New Horizons Ch. 03

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Part 3 Choosing a Chapter

Thanks to all who love the story as I did while writing in. There are several more parts to come as long as you keep “begging.”


I didn’t get back to the request for chapter selection for several days due to an unusually busy work schedule. It wasn’t until I received a reminder when I opened my e-mails one evening that I knew I had a decision to make. The reminder told me that I could change chapters at any time for cause, if that was a concern. All I had to do was to file a request with the board of directors.

Now, it was time to decide whether to join the host chapter that had taken me to such heights of Sapphic pleasures, or try a different group all together. The decision became somewhat simpler when I noticed that the host group was closed to new members. I added a quick note to my file to give it more thought at a later date.

I began by crossing off all the chapters that were closed to new members, then went on to eliminate the ones that indicated an interest in bondage. I might be willing to consider that activity but only after I knew the members of the chapter and found out just how intense they went into the bondage style. That left just seven to choose from. The next step was to check the location of the chapters, crossing off the ones that would require extensive and time consuming travel, possibly making it impossible for me to attend at least a portion of their meetings. That cut the list to three.

The next step, according to her instructions, was to get further information from the web site, using a new code number. Clicking on the now familiar pink blossom, I watched as a new folder called menu of options opened. Opening yet another folder, called “Chapter rosters ” I watched as the list of chapters opened, then chose the first of the three acceptable chapters.

The first one on my list was chapter seven. Remembering that I could change chapters after attending a new member orientation, I printed out the member roster and their email adresses, then sent each of them a copy of my bio and my interests, asking that I be considered for membership in their chapter. .

The next day, I received responses from the other members including one from Cricket, who identified herself as the chapter guide. She told me that they were happy to get my request and would be pleased to host me at a special welcoming meeting that Saturday, starting at seven. Due to my new member status, I would once again be required to go through an orientation , although it would not be so structured or with so many women. I was instructed to wear a matching bra and panty set, and a long spring coat. Nothing else but heels. I could only hope that there would be no reason to remove my coat before I got there. I took other clothes with me for the return trip home.

I had no trouble finding the house, a large Victorian that had been beautifully restored. It sat far back off the street with a curving drive that ended up under a tall portico. I exited the car, stepping into a brisk cold wind and walked up to the door. Finding a hand written note on the door, welcoming me, I pushed the door open and stepped inside, out of the wind and into a warm entryway that opened into a long hallway. Closing the door, I waited for someone to come greet me. A tall pair of French doors at the end of the hallway swung open and a tall, slender woman, wearing nothing but pearls and high heels walked into the hall. Her long blonde hair swung sensuously with each step and her small but firm breasts bobbed up and down enticingly. A thin trail of blond hair led down to her slit like an arrow pointing the way. “Welcome Samantha, did you have any problem finding us?”

I shook my head and returned the beautiful smile. “Not at all. Your instructions were quite easy to follow”

The woman finally reached me, holding out her hand. “I’m Cricket, and no, it’s not a nickname, it’s really my name.” We both laughed. Obviously, this was a running joke. “Welcome to my home,” she said, pulling me into her body, leaning in to kiss me warmly. Cheerful voices and bright laughter could be heard coming from beyond the French doors as we walked down the hall. Opening the doors, we stepped into a very large room with three women standing at a bar just inside. .

They looked up as the door closed and smiled at me. Cricket took my hand and led me over to the bar to introduce the other members. “This is Dawn,” she said, as I met the first member, a woman of about 35 or so, about 5-6″, with long brown hair that fell loosely around her shoulders, flowing over the cheeks of her ass. Her sweater did little to conceal ample breasts with large nipples that stood proud, not covered by a bra.. She also had a remarkable ass which indicated a lot of exercise or walking. When she kissed me, I pressed into her full chest, getting more and deeper kisses as a reward…

At nearly six feet, the second woman had to bend to welcome me with soft kisses. She güvenilir bahis wore her dark brown hair loose and long over a red silk blouse without a bra. Her breasts, about a 36-D, supported dark brown nipples that were trying to poke through the silk. Her velvet pants appeared to be painted over slender, shapely ass and long legs.

“This is Justine,” Cricket said, patting the woman’s hard ass and accepting a kiss from her. .

