Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen!

I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

‘The Idol of Lesbos Returns’ is a loose sequel and you can easily get through it without reading the original. In review, the Idol of Lesbos is a cursed item that makes every woman it comes in contact with into a lesbian. It becomes separated from its previous owners and discarded on a stranger’s front lawn, which is where our story begins…

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Returns

Chapter 5



Billy Buchanan had escaped to his room to avoid the constant chatter from his mother and sister talking about the tea. Tea, tea, tea; it was maddening. It was a ridiculous ritual where they serve sandwiches so small that he could eat a hundred and still be hungry. So upstairs he went and waited for the women to shut their mouths. His buddy Javier was coming over to play some basketball up at the park and he couldn’t arrive soon enough. The sound of car doors closing meant that Mrs. Watson’s guests were arriving at her house across the street. Tilly and his mom should already be over there, but his dumbass sister was complaining that her eye shadow didn’t match her blouse. Their mom was scurrying about trying to satisfy the insanity of Tilly’s fashion requests and was now complaining that she didn’t have time to get ready for herself.

Bored with the wait, Billy peaked out the window and saw Cindy and Ashley walking from Ashley’s to Cindy’s house holding hands. “They look totally gay,” Billy laughed to himself. However his laughing stopped and was replaced with shock when his two neighbors turned and kissed each other on the mouth before entering the front door. “What the fuck!?”

It wasn’t a peck. It wasn’t a European kiss. It was a full on tongue tying kiss. He knew that they each had boyfriends, so why were they kissing? Were they doing it on a dare? Were they bisexual? Were they going lesbo? Maybe they were trying to ruin the high tea Cindy’s mom was putting on?

“I’m going to go over now!” Tilly called out to their mother. “Hurry up, mom!”

“I’m being fashionably late!” Megan called back.

Tilly wouldn’t let it go though and ribbed her mother with words she was so fond of using on her, “There’s fashionably late and then there is just being late, mom!”

“I said I’ll be right there!” his mother shrieked back.

Billy’s ears were ringing and his face twitched every time his mother spoke today. He had to get out of the house! He picked up his phone and sent a text message to Javier to hurry up. He looked out the window and watched his sister clicking across the street and knock on the Watson’s door. The door opened and she went inside.

“Huh, I wonder how she’d feel knowing her girlfriends were dyking it out on the porch,” he mumbled.

A few more minutes passed by before Javier answered the text, AT THE PARK. WHERE YOU AT?


Javier texted back quickly, BRING BALL. MINE FLAT.

Megan put her new earrings on as she stepped into the hallway and toward the front door. She could hear her son pounding down the steps like a herd of elephants and reminded him to lock up the house. He gave her some grief but a dirty look from Megan shut that down in a hurry. She stepped out the door and worked her way across the street, comforted to know her new outfit would be the talk of the tea today. Every mom there would be envious of the cash she was able to drop on her new shoes and skirt.

When she got the front door, she found it opened just a crack. Pushing it open she called out, “Jill, I’m here! We can start the party now!”

The lights were off and the shades were drawn on every window. Nobody answered. Instead there was simply music playing from the living room. It sounded like Tilly’s music, not classical like a proper tea would have. The blonde mother of two stopped in the kitchen (the first room from the hallway entrance) and was disgusted to find Cindy Watson and Ashley Townsend making out in the kitchen. The two were standing there in their bras and panties and groping each other heavily. Cindy turned around and smiled at Megan, “Oh, hi Mrs. Buchanan! Come on in. Everyone else is in the living room. They’re expecting you.”

“What do you think you two are doing?” Megan stammered. “Where are you clothes, young ladies?”

Ashley peaked over Cindy’s shoulder to chime in, “Oh, it was getting way too hot in here. Besides, it’s not like we’re going to need them today.”

Megan was certainly not going to hang around at casino şirketleri this tea knowing that Jill and Karen couldn’t keep an eye on their own daughters one room away, and she wasn’t about to let her daughter get exposed to this kind of travesty.

“Where is my daughter?” Megan barked. “Did she come in here?”

Cindy grinned, “Oh she definitely did. She’s inside. Go on in!”

