Bangin’ The Babysitter

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The temperature was humid, the air thick, and the sun bright, which only made Mike’s mood worse. He was sweating and cursing under his breath. The babysitter had just canceled on him. He ran his hand through his beard, trying to figure out the right move here. His wife was visiting family and he was stuck with their 5-year-old, but he’d had plans to stop by his friend’s bachelor party. The idea hadn’t been to get wasted or anything, he was too old for that, but spending a night with guys he barely had time to see anymore was something he’d been looking forward to.

Now, though, those plans were in jeopardy. He loved his daughter more than anything, but he needed a break. Still, he needed a babysitter in the next 4 hours. On a Saturday night. Mike sighed and decided to ask the one person he knew, knowing what the answer was probably going to be. He stepped outside into the hot day and made his way to his neighbors, knocking on their door.

A moment later, Maddie Porter was standing before him.

“Hi, Mike!” She said brightly.

Maddie Porter was beautiful. In every sense. She had long legs attached to wide hips and an incredibly round, buoyant rear end. Her stomach was tight, with plump-looking breasts on her chest. Her skin was pale, milky almost, which made her green eyes and blonde hair seem even more vibrant. Her smile was large and beaming; enough to light up any room.

Mike certainly noticed this, but only in the way you’d notice the sun. Discreetly and carefully, almost accidentally. She had just turned 22, and he was nearing 46. He had a wife and a kid, and he wasn’t the kind of guy to be thirsting after the youthful girl-next-door. Nonetheless, though, she was gorgeous.

Currently, she was in a gray t-shirt and yoga pants, with the front of her shirt being loose enough for him to see the budding outline of her breasts, but he kept his gaze professional. He explained the situation to her, realizing how silly it all sounded only as it was coming from his mouth. He needed a sitter on a Saturday night so he could go get drunk with other 40-year olds. It was embarrassing and he wasn’t going to judge her at all when she said no.

“Sure!” She said. It was not the answer he thought he would receive. “My boyfriend is working late, and won’t be home till around midnight. I’d rather have something to do so I’m not all alone at night.”

Before Mike could thank her, Maddie’s smile grew even more luminous. Her cat, Buffy, had just walked by. She turned and bent over to grab him, and Mike found himself in an awkward position. As Maddie was bent over at the waist struggling to pick up her squirmy cat, the stretched material of her yoga pants was being lit up by the sun and had turned completely see-through. Not only was her bubble butt being presented right to him, but he could also see the bright pink lacy thong she was wearing. He saw every bit of her ass, and god help him, he could not look away.

Finally, she wrangled the cat and turned around. Mike shot his eyes back to hers and somehow stumbled through the small-talk of saying hello to the cat and then endlessly thanking Maddie for agreeing to babysit. As he walked home he realized he was semi-erect. He found himself picturing her ass in that thong. Her plump, bright red lips. The small trickle of sweat right about her cleavage, trailing down her breasts. Mike made his way right into the shower and kept the water freezing.

When Maddie came to his door later, both she and Mike were momentarily surprised. He was taken aback by how…casual her attire was. Her black skirt was rather short, sitting just a couple inches above the knee. The white blouse she was wearing was tight, and he was thankful the two buttons on top were buttoned because he wasn’t sure he had the strength to not stare if they weren’t. “You look…” Fuckable. “…professional!” He said.

Maddie, however, was taken aback by how cleaned up Mike was. His usually shaggy hair and unkempt beard had been groomed, and wearing a tight-shirt and slacks showed that his body was actually well defined. She hadn’t ever noticed how big his arms were, or how piercing his gaze was. She shook the thoughts off and returned the compliment. “Well you look like…” A DILF. “…you’re ready for a fun night!”

She’d babysat for them before, and Mike thanked her one time before heading out the door. As he made his bahis firmaları way to the car, he realized he was thinking intently about her legs. About how soft and smooth they looked. He found himself picturing his hand moving slowly up her leg until it disappeared just underneath her skirt…

Mike sat in the car and looked at himself hard in the mirror. Get it together, man. You’re married and over twice her age. You have a child. Stop being a weird old man fantasizing about the babysitter. Get over it. Now.

With that, he started the car and drove off.

It was just past 11:30 P.M. when Maddie heard a car pull-up. She’d been half-asleep watching TV on the couch. She smoothed out her clothes and got to her feet as Mike came in. He smiled warmly at her, and she could immediately tell he wasn’t exactly sober. “Hey, Maddie! I took an Uber back home. Got a little carried away at the bar…” He told her sheepishly.

“You’re an adult, Mike. You can do what you want; especially on a Saturday night. “

“How was she?” Mike asked, making his way to the kitchen. Maddie told him about how quiet the night had been, just playing games and drawing. He listened as he took two beers out of the fridge. “You wouldn’t want to have a night-cap with an old man, would ya?”

Maddie laughed and shrugged. “Sure. And you’re not old. You’re actually in pretty good shape for a dad.”

