Juicy Wet

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Having absolutely no life since I started college, I work during the day, and go to school during the nights and weekends. My goal is to finish the course in only two years; so here I sit, front and center in the lecture hall, waiting for the new professor to show up. Yawning, I cover my mouth and push my long auburn hair away from my face, letting the silky strands fall across my shoulder. I am wearing a short skirt with a tight fitting t-shirt since the autumn nights are still warm; what I didn’t take into account was the air conditioning. I did not realize the lecture hall was going to be so cold. My nipples are freezing, protruding through the thin white material of my shirt, the areolas clearly outlined.

Finally the professor comes into the room. She is a petite older woman, blond hair cut shoulder length, with small breasts. I usually do no pay attention to the body of another woman, but she is pretty. Putting her bag on the floor she bends at the waist, offering me a clear view of a cute tight looking ass. Surprisingly, I find my pussy responding to the sight of her form bending in front of me, and the crotch of her white jeans cutting into her ass. She turns back to face the students and her nipples are cold too, I can see them thrusting outward through her bra and shirt. I find myself staring at her body for the first part of her lecture, not paying attention to what she is saying, as my mind wraps around the possibilities of making love to a woman. Hmm, interesting the ideas which spring into my mind as I watch her walk back and forth in front of the class. I realize I am squeezing my casino şirketleri legs together, putting pressure on my clit. I mentally shake my head no, and begin to take notes paying attention to the lecture.

The rest of the class flies by quickly and the next thing I know the professor is giving us the reading assignments for next week as my classmates file out the door. Looking up briefly, she asks me to stay, because she wants to discuss my practicum which begins next month; she directs me to wait for her in her office. It’s Friday night, I want to leave, I do not want to listen to some boring professor discuss my frigging practicum. So here I am, sitting on a leather couch next to her cluttered desk, tapping my foot impatiently, waiting for her to show. Finally! She enters her office, closing the door behind her. Putting her books down, she picks up a folder and joins me on the couch.

She pulls the schedule of my practicum out of the folder, hands it to me for my review, then moves in closer so she is able to read it at the same time. Suddenly I am aware of the heat from her leg touching mine, and her breast resting against my arm as she leans in. My nipples have a mind of their own; they decide they like the sensation and signal their approval by standing out to say hello, they never listen to me. Where my nipples go, my pussy always follows; I can feel it beginning to get moist in response.

I notice she has stopped talking. Her eyes are roving across my breasts, and I can see her nipples are just as happy as mine. I figure, what the heck. I reach up and gently run my casino firmaları thumb lightly over her nipple. Immediately her breath quickens and her nipple grows bigger. With that response, I cup both of her breasts thumbing her nipples at the same time. She leans in and takes my face in her hands, pressing her lips against mine in a light kiss. Her lips are soft, her tongue flits across my mouth, and parts my lips. I slowly unbutton her blouse, tracing my fingers down her chest. Her blouse comes off, followed by her bra, allowing me complete access to her breasts and nipples. I run my mouth softly down her neck until I capture her nipples between my lips, sucking on them and flicking the top with my tongue. She breaks my contact by pulling my t-shirt over my head, exposing my tender breasts to her touches.

By now my pussy is so wet, I have soaked through my panties. Reaching up under my skirt, she spreads my legs apart to trace her finger over my clit. I moan in response and bring her mouth back to mine just as she pushes me down on the couch. Sliding my panties off, she drops them to the floor and spreads my legs apart. Lifting one leg onto the back of the couch, she drops my other leg to the side, exposing my wet pussy to her view. First she tenderly kisses my inner thighs getting close to my clit but not quite touching it. My hips buck under her touch, my pussy juices running down onto her couch. When her lips press against my clit, I almost start crying, the feeling is so intense. She kisses my clit and pussy lips, using her tongue and lips to tease me.

She pulls her head back up güvenilir casino to kiss my mouth, and I can taste my sweet juice on her lips and mouth. Quickly, I unzip her white pants, pulling them down over her hips, surprise, surprise she isn’t wearing any panties. I kneel before her and slip my tongue into her wet slit, playing over her hard clit. Sucking on it with my mouth, her pussy juice is soon running down my chin. She stops me from going further and makes me lie down on her couch, my legs spread apart, open for her mouth. I guide her hips over my body until her wet pussy is situated over my mouth. I grip her ass, pulling her pussy down to my waiting mouth.

From then on, everything became a blur as I suck and tease her clit. She responds in kind, making me thrust my hips up to her waiting mouth. I feel her tongue fucking my pussy, then going back to suck on my clit. I slide my fingers in and out of her pussy as I suck on her clit, my little finger rests on the rim of her ass. Her hips buck wildly as I bring her closer and closer to an orgasm. She plays me until I can’t take it any longer. She fucks me with her fingers while her tongue licks my clit. We both cum, our bodies arching, the muscles tightening, our wet cum flowing down our legs and faces.

We both get dressed silently, without a word. She kisses me on the lips and tells me she will need to see next week to review my schedule again. I return her kiss, gather up my books and head out the door. My first time with another woman was sensual and hot, but I missed a rock hard cock pounding away. Now I know what is like to have sex with a woman. Hmm, I believe I need to return the favor, find her a man to show her what that sex is like. Yes indeed, I can see threesome written all over that one with satisfaction for all of us, and a smile reaches my lips as I unlock my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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