Megan Buchanan stomped off toward the living room. She was grabbing Tilly and getting the hell out of here. And if Karen and Jill didn’t punish their daughters, Megan would destroy them publicly. The blonde mom rounded the corner to the most twisted sight she’d ever laid eyes on. The living room was illuminated with candles which cast eerie shadows in every corner. Every corner, every sofa, every patch of floor seemed to be covered in women. Her friends and neighbors were all either naked or wearing lingerie and engaged in a massive lesbian orgy. Dildos and vibrators were strewn about haphazardly. The television had lesbian porn playing. Clothes were discarded everywhere as women licked women in all parts of the room. The center of the room was occupied by a sheet that covered something moving; perhaps another perverted coupling taking place underneath?

Megan wasn’t about to find out. She bolted from the room and ran for the front door. She managed to pull it open and get a foot outside before she was yanked back by four arms and drawn back into the house. Jill slammed the door and bolt locked it as Karen twisted Megan’s arm back.

“Going someplace, Megan?” Karen jeered.

“Let go of me!” Megan screamed back.

“Oh, no, no! You are the guest of honor. We have a big surprise for you!”

“What is wrong with you? Let me go!”

Jill slid her hands down Megan’s body, “Don’t you want to see you daughter before you go?”

Megan was terrified now, “Where is Tilly? What have you done with her?!”

“We haven’t done anything to her,” Jill explained innocently.

“Not yet,” Karen added.

** **

Billy was dribbling the basketball down the street as he headed to the park when he realized he had no cash on him. He headed back toward the house when some movement caught his eye. It was about fifty yards away, but Billy was sure he saw his mother trying to run out of the house only to be snatched back and the door shut. She looked terrified and Billy wasn’t sure what to think. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him?

He trotted over to the Watson house and knocked on the door. There was no answer. He opened his cell phone and called his mom’s number. It rang several times before going to voicemail. The same result occurred for Tilly’s number. He texted his sister, YO BITCH U OKAY?

He went back in his house and grabbed a twenty dollar bill from his room, but by the time he was back outside, there was still no answer to his messages.

** **

Megan got an eyeful when Karen finally let go of her arm. Her friends whom she had known for so many years looked completely different. Jill wore a red silk corset with matching garter belt while Karen wore a top to bottom leather outfit, including leather panties. Jill looked confident, but Karen looked crazed, like she had gone through a psychotic break. Her eyes were wide and her smile crooked. Megan barely recognized the once shy mother who couldn’t even speak up when she thought her husband was cheating on her.

The duo escorted Megan back to the living room where the guests all formed a wide semi-circle around the sheet in the center of the room. Ashley and Cindy joined them along with three other young women that she did not recognize. There had to be twenty women all told! Holding hands, the guests all looked up at Megan as they brought her to the center.

“Have you all gone insane?” Megan cried. “Where is my daughter?”

Jill pulled the sheet back, “If you want your daughter, you just have to reach out and take her.” Underneath the sheet was a chair in which Tilly’s writhing body was tied. Her daughter’s mouth was gagged with what looked like a pair of girl’s panties and Tilly’s own panties were pulled down around her ankles. Instead of her hands being tied to the side or in back, they were tied to a wooden idol that her hands clutched rigidly. Strangely Tilly seemed to be rubbing her crotch against the idol, her mound slicking up the side of the wooden statue with juices from her womanly fold.

Jill pulled the panties from Tilly’s mouth and she cried out, “Mom! Help me!”

** **

Billy couldn’t get the idea out of his head that something was very wrong. He knocked on the door again but nobody answered. He decided to go through the side yard and into the garage door where he worked his way into the house. The farther he entered Cindy’s home, the more cautious he became and the more observant he became of the sexual moans that came from the house. Nobody noticed the eighteen year old boy peaking from the joining garage door, his face awash with shock as he witnessed what could only be described casino firmaları as a lesbian cult. And in the center of it his sister was tied up.

** **

“Mom, help me! I can’t let go of this thing!” Tilly cried out. “It’s cursed! It- oooooh! It makes you like giiiirls! Sexy dirty girls! Girrrrlllss…. Help! Please!”