Mike found himself actually blushing at the compliment and looked away from her, hoping she wouldn’t notice. “Hey, I don’t want to keep you too long, but I actually have a little weed my friend gave me tonight. I don’t know if you smoke…”

She looked at him with feigned shock. “Wow, Mike. Offering your young, virtuous babysitter alcohol and marijuana?!” She lightly slapped him on the shoulder. “I’m just teasing. I can smoke a little, sure. I haven’t smoked with a dad before.”

After putting on some low music and lighting a candle, Mike passed Maddie a joint and lit it for her. They sat on the couch and fell into an easy small talk, sipping their beer and letting the marijuana do its thing. He hadn’t asked what kind of weed it was, and he was starting to think he should’ve. He hadn’t smoked in years and he could feel the train coming. A potent high was building up through his body.

As Maddie spoke to him, recounting work stories, she noticed his eyes flickering from her legs to her eyes. It was subtle but noticeable. She took a hit of the joint and used it as a chance to glance down, now realizing why he was staring. She’d been too high and preoccupied with the conversation to notice how far up her skirt had ridden. Both her thighs were practically entirely out.

Her first instinct should’ve been to immediately sit up and pull the skirt back down. Normally it would’ve been. But she didn’t move. She realized she actually liked that he was looking at her legs. There was a buzzing warmth growing inside of her. Maddie hadn’t really thought of it, but she remembered that whenever she got too high, she got really horny. And normally one joint wasn’t enough to get her that high, but whatever strain was in this thing was starting to work.

She continued talking to him and brought up one hand to casually undo both the buttons on her blouse. The effect was immediate for Mike. He could now see the full top-halves of her breasts, and his cock began to stir. Mike was trying to think of his wife but the stunning blonde with the perfect body was distracting him. And he didn’t know Maddie was having the same issue. She was trying to imagine her boyfriend, returning from work soon, but this burly hot dad was starting to make her wet.

They finished their weed and their beer, and Mike stood to see her out. They stood inches from each other, the tension between them growing thick. He stared into her eyes and wondered if she knew how much of an effect she was having on him. She wondered if he knew that she was helplessly horny and was having trouble controlling herself.

“Thanks for coming over and helping out, Maddie.”

“No problem, Sir. I had a nice time talking to you.”

“Yeah…you should…go home…” He said, his dick and his brain having an argument.

“Well if you ever need anything, let me know.” She said with a lingering stare, taking small steps toward the front door.

He nodded, still desperately clinging to the idea of doing kaçak iddaa the right thing.

She put her hand on the knob and smiled softly. “If you need someone to babysit, clean up around the house, suck your cock, water the plants, just let me know…”

Mike stood frozen, the words reverberating around his skull. They stared at each other like statues. Maddie’s heart was pounding as she waited, hand still on the doorknob.

“What did you say?” His voice was low.

“Water your plants?” She asked, the mischief in her eyes betraying her innocent tone.

Mike still stared at her. The internal debate was over.

He grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her hard. She kissed him back, not hesitating a second. She pressed her body firmly against him as their lips clashed, hands tangling in each other’s hair. Maddie jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He brought a hand under her skirt and grabbed her ass to support her, his entire palm squeezing her plump cheek. Her boyfriend could never lift her like this, nor could he carry her like Mike was carrying her. She felt so small as he brought her to the couch. They collapsed onto it, Maddie straddling his lap now.

She could feel his firmness poking her, and she grinded against it. He moaned, a low guttural sound, and she moaned in return. His hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt and she put her arms up, allowing him to pull it off. He discarded it as she pressed his face against her cleavage, rubbing his face in her tits. They felt so soft yet firm, so perfect. He grabbed her ass and massaged it as she continued to grind on him.

Mike began to pull off his own shirt, and Maddie took this opportunity to undo her bra. The sight of her bare breasts took his breath away. They sat supple and proud, two opaline pieces of flesh with pink nipples. He took one in his mouth as she grabbed his head and moaned once more. As he kissed and sucked her tits, his fingers hooked themselves in her panties and began to slide them down. She stood up and took them the rest of the way off.

To her surprise, Mike fell forward onto his knees. He lifted her skirt up and began to plant small, gentle kisses on her legs. He worked his way up, biting softly at her thighs. She continued to moan softly, her hands taking fistfuls of his hair. Finally, his mouth found her pussy, and she moaned his name. His tongue glided across her entrance, savoring how sweet she tasted. Almost like strawberries. He parted her lips and lapped at her pussy hungrily, his patience disappearing. Her juices were addicting, and feeling her both shaking at his work and moaning his name was beginning to drive him crazy. He circled his tongue across her clit, his hands kneading her ass as he sucked and licked her cunt.

Maddie was now shoving his face into her pussy, grinding up against his tongue. The orgasm that had been building hit her like a semi-truck. She bit her lip to stop from yelling out, her entire body convulsing, Mike’s mouth filling with her wetness. Finally, she pulled him back, allowing him to take several deep breaths. She stared down at him panting, her body shining with sweat.

“Get on the couch.” She said, voice raspy.

