Beautiful Ariel

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Back when I was in college, I met a girl named Ariel. She was literally the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.

It was my first year at the university, and she was a senior at the local Catholic high school, about a mile away from the campus. Per regulations, she had to wear the classic uniform, plaid skirt to her knees, white blouse, blazer, and so on like all of the other girls there.

Even though this was an all-girls school, her beauty was striking. She liked to wear her hair in pigtails, but her hair was so long that each braid fell down her back to her waist. She said she liked the feel of them better that way because she could swing them around better when she felt like it. She may have been in high school, but her figure was fully developed, and she was well aware of it.

She also had one of the sweetest voices I’ve ever heard; honey sweet and slightly smoky. I could listen to her for hours and never grow tired of it. I heard her sing solo once in one of the Catholic masses she attended through school, and her voice was so ethereal and sweet I swear Saint Peter himself would have sat up sharply and taken notice.

In addition to being both incredibly beautiful and brilliant, she was also one of the most erotically sensuous girls I’ve ever met. She knew how innocent she looked in her plaid skirt and long braids, so she would sometimes go to school wearing no panties so she could “feel the rough material of the skirt rubbing against her naked ass as she walked” and “the cool wind caressing her hot pussy”. Her words, not mine.

I don’t mean that she was promiscuous, in many ways she was still an innocent. She was still a virgin at the time, and as things turned out, we were each other’s first and last. I thought at the time when she said these things, that she was just trying to shock me and see how I reacted. Not till much later did I find out that it was both, she did want to see how I reacted, and that it was true. She said she liked the thrill of thinking how the nuns would faint dead away if they knew she was stark naked beneath her skirt while singing in the choir during mass.

The thing is, I am totally blind, having lost my sight in an injury when I was in my teens. So at the time when I met Ariel, I had no idea she was the most beautiful and sensuous girl I would ever meet; I only found these things out later.

Being blind, there is a lot that goes into schooling, one of which is obtaining accessible reading materials like text books. Nowadays these can usually be found in electronic format, but back then, they were mostly still in print. So, through Disabled Services, readers would volunteer to read text books for students at the university. Sometimes this would be other students at the college, or volunteers from the local Catholic school would do so instead since both institutions were loosely affiliated.

This is how I met Ariel, she had volunteered to read one of my textbooks. My first thought upon hearing this news was, that’s really nice of her, Ariel is a really pretty name. My first thought upon hearing her speak though was, she has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard, how the hell am I going to pay attention to anything she is actually saying. Thus, Ariel and I were introduced.

Months went by though, and we both got into the rhythm of things. She was an immense help, but I never lost my attraction to her voice; it just settled deeper as we became friends. She also noticed that sometimes I would be listening to her, but not always remember what she had been reading at the time. She asked me if this was because of the injury where I had lost my sight. So I somewhat embarrassingly admitted that, no, it was because her voice was so pretty that I had trouble concentrating sometimes on what she was saying. She was quiet for a moment, then asked me about something else to change the subject. I was afraid that I had offended her by admitting this to her, but she still seemed to be okay, so I tried to put it out of my mind. I only found out much later that she thought this was the sweetest thing anybody had ever said to her.

One important thing about being blind is, initial attraction isn’t physical, it’s always auditory. Having lost my sight in my teens, I had been fully sighted before, so I knew from purloined Playboys and the like what women looked like naked, and what I was most attracted to. So I didn’t know what Ariel looked like physically, just that I was powerfully attracted to her, based on the sweetness of her voice, plus her kindness and intelligence.

We started spending more time together, and she got into the habit of describing things to me. These started out as small things as we were out together. She would comment about something she saw like “that’s weird”, then I would enquire what about, and she would describe it. As time went on, she became increasingly better at it. I remember one night when she described the moon and stars for me, and how the clouds looked scudding across casino şirketleri the sky. She did it so well that I could see all of it in my mind, even though I couldn’t do so physically.

This was totally amazing.

For a blind person who was previously sighted, all of the original points of reference remain. When somebody said airplane for example, I pictured what I remembered an airplane looking like when I could see, which didn’t match the airplane being referenced in the present. Instead, Ariel opened a door in my mind that I thought was closed forever, and that by itself was truly magical.

I discovered that she enjoyed describing things to me just as much as I enjoyed hearing her do it. As part of her own studies, she was learning about the arts, and she started describing these to me as well, which was fascinating. She started out with many of the well-known pieces such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, the Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí, David by Michelangelo, and many others. At the same time, she started sprinkling in the erotics as well, such as The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, Rokeby Venus by Diego Velázquez, the portrait of Gabrielle d’Estrées et une de ses soeurs, and even the sexually incongruous, such as Monument to Balzac by Rodin and the statue of Hercules and Diomedes in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. She loved describing that last one, god how she laughed; we both did.

By this point, she had become such an important part of my life, that I couldn’t bear the thought of doing anything to jeopardize that. I remember thinking of her as I lay awake at night, longing for her so badly that I thought the ache in my heart would kill me. That’s when I realized that I loved her. I’ve felt many types of pain over the course of my life, starting with the injury when I was scarred and broken, but the pain that is felt when you truly love somebody but don’t know if they feel the same for you, is like no other. I didn’t know what to do, and I was so afraid of doing the wrong thing.