The third woman, naked save for her panties, which were the tiniest of bikini’s, was about my height but that’s about the only thing we had in common. Her brunette hair was pulled back into a long ponytail. Deep hazel eyes glowed with lust over a face that men would kill for. Her breasts stood proud and firm as a ripe grapefruit with nipples that cried out to be sucked. The curve over her hip led to a hard, tight ass that I longed to taste and play with. She won me over quickly with her warm smile.”This is Trish .” Cricket said.

“Watch out for that one, Samantha. Once she starts on your pussy, she doesn’t want to stop,” Dawn warned.

“Is that a challenge?” I asked, as Trish kissed me with more passion than I expected. Cricket was the only other woman there and it was hard not to stare at her fantastic body. She was tall, about five eight, or so, but her legs were more muscular than Dawn or Justine. Hard nipples stood high on firm breasts with rosy aureola.

Would you care for something to drink?” Dawn asked.

“White wine would be great,” I replied. The drink was poured and passed to Justine who handed it to me. As I sipped the smooth liquid, Trish and Cricket moved away from the bar, sharing kisses that moved from tender to hard, plunging, throat exploring that brought loud moans from both women. It wasn’t long before Trish was toying with Cricket’s breasts and when Cricket began pressing her hips into Trish, they began moving toward some mats in the center of the room. Justine took my hand to lead me to an area beyond the bar that was covered with thick carpet. At the far end, two recliners were positioned facing each other while two couches sat against the back wall.

When my glass was empty, Justine took the glass and placed it on a side table.

Trish and Cricket were locked in a passionate embrace, their lips locked together in kisses of wild abandonment. Soft moans could be heard coming for both of them as the passion level rose higher and higher. As the two women began exploring each others bodies with slow, tender strokes, their moans became quite loud and their desire grew accordingly, as did my level of arousal..

As we watched the performance, Justine and Dawn removed my coat, placing it on one of the recliners. Dawn began to stroke over my bare flesh, kissing me on my arms, back and chest while Justine bent to place kisses over my ears, face, neck and eyes.

It was hard to watch the two women in the middle of the room but whenever I turned to one of the other women, they advised me to watch the show. The two women weren’t much more than five feet from me as they caressed each other’s breasts and asses, while their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths. The scent of their arousal moved over the room, adding to the desire building in my body.

My eyes were closed as my body was kissed and licked so I didn’t notice when Dawn stripped down to panties and heels. I mewled loudly as Justine freed my breasts from my bra, letting it drop to the floor. As Justine toyed with my breasts, I began to moan from the pleasant sensations moving from my nipples to my pussy. Dawn couldn’t wait any more and with little more than a flick of her wrist, plunged her fingers into my panties, fondling my mons and moving over my wet lips.

Cricket was now prone on a padded table of some sort while Trish sat on a small adjustable stool, putting her in perfect position to move between Cricket’s legs as Cricket put her legs over Trish’s shoulders. I heard someone ask me to spread my legs and without taking my eyes off Trish and Cricket, I complied. I was entranced by Trish’s head moving sensuously between Cricket’s thighs while Cricket held her there with her hands dug into her hair. The sounds of passion, desire and need coming from then dominated the room but I was starting to give them some competition.

Justine’s attack on my breasts had them swollen and throbbing from what she was doing with her fingers, lips and tongue. I dug my fingers into her head and forced her head against my body as she wrapped her arms around me and held me there. She began kissing and sucking on them harder and harder, then started nibbling at my nipples. I had no will power left to resist them as if I would have anyway. When she bit my nipples and pulled them away from my body, I almost collapsed. No matter what they wanted from me, it was theirs for the taking.

Trish had her tongue buried deep in Cricket’s needy pussy while Cricket groaned and played with her own nipples, pulling them straight out from türkçe bahis her chest. When Cricket loudly exploded in a mind blowing orgasm, Trish bent to the task of licking her clean.

