Seduction at Night

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Chloe was the babysitter. Everyone in town knew Chloe, at least, everyone with young children. She was a friendly girl, popular with her peers. At nineteen she considered herself to be up to the mark and quite aware of everything that went on.

She was well up on the gossip that went on around the town. She knew which husbands or wives were reputed to have affairs and, more to the point, which husbands she needed to be wary off.

She was still a virgin but, as far as she was concerned, this was purely a matter of personal choice. She would have been shocked to find that her friends considered her to be innocent and hopelessly naïve. This didn’t change the fact that she was, actually, both innocent and hopelessly naïve.

This particular night she had been engaged to sit for Neil and Sophie Anderson. The Anderson’s would be out late and, rather than have Chloe going home in the early hours of the morning, it was agreed that she’d sleep overnight. Chloe had no problems with this. She’d done this sort of thing before. The Anderson’s had a spare bedroom for her use and Neil wasn’t on her watch-out list.

The kids had gone to bed without too much trouble and eventually Chloe retired herself, falling asleep quickly.

Something woke her. She wasn’t sure what. She’d been peacefully sleeping and then she found herself wide awake, listening. Silence. Chloe checked the time. Four am. Neil and Sophie would be home and in bed by now. Considering it far too early to get up, Chloe snuggled down to go to sleep.

Sleep eluded her. She was tired but restless. And thirsty. The night was hot and as soon as the thought of a drink crossed her mind Chloe found herself even hotter and thirstier. She was NOT going to get up at this hour just to get a drink of water. Yes, you are, her thirst said.

Sighing, Chloe got up and ambled through to the kitchen. There was sufficient moonlight coming through the windows to show the way so she didn’t bother about any lights until she reached the kitchen. Grabbing a glass, Chloe opened the fridge. If she had to have something to drink then Coke was preferable to water. She poured herself a glass and stood drinking it.

A window in the kitchen was open, and a slight breeze was blowing in. Maybe there was a bit of pollen in the air. Something tickled Chloe’s nose and she suddenly sneezed. To her annoyance the jolt caused her drink to spill. Only a few drops, but Coke drying on the tiles could be sticky and was bound to attract insects.

Putting her glass on the sink Chloe reached for a cloth, leaned down and started wiping up the few spots.

“Very nice,” drawled a soft voice from behind her.

Chloe froze, feeling slightly irritated at the crude comment, then horrified as her situation clarified itself in her mind. She wasn’t flashing her panties. Because of the heat she’d only worn a shorty nightie to bed, and that was it. Standing up the nightie covered her and was reasonably decorous, but she wasn’t standing up.

She was bent over with the nightie halfway up her bum and she was showing literally everything to the man behind her. She couldn’t have more comprehensively flashed him if she’d tried.

Chloe reared upright with a horrified squeak, hastily tugging down the back of her nightie.

“Oh, Neil,” she said nervously. “You startled me.”

“Fair’s fair. You somewhat startled me, yourself. I heard a noise and came out to investigate. I didn’t expect to find you practicing nude yoga in the kitchen.”

Chloe could feel her face heating even more. Not only was she scantily dressed but Neil only had on pyjama pants, and they looked as though they might slip off.

“I’m not nude,” she muttered. “I spilt some drink and was wiping it up. That’s all.”

“Very commendable,” said Neil, and she just knew that he was silently laughing. “I can see you’re not really naked. A very nice nightie, I must say, although I think it’s a little shorter than you realise.”

Chloe managed to glare at him for that crack. Totally uncalled for, she thought.

“It only rode up because I was bending over,” she pointed out, casino şirketleri “and a gentleman wouldn’t have noticed.”

“Chloe, sweetheart, a man would have to be dead and buried not to notice what you were displaying. But I wasn’t referring to that lovely little scene.”

He wasn’t? Chloe looked puzzled.

“Ah, you probably haven’t noticed yet, but when you tug down the back of your nightie the way you’re doing, the front tides up. I see you shave.”

Heat returned to Chloe’s face as she made another hasty adjustment to her nightie.

“I’m sorry,” she apologised. “I didn’t realise.”

“I guessed that. That’s why I thought I should point it out. Not that I objected to the view. You look very nice, all soft curves just begging for a finger to trace them.”

He didn’t say that, did he? He did. How dare he?

“You shouldn’t say things like that,” she muttered.

“True, but you shouldn’t be running around without panties. I can’t imagine what Sophia will say when I tell her about this little incident.”

“What?” Chloe half shrieked. “You wouldn’t?”

“Why on earth not? She’s my wife. She’ll find it amusing.”

“But she’ll tell everyone. She gossips. You know she does. If you tell her the whole town will know.”

“You’re right. Goodness. You’ve just handed me some blackmail material, you know.”