A huge problem for me, was that I had built up many emotional defenses over the years, which was a necessity. Due to the nature of my injury, I was scarred everywhere, my face, my head, my neck, my arms, my legs, my stomach, and so on. When I say I was broken, that is literally true. So much of the time that it took for me to heal and grow stronger, was during the years that I was in high school. Needless to say, I was forced to build exceptionally strong emotional defenses. Outwardly to others this appeared as a form of stoicism, where I rarely spoke to anyone. I found out later that many saw this as arrogance, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was just trying not to be noticed by anyone.

At one point, when I was experiencing a moment of weakness and self-doubt, I asked Ariel if my appearance was difficult for her. I immediately regretted it, fearing her answer, but she was starting to mean so much to me, that I needed to know the truth; even if it hurt me. She was quiet for a moment, then she said no. A few awkward heartbeats went by, and I thought that was the end of it.

Then she said, actually, she liked my scars. She said she admired me because I had obviously experienced things none of the other guys she knew could even imagine enduring in their worst nightmares, and that somehow I made myself stronger because of it.

My eyes were burning, and I couldn’t speak for a bit; I kept trying to swallow past the lump in my throat. That was the sweetest thing any girl has ever said to me, and if she had asked me for the moon, I would have found a way to fetch it for her. Years later, the two of us attended a local theater production of Beauty and the Beast, and the irony was not lost on me.

A couple of weeks later, she was telling me about the Christmas Ball at her school, and that this was one of the few events that guys were allowed to participate in on campus. Then it occurred to me that she was asking if I would like to go as her partner. So I said yes, of course; I would have done anything for her by then, and I’m sure she knew it. I was a bit nervous though, because I had never gone to a dance before. When I was in high school, for obvious reasons, this was just never in the cards for me.

She helped me out though, and the two of us went shopping one day, and she helped me pick out a black silk button down shirt, black slacks, and a dark red tie that she liked the look of. She said her dress would be dark red too, so we would look good together.

When the day came, we met at the dorm; she said I looked great, and I said I was certain she did too. Luckily she knew how to knot a tie, which she helped me with, then we were off.

By this time, I had a fairly vague idea what her body type was, just from daily contact. I knew she was about a foot shorter than me from the direction of her voice, that her hair was long because I sometimes felt it blow against my arm when we were out together, casino firmaları and that she had a slender build from us going sighted guide together.

If you are unfamiliar with this term, sighted guide is when a sighted person guides a blind person through touch.

With my left hand I would hold Ariel’s right arm just above her elbow. This is how I knew she had a slender frame. My hand would wrap all the way around it so that my thumb and middle finger touched. This is relative though, because my hands are fairly large. When I could see I used to play basketball and could grip it one handed from the top without it falling. I was also about six feet tall and my shoulders were slightly wider than average; with long arms, having hit a growth spurt when I was fifteen, where I grew about a foot.

My point is, Ariel wasn’t a weak pencil thin waif, but rather, slender framed athletic and lithe. For example, I know she was part of the track and swimming teams, and was one of the best there. She admitted to me once that the hardest part about sports for her, was having to confine herself. Belatedly, not sure what she meant by this, I finally realized that she was talking about her breasts. From this, I gathered that she was also fairly well-endowed.

Even so, she always felt delicate to me, and when we walked together, I was always careful to hold her as gently as possible. Her skin also felt flawlessly soft and smooth, and I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if all of her felt that way.

We arrived late, because she said we would make a grander entrance that way, which didn’t really help my nervousness much. It was okay though, and everybody was nice and kept saying how great we looked together, so I felt a bit better after that. Plus I was there as the date of the most beautiful girl in the school, which I must admit did do wonders for my confidence.

Thankfully she wasn’t into fast dancing, which I always had trouble with. Though I’m about six feet, my frame other than my shoulders and arms is fairly narrow, so I’m not the largest of guys; usually weighing about 150 pounds. I’ve been told I have a swimmers physique, whatever that means. Even so, I’ve always been physically strong. When I was a kid, I used to climb trees like a monkey. I lost a lot of that after the injury, but had gradually regained it by working out as much as I could while I was still in high school; primarily in self-defense. It’s sad that I had to make myself as physically strong as possible just to protect myself from assholes, but my options were few. So by the time I went to the dance with Ariel, I had a lot of physical mass, and was worried about hurting somebody if I tried flailing around and gyrating erratically, which wasn’t that appealing to begin with. Ariel said that she wasn’t dressed for that type of dancing anyway, which I didn’t understand at the time, but was happy to hear.

Instead, she and I retired to a corner and amused ourselves with her descriptions of the other dancers, which was actually a lot of fun. Since I was taller than she and the noise was quite loud, I had trouble hearing what she was saying, so periodically when something interesting happened, she would grab my head and pull it down to her level so I could hear her better. I didn’t mind this at all, sometimes I could feel the warmth of her breath and her lips against my ear, which was more than a little distracting.

