Just a Haircut Required! Pt. 02

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Readers should probably read Part 1 of ‘Just a Haircut Required!’ to see how our relationship came about.


A text came early next morning.

Evie was just about to leave for work, and she was thanking me for the previous evening, but was also looking forward to seeing me the following Saturday, at my place.

I had another brief text around lunchtime, with lots of kisses attached, but there wasn’t anything else, until she got back home that evening. And that text was about to start a whole new chapter in our relationship.

Evie sent an attachment photo of a note that she had found in her mailbox.

‘Hi, hope you don’t mind. We saw you, and you saw us last night. We found it exciting. If you want to get in touch here’s my mobile 07*******76. Laura ( and Jimmy )’

I phoned her straight away.

“Rob, what do you think? It’s taken me a bit by surprise. What do you think they want?”

I knew Evie was spontaneous, adventurous, impetuous, but she was also slightly naive.

“Evie they are probably ‘swingers’ who think we may want to meet up,” I tried to put it gently.

I wasn’t sure how Evie would react.

“Really? Wow! I suppose so. I thought last night was just a bit of a laugh. Oh my god, how exciting.”

That wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.

I replied carefully, “Evie, you know what swinging involves. Swapping partners, group sex maybe.”

“Yes I know, I know.” She seemed lit up by the whole thought. And then realising it might involve me added, “Have you ever done it? Swinging I mean?”

“Yes, a few years ago I went to a swingers party with someone.”

“Oooooooh, you must tell,”

Evie was in overdrive.

“Ok, look, if you’re not doing anything tonight, you could come round to mine, and we can discuss it. The place is a bit of a mess, but we could phone for a pizza, or a curry?”

” Yes I wasn’t going out, give me an hour to have a shower, and I’ll be there.”

So I gave her my address, and said that I’d see her about 8.30-9.00pm.

Evie arrived on time, this time dressed in stretch jeans, and a skinny t-shirt. It was wonderful to hold her close again, the kisses still as sweet.

“Shall we order a takeaway first,” I suggested.

We ordered a pizza, which would take an hour, as it was a Saturday, and then we settled into the sofa with a glass of wine.

“So tell me about your swinging adventures Rob, you naughty boy.”

I took a deep breath. “I hope you won’t be too shocked, Evie, but at least I might show you the implications of going down this route.”

“Tell me everything, all the dirty bits, don’t hold back. It won’t put me off you.”

Evie was curled up, sipping her wine, with those green eyes full of expectation.

“Here we go then.”

“I’m afraid I was having an affair, the lady was a work colleague, and a bit of a daredevil. Anyway for a giggle we put ourselves online on a swingers site.”

Evie was getting fidgety, “Go on, go on,” she urged.

“We got loads of replies, so we sifted them down to one couple. They were local, and they invited us to a house party that was held at their house. There were about a dozen couples there. It was quite an evening. I had sex with three women, and Pauline had four men, it really was total debauchery, I’m afraid. We had one more meeting with them as a couple, where we swapped partners. That was about it.”

“Wow, Rob, how bad was that, but I must admit exciting.”

I said, “Evie, look at me, look me in the eyes.” I wanted her total attention.

Evie came closer, and focussed on my face.

“The couple across the way from you could well be swingers. If they are, they will want to meet. That means possibly having sex in front of me, with him, and watching me have sex with her, in front of you. You have to consider how you’d feel. I’m an old codger who’s hard nosed, but you possibly have more delicate feelings. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Rob, you’re so wonderful, you’re a sweetie, so considerate.”

She put her glass down, and we kissed, softly, gently, and we started to undress each other. We made love slowly. Once inside Evie I wanted to take her to the edge. Time was standing still, and as we both became more and more aroused, we got closer to that edge.

I looked down at her and quietly said, “Evie, imagine I’m fucking a woman on the other side of the room, and you’re hearing her shout my name, and imagine her partner is inside you just like this, and he’s about to cum inside you, that’s what swapping means.”

“Oh Rob I’m ready for that, and yes I’m cumming now too.”

I felt her pussy convulse, and it started to milk my cock. Every last drop squeezed into her cunt.

“I’ve really come alive with you Rob.” She said it as though I’d released the genie from the bottle.

Evie was saying that, snuggled back in the sofa cushions, naked, with her pussy dribbling my spunk. She was such a sexy young woman.

“You’re teaching me a lot, Evie, you’re so sexy. But its decision time. Are you going to reply to Laura?

And casino şirketleri there’s one other possibility which might impact on you.”

