Crime and Punishment

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Note… All sexual situations depicted in this story occur between two legally cosseting adults 18 years of age or older.


At 18 years of age, A J Miller was a criminal and proud of it. Why would a person that young be proud of that? Well, you would have to know the nature of the so called “crimes” he committed to have a true understanding of his views.

Now A J was not a harden convicted felon nor did he have a misdemeanor record, yet he was still in trouble with the authorities as they say. However the authorities he who he was in hot water with weren’t civil or even legal.

The truth being told, A J’s crimes got him in trouble with authorities closer to home. You see, A J was in trouble with his mother as well as school officials, mainly his teachers and the Administration.

So what was A J’s big problem that got in into so much trouble? Well let’s just say that A.J was your typical 18 year old teenage male with a normal sex drive and his big crime was being what could considered as a “Boob Bandit” in that he enjoyed checking out other girls boobs mainly his teachers.

Beginning at age 15, A J had had a fixation for women’s breasts and the bigger they were, the more he liked them. He was always checking out his teacher’s boobs but he wasn’t very good at being discrete about it. This led to him being written up several times for it and eventually led to his mother Bonnie receiving several calls from the school.

His mother Bonnie was at a loss with what to do with him. She knew A J was girl crazy and she just chalked it up to a case of him just being a normal horny teenage male and figured he would grow out of it. However, when she started receiving calls from the school on a daily basis, she knew something had to be done about it.

At first, she had him talk to the school counselor but that backfired when he scoped her out. The counselor was what you would call a smoking hot blonde MILF 33 years of age, very sexy, standing 5’9″ tall with long blonde hair weighing about 130 pounds and measuring 38D-26-38.

He scoped her out but she was able to play it off but she wasn’t making any progress and A J kept on being the “Boob Bandit.”

Bonnie was finally at her wits end and seeing that talking to him didn’t do any good and since A J’s antics weren’t stopping, she felt she had only one recourse left, shame and humiliation.

How to do it was the problem. She thought about using a similar tactic that was used by parents when they caught their sons and/or daughters smoking which was to make them sit down in front of them and smoke until either they got sick or got tired of it.

Since A J was now 18, he was considered an adult so Bonnie’s first thought was to make him sit with her watching porn mainly about women with big boobs and jack off while she was sitting there.

Bonnie figured one time of doing that would cure A J of his fixation hoping that one time of jacking off in front of his mother would embarrass him so much that he would stop his bad behavior. But much to her chagrin, she was wrong.

It backfired in two ways. First, A J saw not as punishment even though his mom was sitting right there with him. On the contrary he actually liked watching porn and jacking off.

A J actually looked forward to it, so that didn’t seem to fix the problem. In fact, it had just the opposite effect in that A J felt it was more of a reward for continuing his habit of checking out girl’s boobs and saw the jacking off a reward.

The second way that it backfired was that Bonnie a healthy sexy woman 38 years of age was actually getting turned on by watching her own son jack off in front of her.

First she was able to dismiss the thoughts and put them out of her mind but the more she saw him doing it the more she was getting turned on by seeing her son masturbating in front of her.

A J was your typical young 18 year old teenage male. He was fairly good looking. He stood about 5’10” tall weighed about 170 pounds with an average build and short black hair.

Looks weren’t his problem and if he wanted, he could go out with any girl he chose. The main problem that kept A J from getting a date was that he was awkward when it came to talking to girls. He always got nervous and tongue tied when he tried talking to them so he figured he would admire them from a far.

Bonnie was quite sexy herself. At 38, she would be considered a smoking hot MILF herself. Bonnie stood about 5’7″ tall, weighing about 125-130 pounds, with shoulder length brownish-blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Bonnie also had a fairly curvaceous measuring 34D-24-34 with well-toned dancer’s legs and she could have any guy she wanted to but being a single mother with two children A.J and his twin sister Rachel most men were scared off.

Needless to say, it had been a long time since Bonnie had been intimate with a steady man in her life. As a result sexual encounters for her were few and far between.

She had her one night stand flings occasionally casino şirketleri but sad to say the only satisfaction she received was from her two best friends, her trusty dildoes. That got her through many a long night and she went through batteries like they were going out of style.

After a week of having A J whack his boner off in front of her, Bonnie finally decided to quit fighting her urges and give in to them.

The next day Bonnie had A J fulfill his “punishment” as she called it and when he began jerking off she decided she was going to help him. She wasted no time in doing that. Bonnie removed A J’s hand and she put her hand on his cock and started jacking him off.

