CvsN 20: Something Old and New

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20 – Something Old Something New

by Tx Tall Tales ©


Barbecue’d ribs and skewered teens


With the new open layout, the big living area, and the amazing new dining room, the house had a completely different feel to it. It had always seemed cozy, if not cramped, when we had guests over, but with eight adults we actually had room to spare.

Debbie had a spectacular dinner lined up for us. She presented me with a pile of ribs: baby-back, spare ribs, and beef chuck short ribs, ready for grilling. I had to hand it to my platinum tressed stunner; she had the butcher eating out of her hand. She could get almost any cut she wanted, trimmed to her liking. Our version of beef ribs was cross-cut, extra meaty, and similar to the Argentine Tira de Asado. The baby back ribs and spare ribs already had the membrane removed and were trimmed to perfection. She had pre-cooked them, in pans with an inch or so of liquid, and wrapped tightly in foil, so it wouldn’t take hours on the grill to tenderize them. They were nearly done after a couple of hours, with only the final touches to be applied on the grill.

I was kind of lonely at first, prepping the grill, getting the coals going, soaking the hickory chips (we use scotch for the soaking, old family secret), and scrubbing down the grill surface, while the soound of raucous laughter in the house drifted my way. Jim showed up after a bit, and we talked about his opening up his house to Karen and Robin part-time. He seemed almost embarrassed to be taking her away from us, and insisted he had no problem with Karen and me continuing our relationship.

“Jim, I think it’s great. You guys make a great team. Seems kind of Yin-and-Yang to me, but it seems to work for y’all. How are you about having a 6 year old under the roof?”

“Truth is I’m looking forward to it. Your house is so wild and out of control, but at my place, well, it’s different. It’s more like a home than a harem. We can just relax after work, watch our shows, and we might not even talk for hours, and still everything’s cool.”

“You almost had me believing you there, until you tried that not-talking-for-an-hour BS. I don’t think Karen’s ever been quiet for 10 minutes,” I teased him.

“WE don’t talk for an hour, or more. Of course she spends most of that time on the phone chatting up her friends pretty much every night. She just loves to sit out in the carport with a beer, and a phone, and gab, gab, gab.”

“Alright, now I believe you,” I laughed. “Anyway, listen, if you guys want to be monogamous, just say the word, I’ll back out of the picture.”

He looked almost embarrassed. “For now the deal is, as long as Robin is on the menu, so are you, and your whole house for that matter. I’ll be honest, that works for me. Robin in small doses is a dream come true. I figure if she wants to spend most of her college weekends with us, I’m all for it. And even though things started out weird, the sisters seem to have worked things out, in the best way imaginable. When both girls are over now, I just get free reign, to do what I want, with whoever I want, however I want. It’s fucking amazing. What a difference a few days make.”

While we chatted I had managed to get my home-made half-barrel grill completely covered with ribs, grouped across the surface. It looked like an almost stupidly large amount, but experience showed that it’s almost impossible to make too many ribs. Dry rub applied, for the first 1/2 hour, with frequent dousing, and spraying them down with apple juice would have them ready for the final leg.

I gave Jim a high-five, and wished him the best of luck, promising to help over the weekend to get Karen’s stuff moved over. Memories of our last effort to get her moved made me smile. On his way back to the house I asked him to send someone out with a refill for me.

Amie showed up a few minutes later, Guinness in hand. She passed me the beer, and gave me a hug. “How’s the grilling going?” Even after the hug, she managed to keep one of my arms around her, as she leaned into me. She was looking sweet. She’d already dressed down into shorts and a t-shirt.

“Let me guess, borrowed from Robin?” I asked, tugging at her t-shirt. “I taught your boyfriend that thing you like?”

She giggled. “Yeah, I think it almost gave dad a seizure.”

I smiled, and got back to the subject of dinner. “It’s getting there. It’ll still be a late dinner; I figure another hour or so of slow cooking before I’m ready at this end.”

She seemed to be working herself up to something. I just waited patiently, taking a draw on my beer. We had a bench out back; it was in pretty rough shape, but it was all that we had, and I drew her along with me to have a seat, while I oversaw the grilling.

“It looks like you might have an opening upstairs, with Karen moving out. Do you think it might be possible for me to move in?” she finally asked.