Jill and Karen had backed away and completed the circle next to their daughters. Sitting on the ground, all the women spread their legs widely and began masturbating each other, their moans sounding more and more like a chant. Megan’s hands shook and she stole glances around her. It wasn’t just the lesbian sex that was so shocking but the fact that Karen and her daughter were touching each other! So were Jill and Cindy! So were Maggie and her daughter Chloe! Every woman who brought a daughter was somehow compelled to exhibit their taboo lust for the girls that they had birthed. It was insanity! Jill went back to untying her daughter and finished her waist and one of her legs before getting to her hands.

She loosened the bonds around her wrists enough to dislodge the idol, “I’m going to help you, Tilly. Just let me take that statue away.”

Tilly was grinding against the wooden figure. “Hurrrrry mom! It’s making me seeeee naughty things, feeeeeel naughty thoughts. Oooh, fuuuuck! It’s pushing into my heeeead! I can’t hold out much longerrrrrr…”

Megan grabbed the idol and tried to throw it to the side, but found the statue stuck to her skin like glue. A warmth quickly snaked up her hand to her arm to her chest. The warmth turned to heat as Megan’s breathing became quick and staccato. The fire within poured into her belly and spread up along her spine and down toward her groin. Her head, her legs, her pussy; everything was filled with the invisible energy from the idol.

‘Welcome, Megan.’

‘You are attracted to girls.’

‘You desire lesbian sex.’

‘You love pussy.’

‘Wet, sweet pussy.’

‘You crave younger women.’

‘You wish to emulate your friends.’

Thousands of rapid images of lesbian sex rammed into Megan’s conscious mind as she closed her eyes tightly. She tried to shake them out but they kept coming. Images of things that had been done from thousands of years ago, images of things that were done just yesterday. It was like a download of lesbian power from two millennium, flooding her body and mind. The pleasure had at the hands of thousands of women all because of this idol. Wicked, depraved pleasures and corrupted their very souls. The spell was broken as Tilly cried out.

“Mom?! Mom!? Hurry! Put it down and untie my hands and other leg!”

Megan ran her fingers slowly over the wooden form in her hands and then allowed her eyes to travel to the bare legs and her panties around her daughter’s ankles.

Megan cooed, “I know I should, baby, but… But I can’t seem to let it go.”

Tilly looked about and saw that the women were all smiling, knowing that the idol was corrupting her mother. “Mom, you’re freaking me out! Get me out of here!”

Megan started running her hand along her daughter’s leg and up her thigh. “What’s the hurry, sweetheart?”

“No, don’t! Mom! We can’t! You’re my MOTHER!”

Megan spun around, looking at her friends with new eyes. Maggie was sucking on her daughter’s neck while vigorously rubbing her clit. Chloe responded with whimpers of pleasure as her own mother fondled her pussy. “I’m cumming, mommy! Oooh, mommy!” The other young women were all experiencing similarly pleasurable acts as their moms took good care of them.

‘You will take your daughter.’

‘You will give her pleasure.’

‘Your wicked desire will bring you such pleasure.’

‘Lesbian sex.’

‘Your own daughter.’

‘Take her, Megan.’

Megan ran the idol along her daughter’s other thigh and Tilly whimpered as the simultaneous touch of her mom and touch of the idol make her quiver. Her protests get softer and softer.

“Don’t! Stop! Oooh…. Don’t… Stop, mom. OOOOH, don’t stop, mommy.”

** **

The idol was close. Soon the perverse ecstasy on display would culminate in a sexual wave of energy that would change everything. She would be released, finally! After centuries upon centuries, she would finally be released upon the world once more. No longer fettered by the idol, she would be free, alive, and more powerful than before.

The women, young and old, mothers and daughters, they fed the energy. It was not enough for them to feel sexual pleasure but deep perverse pleasure. The idol knew that the female body was designed for a man, and to deny it that fundamental part of its life meant the wickedness in all of them would grow and their orgasms that much more powerful. The idol knew that these women knew in their hearts that crossing such barriers as these moms and daughters did would fuel their corruptive desires further still so that their pleasure would be beyond measure.

