Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway

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This is a fictional account.

Jennifer Wells was so excited. She had never even been outside of Lincoln, Nebraska before and here she was about to board her first airplane. She had just graduated from nursing school and volunteered for the navy. It was April 1942, and the nineteen year old, Jenny Wells, was dressed in her uniform and ready to go.

Her first assignment was Midway Island, a sleepy little island in the Pacific about 1,300 miles northwest of Hawaii. The two islands that made up Midway totaled a minute two square miles. A little over 450 people lived there permanently, but since the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor five months earlier, the population had swollen to several thousand. The navy, which managed the island, was pumping resources into Midway as a forward base of operations against the Japanese. The airstrip built in 1935 was vital to the defense of the Pacific.

Jenny was happy to be doing her part to help the military and the war effort. Her brother was stationed in Georgia, at the newly established Fort Gordon with the Army. He wrote letters indicating they might be headed for England and possibly on to North Africa. Jenny’s boyfriend from church had also enlisted and was doing basic training in New Jersey at Fort Dix.

This would be Jenny’s first plane flight. She would fly to San Diego for some last minute training then on to Midway. Jenny met two of her classmates from nursing school at the airport. They were both headed to San Diego like her but their ultimate destination was Pearl Harbor. Jenny was thankful not to be headed there. The rumors among the enlisted nurses were that Pearl Harbor, though beautiful, was not the place you wanted to be stationed right now.

Jenny could hardly contain herself as they walked out on the tarmac to board the big twin engine plane. She had always been an adventurous girl, not afraid to try new things. When her brother had called her chicken for not jumping off a high rock wall into the creek near their house, she did it. She had taken on many dares in her young life. Jenny had however, remained a faithful girl. She had not allowed herself to fall into the sexual traps that many of her high school friends had. Several were already pregnant. Some were married with a child, or had been involved with many men.

Jenny had just one boyfriend, Gary, and they had remained true to their faith and not been sexually active. Sure they had kissed a couple of times and even one time Gary had touched her clothed breast, but they had never gone beyond that.

Jenny talked with the other girls on the flight. They had a great trip talking and gazing out the windows at the sights below. This was one of the most amazing days of Jenny’s young life and she reveled in the excitement. She was almost disappointed when the pilot told them they would be landing soon.

The short trip to the naval base gave the girls a chance to check out San Diego a little. It was a lot different than Lincoln with palm trees and large bodies of water. The next three weeks of ‘Wave” training – that is what the navy called their nurses – was intense but still fun in Jenny’s eyes. It was over quickly and her orders arrived for transfer to Midway.

Jenny had made a few friends at the base that were also headed for Midway. They were excited as they walked to the plane for the flight to Pearl Harbor. They would only be in Pearl until transportation was arranged to Midway Island. It was beautiful in San Diego in May and Jenny wished they could stay longer to see more of California.

The flight to Pearl was about eight hours and almost entirely over water. Jenny found it boring until they began to circle the Hawaii Islands prior to landing. They looked so lush and inviting from the air, Jenny could hardly wait. They touched down at the Honolulu Airport at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. A car with a red cross on it was waiting for them and took them to the Waves quarters on the naval base.

Jenny and her friends got a little more first hand training from the nurses at Pearl and a tour of the devastation still visible. When Jenny saw the sunken ships and toured the hospitals with many wounded sailors, she was glad to be headed for quiet little Midway. Her only concern was that it might prove to be very boring. To her mind the little islands were hardly even worth defending. Who would want them anyway out there in the middle of the Pacific so far from anything?

Her two new friends, May and Beatrice, were good company on the long boring flight from Pearl to Midway. May was from Wichita, Kansas and Bea was from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They had talked for hours on the flight from Pearl. Each told about themselves, where they lived, what it was like, and boyfriends. Bea was funny and May very sweet. They had boxed lunches for the long flight, which they ate about mid-flight.

As they sat eating silently for the moment, Jenny looked at her two new friends. May was tall, possible 5′ 10″, with straight long brown hair. bahis firmaları She was slim but looked to have a nice figure. Bea was much shorter, probably not much more than 5′ 3″. She had freckles around her nose to match her reddish blond hair. Her skin, besides the freckles, was creamy white and Jenny envied her that. She also envied her breasts as they were larger than Jenny’s from the cut of her uniform. Bea’s shortness with her large breasts gave her the appearance of a larger build than May, but actually her waist was quite small.

