I’ve Made Plans

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Anal Sex

All my sexual encounters have happy endings but more often than not, my lovers and I part with innocent kisses on a doorstep somewhere. So, on this mid-summer Sunday morning it was nice to wake up in my king size bed with a man pressing his early morning erection against my back and gently clutching my warm breast.

To be more accurate, there were two men in the bed plus my gorgeous black flatmate Ebony.

This foursome was the result of Ebony’s new friend Alex treating us all to a lovely meal at ‘Gino’s’, our favourite Italian restaurant. Then we’d all arrived back at our apartment for a nightcap before ending up naked and writhing together in our mirror clad pleasure room.

I’d been with Clive several times before but this was the first time for Alex with Ebony and I.

We swapped our partners several times, had multiple orgasms and both of us enjoyed the double penetration that comes naturally when two men are available but it was my man’s milky fluid that oozed out of my vagina as we all drifted off to sleep.

I glanced at the clock because I knew that Clive needed to be at work by ten. He’s a manager at a Mazda dealership and gave me a good deal when I bought my MX5. One thing led to another and we’ve been special friends ever since.

It was still only seven forty so we had plenty of time for cuddles and breakfast before he had to leave.

Ebony was on her side facing me with Alex behind her and although I couldn’t see what they doing under the duvet, judging by the familiar expression of pleasure on her face and the rocking of her body, I was pretty certain that they were having gentle sex.

I reached out my hand to locate Ebony’s pussy and sure enough, I could feel Alex’s balls and his cock moving in and out with slow penetrating strokes whilst Ebony rubbed her clit with her slender finger.

I turned to my man who was not really awake and asked softly, “Clive, will you pleasure me with your finger and then mate with me?”

He gave a half hearted grin, his eyes were still shut and said, “Did you say mate with you?”

“Yes,” I replied, “I’m in a really submissive mood, I just want you to make me cum and then use me for your own pleasure.”

By now his eyes were open and he leaned over and kissed me tenderly. He put the end of his forefinger on the tip my nose and slowly dragged it down over my lips, chin and throat until it reached the middle of my chest. Then softly brushed it against my nipples causing them to become erect before carrying on down my torso over my tummy button until he reached the top of my slit where he stopped.

He was teasing me now by tickling the flesh all around my slit and the insides of my thighs.

“Are you wet,” He whispered.

“That’s for you to find out.” I replied.

I felt his hand between my legs and a finger just gently prodding my anal hole before slipping into my warm wet vagina.

He fingered me tenderly for a couple of minutes then slipped it out and stroked it up to the hard button of my clit, which he began to rub expertly.

“Is that nice,” He asked.

I replied, “It’s heavenly, just don’t you dare stop.”

It was only a few minutes before a familiar sensation was building within me and starting to make me tingle all over until my tummy twitched and I moaned softly as the tremors of an orgasm rippled through my body.

To be honest it was gentle rather than earth shattering but it lasted a long time and was deeply satisfying.

After few final strokes Clive positioned himself between my legs and I felt the tip of his stiff cock enter my moist vulva. With one slow penetrating thrust he was deep within me and started to fuck me gently with long slow rhythmic strokes.

I stretched out my arms behind my head and whispered, “Faster.”

I then heard Ebony emit a squeal of delight as she came and it was quickly followed by Alex’s groan of pleasure as he ejaculated into her.

It was soon going to be my turn as Clive quickened his pace.

His thrusts became shorter and harder and I was making feminine grunting sounds with every stroke. I could feel my tits wobbling like jellies in synch with his thrusting and I could tell he was close to cumming.

“Come on Clive, give it to me.” I begged and with that, he groaned and I felt his warm creamy fluid filling me up.

“Keep going, keep going,” I urged and he did until his cock started to go limp and he just couldn’t pump it anymore.

Ebony and Alex were still connected but when she knew I was ready, she squatted next to me with her hand over her pussy. Clive rolled off me and I took up the same position as her.

Ebony said to the men, “Watch this.”

We removed our hands and let our men see their milky cum ooze out onto our fingers, which we licked dry before collecting some more and offering our fingers to each other.

When we’d finished we all collapsed on the bed and giggled like naughty boys and girls but in reality, it was just clean honest sex and a brilliant start to the day.