Even before I could answer, she was spouting a litany of reasons. “You casino şirketleri know I’m renting a room right now. I’m on month-to-month, and can move out anytime. I really don’t want to move home right now, for a lot of reasons, but my current place is over twenty minutes from here in traffic. I won’t have to worry about keeping changes of clothing here, or borrowing clothes for the times when I stay late. Once we start the daycare, I’d hate to get up that much earlier every morning, and burn an hour of my day commuting back and forth, and I love being with y’all so much.”

She finally took a breath, and then jumped right back in. “I promise I won’t be in your hair all the time. I don’t need to have a deal like Beth and Debbie. I understand they’re special to you, but I’d still like to be with you guys when you want. I swear I’ll be the perfect roommate.” She leaned in for the hard sell, cuddling in close, and placing her hand on my thigh. “You know I get along with the girls, and I’d be happy to be your boy-toy, even if things with Eric and I move ahead. I love the way you make me feel. You’ll love the way I make you feel, I promise.”

“Amie, you’re a sweet, beautiful girl, and I’d love to see as much of you as I could, but I’ll have to talk things over with the ladies. This is a pretty substantial change.”

Her hand, originally rubbing my thigh was now caressing my balls, getting a rise out of me. “Beth’s cool with it. Debbie says it’s your call,” she answered eagerly.

“Your father might not think that much of the idea, you know. I figure he has higher hopes for you then one more plaything under my roof.”

“Me too. I’d like to meet the right guy, see if it’s the real thing, settle down, have the whole white picket fence and all. But I’m barely twenty, and have lots of time for that. And as far as dad is concerned, he thinks the world of you. Hell if I know why, but it’s true.”

“Thinking the world of me, and condoning my ravaging his daughter and sharing her with my bedmates may not be quite the same thing.”

She leaned in and kissed me, a long delicious kiss. “Think about it. If not, I understand, and no hard feelings. We can still play around; it’ll just be a little harder on me.” She got up, gave me another peck, and left me to grilling duty. She gave it one more shot, before she went in. “Of course if I were to move in, the housewarming party we would have would be epic. No holes barred.”

There’s not much work in slow grilling. You don’t move the meat around much, and you just need an occasional basting. My main job was to make sure the fire behaved, and check on the smoking chips. I had another batch soaking which I usually added to the fire in about 30 minute increments.

After Amie left, it gave me a chance to sit back and ponder the idea of having her under our roof. There were pros and cons. Having constant access to her hot, willing body was a big ‘pro’. But I was seriously thinking of backing off of my constant straying, and limiting my attentions to the two beauties that were more than capable of satisfying me. Jim had managed to occupy enough of Karen’s, and eventually Robin’s time to make those two playthings infrequent enough to allow me to focus where it mattered. Bringing Amie in would change that. Also, as much as I liked Ron, and I did, I wasn’t sure I wanted him around all the time. I imagined with Amie with us, he’d find a lot of excuses to pay us a visit, especially if Beth kept catering to his needs as well. At least having Robin moving out in a few weeks would remove one of the reasons for him to be popping in.

Decisions, decisions.

I saw the back-door open and, speak of the devil, Ron made his way out. He sat down beside me, pulled out his cigar pouch, pulled out one for himself, then passed the pouch to me. Three huge cigars remained, and I took one, not caring what it was. I figured it couldn’t be bad. He passed me the cutter, then the lighter, and I lit up. It was another minute or two before he said anything.

“Had to get out of there. Too much estrogen. I don’t know how you handle it.”

I took a long draw, poorly blowing smoke rings. “You get used to it. And the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.”

“Speaking of benefits, Amie tells me she wants to move in with you guys.”

Ouch. “I just heard the same about five minutes ago.”

“It’s a damned odd setup you have here, Jack, but it seems to work for you. I just wanted you to know that I don’t have a problem with it. I’ll be honest with you, it took me back a second when she mentioned it, and it wasn’t anything I’d ever have wished for her. But if it makes her happy, that’s all I can really hope for. So, however it works out, I’m Ok with it.”

“Thanks, Ron. It was a concern of mine. It still is. My balancing act with Beth and Debbie is precarious enough. Amie is an amazing girl, and having her around could really throw a monkey-wrench in the works. I’m still not sure if it’s a smart thing, for any of us. I know Beth is 100% behind it, but I still casino firmaları need to talk it out with Debbie.”

