Jimmy Makes Suzy ‘His’ Ch. 02

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Copyright 2013

This contains material of a sexual nature not suitable for anyone under 18.

Editing contributions by Literotica members Private1stClass and SimonBrisco vastly improved my story. Thanks!


Chapter 2

Jimmy Makes Karen ‘His’ as Suzy’s and Jimmy’s Romance Goes Kinky

Suzy’s and Jimmy’s budding romance blossomed as June passed by. They spent many of their days and all of their evenings together. Both were busy with their jobs and Jimmy also had summer grad school classes. More intimate now, their love-making was not solely raw lust. Still, every night they hungered for each other and passion consumed them. Suzy was eager to explore new positions and new techniques. Jimmy was in heaven. They bicycled, attended concerts, dined at new restaurants, picnicked, and always ended up at Suzy’s house, screwing late into the night.

For Jimmy, Suzy shaved her pussy hair and wore thongs and other very sexy undergarments. She truly considered herself Jimmy’s; it made her feel loved. She knew he exerted a huge amount of effort to gratify and fulfill her sexually. Suzy was confident that she could easily influence Jimmy by positively reinforcing him with a kiss. Having Jimmy possess her electrified her and gave her safety. Chuckling to herself, I know Jimmy is very happy. I am gratifying all of his sexual desires and his need to be loved. Jimmy also gave Suzy the freedom to be bitchy, cranky, and complaining on occasion. He seldom got upset or barked back. She believed he loved her unconditionally and she could be her imperfect self.

Suzy was a thinker, always ruminating on things and rolling over scenarios and alternatives in her mind. When opportunities occurred, it was easy for her to make decisions quickly. Her business partner, Karen, supplied the financial and operational analyses that transformed Suzy’s strategic ideas into concrete action plans. The combined efforts of both women made Martin and Kaminski Consulting very successful. Since meeting Jimmy, Suzy’s penchant for musing about the future started including very wild and non-conventional dreams for their sex life.

Game Night’s continued and Suzy and Jimmy restrained themselves. They behaved as normal adults who ordinarily enjoyed each other’s company and liked playing board games. Linda, Jimmy’s mother, pressed Suzy about her mystery man. Linda was disappointed that her best friend Suzy wouldn’t share any of what Linda was sure were very arousing details. Linda was sad that it didn’t appear that Suzy and Jimmy were becoming involved. Visualizing them naked and screwing had given Linda’s self-pleasuring a boost. Linda couldn’t abandon the very naughty image of her Jimmy, her son, fucking her, his mother; that was too exciting. It helped her climax. Once Suzy assured her that the mystery man was not a married man, she stopped prying. Both Jimmy and Suzy were relieved.

Unable to contain her joy about Jimmy, Suzy did share her excitement with her business partner Karen. Without Linda to confide in about Jimmy, her friendship with Karen grew. Before Jimmy, Karen had only been Suzy’s amiable business partner, but now Karen knew the intimate details of Suzy’s love life. Suzy found it very stimulating to share all the things she and Jimmy did to pleasure each other. The joy and thrill that she experienced with Jimmy was very obvious to Karen.

“You have a boy toy, Suzy!” accused Karen.

“Yes, a wonderful one,” Suzy retorted aggressively. “Jimmy is thoughtful, easygoing, and mature. He is beautiful and so powerful; his cock, mouth, and hands drive me crazy!”

Suzy couldn’t believe how slutty she sounded. “I want to be his, possessed by him, more than anything!”

Her voice fell to a murmur, “and I think that I’m falling in love with him.”

Karen was astonished when Suzy explained her method of kissing Jimmy to positively reinforce what he did to her or said to her. “That really works?”

One day at lunch Suzy breathlessly told her, “It was an unconscious thing at first…but now knowing that Jimmy is so responsive to my kisses as positive reinforcement, I have an absolute feeling of being safe with him. I can totally surrender to Jimmy.”

“I’m Jimmy’s!” Suzy boasted.

Suzy learned a lot about Karen, things she had only suspected before. Karen was about 5’2″ and rounder and curvier than Suzy. She was younger, at 35, and softer with probably a 33 or 34 bosom with large D size boobs. Though shorter, Karen’s rounder physique weighed about the same as Suzy’s taller 130 pound one.

While Suzy was engaging and sociable, Karen was quiet and less outgoing. Suzy knew that Karen was very smart, had a powerful personality, and was physically strong. Her strength was not obvious. To strangers she seemed quiet and pensive, but very attractive. She had very white, soft skin. With her brunette hair and dressed in very feminine and revealing dresses, all she needed were her casino şirketleri usual very high heeled shoes to look exceedingly hot. She seldom wore jeans or slacks. She was very particular about her appearance. Though innately beautiful, she still carefully applied full make-up.

