Banging My Boss

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Life truly isn’t fair. It tears away at you, just a little piece at a time, until finally you can no longer stand your own reflection in the mirror. The only good thing happening to me right this moment is that he’s back from his lunch break.

It is entirely possible that I could stand in this spot all day, right here, in front of the copy machine, and just watch him in his office. Yes, I know perfectly well that it sounds just a bit on the crazy side, okay a lot, but if you could just see him you’d know what I mean. He is quite literally a walking, talking, sex dream on steroids.

Problem is…he’s my boss.

Bosses and sex dream material is a freak of nature and should never be allowed for viewing in the general public. Most of the women who work for him are perfectly happy to be at his beck and call. I, on the other hand, am not so keen at falling to my knees for him like the God that he is. Although, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself if he were to ask.

There are only two rules that I live my life by, one, don’t fuck your boss and two, don’t fuck your boss! So far I’ve been able to stick to them even when faced with the choice of unemployment. For the most part, it isn’t hard since my bosses have been really old men in suits as wrinkled as their faces were. This boss however, is a completely different story.

He is tall, has light hair and blue eyes, built like a sleek wrestler, and has the sweetest innocence about him that makes you want to lick every inch of his marble sculpted body.

Okay, that’s enough. I’m probably drooling all over my presentation by now. I should get back to work before he notices that I’m standing here staring at him again. I slowly start to make my way back to my desk when he calls out to me.

“Alexis? Can you come here please?” His voice rolls through me in waves and I have to close my eyes to keep from soaking my panties.

I catch my breath and step into his office. He asks me to close the door and my heart skips a beat, maybe two. I do as I’m told and stand in front of his desk awaiting yet another command.

He sits behind his desk in his pale blue button up shirt regarding me casually as I come in. His cool expression gives nothing away as to what he could possibly need from me. I don’t mind staring at his God-like features from afar but being this close to him makes my breath catch and my stomach flip into knots.

A thought occurs to me that I’m acting like an idiot and probably look like one too. I take a seat without permission and he arches a brow at me. Turning, I glance out of his office window to see if anyone notices I’m in there. Just as I suspected, all the little hens are craning their necks to see what’s going on.

“Did you need something?” I ask feigning impatience, hoping that the shakiness in my voice will go unnoticed.

“Yes actually. I need to ask you something. It’s personal.”

My mind leaps from one possible question to another until I finally give up. I stare into his cool blue eyes and answer him in the most unlady like way I can muster, “Uh, okay. I guess.”

“I realize that this could get me fired but I just have to know if it’s a possibility.”

I don’t respond. I just watch him as he takes a deep breath and continues.

“I want to have sex with you. Tonight, as a matter of fact. Would you be willing to give it a try?” I’m pretty sure my mouth has fallen open and my tongue is now lying on the floor. I don’t know what to say, how to respond, or what the holy fuck?

The graveness of his expression at least tells me he’s serious about the inquiry and not just trying to make me look like a fool, but why me? Of all the women in the office he straight up asked me, in the middle of a workday, who does that? I wonder how many other women he has approached like this and as if reading my mind he shakes his beautiful head.

He must have known exactly what I was thinking by the look on my face when he so quickly responds that he’s never asked anyone that particular question before. And if it’s too much trouble then he’ll never bring it up again.

I nod and simply leave his office. Just like that. Like the fool that I am. I just up and left. I should’ve said yes right away. Oh my God, I should’ve said no! Could I have said no? I have no idea. I sit at my desk staring at my screen saver for at least an hour before I open an email and send him the time in which I am willing to ‘be back at work for the proposal’.


“It’s really very simple, Lexi,” she says as she fluffs her hair in the mirror and smacks her gum. “Just fuck him and get it over with, ya know? Maybe it’ll suck ass and you can get back to work without feeling bahis firmaları guilty about it.”

I roll my eyes at her and rinse my toothbrush. Misty is never the kind of friend who uses a filter when she speaks her mind. “That’s a great idea. Thanks for the advice.” I reply sarcastically.