“That’s smart. You’d be a fool to fuck up that relationship. She’s an amazing woman. Not like the rest of the girls around the place. I don’t have anything against any of them, you understand, and Beth is a sweetheart. But your Debbie seems to be something special. You’re a lucky man.”

“I won’t argue that one.” I told him. We quietly enjoyed our cigars for a bit before I realized I still owed him some thanks.

“I appreciate what you did, taking Deb down and letting her pick out furniture for the addition. It was incredibly generous of you.”

“Yeah, about that. I’m sorry I might have overstepped my bounds. I knew I had that dining room set collecting dust. It’s been there for a couple of years. It’s just that she seemed so excited; I couldn’t help myself and gave her the run of the place, carte blanche. I hope you understand that it has little value to me, and seemed to mean so much to her. But I probably should have run it by you first.”

“No problem. I would have done the same in your shoes. She’s hard to turn down. Thanks. It does help.”

“There’s no quid-pro-quo intended, you understand. It’s not a bribe to get my daughter in or keep her out. Nor is it an attempt to get in your girl’s pants. I just enjoyed making her happy, and it’s kind of fun for me to see your place coming together.” He smiled hugely. “God, you should have seen her. Running around like a schoolgirl, peeking into every little nook of that warehouse. I’d completely forgotten about that weird bed, but she was ecstatic. Damn, she’s beautiful when she’s laughing.”

“That she is. And your intentions are perfectly understood. We’re cool.”


I took a quick turn spraying down the ribs, keeping them moist and shifting the coals around. They were all greying over, and I didn’t want them out, just on a slow burn.

“What’s the full story on Robin and her sister?” Ron asked, as I took a seat.

I gave him a decent summary of the situation, and the latest update on the two moving out.

“So the room’s not vacant?” he asked.

“That one isn’t quite. But there’re two other rooms upstairs. One is nominally Beth’s, but it’s empty. Mostly for show and to let her honestly tell her parents she has a room upstairs. She’s not quite ready to completely level with her parents. The other room was Ashley’s but the little ones have moved in together, and that room has slowly been emptying over the last few weeks. With Karen moving out, it’s fair to say that Ashley no longer needs it.”

Ron just shook his head. “Way too complicated for me. But it looks like you do have the space.”

“Complicated seems to by my middle name lately.”

He was quiet for a bit then started in on a new subject. “The other night, over here, it was absolutely incredible, but things did get a little out of hand. It went a whole lot further than I would have ever dreamed likely.”

“Amie?” I asked.

“Yeah. Don’t get me wrong. I loved it, as I guess you could tell. But it’s a sensitive subject, as you might imagine, and I’d kind of like to keep it between us.” He sounded nervous for the first time since I’d know him.

“Say no more. We figured on that, and Beth took it on herself to have a long talk with Robin to make sure we kept the wraps on everything. I followed that up with a talk of my own and you’re safe there. You don’t have to worry about Debbie, Beth and I, of course. With our situation we’re expert at keeping little secrets. What happens in the house that lust built stays there.” I assured him.

“The house that lust built?”

“A little inside joke.”

“Fitting. And thanks.”

Beth showed up in the doorway, looking around for us, and came skipping down, looking younger and livelier than ever. “My two favorite men! Didn’t anyone tell you the party’s inside?”

“Sorry,” I told her, “I’m stuck on grill duty. And Ron here was kind enough to keep me company for a while.”

Beth came over and dropped in my lap, placing her legs across Ron’s. The bench gave an ominous creak, but it didn’t seem to bother her any.

“You made someone’s day, Ron. No doubt about that. Deb’s on cloud nine in there. All that furniture, was it really just going to waste?” Beth asked.

“I’ve thought about donating a bunch of it. I hate to discard the stuff, so it just keeps building up. Must be more than 10 years of hoarding accumulated in that place. If I didn’t get rid of some, I’d be stacking it soon. And I’m sure as shit tired of paying taxes on inventory. Good to be rid of it,” he assured her.

She leaned across me, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. “Thanks all the same,” she told him before releasing her hold.

“It’s all starting to come together, isn’t it?” she asked me.

“That it is.”

“I’m getting a little nervous. Having our own center and all. I hope we’re up to it.”

“I doubt that’ll be a problem,” güvenilir casino I assured her. “Between the three of you, you have a good bit of experience. And you have us to lean back on for any help, anytime.”

“I know. It’s what keeps me from running away and screaming, when I get to thinking about it too much.”

