Letters From A Traveller Ch. 3

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Dear John,

Last year I went through Vanuatu, where I had an interesting liaison with a hotel porter. He was a little camp, but not too overt, and when he showed me to my room he asked if there was anything else I needed. I joked, “Anything?” He told me he got off his shift at twelve and I said feel free to come over (they sleep on the premises). I was still working when he knocked quietly. I opened the door and he came in uncertainly – saying he hoped it was still ok to come over. He was about 5ft9 and reasonably solidly built, with quite black skin as you get in the northern Solomons. Like all islanders he smelt of coconut oil and perspiration, something that usually does nothing for me.

I said it was fine and what did he like? After a bit of discussion which didn’t clarify much except that this was going to be a financial deal (and I paid up front), I reached out and rubbed the front of his trousers, and he moved closer to me and grabbed my hand in his and forced himself against me. I felt him growing and he wasn’t all that small. I started unbuttoning his shirt and he moved back and undressed himself. He was all muscle, and so black. His cock was about eight inches long, not too thick but not thin. I moved forward and he started to undress me, t-shirt and shorts don’t take long, and then grabbed my cock and started a slow hand job. I didn’t feel like kissing him, but he had other ideas. I let my fingers go down his back and find his crack – he was moist there and pressed back against my finger as I explored. His fingers found me, I hadn’t prepared in any way, and he was quite rough as he forced two into me. Like I said, I haven’t had much play there since I have been away, and he was very forceful.

His hand tightened on my cock and I exploded (I always come quickly the first time). Like you, this sometimes causes a turn-off for me, sort of a post orgasm downer. I didn’t really get a chance to do anything about this. He rubbed it from my cock onto his hands and down between my legs, around to my arse. He took one of the towels from the end of the bed, spread it out, and made me lie face down on it. He used my come and his pre-cum to lube me, and I was just starting to think about precautions (there is a zero incidence of aids in his part of the Pacific – and I have since tested clean), when he lay down on me and started forcing into me. I wriggled to ease the angle, and pushed back at him, then he was in me and as he went in the dry skin further up his cock caught. He went back a bit, and in a bit, again and again, casino şirketleri lubricating himself on my ass fluids before I felt him reach my inner ring. Because he was long, when he went all the way in, he was right against that ring and forcing it. On about the third thrust I must have relaxed a bit and suddenly he went through it, and out of it and through it and out of it – god it was good.

He started using full thrusts, I could feel his heavy body slamming into mine and his cock right in me. Like all these things with no lube, sometimes you get a bit sore, so I rolled and said let me suck you. He wanted me on my knees but I got him on his back and then knelt astride his chest. Much better as the curve of the cock matches the curve of the throat that way. I knew the little bit of shit and blood on his cock was mine, so it didn’t put me off. Shit smells terrible but on a cock it doesn’t turn me off when I am already excited. This big black thing looked and smelt just right. My arse was still wide and humming as I bent over him, one hand between his legs and the other at the base of this lengthy tool, lifting it upright. I slowly licked the top and then went down over it.

One of his hands came to the top of my head, the other stroked my arse, the two fingers easily slipping in this time. Gradually I worked my way over the shaft, lower and lower. It was just the right thickness for good comfortable swallowing. As I got deeper I poked my tongue out along the base, which helps my gag reflex relax (I taught myself on a banana). I kept going down and up, down and up, a little further each time. I could see his black muscular legs below me, feel his fingers in me, feel his breath on my growing cock as he tried to go forward to it.

I couldn’t believe it, I was going to take it all in. Soon I was deep throating him, right to the base of his cock. I could feel it slipping down my throat. His hand on my head gripped my hair and he started to raise his hips to fuck my mouth. It wasn’t too long before he exploded into me, and I could feel his spasms in my throat. I let him empty himself into me. Christ, that was good.