“Come on! Don’t be such a fuckin’ chicken! The man is sex on a fuckin’ stick my friend, and you’re just lettin’ him on.” She follows me out of the bathroom and watches me pack a small handbag. “I mean, seriously what harm is there in just giving him a little BJ in the copyroom?”

“Other than I could lose my job? And him too for that matter? And we don’t have a copy room.” I blush at the idea of my naked ass on top of the copy machine as the light whirrs past, making hundreds of copies, while I get fucked hard by Mr. Sex-on-a-stick.

“That’s never stopped you before.”

“Oh my God, Misty. I’ve never fucked any of my bosses!” I deny.

“Oh yes you have! Remember Jeff? Or Mike? And even Sam? And what’s ‘is name from Kinko’s?” she giggles.

“I totally quit before I fucked them.”

“Uh huh, about two seconds before you fucked them.” She kicks her head back and laughs with pure delight.

Misty has always lived her life by one rule alone. If it feels good, do it. She is a genius wrapped up in the world’s sexiest package. She has pitch black hair that hangs just below her shoulders and her striking green eyes look like the sky just after a storm. Her sense of style is a little off but it fits her personality just fine.

She wears a men’s off white silk shirt with a teal blue tie which is tucked into a pair of slacks that hugs her hips. To finish it off, she wears her signature six inch black stilettos that make her tower above most average height men. She is stunning.

“I have no idea how you can look that good all the time,” I complain.

“Honey, I have to try to look this good. You simply have to get out of bed.” She smiles brightly at me as she hands me two condoms from her not-so-secret stash. “Just do it once for me. The other is for you if you want it. Come on, you deserve this, I promise you.”


Yes. I deserve this. I can totally justify having sex with my boss who could easily pass for a Roman in ancient Italy. At least that’s what I keep telling myself as I wait by the main door to the building. My key card doesn’t work after hours and he has to come let me in.

I stare at my reflection in the glass and wonder what exactly he sees in me. I am plain, almost boring really, I have blonde hair that is straight as a nail, and I’m not even that tall. I’m a little too curvy for my own taste but I can look past that for now. My blue eyes are usually what I use to get any man to notice me but I doubt that is why he asked me here tonight.

I decided to wear a slimming outfit borrowed from Misty and her massive closet. A light peach color silk shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt and a set of bright red high heels adorn my feet. I should’ve passed on the heels but Misty had insisted they were sexy as hell.

I can see him through the glass doors as he approaches. His shirt is unbuttoned at the top and his tie loosened just a bit. He looks tired but excited to see me. His hair is a little disheveled but totally adorable. A smile brightens his face and I can’t help but smile back at him. He pushes open the door and I step inside.

“Hi,” he says casually.

“Hi,” I reply more nervous than I was a second ago.

I realize I’m just standing there like an idiot with this stupid smile still on my face. I shouldn’t be here. I should just leave. I should run, as fast as I can back to the safety of my car. My feet refuse to move.

“I’m glad you’re here,” he tells me. I notice that I’m just tall enough with my heels that I can lay my head in my favorite spot. That perfect crook between his neck and shoulder. I’d like to lick that spot of his now that I think about it.

I clear my throat and nod, “me too.” My stomach has now officially twisted into knots and my heart is racing so fast I can feel it in my toes.

He leads me back to his office with a gentle hand on my lower back. I have no idea what I am doing here but I can’t turn back now.

“So, are we going somewhere?” I ask nervously.

“No.” He pegs me with a stare that could melt the wax from a candle it’s so damn hot. I want to tear off his clothes right then and there just to claw, lick, taste, and suck every inch of him. Dear Lord, I’m losing my ever loving mind.

I tell myself to get a grip and take a seat. I cross my legs very slowly and I begin to unbutton my shirt all while he watches me like a tiger ready to pounce. kaçak iddaa Might as well get started. He doesn’t move. It’s as if he is frozen in place by my little show. I finish unbuttoning my shirt very slowly but he makes no move to rush me through anything. Gently, he caresses my cheek as I look up at him.