Suzy knew from seeing her in the exercise club locker room that Karen’s large, beautiful, and creamy white breasts needed almost no support. Her nipples didn’t protrude as separate add-ons and appeared to rise seamlessly from her pale pink areola, like a sloped hill. She had told Suzy that she had to shave her legs and around her pussy regularly so she didn’t look like a hairy 1970’s Eastern European female shot putter. Maybe because Karen was so different than her, Suzy regarded Karen as very sexy and very beautiful. It thrilled Suzy and made her shiver to realize that she was attracted to Karen.

After her success with Jimmy, Suzy was becoming more confident about her desire to make up for decades of dullness in her life, especially her sex life. She admitted to herself that she was attracted to Karen. She was sure that Jimmy would find Karen very desirable too.

Karen also shared very intimate details of her sex life with Suzy. Karen had never fucked a man. She had never kissed or even touched a penis. All of her lovers had been women. She was wary of men; fucking a man both frightened and intrigued her. Suzy was somewhat incredulous; she thought that all girls lost their virginity sometime in high school or college. Even more surprising was Karen’s revelation that her last three lesbian affairs had ended in ugly scenes. Suzy was sure that Karen was unhappy and lonely.

In what Suzy thought was a daring gesture of intimacy, Karen touched Suzy’s face when they were alone in the office. Obviously very nervous, Karen made another confession, “Hearing about you and Jimmy arouses me and makes me very envious. My pussy gets wet and slick when you tell me about you and Jimmy, all your love-making.”

Karen continued, “You have changed, Suzy. After becoming Jimmy’s, you don’t appear so wary and cautious about life. You glow and are even more beautiful, if that is possible.” Karen hesitated, “And Suzy, I want that too.”

Hearing Karen talk about all of this stimulated Suzy sexually. Suzy had never had sex with a woman. She had never touched or been touched intimately by a woman. Suddenly she found herself open to the idea. Oh my, Suzy tingled as emotions she never knew she had flooded her senses.

“Would you like to be Jimmy’s and share him with me?” Suzy ventured. Immediately, she mentally cursed herself, that question was very dangerous. Suzy feared risking Jimmy’s affection and his possession of her. Yet, it aroused her to take that risk. She could feel her pussy getting wet and sticky. She told herself, Screw caution! These were the kinds of experiences that she had been missing.

In an excited voice, Suzy seized her chance, “Jimmy will find you very desirable, I know! Let’s go to dinner on Friday…somewhere fancy and romantic. “

“I would like to try that very much. If Jimmy likes me, maybe I could be his too,” Karen answered very timidly.

Jimmy and Suzy had a quiet dinner of Chinese take-out that night as Suzy plotted two new things that she was going to spring on Jimmy. Their love-making was still ardent, but it was not frantic and uncontrolled every time. There was more cuddling and more embracing. Jimmy still could erupt and pump what Suzy believed were huge quantities of cum and sperm into her mouth, onto her face, and into her cunt at least once every night, sometimes two or three times. She kept kissing and kissing him to reinforce what he did to her. She was Jimmy’s and she wanted more of him.

Jimmy experienced more than just ardor and lust; he was falling in love with Suzy. He wasn’t sure what love meant. Whatever these sentiments were, he knew they were very good, great even. In Jimmy’s mind, it’s like I’m shoving my cock into some combination of a flaming torch and a nuclear reaction as Suzy moans and writhes at the end of my cock.

Dressed in a silky long, semi-sheer black gown, Suzy used her foot to toy with Jimmy’s cock hanging loose from his old pair gym shorts. Jimmy kept grinning at her, determined to finish his dinner. He was hungry. In addition to working out today, he had an engineering class and only a skimpy lunch before working all afternoon.

Taking the last bite of this dinner and gulping the remainder of his beer, Jimmy crowed, “Ok, wench, you will have to pay now!”

“Au contraire, Mr. Trophy Hunter! I haven’t gotten what I want yet…” Suzy countered. “I have some new body massage lotion and I want to be pampered and served…or else!”

“Yes, my darling,” being less than completely stupid, Jimmy knew this would be a very, very exhilarating night ending where he wanted to go.

Suzy stood up and demurely asked him, “Help me off with this.” Making it a casino firmaları real performance, she spread a sheet out over the thick rug. As Jimmy caressed her, Suzy lifted her arms and tortuously pulled the gown over her head. She lay face down on the sheet and handed him the lotion. He knelt over her ass and started applying lotion on her neck and back. The motion of Jimmy’s strong hands warmed the lotion. It seemed greasier than lotions Suzy regularly used.