They were just finishing lunch when one of the three other new nurses in the front row turned to talk with them. She introduced herself as Vivian. She was from San Francisco and older at twenty-one. Vivian was disappointed to be going to Midway. She wanted to stay on the more populated islands of Hawaii where all the sailors were. They all talked a little longer but Viv soon turned back to talk with the other two girls.

When everyone was sort of talked out, they dozed for a little while. The total flight was about five hours. They hadn’t slept long when the pilot indicated they were going to land. He circled the islands briefly and the girls got a good look at their new home. It looked very tiny to Jenny. To a girl from the wide open stretches of Nebraska, this looked smaller than her dad’s farm.

As the plane pulled to a stop by the airport hanger, Jenny noticed three jeeps waiting outside the plane. When the door was opened, they exited to the tarmac. It was a bright sunny day but the wind was quite strong and nearly blew all their hats away. The pilot and co-pilot loaded their duffel bags into the last jeep as the six women joined the drivers in the first two. When everyone was in, they took off for the base hospital and the nurses’ quarters.

Jenny was in the middle jeep with May and Bea. The driver introduced herself as Charlotte. She had been on the base for four months and was from Chicago. She welcomed them to Midway Island. Charlotte pointed out different buildings and sights to the passengers. The ride took all of three minutes and they arrived at the base hospital. It was really not much more than a series of three buildings. The first larger building was the main part of the hospital for patient care and operations. The other two buildings had been recently constructed. One was for housing patients and the other was their quarters.

As they walked around on a tour with Charlotte, they also meet all the people from the first jeep. Vivian they knew but the other two girls from the flight were Joan from Dallas and Dorothy from Saint Louis. Their guide was Mary Jane. She was from Charlotte North Carolina and had a cute accent.

They met two of the four staff doctors on the tour. The hospital only had ten patients at the time and the worst problem seemed to be an appendix that had needed to be removed. Most of the patients were either sick or had hurt themselves during construction of the base buildings. The tour lasted about twelve minutes.

Mary Jane and Charlotte walked them around the hospital to the entrance to their quarters. As they walked around, they spotted a group of marines doing a training run. Vivian yelled, “Hey, Boys,” and several turned their heads and waved.

As they walked on, Jenny looked at the other girls. May was a little shocked that Vivian had done that, which made Jenny smile. Bea had waved back to the guys along with Vivian and Dorothy, so it was obvious how they felt. Joan and the two instructors had just kept walking.

Their quarters were Spartan even by the standards of a farm girl from Lincoln. Ironically the rooms were set up as small suites, three nurses to a room. Each suite had its own bath with a stall shower. There were five suites in all, so a maximum of fifteen nurses could be housed in this building. The first three suites were occupied so they got the last two. Vivian, Dorothy and Joan took the first one while May, Bea, and Jenny got the last one. Being in the corner of the building, it had windows on two sides which was nice. Charlotte showed the girls her room and how they had set it up. They had used blankets secured to the ceiling to separate the beds for a little privacy. There was a small open space with a little table and three chairs. Each girl would have a bed, dresser, part of a joint closet, and a foot locker.

Vivian asked, “Why put up the blankets? We’re all girls here?”

Charlotte said, “Occasionally, someone might have a guy over.”

“Ahh… good point,” Vivian said, with a big grin.

May gasped and the other girls all chuckled.

Charlotte and Mary Jane left them alone in their rooms to unpack and get settled. They had the night off but duty started the next day. Being the new replacement recruits, they got the night shifts which displeased them. The shifts were eight hours on, sixteen off. Starting times were at six in the morning for the day shift, two in the afternoon for the afternoon/evening shift, and then ten o’clock for kaçak iddaa the night shift. All but Joan got put on the night shift. She lucked out and got second shift.

Jenny unpacked her duffel bag and put her clothes away. Bea and May did the same thing and they talked as they went.

“Did you see all those cute Marines?” Bea asked.

“Yeah, there were some cute ones,” Jenny agreed. “They all looked to be in great shape too.”