A few minutes later we all güvenilir bahis trooped into the large walk-in shower and enjoyed washing each other’s bodies before slipping into bathrobes and assembling in the kitchen.

I made a light breakfast of croissants, coffee and fruit juice and we just chatted to each other.

Alex asked, “What have you guy’s got planned for today?”

Clive replied, “Well I’ve got to be at the showroom in half an hour so I need to make tracks.”

I moaned “Oh Clive, can’t you just ‘phone in sick and spend the day with me?”

“I’d love to babe, but I’ve got the keys.”

“That’s a shame,” Said Alex. “I’ve got a boat moored in a marina about an hour away from here and I thought we could take her out to sea and spend a bit more time together.

Clive replied, “That sounds so tempting Alex but honestly, I’ll have to pass. Maybe some other time. Why not treat Candy and Ebony?”

Clive then kissed me and went to get dressed.

By the time he returned all suited and booted, Ebony had agreed to accept Alex’s invitation but I’d decided to decline because I get really sea sick and in any case, it would be nice for Alex and Ebony to be alone together.

I reluctantly escorted Clive to the front door where he kissed me passionately and we parted with us both saying how much we’d enjoyed being with each other and how we were so looking forward to our next encounter.

Alex was on his mobile “Hi Mitzi it’s Alex. Look I’m bringing a girlfriend down to the boat so could you fix some lunch and put a couple bottles of champagne on ice for us?”

He finished his call with, “OK Mitzi see you in an hour or so. Bye”

“Who’s Mitzi?” I enquired.

“He replied, “Mitzi works for me, a sort of PA. She lives on the boat and looks after it. I do a fair bit of entertaining trying to impress potential investors in my various business ventures and she handles all the catering and corporate stuff.”

“It’s an unusual name.” I said.

“She’s from Thailand,” Alex explained. “I was out there on business about eighteen months ago and she was working as a waitress in the hotel I was staying at. There was chemistry between us and when I got back to England I made arrangements to bring her here. It took nearly six months to complete the formalities but she’s been with me ever since.”

I watched out of the window as Ebony and Alex climbed into his gleaming black Range Rover and saw it disappear around the corner.

I was certain they would have a nice day even though the sky was a bit overcast with rain threatening.

I really didn’t fancy spending the rest of the day just pottering around the apartment so I decided to play ‘Lucky Dip’.

In a folder on my ‘phone I currently have eight men and four women listed as my ‘special friends’. These are people that I’ve had enjoyable sexual encounters with in the fairly recent past and who play an active, on-going part in my life.

At moments like this where I’m at a loose end, I often scroll down the screen without looking and hit the ‘call’ button. Whoever is available and responds first gets the opportunity to spend some time with me if they want to.

I closed my eyes, hit the button and put the ‘phone to my ear.

It was my financial advisor Theresa Roberts’ voicemail saying she wasn’t available and that I should leave a message.

I ‘tutted’ and scrolled down again. It was the same with Steve Reynolds, the guy who managed the estate agency that handled the acquisition of our apartment.

I hoped it would ‘third time lucky’ and it was.

A familiar voice at the other end answered, “Hello, Simon Parker.”

“Hi Simon.” I said. “You know who this.”

“Candy.” He replied. “I was just thinking about you but then if I’m honest, I’m always thinking about you.”

“Oh Simon, you always say the sweetest things to me.”

“So Candy.” He said, “Do you want to book an appointment or make me an offer I can’t refuse?”

I replied, “A bit of both really, what are your plans for this afternoon?”

“Well I’m in the supermarket doing some grocery shopping at the moment and I was going to do some paperwork later but it’s not urgent. What did you have in mind?”

I told him that Ebony had gone off with Alex and that I was feeling a bit unloved and asked him if he could put that right.

He suggested that I go round to his house for a nice light lunch and enjoy each other’s company for a while and then he asked,

“What do you say to a mate of mine joining us for a threesome.”

I was a bit perplexed as to why he would want to share me with another man but he explained that he thought I might enjoy the variety.

In the end I didn’t hesitate.

“You’re so considerate and selfless Simon.” I replied. “See you in an hour or so.”

Simon was my hairdresser and one of my favourite lovers. We met at an adult party hosted by one of my best customers and it was quite a surreal moment when this fit, good looking man in his early thirties and totally naked approached me and asked me türkçe bahis if I would consent to him having sex with me.