“That’s it, big boy. Keep that up,” Suzy praised Jimmy’s efforts. She twisted and rose up on her elbow, giving him a long kiss. Bumping her nose against his, she gave him an Eskimo kiss.

Motivated, Jimmy moved his hands down her back, spreading the lotion sensuously. She rolled onto her back and whined, “Your clothes are making me itch and rubbing my skin harshly.”

In a pull and a tug, Jimmy’s shorts and T-shirt were off. He poured more lotion on his hands and spread it from her neck down to tummy. He gave each titty extra attention and pinched and twisted each perky nipple. He leaned down and sucked on each and inhaled as much each breast as he could. The lotion had a subtle, pleasant flavor that he couldn’t identify. His cock was stiff and Suzy swiped some warm lotion off her breasts and began moving her hands up and down on his cock. She seemed impatient.

Jimmy tried to kiss Suzy. She squirmed, making him miss her mouth, “Not yet, champ.” She let go of his cock and rotated back on her belly. Her ass was pushed up with her knees pulled under her.

“Do my ass!” she commanded. “I want you to fuck me in the ass! Kiss it, big boy!”

Shocked and even more aroused. Jimmy followed her instructions and kissed her ass. In long strokes he ran his tongue up one ass cheek and down the other. He nuzzled in the crack of her ass and tongued her asshole, tickling it. He could smell the intimate aroma of both her anus and her pussy. With eyes closed, he breathed her womanly scents deeply through his nose. Her scents inflated and hardened his already stiff cock.

“Oh yes! That’s it, Jimmy. Get right into my ass, “Suzy reacted when his tongue came in contact with her puckered anus. Suzy’s entire body quivered.

Jimmy kneaded her ass with the lotion and with a glob on his long middle finger, he gently coated her asshole. Suzy pushed back against his finger and purred, “More lotion.”

Jimmy couldn’t believe it; his arousal extended deep into his balls. Jimmy had never stuck his cock into a woman’s anus and he shivered with anticipation. Reaching under her butt, he gathered some of her abundant cunt juices on his right hand. Very gingerly and slowly he jammed one, then two coated fingers of that hand into her asshole, moving his fingers from side to side, stretching her.

Jimmy inserted his fingers one knuckle deep, then gently deeper to two knuckles. He continued kissing one white cheeks of her beautiful ass while caressing and kneading her ass with his other hand.

Jimmy did want to fuck her ass; I deserve it, he told himself silently. Mentally steeling himself, she needs it and I’m going to fuck her ass. His emotions jumped off into forbidden territory. My God, every time I fuck her, she heightens my arousal more.

Jimmy pushed his lubricated fingers in and out of her asshole, moving them side to side to stretch it. Suzy undulated her ass and helped stretch her very tight asshole.

He pulled his fingers out and announced. “Here it comes, WOMAN!” Jimmy positioned the purplish, plum-shaped head of his cock against her asshole and slowly rocked his hips forward. He eased his cock in, first a half inch, then an inch, then 2 inches.

Again, she cried, “More lotion; make your cock slicker!” Jimmy obeyed, pouring more as he eased out partway.

Now well lubricated and in rhythm with each other, he withdrew his cock some as Suzy swayed forward and then eased it in a little further with her reverse thrusts. He rocked forward and back, pushing in farther and farther. Suzy matched his rocking and impaled herself onto his cock.

“Oh! Oh! Jimmy! I want you in my ass! DEEPER!” she crooned.

“Is this what you want, baby? You want my cock all the way in your ass? You want my cum in your asshole?” Jimmy cooed. Suzy gave him the confidence to voice his most intimate desires, ones he had never been able to express to those boring coeds. Hearing him crow about what he was going to do to her, making her submit to Jimmy’s needs, aroused Suzy even more.

“You’re the first, Jimmy, the first man to take me in the butt…the first one to fuck me in the ass!” she boasted.

Of course, as Suzy understood, her kissing and her sexual desirability empowered her to compel Jimmy to do whatever she wanted. Still, she gave Jimmy as much as got from him. Fucking each other satisfies us both, she knew.

“Do it, Jimmy! Put it all the way in!” Suzy bawled. “Push farther in!” God, she beamed, this is working; Jimmy is fucking güvenilir casino me in the ass, she gloated to herself! Suzy’s ecstasy soared.

She swiped more pussy cream from her cunt and reached around and slathered it on Jimmy’s cock, greasing it up more. Jimmy jerked his hips forward slamming his stomach against her ass. His cock was up her ass its whole length, all 7 inches.