“I can’t believe Viv yelled hi to them,” May said.

“She is the outgoing one, isn’t she?” Bea said, with a big grin.

“I think she is pretty wild,” May said.

“Maybe people from San Francisco are a bit more aware of their sexuality,” Jenny said.

“A bit more slutty, you mean,” May stated.

“Well, that is one way of putting it,” Bea said, and they all laughed.

After they were done unpacking, they hooked back up with Viv, Joan, and Dorothy and went for a walk to the mess. Charlotte had pointed it out on the way to the hospital. It was a short walk from their quarters. It was cafeteria style dining and they each grabbed a tray. The mess had at least thirty guys in it and they immediately became the object of attention to all the males in the place.

The nurses filled their trays and headed for a table off to one side. They could feel themselves being watched as they moved. They sat and started eating.

“This is wild with all these guys around,” Viv said. “It is like we are the chickens and the foxes outnumber us.”

“My mother could get a date in this place, they’re so horny,” Dorothy exclaimed.

“They are looking at us like Sunday dinner, aren’t they?” Bea agreed, with a chuckle.

“What do you think, Jenny?” Viv asked. “You ready to be the object of all these guys’ wet dreams?”

“I don’t think it will be me,” Jenny said shyly.

“Oh, I beg to differ. You’re cute as a button with your blonde hair and blue eyes. These jokers are going to be all over you, girl,” Viv exclaimed.

“You think so?” Jenny said, now really embarrassed.

“Oh, yeah,” Dorothy agreed. “You have that cute as a country cornstalk look these guys will eat up.”

“You gals are better catches than me,” Jenny stated.

“We may be more willing,” Viv said, “but you are the pick of this litter.”

“You guys are embarrassing me,” Jenny said.

“Well, not that we all won’t get laid if we want to,” Dorothy added.

“That’s true,” Viv said. “We can all get all we want here.”

“I just want to do my job,” May said.

“Oh, May, lighten up, girl,” Viv said. “You better get used to these guys hitting on you.”

Bea came to May’s rescue, “I just hope we have time to even meet some of them. Working the late shift is going to mean we are sleeping while everyone else is playing.”

“Yeah, that’s the drag,” Dorothy said. “Joan lucked out getting second shift.”

“Hey, gals, I would rather be with you than stuck with these other nurses,” Joan said.

The girls finished their meal and got up to clear the table and leave. All the talk had made Jenny self-conscious and she felt like every male in the room was staring at her as they left.

“Let’s take a short walk on the beach,” Viv said.

Everyone agreed and they walked towards the nearest beach. It was a short two minute walk to a beautiful sandy beach. May and Jenny sat down in the sand while Bea, Viv, Dorothy and Joan went to feel the water. Only Viv had ever had her feet in the Pacific before. Jenny convinced May to test it out too. Jenny wanted to put her feet in ocean water for the first time.

The girls walked along the beach for a short distance. Several jogging men passed them and nodded hello. Some of them were officers and the nurses all saluted. They were all tired from the trip and the long day and soon headed back to their quarters.

The first week’s work was uneventful and they settled into a routine. The few patients in the hospital required only limited care and they were all beginning to think they would be bored to death here on Midway.

The second week brought a change. Ships of supplies and more troops seemed to arrive daily. The air base was constantly receiving new planes and was up to full squadron status and growing. Tanker after tanker landed and the fuel dump was quickly reaching capacity. Troops arrived as well and the population of little Midway was approaching ten thousand.

When the girls walked on the beach during their few waking hours of daylight off duty, they could see anti-aircraft batteries being installed all over the island. The marines were constantly training and the island’s defenses were consistently tested to make sure all was working as planned.

It was on one of these training exercises, a test firing of a gun battery, that they got their first real wounded patients. A gun emplacement had jammed then exploded. The gunner and two loaders were hurt. The loaders would recover okay but the gunner was hurt badly. His eyes had been scorched kaçak bahis by the explosion and his hands had first degree burns. The doctors did all they could for him. His eyes were bandaged and his hands too. The doctors did not want him using his hands at all and they ordered him strapped into bed.