Some of the things she described were quite funny as well. Apparently Kimberley’s boyfriend (whoever that was) was dancing so erratically that the floor around him was cleared to prevent injury to others, where he had the mistaken impression that his seizure-like jerking and spastic flopping was a form of expressive art. During a particularly ingenious move involving an ill-conceived summersault, the seam of his pants split wide open to reveal a startling white expanse of his briefs like an accusatory exclamation point; proving once and for all in divine providence.

At the end of the evening, the final slow dance was announced, and she suddenly said this one is for us! I probably looked like a dear caught in the headlights, but she took my hand and pulled me out onto the dance floor. Her hand felt so small and delicate in mine, I was trying not to squeeze too tightly even though my heart rate had gone up a few notches in panic. Somewhere around the center she stopped, and just like that, we were closer than we had ever been before.

Since I was taller than she, her arms went around my ribs, and mine around her shoulders to her back. It turned out that I was right about her having a slender frame, because we fit perfectly like that. The first thing I noticed, was that she had woven her hair into one long braid down her back, and that her hair was amazingly soft. Also, it felt like she had threaded long strands of tinsel into the braid. She must have looked absolutely gorgeous. I had a sudden vision of us together, she, delicate radiant and beautiful, and me, tall güvenilir casino scarred and scary.

The song had just started, and it was at this point that I realized several very important things simultaneously.

First, her dress appeared to be made of something like silk, and was one of those sleeveless ones that dip down from one shoulder to the small of her back before rising to the strap on the other shoulder. Meaning, all I could feel with my hands on her back beneath her hair, was the warmth of her smooth naked skin.

The second thing I realized, was that I could feel no bra strap back there, meaning she wasn’t wearing one, and because I was wearing a silk shirt with nothing beneath it, I could feel her warm breasts pressed against me separated by what felt like only two layers of thin material. More than that though, I could also feel two points of hard pressure, which struck me in a sudden flash of clarity, were her nipples.

The third thing I realized at the same time, was that I was currently in the process of growing an instantaneous and irrevocable erection, and that there was literally nothing I could do to stop this from happening.

So, in accordance with physical laws such as gravity and the like, my penis started out pointing down within my boxers, then began to fill with blood and lengthen in that direction before moving forward and up as nature presumably designed in its infinite wisdom.

This doesn’t work when you are wearing slacks though, especially in this particular situation. Because, what happened to me, was that my straining erection got lodged pointing downward at a forty-five degree angle; getting stifled in its forward momentum by the material of my slacks as well as getting stuck directly between Ariel’s thighs.

I was mortified with embarrassment; I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I thought she was going to instantly pull away and slap me, and that she would never talk to me again. I was horrified, and I must have frozen in preparation for letting go of her, but she seemed to sense this, and instead pulled me tighter. I must have been bright red, but somehow I kept moving my feet as we danced like that; shuffling my feet so I didn’t accidentally step on anything important.

What followed was the sweetest and most painful four minutes of my life.

The sweetest because I could feel the full length of her body against mine; the smooth skin of her back beneath my hands; her warm breasts and nipples pressed against me. Plus I could feel the softness of her hair against my throat and smell the fragrant shampoo she used as she turned her head and pressed her ear to my chest; probably feeling the beat of my racing heart with no trouble at all.

The most painful because having an erection caught at that angle is in no way pleasurable, and with every movement in our dance together, there was no way she could not have noticed the hardness of it pushing and nudging insistently between her legs like an eager puppy wanting to come out and play. If Ariel ever had doubts about the way I felt about her, they ended on that night.

When the song ended, and we broke apart, I immediately reached into my pocket and turned the dial so-to-speak so that my erection was pointing up and tucked behind my belt, so as not to be so obvious I hoped. Even so, I’m certain Ariel saw the tent pole effect before I had a chance to rectify that particular boner.

I was still terribly embarrassed, and didn’t know what to say. She must have seen this, so she grabbed my hand and said to come on so we could get out of there. Both of us were quiet as we walked back to the dorm, and I was so afraid I had broken something between us.

When we arrived, she was quiet for a moment, then she grabbed my head as she had at the dance, and pulled it down to her level. She whispered into my ear “thank you”, then kissed me lightly there, and was gone.

My hands didn’t stop shaking for a long time, and I got very little sleep that night. I couldn’t figure out what she was thanking me for. Was it just because I went to the dance with her, or for something else. Was she just being kind by ignoring my involuntary mishap, or did she feel something towards me as well. I was very confused, worried, and scared to hope for the impossible. As far as I knew, she just saw me as a blind guy who she liked to tease, and nothing more.

Ariel didn’t mention anything about it when we next saw each other, so I tried to do the same, and we seemed to be back on the same footing as before. Everything between us still appeared to be normal.

She started taking a Creative Writing course at the same university as part of an extended learning program through her high school, and she asked if she could read some of her material to me. I found out that she was a very talented writer. She started by experimenting with poetry, then moved into short stories, and then started tinkering with her own literary inventions.

She came up with a theory, and asked if she could test it out on me. She called it Immersive Sensory Input. I don’t know if that was a real term or if she made it up, but it sounded impressive at the time, and I of course said yes.

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