“What’s that?” Evie looked puzzled.

“Are you prepared to have sex with her, if she wants to?”

I watched her face. Without a flicker she replied, “Yes, I would go along with that, would you mind?”

“I’d find it very exciting, Evie, but you’re the decision maker here,”

“Then let’s text her, let’s do it.”

The door buzzer sounded. Pizza time! I hurriedly put on my dressing gown, paid the guy, and we settled down to a messy finger meal.

“So what are you going to say in your text,” I said with my mouth full.

Evie picked up her phone, and typed out, ‘Hi Laura, we got excited too. Might be good to meet up sometime. Evie ( and Rob ) x .’

“There, it’s done. Let’s see if there’s a reply.”

We only had to wait fifteen minutes, and Evie’s phone pinged.

‘Great, Jimmy’s working in London this week. Come round for coffee on Monday evening, it’s no. 12, about 7.30pm? ‘

Evie showed me, and gave me a quzzical look.

“Yes, go ahead, why not.”

Evie replied in the affirmative. I was thinking that I wasn’t sure where this little adventure would take us.

We eventually went to bed that evening, and spent Sunday morning making love.

We learned a lot about our bodies, and we didn’t hurry, we didn’t rush, we just enjoyed the sensuality.

Evie left at midday on Sunday, and I wished her well. She said that she’d let me know how her meeting with Laura went.

Evie had Monday off work, and I guess she spent most of the day wondering about her meeting with Laura to come.

Monday evening arrived, and Evie made her way, nervously, to no. 12.

Laura answered the door, and greeted Evie with a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hello Evie, I’m glad you came, I’m slightly embarrassed after the other night, but pleased to see you up close.”

“Yes it was a bit accidental I guess,” Evie replied, “but Rob and I found it exciting. We haven’t been together long, and as you know we’re not your usual couple, what with our age difference.”

Laura, and Evie decided to have some wine, while Laura remarked, “I’ve always had a liking for older men.”

Evie noted that comment, and then related how she had met me.

In turn, Laura described her relationship with Jimmy. How they had been together for three years.

Their conversation ebbed and flowed, and with a second glass of wine, Evie began to relax.

Out of the blue Laura asked, “Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

Evie felt herself blushing, and stuttered slightly.

“No I haven’t, it’s something that’s never cropped up.”

Laura smiled, and laid her hand on Evie’s thigh.

“I know how you feel. I lived with Jimmy’s sister for a couple of years, and then one night it just happened.”

Evie was conscious of Laura’s hand on her leg as she said, “I’ve never really thought about it. I’ve seen some porn with some ladies making out.”

Laura smiled again. Leaning forward she kissed Evie on the lips. Evie didn’t resist, and when Laura pulled away, she looked at her closely, and smilng, kissed her back.

The kiss this time lasted longer, and both parted their lips, and their tongues played.

This second time, as they pulled apart, Laura stood up, taking Evie by the hand, and led her to the bedroom.

Nothing was said, until Laura quietly whispered, “Just say if you want to stop at any time.”

The bed, of course, was where Evie and I had watched Laura and Jimmy have sex. It was very large, a super king size.

As they both stood beside it, they kissed again, and Laura started to slowly undress Evie.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head, and slid her skirt down over her hips, until she stood there in just bra and a thong.

Laura then completely stripped, until she was standing naked in front of Evie.

Evie took no time in unclasping her bra, and slipping out of her thong.

Her heart was pounding, and her breathing had quickened, and Laura was aware of how nervous she was.

They kissed again, their arms around each other, and Evie feeling skin on skin, Laura’s soft breasts against hers.

She took Evie’s hand, and watched her lay back on the bed. Laura lay down beside her, and began to kiss her again, and as Evie put her arms around her, the kisses moved from her mouth to her neck, and then to her shoulders.

Everything was slow and sensuous, using her tongue, her lips, her fingertips, she covered every inch of Evie’s body. When she reached her breasts, her nipples were hard little buds, and when her mouth closed around them, Evie let out a loud moan of pleasure.

From her breasts Laura moved her attention to her flat tummy. Circling her navel, her tongue played with it, licking, probing. Her lips travelled further. Down over her hips, and along the outside of her thigh. Nibbling little kisses, and where the flesh allowed, little bites.

At her knees Laura moved to the inside of her thigh, and dragged the tip of casino firmaları her tongue slowly up towards her pussy, so close to her pussy, and Evie was desperate for her to go the whole way. But Laura’s foreplay had the benefit of experience.