By now, I was too far gone to even notice Cricket’s orgasm, my body crying out for it’s own satisfaction. The moans I now heard were mine and were louder than Cricket’s. My breathing was ragged and irregular as I got closer to completion. I now moved my face up to suck Justine’s nipples through her shirt. My pussy was ging wild and my clit was throbbing with need. I gasped as Dawn suddenly stripped off my panties, throwing them to one side. When Dawn stretched out of the carpet, Justine took me by the arms to lower me over Dawn’s face. “Oh fuck yes,” I cried, as Dawn’s tongue licked over my hot slit. My body trembled as my clit was licked and sucked repeatedly between long licks over my pussy. I needed to come so badly that my first orgasm came quickly, but it never had time to ease as Dawn wrapped my legs in her arms to hold me in place while she sucked my juices for me. Her tongue once again began plunging into me and I began humping her face. Reaching back, I spread my wet lips wide to let her reach my inner core. Sweat poured from my face and when the orgasm began to rage out of control, I buried her face in my pussy, making it hard for her to breathe. I rolled off of her and onto the carpet but she followed me to crawl between my legs and catch every drop before it could ever reach the floor.

As soon as I got my strength back, I got between Dawn’s legs, diving into her pussy, lapping it like a starved animal. Opening her labia wide, I laved my tongue repeatedly over the extended clit, driving her to near insanity. Dumping me to the carpet, she spun around into a 69, burying her face in my pussy once again as I took both of her ass cheeks in my hands, pulling the wet slit into my mouth. As she got close, I found her tender anus and plunged a finger into her as far a I could reach. into her as far as she could reach.

Cricket and Trish, who had been pleasuring each other, now joined Justine who stood at the bar, alone, with her hand under her blouse as she humped a chair through her skirt. They watched as Dawn and I ate each other into noisy oblivion, our cries for release filling the room, but neither of us was about to let up on the other one. When we came, we came together noisily, grasping at each other’s bodies, my nails leaving a trail of red claw marks down Dawn’s back while Dawn left teeth marks all down my wet thighs until we fell to the floor together, exhausted.

As we fought to recover from the sex-fest, I noticed that Trish was teasing Justine’s breasts through her blouse. I rolled into Dawn’s body to whisper to her. She smiled and whispered her reply. Watching the action for a few more minutes, I forced my body away from Dawn, who wished me good luck. Moving to the bar, I forced my battered body between Justine and Trish.

“I’m sure this is against the rules,” I said, gazing into Justine’s hazel eyes, “but are you on your period or something?”

Justine just smiled and shook her head.

“Then I guess I’d like to know why you are the only one with clothes on.”

Trish just smiled and stepped back to let me have my way with Justine, now gazing down on me with lust filled hazel eyes.

“No one has offered to undress me,” she replied. .

I glared up at her, as she smiled down on me. “Did you expect an invitation? You might have stripped when everyone else did, you know. You seemed to have a good time torturing my tits,” I reminded her, “and I didn’t get even a taste of yours” I began moving my fingers up and down over the four buttons that kept the blouse together. “I don’t think that’s fair, do you?”

“Are you sure you’re woman enough to take me on? Justine challenged .

“I guess there’s only one way to find out,” I replied, as I pulled her face down to kiss her. “Dawn tells me you like it a little bit rough,” I said, as I continued kissing her.

“That depends on who I’m who I’m playing with,” she whispered, huskily, returning my kisses as they became more and more passionate.

“Well, miss sweet and sexy, you’ve teased me, tortured me and got Dawn so hot she damned near killed me, but I think she left enough of me to make your day interesting so I intend to have my way with you and it won’t be pretty.”

With that, I ripped the blouse open, buttons flying everywhere, Justine’s eyes opened wide in shock then cried out loudly as I roughly attacked her nipple with my mouth open wide to surround the nipple, sucking it into my mouth as hard as I could before taking a nip at first one and then the other.

“Oh fuck, oh my god,” she cried in a combination of pain and pleasure. When I finally realized the intensity of my attack, I let go and brought my lips to surround her now throbbing nipple, sucking it into my lips while I stroked over it with the tip of my tongue. Justine’s hand forced me into her breasts, güvenilir bahis siteleri moaning and groaning with each suck and each time I nipped at her nipples. She cried out when I bit them, pulling them straight out from her body and it didn’t take long before I was rewarded by her first orgasm. Even though it wasn’t a powerful orgasm, it was enough for her to force my face into her breasts so hard I could hardly breathe. I finally allowed it to ease by kissing and licking her stomach, then turning her to lick down her back, laving my tongue over her spine and around the waist of her pants In one smooth move, Justine stood naked as her pants fell around her ankles. Before she could think, I pulled her to the floor and slid them over her feet..

