Nikki Pt. 01: Seattle

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You didn’t mean for it to happen. Well you probably did, but you wouldn’t admit it. You were traveling for work in Seattle and were in a bar one night. You were talking to this beautiful woman. She was quite a bit taller than you, probably 5-7. She had a very nice fit body, she obviously worked out a lot. Her clothes were professional, tight and stylish and you could tell her breasts were full and firm, but not nearly as large as yours, she was a healthy C cup. Her hair was long and perfectly styled mostly dark brunette with slight blond streaks, and she was very tan. She was a couple years older than you, very charming and very authoritative. “Hi, my name is Rachael.” She bought you a couple drinks and you got the distinct impression she was hitting on you. You were flirting pretty hard and encouraging her. You excused yourself and a little drunk called home and asked if I minded if you had sex with her. I of course enthusiastically agreed. You went back to the bar she bought you a few more drinks and when she invited you back to her apartment you quickly agreed and off you went.

You both flirted the whole way. Once there she proceeded to slowly take off your clothes and slowly kiss you. She teased and gently played with you and you made love in a very tender way. She spent a long time slowly sucking on your nipples and sucking on your tongue. You both came and fell asleep. This is not your first lesbian experience and it was good if not great. But something about Rachael really turned you on and you wanted more. You left in the morning before she got up, but you left her your number.

A week later you made a trip to Seattle you did not have to make in hopes you would see her again. But when you got there she didn’t return your messages and she didn’t show up at the same bar. You went back to the hotel and played with yourself. You came hard thinking about your previous encounter, but the next day as you went to the airport and were sad you did not see her. You sat in the airport bar and waited for your flight. “Going, home so soon?” You were so excited to see her, you grabbed her hand and went to the airline counter and changed your flight to the next day. Before you knew it you are in the back of a cab and you are kissing wildly like teenagers. She grabs your tits and rubs your clit through your underwear. You come in the cab loudly as the driver almost runs off the road trying to watch you and the road at the same time.

You get to her apartment complex and board the elevator with several other people. Slightly embarrassed after your display in front of the cab driver you stand in the back of the elevator and keep your hands to yourself. She is behind you and as the elevator starts to rise you feel her lift the back of your skirt and skillfully move your underwear aside. No one can see and you muffle a sigh. She inserts two fingers in your still very wet pussy and then slides them out sopping wet. She reaches around and puts them in your mouth and you taste the juices. A woman in the front of the elevator turns to look, but Rachael quickly removed her fingers from your mouth and you try to act nonchalant. The woman sees nothing, but is suspicious. One by one the people get off the elevator until you are the last two. As the door closes and you are alone she pulls you close and kisses you hard.

You finally reach her floor and run down the hall and into her apartment. She throws bahis firmaları you on the bed and rips off your clothes. She attacks your mouth, breasts and pussy with her mouth and soon you come again. She then gets up leaves the room and comes back with the largest strap on you have ever seen. Without saying a word she throws you on your back, lifts your legs back and thrusts the cock deep inside you. You moan “fuck me”, and she does for 30 hard minutes. She throws your body into several positions – she fucks you from behind, she fucks you with you on top and she fucks you on your back. After a long pounding she pulls you to your knees, pins your hands behind your back, grabs your hair and shoves the sopping wet cock in your mouth. She commands you to beg her to fuck your mouth and you do.

After another 10 minutes she commands you back on the bed and tells you to touch yourself which you gladly do. You are about to come for the third time tonight. She un belts the strap on and casts it aside. She lowers her very wet pussy onto your mouth and grinds it into your face. You come the instant you taste her juices and she continues to grind her cleanly shaven pussy lips on to your lips and tongue. She lets out a long loud moan as she starts to come and he juices flow down your cheeks. After a long time she relaxes and dismounts and kisses you hard as she licks your face and mouth clean. You kiss for a long time until you both fade off to sleep in exhaustion. It has been 6 hours since you saw her in the airport bar. You awake and she is gone. You reminisce about the night before and admit as much as you loved the first tender night, you came much more and much harder when she took control and fucked you.

Over the next couple of months you made several trips to Seattle and she even met you in a couple of other cities on the road. Most nights were similar in that you would meet somewhere in public, she would flirt and hit on you and touch you when no one was looking. After hours of this mental foreplay you would head back to her place or your hotel and she would take charge and fuck you hard. You always came multiple times. Even though the pattern was familiar she always moved you around in different ways and kept it interesting.

One night you drunkenly admitted you kind of liked anal. She started by lubricating you all over and you were on fire in anticipation. She slowly and gently penetrated you and you gasped at the feeling. She went slow at first and kept adding lube, but soon your pussy was so wet the juices were dripping down and lubricating the whole area. She started to faster and deeper. You asked her to stop, but then begged her for more. Soon she was pounding you and you spread wide open. She kept pounding you deeper and deeper the pain mixed with pleasure and you screamed in climax. Even though you had just admitted it, you had been fantasizing about her doing this to you for weeks. From that night on she would frequently take you that way, though not always, but when she did you always came hard. But then you always came hard and frequently when you were with Rachael.

On one trip you asked her “why do you always fuck me, how come I never get to fuck you”.

She explained “the hot one is always the one who gets fucked, that is just how it is.”

And so it was. You may put a few fingers in her as you went down on her. But she would fuck you with her whole hand or kaçak iddaa a whole assortment of dildos and you never, ever got to wear the strap on – she fucked you, you sucked the juices off, and that was that. And you had to admit you liked it better that way anyway. Rachael was very attractive, but you loved the fact that YOU were the hot one.