When her tongue reached the top of her thigh, she stopped, and kissed the flesh softly. She could feel the heat from Evie’s pussy on her cheek. Evie was lifting her hips, trying to offer herself to Laura’s mouth.

Laura knew how long to tease. Evie was in such a state of high arousal that when she heard her voice, she knew how ready she was.

“For god’s sake Laura, pleeeeaaaase.” Evie was pleading.

Laura’s tongue slipped between her pussy lips. Long strokes up and down, savouring the juices, and then the moment came as her tongue stroked its way over her clit, and within seconds Evie started to shudder.

The room was filled with Evie’s cries, the mattress shook with the release of her orgasm. Laura’s face was smeared with her juices.

But it wasn’t over yet. Laura’s mouth remained covering her pussy. Evie’s body subsided back onto the mattress, and her breathing slowed for a moment.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh god Laura, that was incredible.”

But then Laura’s tongue flicked back into action. It started to probe deeper into Evie’s pussy, and then she took her swollen clit between her lips, and began to suck. Every few seconds she would circle the clit with her tongue, and then start to lick, and suck again.

“Laura, my god I think you need to stop.”

But Laura ignored the plea.

The oral attention continued, and when she heard Evie moan again, she knew the next step to take.

As she suckled her clit, she reached up to take each nipple between thumb and fore finger. Gently she squeezed and stroked.

“For fucks sake Laura, I’m cumming again!”

Evie’s thighs clamped around Laura’s head, as she shook from head to toe.

“Ohhhhhhhhmyyyyyyyyyygoddddddd!” Evie’s pussy throbbed, and convulsed.

Laura surfaced smiling, with a face smeared, and dribbling with pussy juices.

Evie was flat out exhausted, but also smiling.

They lay side by side for minutes before Laura kissed her again, and asked, “Was that really good?”

“You don’t have to ask,” replied Evie, “but I want to do the same to you please.”

“Of course Evie, in your own way. I’d love you to, and take your time.”

Evie lifted herself onto one elbow, and leaned over to kiss her.

She let her hands wander over Laura’s breasts, feeling them. Much more ample than hers, but so succulent.

Evie pushed her face down towards Laura’s pussy, and as she opened her thighs Evie straddled her face in a classic sixty nine position.

Now they both started to lap away like pussy cats with the cream.

Evie seemed insatiable wanting her pussy put to the test again. It excited Laura who found herself responding quickly to Evie’s mouth, and tongue. They both impatiently worked their magic, and miraculously they both seemed to be arriving at their destination simultaneously. Who came first was a close decision, but Evie couldn’t believe it was her third orgasm of the evening. Laura just enjoyed the feeling of a virgin bringing her off.

The room went quiet, and Laura finally said, “Do you think you might want to meet us as a couple?”

“I will have to ask Rob, but I’m sure he will want to.”

“Is Rob bisexual?”

It was a question out of the blue, and one that Evie didn’t know the answer to. It slightly concerned her.

“Is Jimmy then?

Laura replied, “Yes, but he is quite cool one way or the other.”

“I will explain it to Rob, it’s something we’ve never discussed.”

“Ok, but I do find it exciting, and arousing seeing two guys together,” Laura had obviously watched before.

Laura and Evie got dressed, and they sat on the sofa finishing their wine, and kissing.

“I’m meant to be seeing Rob on Saturday evening, I could suggest we meet up then?” Evie waited to see if Laura thought that might be a possibility.

“Yes we could meet on neutral ground, maybe the pub round the corner, and if we hit it off, come back here afterwards.” Laura looked quite excited by that suggestion.

The two women agreed to text the next day, and Evie left having kissed Laura one last time.

She returned to her flat exhausted, slightly sore, but exhilarated.

It was 10.30pm, and I was sipping a late night whiskey when my mobile rang.

“How did it go little one?”

I could tell Evie was playing it down.

“Yes I had a great time, she’s a lovely woman.”

“Ok Evie,” I said, “Now lets have it all, I know you, you’re busting a gut to tell me!”

She giggled, “It was fantastic. We went to bed, and I just enjoyed so much about it. And they want to meet us. Can we Rob, can we?”

Her enthusiasm was so bubbly, and who was I to say no. And I was feeling quite thrilled about the prospect of swinging with another couple, especially having seen them in action. I had thought my swinging days were long gone.

“Yes of course we can güvenilir casino Evie. How will we set it up?”

“Laura suggested we could meet at the pub this Saturday, and if we were ok with it, go back to theirs,” she went on, “I know you two guys haven’t met, so it depends on that.”