“Oh my god,” Cricket moaned, “I think Samantha’s in for a long had ride.”

Trish chuckled. “Don’t be so sure,” she replied. “Look at what she did to Dawn.”

Dawn was sitting right where I left her, slumped into the couch with her hair in disarray, twisting her nipples as she watched the us.

For just a second, I stood there, awed by the beauty of the woman lying in front of me but then I came to my senses, flipping Justine’s legs open as I dove between them. She offered no resistance as I kissed, nibbled and licked over her legs, calves and thighs. Licking behind her knees I learned that like I, it was one of her erogenous zones. Her moans, groans and cries became so loud they echoed from the walls and ceiling. Wen I moved over her mound and began to lick and kiss her stomach and navel, she thrust her body into me wildy and when I reached her pussy, she grabbed hold of my hair and yanked so hard I thought I might be bald.

I opened my mouth and put it over her whole pussy, licking into her slit with the tip of my tongue as her hips thrust wildly into my face, but I had a good grip on her ass cheeks as I nipped at her outer lips, then began plunging my tongue into her slit. I wanted more so I pushed her legs even wider and using my fingertips, I spread her wide, then plunged into her pussy.

“Enough,” she screamed, “oh my god, enough. Let me come Sam” she screamed. “Let me come, damn it, let me come, oh my god it’s killing me. Oh fuck!” It was more than she could take when I rammed two fingers deep into her pussy, curled them into her g-spot and began pumping into her wildly. Her back came off the floor as she came up on her heels, screaming into the ceiling as the orgasm that had been hidden for far too long slammed with a fierce energy- robbing twist that took her breath away. It went on and on as her body twitched and turned, throwing me to the floor, but I fought for this moment and I dove back between her knees to suck and nibble on the puffy lips, staying away from the sensitive clit.

Sweat poured form her body which was trembling as her leg muscles twitched, then gres still. When I went to soothe her she dug her hands into me, pulling me into a bear hug that stole the breath right out of my body, She wrapped those beautiful long legs around me and dug her heels into my calves so hard I feared I’d never walk again, but then she exhaled loudly and her legs relaxed as she slid away into the darkness.

It hurt me that I’d done that, even though I’ve experienced it myself. I moved to kiss away the sweat and tears that poured from her face. Holding her head tight to my breast, I whispered my apologies. “I’m sorry hon, honest to God, I didn’t know.” Sweat beaded over our bodies and then I felt her warm breath softly blowing over my arm as her lips caressed my skin..

“Oh my God, Justine honey, I am so sorry.”

Justine’s hand fell over my head, pulling my face into her lips. “You damned near killed me, ” she whispered, but she was smiling when she did. I held her tight, kissing her over and over until her lips met mine and the kisses became mutual. After a few minutes of rest and bathing her face with cool cloths, Justine struggled to sit up. I wrapped her in my arms, with my head on her back. Slowly, Dawn and I helped her to her feet and led her to one of the recliners where Cricket and Trish, who had been standing quietly, watching the scene take place, handed both of us water bottles. Cricket stepped over, wrapping me in her arms, kissing my face and neck.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Cricket said. I nodded but then got a surprise when she continued. “Now we all want one like that. Damn girl, that was awesome. I’ve known Justine for a lot of years and I’ve never seen her pass out from an orgasm. I don’t think I’ve ever managed it, at least..”

I flushed and snuggled into Cricket more. “I don’t know what happened. I just got carried away and I wanted more. No matter what I got, I wanted more. God, she tastes so damned good when she comes, and she just didn’t stop coming.”

Cricket just cuddled me for a few more minutes, letting me regain my strength. “I think we all need a break,” she said. “You both need some fluids to replace what you’ve lost.”

“All right everyone,” she said, getting everyone’s attention. “We aren’t superhuman women and we need to gather our strength for the rest of the evening so let’s get some food and some wine and meet back here in an hour.”

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