“What?” A very indignant question, this time.

Neil spread his hands in a helpless gesture.

If I’m going to keeps a secret from my wife I should be entitled to a small favour,” he drawled. “As you want the secret kept, you should provide the favour.”

“And what would this favour be?” asked Chloe.

“Well you’ve already flashed me, so it wouldn’t hurt you to do it again, deliberately this time. Just take off your silly little nightie for a moment.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

There was no answer, apart from a smile.

“You’re not kidding!” stated Chloe, furious. “How could you?”

Still no answer, with Neil just standing there, patiently waiting.

“I’m not going to do it,” muttered Chloe. “You have no right to ask me.”

A pause.

“If I take it off I’ll be putting it right back on again,” she said furiously.

Another pause.

“Alright, but as soon as you’ve looked it goes back on.”

Turning her back on Neil, Chloe lifted off her nightie and then turned back to face him, defiant. Blushing, she held her nightie clutched against her body.

Slightly surprised that Chloe had actually talked herself into doing it, Neil appreciated the view any way. Reaching over her plucked the nightie from her hands and tossed it on the nearby bench.

Taking Chloe’s wrists he pushed her hands to her sides, then took a step back.

“Very nice,” he said. “Very, very nice. You are exquisite. You have wonderful curves.”

Chloe watched, appalled, as Neil extended one long finger and traced a curve from the top of her breast, across her breast, over the nipple, pausing to rub it, and then down the slope of her beast, across her tummy, over her mons to dip between her legs, pressing along the length of her slit.

She took a step back, finding herself pressing against the workbench.

“No touching,” she muttered. “You didn’t say anything about touching. I never agreed to touching.”

For some reason she found herself breathing hard. And she was feeling hotter than ever. Her cold drink hadn’t cooled her at all. She felt as though she was burning. Her eyes flickered towards her nightie as she wondered how to grab it and put it back on.

“Well, turnabout is fair play,” drawled Neil.

His pyjamas dropped. Chloe started. She’d suspected that they’d fall down easily but hadn’t really expected them to do so. And he should comment! He wasn’t wearing underpants either and from the look of him he damn well should be.

“Your turn,” came the friendly prompt.

“My turn?” What the hell did he mean, my turn?

“You stripped, I looked and touched. I stripped and you’re looking and?”

Chloe felt her cheeks heating with embarrassment again. He was right. casino firmaları She was looking. She was short on experience where things like that were concerned. Her boyfriends wouldn’t dream of dropping their trousers like that. And what do he mean by that last ‘and’?”

Clarification dawned. And touching. That’s what he meant. He expects me to touch that thing.

Chloe chewed her lip considering. Should she? She’d had boyfriends and knew the sort of equipment they had and even felt it, but always through cloth. She’d never actually had one in hand. And here was Neil expecting her to touch him.

Her hand went slowly out and Neil wanted to laugh. She looked as though she expected his cock to try and bite her. Then her hand settled delicately upon his erection and Neil didn’t want to laugh anymore.

Chloe ran her hand up and down the length of Neil’s cock. It was larger than she’d expected, hard and hot. Were they all this large, she wondered? She wasn’t game to ask. He’d laugh. It was the sort of thing that a woman was supposed to know.

She gave a startled squeak, her grip in Neil’s cock tightening as she felt his hand close over her breast. She squeaked again when his other hand slid over her body and touched her more intimately.

Chloe found that she was feeling most odd. All hot and bothered and breathing hard. Neil seemed to be breathing hard as well. Maybe it was just getting stuffy in the kitchen.

She gasped again when a finger eased between her lips, feeling its way along inside her slit, probing deeper. With a squeal, Chloe took a step away from Neil, disengaging. She stood there, breast heaving.

Chloe gulped, trying to get control of herself.

“This has to stop,” she mumbled. “I think you’re trying to seduce me.”

“OK,” said Neil, much to her disappointment. “Come along.”

He turned and ushered her down the hallway. Chloe thought about going back for her nightie but decided no. Best get to her room as quickly as possible so she could close the door on the whole incident.

Instead of stopping outside her room, Neil hustled her past and into the main bedroom. Expecting to find Sophia there and to be totally embarrassed and humiliated, Chloe was relieved to find the room empty.

Then puzzled. Where was Sophia?

Before she asked, Neil was answering the question.

“Sophia is at her sister’s place. Gloria went into labour while we were there and Sophia stayed to look after our nephew for a day or so while I came home to watch ours.”

Oh. Gloria had gone into labour already. Chloe noted that titbit for future gossip sessions. Then reality slapped her. Sophia wasn’t here but she was standing naked in Neil’s bedroom and he was naked and he was aroused. Chloe flicked a sidewards glance at Neil. Oh, yes. He was most definitely aroused.

