Jessie’s Girl

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I am Jessie’s girl. And I know that his best friend wants me. I have noticed him looking at me in that particular way, somehow both piercing and blurred, as though he was imagining a close up view of the skin beneath my clothes.

We are sitting on concrete benches outside school, and Jessie is whispering insistently in my ear, his hand creeping up my leg: “Come on…we could leave now, go to the park, get a little privacy…go on, you know you want to!” So naturally I blush, I’m sure Jake can hear him. I don’t know who wants me more- probably Jake, with all the added intensity of not being able to have me.

I find myself playing up to it, to Jake, just because I can, returning those looks of his with ones of my own which make him blush and squirm a bit. I’m not entirely doing it out of spite or pity: believe me Jake is good looking enough, nice eyes and shiny dark brown hair, good body from training (he’s on the soccer team with Jessie). If I wasn’t already attached, I’d definitely consider him.


(I watch you walking in front of me, and wish it was my hand in your back pocket instead of his. Unrequited lust sucks. I dream of you sometimes, in various states of undress, crawling accross the bed to me with a look that makes my body convulse with desire. But of course you only ever look at him like that: I feel the knot of jealousy tighten in my chest followed by the dull emptiness of realising the futility of it all.)


I start to think down inappropriate lines: knowing their common desire, my imagination depicts us on a bed, me sandwiched between their naked bodies, their hands wandering all over me. It is the sense of my own power which allows me to dwell on these thoughts, begin my attempt to create the reality.

I first suggest this to Jessie as we are lying in bed together, under the soccer team pennant and all his posters. Again, I have the power, and I go down on him, taking him in my mouth, sliding up and down, licking round the head and sucking on him as he gets even harder, and I feel a little pre-cum leak into my mouth. and then I stop to ask him about my ‘little idea’: he’s hardly in a state to outright refuse- anything to get my mouth back around his cock. Although I’m not sure he would admit to wanting his best friend to be in on this kind of thing.

But I share him with other girls, why shouldn’t he share me, temporarily, on “his terms”.

Getting them drunk is easy, and I start to flirt with both of them. I had decided not to go for the clingiest, most revealing outfit, just one that would make me feel even hornier than I was already. So I am sitting between them on the couch, in a silky camisole top (no bra) and tight-fitting jeans.

I start moving around between them, under the pretence of “getting comfortable”. I complain that my foot hurts and Jessie offers to rub it better: casino şirketleri to do this I have to manoeuvre a bit on the couch, and end up with my head in Jake’s lap, my bum in between, and my legs up over Jessie. In the perfect position to gaze up at Jake with this ridiculously sexual look, all half-closed eyes and parted lips. I hear a sudden intake of breath and this slightly surprised, guilty look come over his face.

I start playing with my hair, and unsurprisingly, he gets the hint that he might be allowed to touch, and he reaches down and puts his hand on my tummy, feeling for the edge of the silk, and sliding his hand up a little way underneath.

Meanwhile Jessie had got bored of the foot rub and, I presumed, is looking over: I feel the bulge of his erection pressing on the back of my thigh. His hand wanders up from my ankle, and he strokes my the inside of my thigh with his thumb. Even though nothing has happened yet, I am so turned on that I try to speed things up a bit, so I sit up and whisper ” I think I’m wearing too much: will you help me get undressed?” We slowly get up from the couch, and as Jessie pulls up my camisole, I unbutton his shirt, pausing to lift my arms as he slides the thin silky material over my head. I feel Jake’s arms come around my waist from behind, reaching for my fly button, and realise he has removed his shirt as well, as his warm chest brushes against my back. I was finally standing in the boy-sandwich I had envisioned earlier.


(She’s turning and looking at me: I want her so much, I’m more aroused than I’ve ever been in my life, she’s letting me undo her flies and I’m sliding my hand down, easing my fingers past her knicker-elastic. Oh my God I’m touching her: she’s hot and wet: hot and wet (at least partially) for me, and I pull her closer with my free arm, her warm smooth back against my chest, her body against my pounding heart and my throbbing hard-on, which is straining almost painfully against my jeans. I nuzzle into the back of her neck, as Jessie (Christ I’m going to regret this in the morning) French kisses her, bends down and sucks at her breasts.)


Oh God I can’t take much more of this: as Jake finds my clit, slick and hard, and strokes it, Jessie is sucking, licking my breast teasing my nipples with his tongue, sending tremors through my body and making my clit convulse with the excess of pleasure. Jessie is pulling my jeans down, and my knickers with them, and my knees are weak: I can hardly stand and I’m leaning against Jake as he circles my clit and pushes a finger inside me and oh god oh god I’m going to come, I try to relax against it but it surges up through me and Bam! it hits me, my body spasms, I twitch around Jake’s fingers. I lose my balance and together Jessie and Jake drag me to the bedroom. Through half-closed eyes I see them hurriedly strip, ease trousers casino firmaları and pants over their by now rigid cocks, and get into bed with me, one on each side.

