I Love Older Women Ch. 01

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Since I turned 18 I’ve had these extreme desires for older women. They are not naïve and a tease they know what they want and how they want it. I myself get pleasure in seeing there face after giving them something they have wanted for awhile. There satisfied face after there orgasms is pure joy for me to see it makes me proud to know I can make them forget there problems for some time and enjoy life again.

Let me tell you about myself and how I got into the business of pleasuring cougars. I consider myself a real man not those Abercrombie models you see on TV. I shave my head, have a beard or goatee most of the time and a hairy chest. I got a nice dick about 6.5 to 7in depending on how horny the women make me with a big head too. I carry myself with confidence and that’s what intrigues the ladies.

I was out and about doing some shopping for the house. I was walking around the local grocery story which is a great place to find older women when I spotted this lovely women doing her shopping. She looked about mid 40’s, had great curves, didn’t look anorexic, looked like a real woman, just what I love.

I walked up the isle searching for food when she dropped some of the things she was trying to put in her shopping cart. I stopped and helped pick her things up smiled when she made eye contact gave her a wink and went on about my business. As I was finishing my shopping I realized she didn’t have a ring on her finger, not that would stop me from at least trying to see if she would be a little interested.

I finished at check out and was headed back to my car. The lady in the isle was parked two cars before mine she didn’t notice me walking to my car and that’s when I got a great look at her ass, and what a nice one it was.

“Don’t drop anything.” I said to her

She jumped startled and turned around to see who was talking to her.

“Oh hey thank for your help in there and ill be sure to try and not drop anything.”

I finished putting the groceries in the car at the same point she did. I ripped a piece off the paper bag and wrote my number on it and a little note that said “you are like fine wine better with age”, walked back up to her to actually introduce myself this time.

“I just wanted to formally introduce myself I’m Peter.” I said hand extended with the folded paper in it.

I shook her hand, handing her the paper in the process turned and walked back to my car got in and drove off. Twenty minutes into my drive home I got a text message.

“You like wine? I’m Stacy btw ntmu!”

I got home unpacked my groceries sat down and watched some television. My mind kept drifting to the vision of Stacy. She was extremely sexy red hair about 5’5-5’6 about 36c tits wasn’t skinny, but was certainly not fat and a delicious ass. I’m an ass man! I decided to put on some porn and rub one out, as I was about to climax my phone went off. It was from Stacy.

“How Are You?” it said

“LOL!” I sent back finishing my stroking in three, four big spurts of cum onto my stomach güvenilir bahis and chest.

“What so funny?” I got back from her

After taking a shower and cleaning myself off I text her back.

“Oh nothing haha I’m good how are you?”

“I’m good, you didn’t answer my first question”

“Yes I like wine.” I send back

“Would you like to meet for some?”


I get dressed after she tells me where to meet her put some cologne on get in my car and head out. The whole drive there I’m fighting a hard on thinking about maybe getting a chance to fuck this woman. I pull into the bar/restaurant get out of my car readjusting my pants and boxers trying to hide my erection. I walk in looking around and locate Stacy sitting at the bar she waves as I walk to be seated.

“I ordered you a glass awhile you are over twenty one right?” She says as I sit down.

“Yes I’m twenty five and thank you but shouldn’t I be the one buying it for you.”

“You can get the next round”

We engage in conversation I tell her about my oh so exciting life, order me a captain and coke and her a martini cause I honestly cant drink to much wine gives me headaches. We order some food, eat and I start to find out more about her.

“Not married?” I ask

“I was he was an asshole got divorced awhile ago, was dating another guy for awhile, he was an asshole too, so I’m single right now.”

“You must have plenty of offers though, you’re extremely sexy.” I said

“Well thank you and yea I get some” she says with a chuckle

“How can some one your age think someone my age is sexy?” she ask me

“Do you look in a mirror?” I quickly shoot back “I don’t think age I think sexiness , and I’ve always had a thing for cougars anyways.”

“Cougars” she says with a laugh “Never thought myself that way”

“Oh you are for sure” I respond with a wink

Grabbing my thigh Stacy looks at me and says

“I haven’t felt wanted or sexy in a long time.”

“That’s a shame you’re beautiful” I said back

“Do you want to feel sexy tonight?” I ask her

“You’re quite confident aren’t you” Stacy responds

“Yes I am I hate seeing unsatisfied women” I say

“Can you satisfy me?” she asked

“I’d sure love to try.” I said back to Stacy with a smile.

“Let’s Go!” she says emphatically

We get up and walk out Stacy walking in front of me, me getting a great look at her ass as she walks. I walk up closer to her as we are walking to her car and grab a hole hand full of ass. She turns around with a big smile and proceeds to kiss me. After some playful fondling on my end she breaks the kiss and says we better get going as she rubs my cock through my pants.

“Mmmm that’s nice I’m gonna have fun with this!” She says with a smile

We get in her car and begin heading to her house. In her car I begin rubbing her thigh. She lifts her dress higher and looks at me and smiles. I take that as cue to enjoy myself further. I start rubbing her thigh higher türkçe bahis and higher till I feel the heat coming from her pussy. She opens her legs giving me the ok to explore more.