“Ah, look, I should be going back to my room,” she muttered.

“Agreed,” said Neil, “but after doing this to me,” gesturing at his erection, “don’t you think you should attend to it first.”

“That’s not my fault,” Chloe protested. “Is it?”

“It most certainly is. It jumped up as soon as I walked into the kitchen and found you flashing me. Totally your responsibility.”

“But that wasn’t my fault,” Chloe protested. “I didn’t mean to. You know I didn’t. Besides, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I know. That’s why I decided I’d show you. It’s about time you learnt. Hop up on the bed.”

Chloe felt a surge of heat run though her. Show her? Did she want him to? No, she decided.

“Um, I think I’d rather not,” she mumbled. “I’m sorry.”

Neil looked at her, considering his options.

“That’s OK,” he finally said. “You don’t have to. Why don’t you just lie on the bed for a little while? I just want to pet you for a little longer before letting you escape. Just tell me when enough is enough and we can call it quits.”

How Neil accomplished it, Chloe wasn’t quite sure, but she found herself lying on his bed with him next to her. His hands were again touching her, her breasts and pussy burning under his caresses. It just seemed natural güvenilir casino to her to take control of his erection again and start stroking it, holding it and familiarising herself with it. This might be as far as it was going but she’d be learning something about a man. And something about herself she realised, as a touch in a forbidden area sent the strangest feelings surging through her.

Chloe found herself writhing under Neil’s exquisite little touches. She wanted something more. Her whole body seemed to be humming, waiting. Her legs were spread well apart and Neil was leaning over her, his cock pressed against her tummy while he suckled on a breast.

Chloe pressed herself up against him, rubbing her groin up against his. A subtle shift of position and she could feel his cock pressing along her slit. She pushed against it, enjoying the feel of its hot rigidness pressing against her in such an intimate way.

Neil moved again, seeming to move away from her, his cock sliding away from her until just the head was pressing against her. Chloe pressed eagerly up against it, reluctant to lose that last bit of contact. She gave a startled shriek as she found herself impaled. When she had pushed up her lips had yielded, and Neil had slipped between them.

Now Neil was driving down. Chloe felt a twinge as something seemed to give and then he was in her passage, making his way deeper. She wanted to scream, to protest. She also wanted Neil to come into her even deeper. She groaned, knowing that she had done the damage herself. She should have been calling enough, not offering herself as a virgin sacrifice.

She shuddered slightly, feeling Neil’s body pressing along hers, in contact with her from head to toe, but nowhere more so than where his cock was fully inside her, filling her.

Chloe lay there, waiting to see what happened now. She gasped as she felt Neil withdrawing when squealed in earnest when he stopped and drove back into her. All the sensations that Neil had been drawing out of her paled into insignificance compared to the feeling of his cock surging triumphantly into her.

She was, she recalled, supposed to push up against a man when he pushed into her. That sort of thing had been covered in school, even if it hadn’t meant anything to them at that time. Finally, she decided, a use for something she learnt at school.

Next time Neil started driving into her Chloe lifted her hips and pushed up against him. And shrieked again. All those lovely feelings had intensified. Chloe eagerly applied herself to the task of meeting Neil’s cock.

Neil hammered the hot and responsive young body lying under him, enjoying the feel of her clutching firmly around his cock as he pleasured her. Chloe was a noisy little thing, squealing and shrieking her pleasure, her excitement plain.

Neil took his time, trying to prolong the encounter. Chloe bucked up against him, her whole being wanting this experience to continue. Stopping was not an option as far as she was concerned. She’d be quite happy to spend the rest of the night here, under Neil, being thoroughly fucked.

Slowly but surely the tempo increased. Neil and Chloe were no longer consciously in charge of what was happening, their arousals carrying them away, speeding up and wanting completion.

Neil was ready. Past ready, truth be told. Idly wishing Chloe luck he started his final run. Chloe gasped at the change to the rhythm. Suddenly Neil was hitting her with fast hard strokes, seeming to be in a frantic rush. She found herself reacting, bucking hard against him, anticipation rife within her.

Chloe screamed as her climax swept her away. She was vaguely aware of Neil giving a hoarse cry and start spraying deep within her, and then everything was swept away in a turmoil of emotion.

Chloe lay there, snuggled up against Neil. She really should go back to her own bed was the last thought she had before she fell asleep.

Voices finally woke her. It took her a few moments to gather her thoughts. Why was there someone in her bed? Then she remembered. Then she also realised who was speaking. She opened one eye and peeped at the doorway.

Sophia was standing in the doorway, holding a small child.

“I thought it would be easier to look after Toby at our place, Neil. Gloria had a little girl. I see you seem to have had one too.”

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