Mike did as she said, happy to take orders from his naked young neighbor he had just eaten out to orgasm. Maddie got on her knees, taking his hard cock out of his jeans, rubbing it gently up and down. Her green eyes looked even prettier when she was thinking about sucking cock.

She continued to stroke him, her mouth inches from his cock, her breath hot on his shaft. “How often have you thought about this, Mike? The innocent babysitter, the girl-next-door, on her knees with her tits out, ready to suck you off?”

“Stop talking. Put this dick in your mouth, Maddie.” He said, grabbing her blond hair. She didn’t need to be told again. She swallowed his cock, immediately taking his entire length deep into her throat. Mike cursed, unprepared for how good her cock-sucking skills were. She gazed up at him with those emerald eyes, her throat stretched out with his dick, her mouth smiling. He was in awe.

She took his cock out and ran her tongue around the head, her other hand holding his balls. She made sure to lick every inch of his dick, not being able to put away the thought that he was several inches bigger than her boyfriend. As she serviced his cock, she stretched her ass kaçak bahis out, letting Mike see her tantalizing bottom.

Maddie opened her mouth wide and took his cock back in. She fucked her throat roughly on it, gagging as it hit the back of her throat repeatedly. She began to talk to him in-between his cock going in and out of her mouth.

“For an RA in college…” *Glarghle*

“And a straight-A student…” *Gurgh*

“And a goody-two-shoes…” *Harggh*

“I got really fucking good at sucking cock…” She punctuated this with another wet gurgle, continuing the sloppy and deep sucking she was giving him.

Mike suddenly pulled her mouth off of him. She looked at him, hair messy and spit on her chin. “I need to fuck you.”

Maddie smirked, placing her hands on his knees. She slowly crawled up to him, placing kisses on his hairy chest, letting him slip her skirt off. She lowered her mouth near his ear, her naked body hovering just above his lap. “I’m on birth control, but this probably still isn’t a good idea, Mike…” She said softly, her lips nearly touching his ear lobe.

His hands found her ass again. “Sit on this cock, Maddie.”

She laughed, sending shivers through his body. “Ask nicely. Ask very nicely.”

He grabbed her hair and sharply tugged it, looking into her eyes. “Please. Please fuck yourself on my dick. Maddie.”

They kissed again, and her body began to slowly lower onto his lap, the head of his cock pushing against her opening. He penetrated her, relishing the soft and warm grip of her cunt. Her pussy was young, tight, and right now, it was his. It felt like a vice-grip, and the fact that he didn’t immediately cum right there was a miracle. Maddie herself couldn’t believe how good it felt. More and more of his cock filled her, more than she’d ever had inside of her.

Finally, her shapely ass rested on his legs, the entirety of his cock throbbing inside her. She leaned in and kissed him deep, pressing her tits against his chest, raising herself slightly before lowering herself back onto his cock. He kept both hands on her ass, guiding her as she rhythmically bounced on his lap. Maddie felt herself getting lost in all of this; it should’ve felt wrong and disgusting, but she was so turned on it was almost dizzying.

Maddie’s humping grew erratic as she nuzzled her face into Mike’s neck. He wrapped his arms around her and started to both lift her and thrust up. His cock was slamming into her now, the sound of her ass cheeks being clapped competing with the music. She came forcefully, her body shaking as she did everything in her power not to scream and moan. The sound of her panting pushed Mike even closer to the edge. Maddie said quietly, her voice hoarse, “Cum inside of me.”

It was all he needed. Mike hammered into her one more time, burying himself all the way, his cock erupting inside of her. Maddie continued to cum, one orgasm after another crashing into her. Her impossibly tight cunt continued to pump him until he had nothing left. His seed dripped out of her and around his cock. She rested her head on his shoulders as he collapsed backwards.

They sat like that for a long minute, the post-orgasm high still coursing through their bodies. Finally she stood up on shaky legs, her face and ass the same shade of red. “You’re a helluva babysitter, Maddie,” Mike said, breaking the silence and causing them to both laugh.

Several minutes later and after a quick shower for Maddie, they stood at the door as they had earlier. Mike tried to find the right words to say but couldn’t quite figure them out. Should he act like nothing had happened? Should he apologize? Ask her to do it again sometime? Maddie, though, just hugged him tight.

“I had a great evening. Thank you so much. I’m going to go home and go to bed with my boyfriend and act like my neighbor didn’t just fuck my brains out.”

Mike smiled and shrugged. “Yeah, about that…”

“It’s alright. I certainly didn’t mind. I love my boyfriend and I care about him…” She leaned into him, her hand gently cupping his crotch. “…but the next time your wife is out of town, I want you to fuck me even harder.”

Mike’s hand wrapped around and squeezed her plump ass. “And I love my wife, but I’m not going to turn down the horny slut next door.”

Maddie blushed and bit her lip. “I’ll see you soon. I hope.”

As she left, Mike watched her curvaceous figure disappear, his cock still twitching. His mind was already preparing images for next time. He closed the door and prayed it wouldn’t be long before he got to butt-fuck the buxom babysitter.

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