On one trip to Denver you were supposed to meet up and somehow through a series of mishaps you kept missing each other. Then on your next trip to Seattle you did not have time to meet her and she left you a few angry texts. The following week you made another excuse to go and this time she met you for dinner and she had a friend with her. Her friend could have been your twin – she was blonde with large breasts and a beautiful face. Rachael introduces her as Cindy. At dinner Rachael is obviously pissed at you and spends a lot of time flirting with Cindy in blatant attempt to make you jealous and it is working. But you all eat and drink and when Rachael suggests it is time to go you get in the cab back to her apartment but this time there is only tension as your ride.

The elevator ride is also uneventful and when you enter the familiar apartment, you are not quite sure what you have gotten yourself into. You walk in and she asks you to sit on the bed while Cindy gets you all some wine. Rachael is acting quite different then your normal encounters. But she is still very much in charge of both you and Cindy. There is plenty of tension, but not the normal sexual urgency and no discussion at all of the situation. As you all sip your wine and make idle small talk Rachael starts to unbutton Cindy’s blouse exposing her large beautiful breasts and then undoes yours. Cindy then takes off her skirt and underwear and you instinctively do the same. But you are nervous, there has been no discussion of what is about to happen. Rachael still fully dressed is looking at you and Cindy both fully naked and without saying a word nudges Cindy towards you. She seems as apprehensive and unsure as you are but when her lips touch yours that all disappears as you both enjoy a long deep wet kiss.

Rachael is just watching but Cindy is now full of excitement as she starts to suck on your nipples and makes her way down to your soaking wet clit. Your eyes are locked with Rachael as she watches Cindy lick you expertly and you come quickly and loudly. Your eyes never leave Rachael’ as you moan in pleasure. Cindy kisses you as you taste your juices and are anxious to return the favor, but Rachael steps in and says “not yet.” She commands you both on your backs and you both obey. Cindy is playing with herself now and instinctively you start to do the same. Rachael watches you both for some time as she removes her clothes and attaches her now familiar strap on. You swell with anticipation as she walks towards you but are disappointed and surprisingly jealous when she throws back Cindy’s legs the way she normally does to you. You reach out for her or Cindy as they are just inches away from you but she swats your hand away and says “not yet, watch and touch yourself” and you do as you are told.

She fucks Cindy for 20 minutes and Cindy comes multiple times. She is tossing Cindy around in all the familiar ways and you writhe with anticipation as you watch Cindy get fucked in all the ways you normally do. Now your jealously has given way to desire and you make several attempts to join kaçak bahis in, but always get denied with a stern “not yet” Finally as she is fucking her doggy style just inches away from you, you can see Cindy start to come again – but this time Rachael grabs her hair and forces her mouth down on your pussy. You and Cindy both start to come loudly, Cindy’s screams muffled as her face is buried in between your legs and suddenly your screams are muffled too as Rachael forces her Cindy juice soaked cock into your mouth. You moan with delight as your finally taste Cindy’s juices as Rachael fucks your mouth hard. She then flips you over on all fours and mounts your from behind and you are finally able to bury your lips into Cindy pussy which you have been wanting to do since the moment she kissed you. Cindy comes almost instantly but you continue to bury your tongue into her deeper as Rachael pounds you from behind for a good twenty minutes. Then Rachael pulls out and Cindy slowly licks your juices off her cock as you watch with envy. Her eyes locked on yours.

Rachael then lays you on your back and directs you to stick out your tongue and lift your breast to your own lips. You lick your own nipple as Rachael and Cindy watch. You intently watch them as they intently watch you. After several minutes of them enjoying the show of you licking and sucking your own nipples, Cindy joins in and you and her dart your tongues together kissing over your nipple. The combination of your tongues kissing and brushing your nipple is driving you wild. Then Rachael joins in and the three tongues dance over each other and your nipples and you are on fire again. The vision is as erotic as the physical sensation and your pussy drips with desire for more.

Rachael leaves the room and comes back with another strap on. She commands Cindy to stand up and she proceeds to put it on her. Rachael commands you to all fours and has Cindy stand in front of you. Cindy grabs the back of your hair and shoves her cock into your mouth – you are adjusting to her intensity when you fell Rachael enter your pussy from behind. Rachael then switches positions with Cindy and they proceed to share your mouth in pussy in a variety of ways moving you around every three minutes or so. There is always something in your mouth. One of the two cocks, a nipple, Cindy’s pussy. Everything but Rachael’s pussy and you long for it. But before she gives it to you she has one more thing she wants.

Rachael Lies on her back and calls you over – she lubes up her cock and then maneuvers you over her. She then lubes you and then lowers you onto her large cock penetrating you anally. You are about to come again when Rachael directs Cindy to come over an insert her cock in your pussy. They both pound you hard and deep as they double penetrate you. You senses are over whelmed as you are stretched in both holes. Cindy then removes her cock and puts it in your mouth and your pussy juices again flood our mouth. Rachael continues to fuck you and you moan for the last time.

Both girls pull out of you and remove their strap ons as you quiver on the bed. Finally Rachael lowers her pussy on to your face -the one thing you have not had all night is now right where you want it to be as Rachael grinds her face into your mouth you feel Cindy’s tongue as well as you and Cindy fight your tongues over Rachael’s clit and she finally comes. You are very happy, clearly even with adding Cindy to the mix, you are still very much the hot one.

You all collapse in exhaustion and sleep – when you awake both girls are gone and you are physically and emotionally spent.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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