Now I was hard again, and as he lay back, I stood at the side of the bed and lifted his legs. I am a little thicker than he is, and as I rested against his puckered ass I saw a little bit of concern in his eyes. I pushed forward a bit and he lifted his hips to me, calves against my shoulders. I pushed hard and he started to groan. I moved up, his hips went down, the angle was right, and his ring gave. casino firmaları I love that feeling. I slipped in, slowly but steadily, and felt myself slipping up his insides. I adjusted the angle so there was pressure on the front wall, and that found the spot. There was a mirror above the desk which faced back to the bed. I turned and watched the very white reflection fuck the really black one. He pulled his legs back to his chest and I leant over him, pounding into him now. The reflection in the mirror looked so hot, the two extremes of colour, that I came quite quickly, filling him up.

I didn’t pull out though, I stayed in him. His tightening ring acting like a cock ring and keeping me erect. I reached down and started playing with his cock, watching it grow in my hand. When it was erect I pulled out and took it in my mouth, covering it with as much saliva as possible. I moved over him and sat on it, letting it slip quickly in and then letting it go right out before sitting on it again. That feeling. Slowly I impaled myself. Taking all of it so I was sitting on his stomach. Again, I felt it go through my inner ring.

I just sat on it, feeling it in me, looking at his body and pulling on his nipples. He wanted more and rolled me over so I was on my back, and he was on the floor beside the bed. This time I didn’t dry out, and he started fucking me like I had him. Everytime his head went up my front wall it brushed over the prostate and it was like a little jolt of electricity. I closed my eyes and gave in to the feelings.

I think I must have had little orgasms for a while before he started fucking faster. A couple of times he pulled right out by accident and he wasn’t gentle going back in, either. Then he pulled out and stayed out and let fly a spurt that hit me half way up my chest. I reached up and put the palm of my hand over the head as it continued to spurt, rubbing it and pulling on it to extend the pleasure for him. I held my hand up and he licked his come from it.

I was fucked. But my cock was semi rigid again. He rubbed it with his hand, watching as it grew. I stood and turned him around. The back of his thighs were wet with my come running out of his ass. I stood close to his back and bent my knees until my head was at his ass. He tried to bend over, but I held him upright. As I straightened, his hand guided me into him again. I am a bit taller than him, so when I straightened fully it rammed right up him. Like you and your escort, we were in front of the mirror. I saw his eyes were closed as my white güvenilir casino hands slipped over his dark skin. I gave a finger to his mouth, and he sucked on it. I pulled on his nipples and squeezed his limp cock and dangling balls. We started moving against each other. But there was no way I was going to come again quickly, so after a while I just pulled out, still very rigid, and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I sort of expected he would follow me, but he didn’t, he just got dressed, and was going out the door when I came back. I pulled him back in. I kissed his eyes and nose, and his lips. I undid his fly again, and he reached for my still erect cock. He said he thought I wanted him to go. I said I still had some more for him. He went to his knees and started giving me head. His hand went behind me and started to grab and pinch my buttock. His other hand came up under my balls and started squeezing them. His backside hand went into my crack and started playing with my wet and sore arsehole. He couldn’t take me all in his mouth, and I can’t tell you exactly what he was doing, but he was good. He was really stretching my ass with his fingers – he had all four in there and was stretching me as he forced his hand at me. He was squeezing my balls exactly to the point between pleasure and outright pain. Eventually I came into his mouth, a quiet sort of coming, rather than an explosion. The whole room was filled with steam from the shower.

When I am away, I always order, where available, breakfast in my room. It is a good way to get up, no hurry or hassle. Guess who brought it in in the morning? My tip? I deepthroated him again, this time on my knees.

When I returned for the afternoon at three, he walked me to my room carrying some of my stuff. My tip – that glorious cock pounding my ass as I rested against the desk in front of the mirror. This time he came in me. I really enjoyed slowly letting it out in the shower. That night at twelve, he came back. I actually wanted to sleep, but let him suck me for the money. In the morning, my wake up call was him sliding into my ass as I lay asleep on my front. I guess you could say he raped me, but I didn’t care, it was a good way to wake up. My final session with him was when I was about to leave for the airport. He came to get my bags. He smiled at me and undid his belt and let his trousers drop. My arse was so sore I couldn’t have taken any more, so I undid my belt too. I took him into the bathroom and made him stand, legs apart, bent over with hands on the mirror. I lubed his ass with some hotel moisturiser and then fucked him from behind.

He had to carry my bags with a hard on and my come in his ass.

Hope you are well and enjoying your share of action,

Yours erectly


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