“Mom what are you doing,” A J said with a mixture of surprise and shock as well as delight.

“I am helping you” Bonnie said with a naughty purr. “You don’t mind if mommy helps her big boy do you?”

Before A J started to say no, Bonnie put the index finger of her other hand on A J’s lips and added “Don’t worry hon, mommy knows what she is doing. Just lean back and let mommy take care of her boy.”

Bonnie spit on A J’s cock and jerked it and the more she did the more she wanted. Bonnie finally threw caution to the wind and let go of her inhibitions.

Bonnie put her lips on A J’s cock and licked around the head and up and down the shaft as she stroked it with her hand. After about a minute of this Bonnie went down on A J’s tool and began deep throating it.

“Ah fuck”, A J lustfully moaned as Bonnie sucked on his cock.

“Does mommy’s little boy like what she is doing for him,” Bonnie said with a lusty grin as she continued to suck A J’s cock.

“Fuck yeah,” A J moaned in delight.

“Well you have been a naughty little boy and need to be punished,” Bonnie said with a lustful seductive purr. “Mommy is going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget.”

“Oh yes punish me mommy,” A J moaned. “Punish me good!!”

“Oh don’t worry I intend to,” Bonnie replied with a purr. “I have only just begun to meet out the punishment I have in store for you. When I am done with you won’t want to look at anymore of your teacher’s boobs.”

Bonnie continued to suck on A’J’s hard cock for another five minutes or so then she removed her mouth from it and knelt down in front of A.J.

Bonnie pressed her titties against A J.’s face and with a sultry tone said “I want you to kiss and suck on my boob’s and if you need some help getting motivated just pretend you are sucking on your English teacher’s hot tits.

A J wasted no time and began sucking on Bonnie’s breasts.

“Mmmmmmm yes baby that’s the way,” Bonnie moaned breathlessly. “Suck those big titties of mine Let mommy nurse her little boy.”

A J continued to suck on and kiss Bonnie’s breasts as he sucked on her nipples like a nursing infant. Bonnie pressed her soft boobs against the sides of A J’s face and jiggled them back and forth.

Bonnie then took her tits and placed them around A J’s cock and began tit fucking him. A J moaned as he slid his cock between his mother’s breast.

“Does mommy’s little boy like,” Bonnie lustfully purred.

“Oh fuck yea,” A J replied moaning.

“I want you to spray your hot cum all over my boobies,” Bonnie lustfully purred.

AJ continued to fuck Bonnie’s tits and it felt so good.

“Mmmmmmm yes baby, Bonnie lustfully moaned. I want you to show me what you can do with that big cock of yours.”

AJ soon was getting a good rhythm going and he felt his cock getting harder and bigger. His cock also began swelling and filled with cum. He felt it tingle and he knew it wasn’t long until he came.

AJ let out a low guttural moan and exclaimed “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!!”

“Spray that hot jism of yours all over mommy’s boobs,” Bonnie lustfully moaned, anticipating the feeling of AJ’s hot cum all over her boobs.

Within a matter of ten seconds AJ moaned and blew his wad all over his mommy’s big tits, spraying not only her tits but her neck and some even shot on to her face, hitting her in the eyes and on the lips.

“Oh baby,” Bonnie purred contentedly as she wiped the cum from her eyes and savored what was on her lips. Bonnie then rubbed the cum that was on her tits and spread it on her skin like it was a lotion.

“So does mommy’s big boy think he has been punished enough or does he need some more discipline,” purred seductively hoping that AJ wanted more.

To Bonnie’s delight AJ moaned “Oh god mommy punish me more. I have been a very naughty boy and need to be taught a lesson.”

“So how do you think that mommy should punish her naughty little boy,” Bonnie lustfully moaned.

“I am mommy’s little boy toy to do with as she sees fit,” AJ moaned. “Have your way with me mommy and punish me and make me learn my lesson”

“Mmmmmmm Mommy likes that,” Bonnie said seductively licking her lips, surprising herself that she even found it extremely, lasciviously and delightfully wicked.

Just then, Bonnie had a very casino firmaları wicked idea, an idea that for the duration of this session, that she would drop the mother son angle and instead take on the role of a dominatrix making AJ her sex slave.

