled her head back. With the other arm he clinched her waist as he stood up and walked into deeper water.

She enveloped his waist with her legs and dug her fingers into his shoulders as he carried her. He turned her around and sat her on the submerged ledge and began to jackhammer her. Her legs involuntarily opened wide to the hard and fast pounding and her arms reached behind her and steadied herself on the stone. Her voice crescending to the roar of a lioness as she is being ravaged by her leader. Each growl, each scream and every moan was drowned out by the din of the crashing waterfall. She reached for him and dug her claws into his flesh, staring into his eyes as he brought her to the edge of the lustful waterfall within her. Then he slowed down and pulled her to him and carried her away from the ledge and walked to deeper water. Still inside of her he kissed her and stifled her protest of not being allowed to finish.

He walked back over to the ledge and laid her back once again. Pumping slowly and deeply he lowered himself down in the water enough so that the top of his head was rubbing her g-spot. The rate of thrust increased when he knew he had stimulated her ribbed area of pleasure by the way she responded. güvenilir casino His hands gripped her hips and dug in, creating divots of ownership. She tried to move her hips, she was getting close again and wanted to dive into the deep water of pure lust, but his firm grip held her in place.

She was determined to ride him out until she reached her orgasm. She controlled her breathing as to not alert him that she was getting closer. Her moans were low and soft, only escaping with his inward thrusts. She felt herself begin to topple over to the blissful side of ecstasy when he pulled out and said, “Not yet my naughty girl.”

How did he know? She thought. Desperately she tried to pull him to her, to enter her and take what was his, but, at this time he owned her orgasms. This thought ignited such a flurry of lustful emotions within her, she had pushed him away into shallow water and had him in her mouth before she realized what she was doing. She could feel him touch the back of her throat with each downward movement of her head. Her wails of raw delight escaping her mouth as staccato signals each time she lifted her head.

His calls of yearning began to echo off of the rock walls as she was feasting on his engorged cock. She took her hand and gripped his sack and rubbed, fondled and squeezed as she was impaling her mouth with his hardness. He pulled his legs up as he was getting close but gasped as he felt her pull firmly and hard on his sack and took him out of her mouth. Opening his eyes he looked down at the most devilish grin he has ever seen on the queens face. She denied him, and she was pleased with herself.

He knew he did not create the monster that was now licking him from base to tip. The one that was sealing her lips around his throbbing and aching head. The one sucking with such force he could not hold back the desire to thrust so he could finish. He knew that monster was within her the entire time and it excited him when it was released. However hard he tried he was unable to thrust. She pulled him harder and tightened her grip on him forcing him to obey.

“Oh my love.” Was all he could say as his body relaxed back into the cool sand. Once the back of his head touched the sand he felt her teeth scrape slowly down his head. Once she reached the purple ridge she bit into him a little harder.

His yelp was quickly converted into bellows of delectation as he felt the heat of her mouth envelope him. Her head plunged on him, driving him to the ethereal plane of euphoria when he felt the sharp pain in his abdomen of her grip and pull.

With a swift movement, he grabbed her and flipped her on her back to the sand. He pinned her arms down by her wrists above her head and with his knees he spread her legs. Their eyes locked as she tried to close her legs. His anticipation of her attempt to deny him entry worked well for him. He had positioned himself so that when she tried to close her legs, he was able to thrust and enter her without any guidance.

His grip on her wrists tightened as he continued the carnal invasion. The vocalizations that reverberated, the sharp smacking sound from their bare, wet skin as it connected were swallowed up in the back side of the water as it was falling. The sounds were carried down into the deep pool, churned then reemerged as a soft and gentle line of bubbles on the front side of the waterfall. They experienced a satisfying resolution that only led to another climax, and then another.

He woke up with her arm and leg laying across him and her head on his chest. His arm was resting down her back with his hand on her waist. He kissed the top of her head and quietly asked her, “Are you awake?”

She replied with a full body hug and a soft “mm hmm”.

He kissed the top of her head again then followed it up with, “You know.”

“I do.” She replied.

Part 4

After they dried off and dressed, they enjoyed their picnic lunch next to the water.

“Who else has access to this area?” She asked as they laid back in the grass.

“Only us.” He said while closing his eyes and feeling the warmth of the sun on his face.

Without a word they both had reached over to one another and held hands. Their fingers interlocked and they both emitted a sigh.

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