It was a bit like asking a girl to dance but with a hardcore edge.

Watching all the sexual activity going on around me and having been asked so politely, I couldn’t really refuse so, within a couple of minutes of meeting this guy for the first time, we were mating like rabbits over the back of a chesterfield sofa.

I really enjoyed the sex and the spontaneity and there was a true spark between us. We agreed before we parted that we would remain special friends.

At just after twelve thirty, I pulled onto Simons’ driveway and parked my Mazda MX5 alongside his Porsche. All I was wearing was a garter belt with black stockings, high heels and one of Simons’ shirts that he’d left at my apartment for some reason all encased in a long beige raincoat.

I rang the doorbell and Simon greeted me with hugs and kisses and ushered me into the lounge.

“Let me take your coat.” He said.

I undid the buttons and slipped it off.

He looked at what I was wearing and said, “That shirt looks familiar.”

“It should do.” I replied, “It’s yours and I’m returning it.”

“What will you wear under your coat on the way home?” he enquired.

“Nothing.” I answered.

We chuckled and he ushered me into the dining room where he’d prepared a table with dishes of fruit, smoked salmon, salads and a bottle of white wine in a cooler.

We helped ourselves to a serving and he poured the wine. We touched glasses and with one voice said, “Cheers!”

I told him about the events of earlier and he said, “Alex sounds like a really nice guy, perhaps I’ll get to meet him someday.”

I replied, “Maybe I’ll put a little group of us together at some stage and we can all get to know each other better.”

Then the doorbell rang and he excused himself from the table.

I could hear male voices and then Simon opened the door and said.

“Candy, I’d like to introduce you to Gavin. Gavin, meet Candy.”

We smiled at each other shook hands and did the ‘pleased to meet you’ bit.

Gavin was slightly taller than Simon and casually dressed with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

Simon served him some lunch and poured a glass of wine.

“Simon has told me so much about you Candy and in quite graphic detail.” He said with a smile.

I replied, “Oh take no notice, I’m as pure as the driven snow.”

“What about you Gavin, what’s your story?”

He replied, “We’ve been mates for about three years. I opened a menswear boutique in the same parade as Simons’ salon. He came in to buy some clothes, we got talking and found that we had a lot in common.”

“Are you married?” I asked.

“Divorced, Six years now.” He answered. “I’ve got a few casual girlfriends but no-one serious,

Even when lunch was more less over we all made easy going conversation for another twenty minutes or so before Simon suggested,

“Why don’t we adjourn to the hot tub?”

He topped up our glasses and he led us out through a back door into a garden then down a short path to a hexagonal shaped building with a pointed roof made of dark wood and glass.

He held the door open for us and we entered a steamy humid environment with a large circular tub buried in the floor. The area around the tub was covered in artificial grass and there were various chairs and other soft furnishings dotted around.

Simon powered up the system and the water in the tub started to swirl violently.

I said, “Boys, I think that’s our cue to get our clothes off.”

I didn’t even bother to undo the buttons on Simons’ shirt, I just pulled it over my head, tossed by long peachy blonde hair and stood there in front of the two men with my hands on my hips.

Simon had obviously seen me naked before but it was the first time Gavin had gazed upon my curvy figure, plump firm breasts and clean shaven pussy,

I suggestively removed my garter belt, kicked off my shoes and rolled my stocking down my legs.

The two guys were naked now and I ambled over to them.

Their cocks were semi rigid so I took one in each hand and very gently pulled on them. They started to stiffen noticeably and I closed my eyes as their hands wandered over my body touching all my sensitive parts.

I dropped to my knees and took a closer look at the two tantalising cocks. Simons’ was thicker but Gavins’ was perhaps an inch or so longer and I was looking forward to taking them both deep inside me. I pressed the two tips together and ran my tongue over the point where they touched then took each of them into my mouth in turn.

Little droplets of clear fluid oozed out of their tiny holes and I tenderly licked it off.

“Come on guys,” I said, Let’s get in.”

One by one we submerged our bodies in the warm swirling water and I sat on the underwater seating with a man either side of me.

Gavin turned my face toward his and kissed me expertly, his tongue finding its way into my mouth and mine güvenilir bahis siteleri into his.

Then Simon did the same and all the while I could feel their hands squeezing my breasts and probing my slit.

