Crossroads Ch. 04

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Author’s Note – When I started this story, I didn’t have the time constraints that I now face and will need to end Crossroads sooner than expected. The last chapter was rushed in the hope that I’d get more chapters done, but the date has been moved up and it’s no longer possible to continue at this time. I had planned on this to be much longer than time now allows, which means I won’t be able to include all that I wanted. Bre was going to have every member of her family, saving her sister for last, and have both Bre and Sue pregnant. It could be either of her brothers or her father and she wouldn’t know for certain. This chapter is short out of necessity and I don’t know when I’ll be able to post anything else after this one.


I wait for them at they leave the bathroom and smile as they hold hands like lovers. His dick is in a softened state and I know they must have recently fucked, but also know it won’t take long for that to change. Seeing my boyfriend and his twin sister together like that causes me start to lose myself to the darkness once again.

I grin as I look into their shared blue eyes. “Let’s go to bed.”

She has a concerned look on her face, but my hand reaches out for hers and has a calming effect. I take their hands into mine and enjoy the control that I have over them. I’m leading them to bed and have him get onto his back.

I whisper into her ear and let her feel my hot breath on her. “Sit on his face so he can eat your pussy. Don’t worry about him casino şirketleri not being hard. I’ll take care of it.”

She blushes a little as she nods and moves into position. His blue eyes look up as she spreads her legs and starts to lower herself down. My brown eyes move to her small tits and smile at her hard nipples that stand out so well against the pale flesh.

Sue starts to sigh as his tongue makes contact and I put my body between his legs. I open my mouth and slowly suck his soft shaft inside, which causes him to twitch against my tongue. She’s starting to moan a little as his tongue presses on and mine reaches out for his balls.

My fingers caress the flesh beneath his balls as he starts to press against my throat and I suck him in a little more. He gives a muffled moan and I smile around his slowly rising shaft. The twitch can be felt in my throat and my tongue continues to play with his balls, which I know is the quickest way to get him hard.

He presses a little deeper and gives out another muffled moan as my tongue presses to a new spot. Another twitch in my throat and pleasure is starting to build within me. My pussy is dripping a little more as he fully hardens within me.

I keep my lips pressed tight on the base and slowly release his hard shaft from my mouth. She moans out a little louder as I move my body to face hers. My hand guides his shaft to my asshole and take every inch with tremendous pleasure. His muffled moan just got a lot more casino firmaları intense.

My hands reach out to feel her hard nipples between my fingers and her face shows she’s lost to the ecstasy of the moment. I slowly ride his dick and feel every inch giving me more pleasure as my asshole grips him tight. Our moans create a symphony that echo off of the walls and my eyes close as my fingers tighten around her hard nipples.

I can feel the flames starting to burn out of control as I scream out and my squeeze her nipples a little harder. We are all very close to releasing together and I know that my touch is helping her reach that point. My asshole engulfs him completely as I force myself down and the flames burn a little brighter.

My brown eyes close as loose myself to the moment and the fire consumes my body. I can feel him release deep within me as I start to gush out onto him. From her moans, she’s releasing onto his face and our moans are timed perfectly. Waves crash hard over my body as more of me pushes out and another twitch fills me just a little more.

The moment is starting to pass and my brown eyes open in the aftermath of the cooling fire. My fingers release her hard nipples as he slowly softens within me. His dick is slowly moving back and I can feel the remnant of where he had been.

I slowly pull away as she does the same and can see the flood we left behind on his body. My head lays on his shoulder and I can tell that she does the same. We are güvenilir casino all breathing deeply from the aftermath of our orgasms and it will take time to recover for all of us.

I don’t know how long we have laid here for and I don’t care. All that matters is the darkness is under control once again and I smile at the pleasure that my body can still feel. There’s no jealousy at all from having his sister on the other side of his body and I smile at just how quickly I have changed.

We managed to get out of bed and are sitting on the couch with him between us. There’s something on the television, but none of us are paying attention to any of it. My head’s pressed to his shoulder as we make small talk and I smile at just how odd this would seem to anyone outside of this room. If we were clothed and not pressed so closely together, no one would suspect a thing from the small talk we’re using to pass the time.

Neither seem to think anything about the situation and both treat it as being perfectly normal. To them, this is simply the way things should be. With the darkness still under control, my mind is free to wonder and I find the lack of fear to be a little intimidating. That’s what the deal really comes down to and it makes me a little concerned to wonder just how far I’m going to go.

Can I control the darkness? So far, the answer is quite clearly no and I hate just how weak it makes me. When it comes, I lose all control and have to have whatever’s close to fill my desire, which I hate. It’s also a little exhilarating as I think of my brother cumming inside of my pussy and wondering if life will begin. The possibility of me and Sue being pregnant at the same time makes me smile as I press my body a little closer to his.

The End

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