I was anxious to let Evie have her way, but then she added, “I think he may be bi.”

I didn’t reply straight away, and she realised I was considering the implications. I think it surprised her when I said, “I’m happy enough with that, but I’m not sure you would be happy with two guys playing without you.”

Giggling, Evie replied, “Laura and I discussed it. We said it might be fun.”

So the Saturday was arranged, and I got to Evie’s flat in time to walk to the pub for 7.30pm.

Evie had pulled out all the stops. She was wearing the tightest black dress, her breasts pushed up over the low cut neck, with high red heels, and I was also guessing, no panties. Her red hair shone.

As soon as we entered the pub I saw Laura. Her blonde hair contrasting with the red dress and heels. Her breasts were very obvious too.

Jimmy was a guy in his mid thirties. A bit shorter than me, but obviously gym fit.

We all made the introductions, and Jimmy got the drinks.

He sat next to Evie, and was very much taken with her, and they were soon deep in conversation.

It left me to talk to Laura, and in our first eye contact we held each other’s gaze for seconds. . When our knees accidentally touched, we didn’t pull away, and,indeed, we both moved them against each other. It became very much a physical flirt.

By the time I was getting the second round of drinks, we all knew where the evening was headed.

I watched Evie and Jimmy’s body language, it matched mine, and Laura’s, and by 9.15pm we were all ready.

Laura said, “Shall we go back to ours?

Evie jumped in, “Yes, we’d love to,” she was already standing up.

The four of us left the pub with Laura on my arm, and Evie clutching Jimmy’s.

In the lift I tested the water by stroking Laura’s ass. She was responding by pressing her boobs into my chest.

I saw Jimmy close to Evie, and he was pressing his cock against her ass, with his arms around her.

Nothing was said when we entered the flat. Jimmy took Evie’s hand, and led her straight into the bedroom. As they disappeared, Laura put her arms around my neck, and we kissed. She stepped back and turned away.

“Unzip me please,” and I duly obliged.

Dropping the dress revealed her in her cerise lingerie. She sat on the sofa, and spread her body full length.

“Undress Rob, I need you to fuck me.”

Smiling, her eyes were watching as I stripped off. My cock was already standing up, and when she saw it, she sat up immediately, and took it straight into her mouth. She heard me gasp with pleasure.

I could tell that she was an expert at this, and it took only minutes before my cock was not only in her mouth, but being deep throated. Any guy who’s had this done knows how quickly it can bring you off.

“Jesus Laura, slow down.”

With a loud sucking sound she released my cock, and giggled. She undid her bra, and slid her panties off, and pulled me down onto the sofa. Her wet pussy welcomed me straight inside, Her legs wrapping around me, and our lips hungrily coming together.

As I thrust my hips forward her body was rising to meet me. She started to moan softly, and our rhythm started to make those sounds that occur when flesh impacts flesh.

We both heard the sounds coming from the bedroom, and we could hear Evie’s soft cries, which I knew were the precursor to her cumming.

Laura was cumming too. I was becoming more urgent with my thrusting, and with a loud scream, and biting my shoulder, she shook with pleasure.

As she came down from her orgasm my cock withdrew, I hadn’t cum yet, my cock was semi erect.

Laura whispered, “Let’s go into the bedroom.” She held a finger up to her lips. “Quiet.”

Evie and Jimmy were lying in each other’s arms. Laura lay down beside Evie, and whispered, “I think we should watch the boys,” and with a mischievous smile she said, “Jimmy, Rob hasn’t cum yet.”

I was taken aback, and before I could collect my thoughts Jimmy sat up. His hand slid up my thigh, and took hold of my cock. I hardly moved, but I saw Laura and Evie, arms around each other, watching us, intently.

Jimmy lowered his head, and I felt his mouth close around my cock. I was gasping as Jimmy’s head bobbed up and down.

Laura and Evie were riveted by this. I was tensing up, waiting for the inevitable, and as I gritted my teeth, I caught Evie’s eye, and could see her excitement as she gripped Laura’s hand.

I heard myself groan, I started to cum, and warned Jimmy.

“Jimmy I’m cumming,” expecting him to lift his head away, but he didn’t, and my spunk started to spurt into his mouth.

I sighed as it finished, and I was aware Jimmy swallowed it all.

The girls muttered their approval. “God, that was horny,” said Laura. She turned to Evie, and kissed her, and then moved her mouth to eat her pussy.

Watching her half turned on the bed, lapping at Evie’s pussy I saw Laura’s pussy exposed. I thrust my mouth between her legs, and started to taste her juices.

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