Jessie, being the one more aware of his rights with me in bed, takes my hand and pushes it down towards his cock: I take it in my hand and start to stroke it and he closes his eyes and moans, reaching for my breast again, and then suddenly moving his hand down and shoving it between my legs, pushing my thighs apart.

Jake is lying behind me, and I can feel him touching himself (poor guy, he hasn’t been getting much attention from me). So I reach my other hand down and fumble for him, finally grasping his cock and giving it a squeeze. Jessie’s getting impatient now, he pushes my head down towards his crotch and I have to let go of Jake: he continues stroking little bits of me, seemingly with great concentration: I feel the rough, wet surface of his tongue pass briefly over the base of my spine, where the crevice starts, and it makes me tingle all over. As I wrap my lips around Jessie’s cock, my tongue in constant motion as I suck him, I feel Jake’s fingers start to explore, passing over my asshole, up towards my clit, paddling in the wetness around my cunt, separating the lips to get at me. The pleasure begins to mount again, I open my legs farther apart, push towards his insistent fingers.

Jessie notices my opening up and takes this as a sign that I’m ready, and I am, I really want to feel his cock in me, filling me up completely: I reach down and grab Jake’s hand, pull it up and put his fingers, wet with my juices, into my mouth, and let out a gasp as Jessie slides into me, and starts pumping more urgently.


(How am I ever going to look Jessie in the eye again? He’s on top of her now, I’m being sidelined as usual, this is too much-but now she’s looking at me, her face all flushed, a pleading expression passes over her features, she looks up at Jessie and he leans down to kiss her: she whispers something and he smiles, and looks at me. Weird. She turns over onto all fours on the bed, raising that beautiful ass that I have so often fantasised about biting, grabbing, stroking, but never thought I would. Jessie, shuffles forward on his knees towards her, positions himself and thrusts in again (God she must be so wet for him to just glide in like that, and she was that wet, I felt her, I saw it glistening on her thigh). I’m just lying here on my back like a stranded fish, cock waving ridiculously in the air.)

I always want something to do with my mouth at this moment: I am so conscious of it for some reason, I normally reach for Jessie and make him kiss me, hard and wet and glued together, but now I have a better option. I don’t care what I do now, I reach across and grab Jake by his cock, make him move over, lean down onto my elbows and take him in- oh he quivers in my mouth and güvenilir casino gasps, his stomach muscles tense and as I move, swirling my tongue around him, I can feel him getting harder, pulsating in my mouth, as Jessie’s thrusts go deeper and deeper, faster and faster, sliding in and out its never felt this good before. Jake starts to thrust into my mouth and suddenly goes tense, and comes in my mouth, letting out this strange strangled cry, and just after, I feel Jessie explode in me, his come spurting out into me. He pulls out and collapses beside me on the bed, laughing, and I swallow Jake’s come and smile at Jake first, then turn to Jessie and smile at him too, raising my eyebrows.


(Woah, shit, that was the best thing that has EVER happened to me: to feel her soft plump lips wrapped around me, eagerly sucking me, was soooo good. I feel exhausted, elated, I think I could get hard again and fuck her all night if she would let me. I’ll never get enough of her, I want to just eat her, taste her, bury myself in her gorgeous cunt. How am I going to stop myself wanting her now I’ve had a taste?)


So we all fall asleep on the bed, under the severely rumpled sheets and blankets. And what I’m going to tell you now you’re not allowed to repeat. It’ll only get back to the wrong people. In the early morning, I wake to the sensation of someone nuzzling my neck, kissing the nape of my neck and softly running their fingers up and down my back. I chuckle slightly, sigh with sleepy pleasure, and slowly turn over, to come face to face with Jake. I look in his eyes, and he looks into mine, and then moves in to kiss me, keeping his eyes open the whole time. Jessie is still asleep beside us as Jake kisses me harder, manoeuvres himself up over me. He keeps breaking off from kissing my mouth to plant kisses on my collarbone, on my breasts (oh shit if I’m any good at reading the signs I think he’s falling even more in love with me, and its not exactly doing me any good either).


(I’m kissing her, she’s all mine, my head is groggy but I’m so happy, I am completely ready again, and she’s starting to moan softly, push herself even tighter against me…I climb on top of her and she opens her legs to me, reaches down to guide me into her: So hot, so tight, slickly enclosing me, I move slowly to savour this new feeling, its too good, I bend down over her, my face in her neck, and clench her to me, her legs are wrapping themselves around my back and I am pounding into her, slow, slow, quicker…Ohhhhh I can’t do this, I want her to come for me, she’s looking up at me with that pleading look again and I keep thrusting, she’s moving her hips around and God that feels different, good different, she starts to ripple around me, she’s biting her lip, and I can feel her coming…ohh that’s it, I can feel the come start to rise up, and Christ I’m coming too ooohhhh Christ God ahh ahh.

It’s the best orgasm of my life, the first inside anyone, and I think I love her. I kiss the side of her sweaty neck, and just lie there, feeling out hearts pounding, so close together.)

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