Jenny’s first night on duty after the accident was her first chance to see the wounded. The two loaders were playing cards when she saw them in the lounge. They could not hear yet as the explosion had damaged their eardrums but they would recover soon. The gunner, though, was a different story, and made Jenny’s heart sick the first time she saw him. He was strapped into bed with his arms at his side and bandages completely covering his eyes and nose. His mouth was uncovered, as was the top of his head. He was blonde like Jenny and of average build and height.

“Hi, sailor,” Jenny said, entering the room after standing in the doorway for a second.

“Hi, nurse,” the solider responded.

“How are we today?” Jenny asked.

“Miserable. I can’t move, I can’t see, and I’m ready to scream if I don’t get to change positions soon,” the poor soldier said. “Can you undo these restraints?”

“No. I can’t do that. You might further damage your hands,” Jenny stated.

“I know, that is what every nurse has told me all day long,” the soldier said.

“I’m sorry,” Jenny replied. “I wish I could but it would not be good for you.”

“I know. What’s your name? Your accent sounds familiar,” the soldier said.

“My name is Jennifer Wells. You can call me Jenny. I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska,” Jenny told him.

“Wow, I knew it! I’m from Omaha. My name is Jerry Johnson,” he exclaimed.

“Nice to meet you, Jerry,” Jenny said.

“Same here, Jenny.”

“Can I get you anything? Other than releasing the restraints, of course,” Jenny added.

“I could use some water,” Jerry stated.

Jenny filled a glass by his bed stand and gingerly poured some into his open mouth. He sipped it and took a second swig too.

“Thanks,” Jerry said.

“Anything for a fellow Cornhusker,” Jenny said, with a laugh in her voice.

“You a football fan, Jenny Wells?” Jerry asked.

“You bet! Go Huskers! Kill the Sooners,” Jenny exclaimed.

“Right you are!” Jerry said, laughing at her obvious state spirit.

They talked for a while about Nebraska, the war, and football. Jenny had to leave to go check on the other patients. She excused herself and left Jerry. He was tired anyway.

Later that evening before the shift changed, Jenny went back in to check on Jerry. He was awake.

“How you doing?” Jenny asked.

“Ahh…I ahh…need to go to the bathroom, Jenny,” Jerry said.

Jenny looked down the blanket and saw it was tented up in his groin area. She gasped to herself but slowly pulled the covers away. When she had moved them down to his knees she could see the front of his patient gown sticking up in the air. Jenny had assisted old people and others in using bedpans before but never someone that could not use their own hands. She retrieved the bedpan and placed it between his legs but realized she would need to do everything for him.

“How did the last nurse do this for you?” she asked Jerry.

“Well…she sort of held it for me but I wasn’t in this state then. I woke up like this. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to go until it goes down,” Jerry groaned.

“How long will that be?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t know. It’s been like this for a while now,” Jerry lamented.

Jenny uncovered his groin, exposing his penis fully. It stood tall and proud. Jenny gasped again to herself. She had never seen one nearly as big or hard. She had seen older men and little kids she babysat for but never an erect male penis. She went to reach for it but then pulled back.

“What can I do for you?” Jenny asked Jerry.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to go until it goes down. You can try aiming it into the pan but I’m not sure I’ll be able to go.”

Jenny tentatively lifted the pan below his groin. She reached for his penis slowly. Jerry could not see her which helped but still she felt strange touching this boy’s stiff cock. She finally got the nerve and touched the top of his dick to push it downward towards the pan. Jenny gasped a little louder this time than she intended. The skin of his cock felt warm and soft, yet the dick itself felt rock hard. Jenny looked at the red head swollen with blood and the blue veins visible below the surface. She slowly pushed his cock toward the pan as she held it in place. His cock was so hard it did not want to be pushed down which amazed Jenny.

“Can you go now?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t think so,” Jerry said, as he strained.

Jerry groaned and tried but nothing but a drop or two escaped his little hole at the end. He tried for a while but nothing.

“I can’t,” Jerry said.

“Wait a second. I’ll be right back,” Jenny said.

She ran and got Viv. She explained the situation and brought Viv back to the room thinking she might know what to do. Back in the room, Viv sized up the situation.

“So you’ve try but nothing, huh.”

“I can’t do it but I got to go really bad,” Jerry said.

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