I put my hand right on her soaked panty covered pussy. I started rubbing her pussy watching her face the entire time.

“You keep that up I’m gonna crash” She says

I stop playing with her look up and see we are pulling up to a motel. She gets out goes to the main entrance gets a room comes out and says lets go. Walking to our room I can’t keep my hands off her. I grab both ass cheeks as I walk closely behind her. I rap my arms around her grabbing her tits, she stops in her tracks leans her head back grinding her ass into my dick.

“That really wants to come out and play.” she say with a laugh

“It’s wanted to play with you since I saw you at the store.”

We get to the room and walk in.

“Nice room.” I Say

Stacy turns around to face me “Make me feel sexy!”

She wraps her arms around my neck as we begin to kiss getting more and more intense. I reach down for the bottom of her dress and lift it up over her head. I grab her by her ass and lift her up carrying her to the bed. I lay her down unclasping her bra as I do. I kiss her lips then down to her neck rubbing her tits and nipples are rock hard. I kiss down her chest to her tits and begin to kiss around them and the nipples.

“Suck my nipples baby!” she says with pure lust in her voice

I first sucked the right one flicking and teasing it with my tongue, then move to the left one. I massage each tit as I switch from nipple to nipple taking my time with each one watching her face and pleasure she is enjoying. My hand begins to make its way to her pussy as I start to rub it through the panties.

“I think these need to come off.” I say as I grab the sides and pull them down. “Nice landing strip!” I said as I get the first real good look at her pussy.

What a beautiful site, a sexy 45 year old woman legs spread wide open with pure lust in her eyes.

“Eat my pussy baby it really needs some attention!” Stacy says as she’s rubbing her pussy

I get down between her legs and start teasing by kissing all around her sweet smelling pussy avoiding it to see how irritated she would get. She tried grabbing my head and directing it towards her sex pot but I wasn’t having no of it. I grabbed both her hand and held them firmly in place.

“I need you to eat my pussy I’m gonna burst!” She exclaims trying to wrestle her hands free.

I placed a kiss right to the center of her pink slit and she shivered. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her lips and all around, she was so wet. I spread her lips and began to make out with her pussy. As a man I love eating pussy its so much fun, and I could tell she definitely loved having her pussy eaten. After about ten, fifteen minutes of making out with her pussy she starts humping my face wrapping her legs around my head and squeezing her thighs against my head as she cums.

“I güvenilir bahis siteleri knew by the way you kissed that you’d be great at eating pussy.” Stacy says trying to catch her breath

I stand up removing my shirt. Stacy sits up and begins unbuttoning my pants.

“I wanna suck your cock!” Stacy exclaims unzipping my pants

I step out off my pants and help her take off my boxers. Stacy lays me on the bed and starts to stroke my shaft, she lays so I can finger her pussy as she’s slowly stroking. She leans forward licking the head then down the shaft. When she got back to the head she opened her mouth and lowered her head down my cock. Stacy knew how to suck a cock. It felt incredible I was ready to cum in minutes.

“I’m gonna cum if u don’t stop.” I said to her

Stacy just kept sucking my cock up and down faster then before. I felt the cum brewing as my balls tighten. I grabbed Stacy’s head and blasted my load right down her throat. She kept sucking and sucking cleaning my cock off real good.

“I figured you being twenty five it wouldn’t matter if I just swallowed your load first, you can go again right?” She said with a laugh

I grab her legs and spin her around and throw her legs open so my cocks right at her pussy. I slam it in with one big stroke.

“Oh mmmmmmmmmm yes fuck me, fuck me hard I’ve needed this for sometime.” Stacy says as I start a steady stroke. Out until the head is just in then a quick hard thrust all the way in. Stacy’s nails are digging into the flesh of my back as I pick up the pace

“Your pussy feels so good Stacy.” I say leaning in to kiss her

“Fuck me from behind.” She says

I pull my cock out as she turns over and sticks her ass up in the air. I step up behind and slam my cock into her grabbing a tight grip on her on hips. I piston in and out of her as hard as I could smacking her ass and making it red in the process.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard, I’m gonna cum baby!” She screamed in ecstasy

“Baby I’m gonna cum too.” I shout pounding her harder.

I felt her pussy tighten around me and begin squirting. I couldn’t take anymore and pulled my cock out and came all over her back. I rolled over and laid on my back next to Stacy as she laid on her stomach looking into my eyes with those satisfied sexy eyes u get after you know you’ve done a good job.

“I’m sorry I came on your back I didn’t know if u were on the pill and didn’t want to chance it.” I said to her

“It’s perfectly fine I haven’t felt this great in such a long time thank you so much.” Stacy responds

“It was truly my pleasure that is a great pussy u got there baby. I could fuck you all night long.” I said kissing her again

“Unfortunately we need to get cleaned up I have to work early in the morning so this cant be an all nighter but one of those nights will happen you were fucking great.” Stacy says getting up and heading to the shower to clean herself off. We both get dressed, get in her car and head back to the restaurant. I leaned over and kissed her before I got out.

“I’ll call you in a couple days we can have a lot more fun.” She says as I get out

“Sounds great to me sexy!” I said as I shut the door and went our separate ways.

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