Megan and Tilly were the final piece to the puzzle, the last shove to unbind güvenilir casino her…

** **

Billy couldn’t fathom what was happening. Something terrifying was happening before him and it was all because of that idol. Somehow it had converted these women into lesbians and now it was forcing his mother and sister to change as well. He slowly backed into the garage again, glancing around in a panic, trying to find something –anything- to stop the madness. His eyes settled on a tool in the corner of the garage and the teenage boy knew what he had to do.

** **

The blonde mother and daughter began to kiss awkwardly at first and then passionately. Tilly was still straining against the rope and pushing against her mom to get away, but her protests were weak and her energy to fight seemed to drain away. Her own mom had her tongue in her mouth! Instead of being disgusted, Tilly’s pussy was dripped wet with excitement and her nipples ached with rigidity.

A loud cry from the far side of the room startled everybody as Billy Buchanan burst from the garage door wielding an axe wildly over his head. The women screamed in turn and frantically cleared the room, sprinting away in any direction they could manage. Jill was in a sixty-nine position with her daughter and couldn’t get up before Billy leapt over her recumbent form. With his free hand he ripped the idol from his mother’s hand and tossed it onto the coffee table amongst the candles.

‘Stop him!’

‘Stop him!’

The idol called to its converts, but it was too late. To the wailing sounds of twenty two naked women, Billy swung the axe high in the air and brought it down with all his might. The blade cut powerfully through the Idol of Lesbos, splintering the age old magical statuette and releasing a flash of blinding pink light. Billy felt like he was struck with a rubber mattress as the force from the idol threw him backwards. He landed on Anita White’s cowering body, softening what would have been a terrible blow to the head. The chair Tilly was tied to was smashed to pieces and she and Megan were tossed to the rug harshly. The windows shattered and the drapes peeled off the walls, flooding the darkened room with sunlight.

** **

Tilly woke up a few minutes later to her mom splashing some water on her face. “Honey, are you okay?”

The eighteen year old sat up and looked at her ripped clothing and the destruction around the room. Billy knelt on the floor, picking up large shards of glass and dumping them in a debris filled trashcan. Every woman there was keenly embarrassed by her nudity and her actions and seemed to be going through the awkward task of finding their clothing amongst the destroyed furniture, discarded panties, and lube covered toys. Chloe was sobbing and pulling away from her mother as Maggie profusely apologized for her actions. Cindy looked sick to her stomach as she realized everything that she had done with her mother. Jill was trying to calm her down but Cindy went running from the room crying as well.

Jill looked over at Megan and Tilly and covered her face I shame. “It’s over,” Jill announced.

“God, I hope so,” Megan sighed.




Billy was at a baseball game and that meant only the three girls were getting off at the bus stop. The trio walked silently home, their school uniforms neatly pressed and their faces drawn down. When the three reached the part of the sidewalk where they would normally split off for their respective homes, Cindy broke the silence, “Hey, I don’t know if it is worth anything but I’m really sorry about what happened. Are we still friends?”

Ashley nodded. Tilly frowned and nodded as well. Each gave an awkward wave to the other before going home.

Tilly walked into the house and dumped her book bag on the floor before heading to the kitchen. She found her mom absentmindedly wiping off the counter. Megan looked up and quickly broke eye contact as she cleared her throat. “Oh, hi Tilly. How was school? Do you have any homework?”

Tilly leaned against the counter, “Yeah, a little bit.”

“Uhmm, I made some cookies for you. I thought maybe doing something domestic would, you know, maybe make us feel a little normal.” Megan put a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of her daughter along with a glass of milk.

Tilly looked at her sullen mother and tried to console her, “Hey mom, you don’t have to be embarrassed. It wasn’t your fault.”

Megan looked at Tilly and replied, “I know, but I still feel terrible about what I did to you. I wasn’t strong enough to protect you and it’s going to take some time to deal with that. I love you though.”

Tilly managed a smile, “I love you too mom.”

Megan went back to cleaning the kitchen as Tilly sat at the kitchen table. Trying to improve the mood, Tilly called to her mother in a perky voice, “Hey mom. You know what might make us feel better?”

Megan replied, “What would that be, sweetheart?”

Tilly swung her legs open and exposed her panties. They were the sheer white ones she normally wore under her uniform, but it looked like she had written in permanent marker “LESBIAN TRAINER” across the front. “Why don’t you come over here and lick my pussy for me?”

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