“Stand up,” he orders and I do as I’m told. His gaze feels as if it is going to burn right through my skin. He slips his fingers just under my shirt collar and slowly pushes it off my shoulders. It falls to the floor without a sound.

Tracing two fingers over the tops of my breasts he lets out a ragged sigh. He leans down and presses his lips gently to the exposed skin. His lips are warm and soft as he traces the line of my bra with his tongue. I inhale sharply and hold it. When I go to move away from him he stops me with a single upward glance.

I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra letting it fall to the floor on top of the shirt. He smiles at me again and nods his approval. He splays his fingers around my breasts and cups each one in his hands. He stares at them for moment.

“Simply beautiful, Alexis,” he says ever so softly it makes my skin tingle.

“Thank you,” I whisper back.

He leans down and takes the hard nub of my nipple into his warm and wet mouth. I run my fingers through his hair and push my chest up higher to meet his hungry tongue. Gripping a handful of hair I tug his head back forcing him to look up at me.

A low growl escapes him as I kiss him and he accepts me by wrapping his strong arms around my hips and pulls me close to him.

My naked breasts rub against his shirt and suddenly I want to feel his skin on mine. I yank off his tie and unbutton his shirt. I push the cloth over his shoulders and run my fingers over his hard body.

He is just as beautiful as I imagine him and better. He is rock hard in all the right places and I know I’ll be dragging my tongue all over him in just a minute. I ease myself against him and let out a sigh. He is so warm and inviting and smooth, like chocolate cake. I love chocolate cake. I let out a soft dreamy sigh.

He unzips the back of my skirt and I step out of it easily. When I move to kick off my heels he shakes his head, “keep them on.” Well, looks like Misty was right, he does like them. I smile brightly at him.

He pulls me close again and wraps my hair in his fingers. Yanking my head back, hard, I hiss through my teeth while he lays siege to my neck with his mouth and rubs the tight buds of my nipples between his finger tips.

I let my hands and fingers wander as he tastes every inch of my skin. I cup his tight ass in my hands and nearly moan at how firm it is. I can feel his hardening sex between us and I can barely wait. I remove his pants as quickly as I can and marvel at his glory.

His body really and truly is a work of art. I want to study it, taste it, and fuck it mercilessly. My need for him pounds in my gut and sends fire between my thighs. My mouth is actually watering at the sight of him.

Unable to resist him any longer I drop to my knees before my God like creature and run my fingers along the hard, long, length of him. I hear his sharp intake of breath at my gentle touch and I shoot him a wicked grin.

I run my hands up the backs of his thighs and I swirl my tongue around the tip of his swollen cock. He grinds his teeth and digs his fingers into my hair as if I might run away.

Yeah right. I might never be able to let go, ever. He is delicious in every sense of the word and I only want more. A feverish desire rages through me as I dip my head lower into his groin taking him fully. I slide my mouth as far as I can go and suckle him on my way back up, using my hands to caress his heavy sack. And I do it again and again and again.

His moans come from deep in his chest telling me he is enjoying himself just as much as I am. My panties are soaked as I work him into a lather.

“You are gorgeous,” he rasps. “I need you so bad right now. If you don’t stop I’m going to come all over you.”

I chuckle at his obvious desire. When I look up to meet his hooded gaze I catch the passion that resides there. And it’s all for me. Every ounce of it. I am ready for him to do to me whatever he wants.

But I want the control. I will do to him what I want first. This is my fantasy after all. I stop what I’m doing and hear his sudden exhale. I smile up at him again and he arches a brow at me in wonder. I slide my nearly completely naked body along his seductively and coil his tie from the floor in my hand on the way up.

He watches me with interest as I push him back towards one of the chairs. He obeys as I tell kaçak bahis him to sit. I straddle him and slowly rub my covered sex against his. I moan my own pleasure and run wet kisses down his neck.