Ron was caressing her legs and she slithered across my lap, leaving her torso across my legs, and resting her tight little butt in Ron’s lap.

“Ron Thomas! I get the feeling you’re enjoying having your daughter’s friend lying across your lap,” Beth teased, wiggling her ass.

He laughed. “And I get the feeling that a certain young lady is quite the tease.”

“Perish the thought. Trust me. Tonight, I’m not teasing.”

My hand was inside her shirt, caressing her bare breasts, while Ron’s wandering hands had moved up from her bare legs to the space between them. She closed her eyes and moaned, leaning back and letting us fondle her tight little body.

If we thought she was teasing, she cast those thoughts aside when she reached down, opened her shorts and wiggled them off. Her low riding panties were a beautiful sight. It didn’t take Ron more than a few seconds to slide his fingers inside of them, to her apparent delight.

“God, I’m so fucking horny for you guys,” she groaned. She sighed hugely, “How about a quick sample of what’s going on later. I know you’re up to it.” She slid off of our laps, took off her shirt and laid it on the grass. Then she slid her panties off, and posed on her hands and knees. “Just a taste, Ok? Come on boys, don’t make me beg.”

No doubt about it. My sweet innocent Beth was getting rowdier and more mischievous by the day. I showed my willingness by opening my shorts and kneeling in front of her, enjoying her eager mouth. Ron wasn’t far behind and it only took him a few seconds to slide into her, helping me skewer her from both ends.

I gave it a minute or so, then excused myself to take care of the grill. Beth took that as an excuse to spin around, and take Ron in her mouth, leaving her sweet, tight pussy for me, when I finished the basting and checking on the coals.

Beth pulled her mouth off of Ron long enough to ask, “Still think I’m teasing?”

“No, darling, I think you’re incredible,” Ron answered gruffly.

We got a couple of more minutes of attention before she abruptly called a halt to our play. “I could do that all night, but I’m pretty sure if I were to continue much longer, I’d have some serious explaining to do to Debbie and Amie.” She stood and casually got dressed, giving us each a quick kiss before leaving us.

Ron and I pulled our pants up, sat back down and just had to smile. “Shit,” Ron finally announced, “this is one crazy household.” He finally stood and made for the door, “Guess I should make an appearance, leaving poor Jim alone in there could be the death of him.”

“Don’t worry about him. His menu is restricted to Karen and Robin. The teasing he gets is much more restrained.” I reassured him.

“That’s too bad for him. Then again, he’s not doing so bad now, is he?”

“No shit. And you should see Karen’s knockers. She’s got them all beat.”

“Crap. You had to go there, didn’t you?” He laughed, disappearing back into the house.

I had the backyard to myself for a good bit before Debbie made a quick appearance, with beer in hand. “I thought you might be running dry. How’s it going out here?”

“They’re done, now we’re just tenderizing and adding flavor. I can pull them whenever you’re ready.”

She looked down and picked up a pair of panties from the ground. I don’t know how we missed them. “I recognize these. I guess you haven’t been too lonely out here.”

“No, I’ve had a few people keeping me company. How’s everything indoors?” I asked her, going to her and taking her in my arms.

“Nice. Not too wild, but nobody’s feeling much pain. There’s a couple of pitchers of drinks going around, and they’ve already been refilled once already,” she hugged me, holding me tight. I loved that feeling.

“You’re not getting ahead of yourself out here, are you? I knew I shouldn’t have left you on your own.”

“No, it’s been pretty quiet except for our little bed-warmer providing a brief preview of later. She’s getting wilder by the day.”

“Making up for lost time, I’d say. You opened the floodgates, and now that she’s realizing she’s a walking wet dream, she’s learning to flex her powers. I hope you’re proud of yourself,” she teased.

She pulled out of my arms, and pulled me down for a quick kiss. “I wish I had the time to do the same, but somebody’s got to take care of dinner. Why don’t you give those about 15 more minutes and then bring them in?” She waved goodbye, once more leaving me alone to enjoy the evening, the smell of the grill and cooking meat, and to let my fantasies run wild about later that evening.

Dinner was fabulous, and a sensuous treat to watch all those sexy girls sucking on bones and licking their fingers, all of them trying to outdo each other with innuendo.

We had ‘adult’ milk shakes for dessert, and by the time we’d cleaned up the mess, and put the young ones to bed, the room was crackling with anticipation.

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