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Scott blinked back the sharp glow of the fluorescent lights and looked slowly down his prostrate body, covered only in a blue hospital gown.

He didn’t fully remember what had put him in the emergency room, but surely it had to do with the dull ache in his chest and the snowstorm that had dumped the mountain of snow in his driveway. Next year, he thought, I’ll pay for a damn service.

Scott must have been in an almost secluded corner of the ER, considering the muted sounds of shuffling feet and humming machines, the soft voices of hospital staff tending to this patient and that.

All he knew was the stretcher was bloody cold beneath his bare ass, the typically inadequate gown certainly not fully closed beneath him. He was studying the hospital bracelet on his wrist when she stepped through the curtain and pulled it completely around them.

“A little young to be in here, aren’t you, Mr. Cole?” she asked lightly. “I’m Dr. Collins. And may I call you Scott?”

Scott nodded. She was Dr. Sharon Collins, according to the brass ID plate she wore above her left breast, and her tanned skin, as much as was exposed, was a beautiful contrast to her white cloak.

“Tell me about it,” he replied weakly. “One minute I’m up to my knees in snow, the next I’m dizzy as hell and I’ve got paramedics hauling me here.”

“Our business always picks up this time of the year,” Sharon said. “But I’m happy to report you won’t be with us too long. You seem to check out pretty nicely.”

“I’m glad to hear it. So what gives?”

“Overexertion, it seems. Your EKG is fine. All vital signs are fine. The dizziness was your heart’s way of telling you to slow down, and you’ve got a good neighbor to call 9-1-1 when he saw you in distress.

“Not everyone’s so lucky. We get a lot of cardiac arrest coming through here with snow on their boots. But I’m going to give you a quick look-see before I send you on your way and give your space to someone who really needs it.”

The doctor’s sense of humor allayed any of Scott’s lingering fears, a bedside manner that inspired confidence, and casino şirketleri now a little more. Her slender fingers bore no rings, and her eyes nearly burned through Scott to the stretcher. Funny how he was feeling lightheaded again.

Sharon took Scott’s wrist and studied her watch, recording a strong pulse.

“Seventy-two. Not bad for someone who’s lying in a hospital.”

She pumped the blood-pressure sleeve full and listened to the hiss as it slowly deflated.

“One-twelve over sixty-eight. No problem there. Now, open wide.”

Sharon slipped the thermometer beneath Scott’s tongue with one hand and moved her stethoscope into place with the other.

“Normal,” she said, withdrawing the instrument, her eyes still firmly locked with Scott’s. “A listen to your heart, a half-hour’s rest and I think you’ll be on your way.”

“Sorry to waste your time,” Scott replied, his cheeks flushing as he recognized a distinct, unmistakable stirring beneath his gown.

“That’s why I’m paid minimum wage,” Sharon joked, slipping the stethoscope beneath the gown at the side opening. “Now… inhale deeply, and exhale.”

The doctor pressed the stainless steel, considerately warmed, to Scott’s left pectoral and paused, listening to the hammering organ that was racing again. She moved to the right, then to beneath the ribs and back across to the left.

Scott felt embarrassment and arousal in equal portions, and he prayed that Sharon was unaware he was swelling by the second. Probably no chance of that, given the hopelessly inadequate coverage of a hospital gown.

“Nice to see your blood flow hasn’t been restricted,” she said, nodding below his waist to eliminate all doubt, her stethoscope creeping lower still. “Deep breath… in and out.”

Deep breath? Scott could barely get the oxygen past his lips, and he shuddered when he felt the steel instrument dip lower into his brush of hair and almost imperceptibly graze his cock, which now was laying engorged and impatient on his belly, pointing due north.

And with that Sharon withdrew the stethoscope and slipped casino firmaları her hands beneath the gown on each side, pressing gently into Scott’s abdomen.

“Does that hurt?” she asked, her voice not betraying her own arousal.

“No,” Scott sighed. “It’s fine.”

“How about this?” she asked, her hands lower, thumbs pressing into the crease where Scott’s legs met his hips.

“No…” he said, wriggling on the stretcher, practically begging for more.

The cool ER air washed over him in a rush when the doctor lifted Scott’s gown up from his thighs to his navel, exposing him fully to the doctor’s view. What she saw was thick and full, blood rushing to nourish his swollen, pulpy head.

“You ARE a healthy specimen,” she said, smiling, looking up to the wide-eyed wonder she saw in her patient.

It occurred to Scott that nothing being said could be misconstrued beyond the privacy of this curtained room, the sound of nurses coming and going mere feet away.

“Let’s check your reflexes.”

Sharon’s warm hand reached to Scott’s cock and lifted it from his stomach, encircling its humid thickness.

Scott was wondering how they’d get his fingernails out of the ER ceiling.

“Good. Excellent response. Now, any pain when I do this?”

She took one agonizingly long stroke of Scott’s full erection.

“No,” he managed in reply. “It feels… fine.”

The doctor’s palm slipped between Scott’s thighs and took a handful of his balls, heavy in fullness.

“No discomfort?”

“No.” It was all Scott could do to utter a single coherent syllable.

“Even when I squeeze, like this?”

Scott swallowed a gasp.


“Good… good.”

By now Sharon’s hand was moving skilfully up and down Scott’s fully distended shaft, a generous pearl of fluid milked from the tip, providing a better lubricant than anything she would find on a hospital shelf.

“Slow breaths,” she said. “Relax.”

Scott’s head was slumped back onto the pillow. He was lost in the sensation when it all changed dramatically, a warm hand replaced by a wet güvenilir casino heat.

He tucked his chin to his chest and saw Sharon in glorious profile, her cheek bulging as she slowly devoured Scott’s cock, pushing down to nearly digest the entire length.

She pulled back, flashing her tongue over the tip.

“You’re doing great,” she said, pausing briefly in her feast. “Concentrate on your breathing, Scott. Deep breaths. In and out.”

Sharon returned to her oral massage, inhaling and exhaling Scott’s throbbing cock with fantastic suction, lifting free for just an instant.

She passed her patient a roll of sterile gauze, which Scott promptly clamped between his teeth.

“That’s it… in and out. In and out.”

The words were ringing in Scott’s ears when he felt a bolt of lightning energize him from his hair follicles to his toenails. Sharon felt it too, and her hand reached to Scott’s balls, which were pulled tight to his groin in warning of what was to happen next.

The first creamy spurt pulsed from him to the depths of Sharon’s throat, as did the second, the third and a weakening fourth. She was relentless, sucking with glorious force, her mouth pulling back just to the ridge of Scott’s sharply cut cockhead before it plunged down once more.

She brought him back to earth slowly, still savoring the thick, salty fluid, licking him clean with expert care.

“Excellent, Scott,” she said finally, her tongue savoring what clung to her lower lip. “I’d say that everything’s in perfect working order.”

Scott returned only a weak smile. He was drained, but his heart never felt better.

“Thanks, doctor,” he managed. “Thanks for the good news.”

“My pleasure. Just take it easy the rest of the day, OK? Nothing… hard.”

She patted Scott’s thigh and pulled the blue gown back in place, straightening herself at stretcher-side as she smoothed her white cloak and adjusted her stethoscope around her neck.

“The nurse will give you my number. Make an appointment to see me at my office in a week if you like. Now, rest for a bit.

“I’d say you’re ready for discharge.”

Even Sharon was surprised by her choice of words.

“But I guess I should have said that a while ago,” she said through a broad smile, and she disappeared through the curtain.

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