His hands caress my backside as he suckles my breasts. I continue to rub myself against him as I wrap my arms around his neck and force his lips to mine. He returns my gentle kiss with something much more powerful and deep. His tongue works over mine with such possession that my breath catches in my throat.

I grab his hand and wrap the tie around his wrist loosely, holding it behind his head. He is curious but asks me nothing and doesn’t stop me. Slowly, I lead his hand down my body, between my thighs for just a moment and finally behind his back. I do the same with his other hand and lean into him. He lets out another growl as he rakes his teeth along my shoulder.

“I’m going to fuck you blind, and just when you think you’re done, I’m going to do it again,” I whisper in his ear. I hear his lustful laugh as I tie his hands together at the wrist and step away from the chair.

He can only watch as I move away and admire him from my standing position. A small smile caresses my lips as I watch him grow increasingly uncomfortable with the position I have placed him in. I reach into my hand bag and pull out one of the condoms Misty gave me.

The time for words has passed. I need him. Now. Inside of me.

I calm my inner demons and slowly remove my panties. I straddle him once again using my hands to bring his cock up to greet me. I put the condom package between my teeth and tear it open. I roll it onto him with quick efficiency and I guide his hard erection to my entrance. Slowly I lower myself onto him and I let out a long sigh. He is much larger than I thought he would be yet he fits me perfectly.

He throws his head back with a moan and I lean down, sinking my teeth into his neck. He fills me completely, fully; I begin to move my hips slowly, in little circles, pulling him deeper inside of me with each stroke.

I trace my teeth along his stubbled jaw and nip at his lower lip. I force him to watch me as I use my right hand to find my clit. I rub it gently at first then faster. I moan and kick my head back enjoying the feel of him inside me and pleasuring myself. I am so close to climax I can feel it in my bones.

“No, Alexis!” he exclaims. I stop, irritated and panting.


“Untie me. Now.” The way his eyes are lit with fire and his voice is filled with gravel I move quickly. I free his hands and he is on me in a second.

Forcing me to the floor, he takes my hands and holds them above my head in one of his. Jamming himself inside me over and over again I come in mere seconds.

Pulsing around him I can feel my juices soaking my thighs. He eases himself off of me, tracing his hot tongue down every inch of my body, making his way down between my legs. He nips at my sex with his teeth and I flinch.

“No worries, baby. I won’t hurt you,” he whispers. I relax and let him continue. I can feel his tongue making small figure eights around my opening then up to my clit and back. On each pass he takes my little nub between his teeth and sucks hard. I arch my back to greet him, never have I allowed men to pleasure me this way before. It was too intimate, too adoring, too loving. But with him, I’d let him have the world.

I climax again quickly when he inserts two fingers into me and finds my pleasure core. I jerk off the floor but he holds me down with one hand on my flat stomach. I explode around his fingers and my body tingles with each excruciating pulse. He moans in his own pleasure as he relishes in my orgasm.

When I am finished, he inches his way back up my body and traces his fingers along my sides. He takes my mouth with his and I can taste myself on his tongue, a bittersweet taste that I thoroughly enjoy.

Easily he guides himself back into me and works his cock back and forth. Bringing me to the brink once again. I don’t know how many times he will allow me to come; all I know is that I don’t want him to stop.

“Fuck me harder. Please, faster. Oh fuck!” I plead with him. Wrapping my arms tightly around his neck I squeeze him to me.

I whisper his name in his ear over and over again as he covers me with his body. I sink my teeth into his shoulder, begging him to stop this luxurious torture.

“Fuck!” He curses as he finally comes inside of me.

We lay there in the heat of our passion, sweat glistening off our bodies as we attempt to catch our breath. I am ready for more almost instantly. I lean up on one arm and wrap my leg around his thigh, gently caressing his spent cock with my knee.

“Boss?” I ask meekly as I trace my finger around one of his nipples. I lean down and kiss it gently, pulling it between my lips for a little suckle.

“Yeah?” He replies after a second.

“I quit.”

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