The more she thought about it the hotter she became. Images of unspeakable lascivious and wonton carnal delights flooded her mind and she liked how it made her feel so incredibly naughty, so she took on that role and proceeded with the next phase of her plan.

“Very well slave, sit and await your orders,” Bonnie said with almost sadistic glee relishing the idea of making AJ her slave.

“Also from now on until I say otherwise, you will address me as My Mistress, or My Queen,” Bonnie added feeling the exhilarating and intoxicating rush of power she now possessed. “You will also must keep your head bowed your eyes averted from me and may not look me in the eyes unless commanded to or until I grant you the privilege to. Is that understood slave?”

“Yes my mistress,” AJ whimpered meekly assuming that was what he was supposed to do based on what he had learned from his studies in school about life in under the rule of a Monarch and from what he had read in the fantasy novels he enjoyed.

AJ bowed his head and kept his eyes down taking on the role of the sex slave. He wasn’t sure whether Bonnie was serious seeing he they were engaged in a role play. He guessed Bonnie was being playful and not entirely serious but he didn’t voice his thoughts, instead willing taking on his role as her slave.

Bonnie stripped out of her clothes revealing her sumptuous naked form. Her skin was exquisite and her pussy was nicely shaved and oh so perfectly pink. Her pussy lips glistened, dripping wet and her sweet nectar trickled down her thighs.

As Bonnie took on the role of the dominatrix she felt her body tingling all over and wanting AJ to ravish her and her soul longed to be touched by AJ and to feel his hard cock inside of her and to feel his hot manhood spew deep into her hungry pussy. However Bonnie kept her desires in check steeled her resolve and maintained the role of the Mistress.

“Upon my command, you may lift your head and gaze upon my body but you are forbidden gawk. No slave shall be permitted to gawk at his mistress’s body is that understood?”

“Yes my mistress,” AJ meekly and humbly replied with great reverence.

“Very well slave lift your head and look at me,” Bonnie commanded as she put her finger under AJ’s chin and lifted it.

AJ gazed on his mother’s sumptuous body and his hormones were rushing, adrenalin was pumping and his heart was hammering in his chest. His desires threatened to consume him but he managed to steel himself and look at Bonnie’s sweet womanly form.

Deep inside AJ was battling his carnal desires wanting to so jump his mother’s bones and fuck her right then and there but he had to maintain the role of the slave and figured his patience would eventually pay off.

“Does my slave find his mistress’s body attractive.” Bonnie said relishing the role she was playing.

“Yes My Mistress,” AJ meekly and humbly replied.

“Does my slave desire his Mistress,” Bonnie added coyly.

“Yes My Mistress,” AJ repeated in the same tone.

“What does my slave want to do,” Bonnie added as a baited question

AJ quickly thought then replied “Only what My Mistress desires of him. I only live to serve My Queen and obey her wishes and commands.”

Bonnie smirked inwardly and thought “Well, well, AJ has assumed this role excellently. I will play the part firmly but playfully and reward him while at the same time satisfy my lascivious wonton desires. Who knows may just enjoy this and keep doing it.”

“Does my slave have anything else he desires to speak,” Bonnie added.

“Only that I await My Mistress’s commands, swear complete and undying fealty to her and live to bring pleasure as she demands”

“Excellent slave, you are learning,” Bonnie replied. “You will soon come to learn that can be the giver of pain and delight. Disobey me and the pain will be swift and without mercy. Yet obey me and the delight will be more pleasurable than you can imagine. Understood?”

“Yes MY Queen. I hear understand and obey.”

Very well my slave, here is my first command,” Bonnie said. “I want you to suck eat my pussy and make me cum in your mouth until I tell you to stop.”

“Now on your knees slave,” Bonnie commanded in an authoritarian and stern matronly tone. She then sat on the coffee table and grabbed AJ by the hair and forcefully pulled his head to her eagerly wet and waiting pussy.

AJ’s nose and mouth was fully up against Bonnie’s pussy He could taste the sweet juices seeping from Bonnie’s pussy and smell the sweet heavenly yet musky aroma and inhaled deeply.

“Now eat my pussy and I have no preference as how you do it. The choice of methods is yours until I say otherwise but be forewarned, you better do it right and totally satisfy güvenilir casino my insatiable wonton desires or I will flog you. Understood?”

“Yes my Mistress I only live to please and serve. AJ again humbly replied

Bonnie was fully getting into the role of a dominatrix and enjoying every bit of it.

“Very well slave, you may begin to please me until I command you to stop.”