I was enjoying this attention to my body and judging by the stiffness of their cocks in my hands, they were it enjoying too.

I think it must have been all a bit too much for poor Gavin because without warning he groaned and announced,

“I’ve cum.”

His creamy fluid was now floating around somewhere in the torrid water and his poor cock was starting to go very limp.

Simon looked at me and sort of rolled his eyes in disbelief and I said,

“Oh Gavin, what a waste.”

He replied, “I know, I’m sorry, give me half an hour and I’ll be ready again.”

“I fucking hope so,” I said, “I’ve made plans.”

It was all a bit of an anti-climax and killed the momentum somewhat but Gavin could do little more than exit the tub and crash out in a chair.

Simon turned to me and asked, “What now?”

I said, “We wait, but in the meantime, why don’t you use your finger to pleasure me.”

He kissed me tenderly and cupped my breast in his hand. He leaned down to suck my nipples and I felt his hand move slowly down my torso until he found the top end of my slit. His finger touched the hard button of my clit and he began to rub it gently. I parted my legs slightly so that he could get better access to my vagina and as our kissing became slightly more energetic, I felt his finger penetrate me.

“Oh Simon,” I said, “You really have a magical touch.”

The warm water in the tub was swirling around us and Simons’ finger was finding all my sensitive hotspots. Then he used his thumb and forefinger to gently pull on my clit like it was a tiny cock.

It was amazing and I felt everything welling up inside me. Simon sensed that I was about to cum so he slowed everything down almost to a stop. He was teasing me by speeding up and slowing down. I got so close to orgasm only to be let down but when he felt I had endured enough he carried it through and allowed me to cum.

My orgasm was so intense I thought I might have to go to A&E. My whole body shook and trembled as wave after wave of ecstasy thundered through me. I was urging him to stop stroking me but he wouldn’t and then another powerful orgasm just reduced me to tears.

“Is that nice?” he asked.

I was crying with the joy of it and replied, “I almost can’t bear it but just one more.”

Simons’ tender touch on my throbbing clit delivered a third glorious climax and this time I had to take his hand away before I suffered some sort of breakdown.

He smiled, kissed me and I said, “Simon you are my favourite lover, I can’t imagine being without you in my life.”

He replied, “I never want to be without you.”

Then we kissed passionately and just let the swirling water massage our bodies.

We almost fell asleep and roughly half an hour had passed since Gavins’ premature ejaculation.

Simon took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock and it soon went from limp to stiff as I gripped and stroked it.

I said to him, “Let’s play outside.”

Gavin was still in no state to participate so I laid some towels on the fake grass and got Simon to lay on his back. I straddled his face and lowered my genitals onto his tongue as I took his delicious cock into my mouth and sank down on it all the way.

I could feel his tongue poking my vulva and I was stroking and sucking his meaty cock.

The heat and humidity in the room meant that we were both sweating profusely but it just added to the sensuality of it all.

My hair was wet and tangled, my body was dripping with sweat and my man was licking my clit. Honestly, could it get any better?

Well yes it could actually because Gavin had now recovered and he was behind me gently prodding the tip of his cock against my moist pussy hole.

He seemed to be hesitating so I glanced over my shoulder and said,

“Gavin, if you’re going to fuck me then fuck me.”

Within a second or two I felt his cock penetrate me with one smooth stroke.

I gasped a little and said, “That’s more like it now give it to me hard.”

Gavin started to fuck me at one end of my body with long rhythmic strokes while I had Simons’ cock halfway down my throat at the other end.

In the position they were in, Gavins’ balls must have been brushing Simons’ forehead but I heard no signs of complaint.

Gavin then withdrew from my pussy and started to prod the tip of his cock against the opening to my anal passage. I wanted him there so I gave a few backward thrusts and felt my hole relax slightly. It was only fractions at first but because it was so wet and slippery with my juices, his rigid cock just steadily penetrated me inch by glorious inch.

It was a little uncomfortable to begin with but he fucked me so gently that he was soon all the way inside me.

It just felt wonderful but I wanted Simon within me as well and told him so.

We all disconnected and Simon laid a cushion from one of the loungers onto the floor. Gavin lay down on it and I straddled him. This time he re-entered me with ease and I lay back against his chest with my legs open wide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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