Suzy yelled, “Aaaghhhh!! Oh my God. Jimmy, cum in me! Cum in my ass!”

With Suzy’s writhing, Jimmy could hear and see the momentum of her titties slapping up and down in rhythm with their rocking. He looked down and his cock was coated in a frothy cream. It slushed and smacked audibly as he fucked Suzy’s asshole. He clutched her waist with one arm, alternating drawing her close then moving her forward as he pumped his cock into her asshole. With his other hand, he massaged her boobs and rubbed and pinched her nipples with his other hand.

He pulled out half-way and Suzy blubbered, “No! No! No! Keep it in!” Jimmy slammed forward again.

Suzy stuffed her fingers into her pussy and flicked her clit with her thumb. Jimmy could feel her sphincter muscles squeeze his cock.

Suzy whimpered, “Oh God! Yes! Do me, Jimmy! Do ME!”

She climaxed and a flood of juices covered her hand and fingers. Suzy felt a fire burning deep inside her asshole and vagina. The burn pulsated and peaked repeatedly.

Soon he was equally out of control with arousal. Jimmy shouted, “You’re mine everyway now, BITCH! You’re MINE!” He ejaculated violently into Suzy’s ass, pumping cum into her again and again and again. God, he crowed to himself, I always wanted to scream that word, “Bitch” during sex. Dominating a woman during sex thrilled him, after so many women had pushed him around so much.

His cum doused and soothed the fiery sensation inside Suzy. She was now warm inside and out and wanted Jimmy to hold her.

Jimmy’s cock deflated and popped out of Suzy’s asshole as they collapsed holding each other. Suzy kissed Jimmy on the lips, the eyes, forehead, and neck. She tasted his salty sweat.

“Yes, darling, I’m yours. I belong to Jimmy,” Suzy whispered in his ear.

They lay sweating and sticky with cum and pussy juices for a long time. Jimmy smiled and frequently kissed Suzy. She ran her hands over his naked body; kissing him; licking the scramble of lotion, sweat, cum, and her juices off him; praising how big and powerful he was and telling him how she wanted him to have all of her. She was preparing him for their next journey, she knew, but she truly felt and believed all of what she said.

“Ok, dreamboat. Let’s go shower and I’ll tell you about our next adventure.” Suzy led Jimmy to the bathroom. Jimmy wondered; there is more? Finishing first, Jimmy was on the couch when Suzy returned and snuggled up next to him.

“We are having another adventure on Friday. You, me, and Karen are dining at that fancy French restaurant downtown. Look nice and be prepared to be envied because of the two hot, sexy women that will be on your arm and at your table.”

Suzy suggestively added, “And Karen just might become yours…yours if you want her.” Suzy gave him a long, long romantic kiss and pulled him to the bedroom.

That Suzy had indicated her enthusiasm and approval for this adventure with Karen with a positively reinforcing kiss mesmerized Jimmy. He knew Karen, of course. She was very attractive, though very different than Suzy. Shorter, rounder, and younger, he sensed, and very desirable in a softer, more mysterious way. He also surmised that she was uncomfortable around men in social situations.

Jimmy was open to different opportunities. Suzy had told him that she was determined to experience the adventures that she missed as a dutiful, boring wife. Suzy made him desired and cherished. He would trust her judgment. He keenly anticipated Friday.

Just before seven on Friday night, Jimmy let himself in at Suzy’s house. She yelled from the bedroom, “I’ll be ready in a minute.” Jimmy was pleased how he looked: a black silk sport coat, a brilliantly white shirt with the top 3 buttons undone, and new beige slacks.

Walking out of the bedroom, Suzy alerted Jimmy, “I’ve arranged for a small limo…we can pick up Karen on the way to the restaurant.”

Suzy looked stunning. Her hair was done in a new style and she had on a tight black cocktail dress with a deep V exposing considerable cleavage. The fabric of the dress was slightly elastic and it conformed to her figure ending at the knee. The dress narrowed below her hips and only the slit on one side of the lower half reaching to mid-thigh permitted her to walk. Suzy’s three-inch high-heel pumps matched the color of her auburn hair. Diamond pendant earrings dangled from her ears, with a similar diamond sparkling on a thin gold chain nestled in her cleavage.

Jimmy grabbed her in a big hug, pressed his face into her cleavage, and switched to kissing her neck. “You look fabulous,” he professed. Inhaling her scent made him a bit light headed and woozy with ardor.

Suzy could see his cock hardening, rising in his slacks, and pushing into her tummy. “Now…Now…big boy, the limo is here”

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