AJ wasted no time and dove into his mother’s pussy like a starving mad man. He used his fingers and his tongue like a little cock as he worked to bring Bonnie off to countless orgasms.

Bonnie let go of her inhibitions and gave into the lustful pleasures that sought to consume her, allowing them to control her and as she no longer fought them.

“OH god yes slave,” Bonnie moaned, as she stripped and laid back on the coffee table as she sprawled her body out and spread her legs wide. “Devour me ravish me have your way with me. Your mistress is a common naughty trashy whore and desires to be treated as one. Think of me as a filthy cheap common tavern prostitute and act accordingly.”

AJ gave into instinct as he recalling what he had seen from the porn videos he watched. He went at Bonnie with everything he had and soon had her screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Oh god yes slave make your mistress cum,” Bonnie exclaimed as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body.

Bonnie took AJ’s head and held it there as she bucked up and fucked AJ’s face grinding her cunt against his face. AJ inhaled the musky womanly scent of his mother’s sweet nectar and it wasn’t long until Bonnie gasped as her body tensed up then relaxed and her sweet cream flowed all over AJ’s face mouth and tongue.

“OH God yes mommy is proud of her baby boy,” Bonnie panted as she succumbed to the pleasures that were cascading through her body. “Suck me more slave! Make your mistress cum again!!”

AJ continued to tongue fuck and finger fuck Bonnie for another 15 minute and brought her off to countless more orgasms. It was the first time in a long time that she had experience such a release as this.

Bonnie continued to gasp for breath as he body writhed from the pleasures she was feeling. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body tensed then relaxed as she came again flooding AJ’s mouth with her sweet honeydew nectar.

For a brief time Bonnie passed out lying unconscious from the extreme pleasures which had gripped her body then about ten seconds later she stirred and moaned as she slowly regained consciousness.

“Oh God slave you have performed your first act well but your mistress desires more, much, much more. Now I want to feel your hard pulsating cock deep inside me as I fuck you and I want you to cum in my pussy filling me with your hot manhood.”

Bonnie rose up from the table and as she did her head swam and she became momentarily dizzy but managed to regain her composure.

“Help me up slave,” Bonnie commanded. Bonnie extended her hand and AJ gently pulled her to her feet. “Now sit on the couch and spread your legs a shoulder width apart.”

AJ followed Bonnie’s command and assumed the position as ordered.

“Pull your cock up and guide it into me as I sit on your lap,” Bonnie ordered and as she sat in AJ’s lap he guided his erect cock into Bonnie’s wet and waiting pussy.

“Oh god yes slave you are so fucking big and hard,” Bonnie moaned with a lustful purr. It has been too fucking long since I have had a hot cock inside of me!!”

Bonnie began slowly riding AJ as she sat in his lap and fucked him.

“I want you to place your hands on my hips and guide my motions,” Bonnie lustfully moaned.

As Bonnie rode AJ’s massive cock, she began to gradually build up speed until she was riding him hot and heavy. Bonnie began to moan in ecstasy as she continued to ride AJ fast and furiously.

Their hot bodies embraced and melted together as one. Deep inside Bonnie felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter and her orgasms steadily built reaching a feverish pitch and culminating in a resounding crescendo of carnal ecstasy.

OH god slave make your mistress cum,” Bonnie lustfully moaned. Bonnie’s pussy began to tingle and tremor as her orgasms rose to their zenith and she felt her juices begin to flow.

At the same time, AJ’s cock began to swell and fill with cum. He knew it wasn’t going to be long until he popped his top.

“OH God My Mistress I’m gonna cum,” AJ panted in a low guttural moan.

“Cum inside me slave,” Bonnie exclaimed. “I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside of me.”

AJ and Bonnie continued to fuck as their orgasms rose in a feverish pitch. Tried as they may they could not stem the tide.

“Oh God yes slave,” Bonnie cried out as her pussy quivered and her sweet creamy honeydew nectar released itself and covered AJ’s cock.

Just as Bonnie came creaming AJ’s cock, AJ spunked his load deep inside of his mistress spewing his hot jism forth like lava from a long dormant volcano which suddenly awoke spewing its hot molten lave forth in an massive explosion.

“OH fuck yes,” AJ moaned as his manhood spewed into Bonnie’s waiting pussy.

“Holy shit slave you are so fricking hot,” Bonnie lustfully purred as her sweet cream co-mingled with AJ’s hot cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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