Movie with My Sweetheart

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Have you ever wanted someone so much, that you’re prepared to risk all your friendships just for that one perfect moment with them?

It had been almost five months since I saw her last, and as I walked up the hill toward her door I could hear my heart beating madly in my chest. I’d only known her properly for a few months, but I knew almost from the start that I loved her. She was perfect. Beautiful deep brown eyes, flawless skin, and a smile that made me melt every time she did, and she when she laughed she was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Only problem was, she was one of my mates little sister. But she was so exciting! like having high-octane horniness pumped straight into my bloodstream whenever we spoke! We chatted more and more often, and long story short, I became absolutely infatuated with her. I was stunned. She was everything to me, gorgeous Pamela.

So here am I, walking up toward her house, me finally at home for my holidays after uni term, and finally getting to see her again. But this was not the deal. From the start we had to keep it a secret. Even though she was 18 and I’m only 20, we both knew her parents didn’t like her seeing older guys, and her brother DEFINITELY didn’t want her seeing one of his friends. So I’m heading to hers not to see her, but to watch Open Water on DVD with her bro and some other mates. I just hope she knows how much I want to see her again…

‘Hey!’ I hear from the opening door, and Pamy runs out to meet me, and she laughs as she hugs me. ‘Haven’t seen you in ages!’ she says and then leads me through to the living room where everyone else is already sitting. Guess I’m late. We chat idly for a few minutes, as befits me and Pamy not really knowing each other (at least casino şirketleri in the eyes of everyone else 😉 ), and then we sit down on the sofa, me in the corner, her to my left and her bro and everyone else after that. And even before the opening titles are done I’m burning up…

‘Whats going on?!?’ my mind is going a mile-a-minute, trying to figure out whats happened, because from months of what seemed like the hottest sexual tension I’d ever felt, she was suddenly cold as ice, and giving me no signal at all. Either she was playing it cool, or we were finished. I had to find out. Just had to. I couldn’t leave it like that. So, softly, barely noticeable in the darkened room, I started to ever so gently graze her thigh with my left hand. Going agonisingly slow, trying to keep calm, slowly running my fingers against her thigh, hoping to get a reaction from her, no matter how small. She leans forward to pick her phone off the table and fiddles with it for a few minutes, still no reaction to my increased stroking off her slender thigh. My phone goes off… ‘Stop it’.

Worst text I could have imagined getting. I instantly froze my hand where it was, but kept it on her thigh. I pretended to reach over behind her to get my bag, and then quick as a flash leaned over and kissed her neck as I passed. I was back and seated and nobody noticed a thing, but I noticed that Pamy had shifted slightly in her seat. She yawned and stretched her arms, and the let her arm fall on my shoulder, and she leaned over and nuzzled my neck! I sat, stock still, praying I hadnt just gone crazy with lust for this girl and imagined it, but her brother shouted over before I could do anything. ‘Pamela, if you’re tired just go to bed, stop casino firmaları lying on people’ to which she replied ‘Im not tired, im cold!’. Her bro threw over a blanket which she spread over legs. And over mine. Maybe she was feeling this tingling all over her body too…

The film continued, but I couldn’t have cared less what was happening. All I knew was I was sitting beside this girl who I loved more than anyone else, and whose hand was even now resting on mine underneath the blanket. She moved her hand, slowly raising mine, until she rested it on her zip. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but luckily there was a storm raging on screen that covered my flushing red look!

She laid back on the sofa, staring intently at the screen, as I slowly, quietly unzipped her tight jeans all the way down, leaving her tight black silk thong exposed under the blanket. I ran my hand quickly but lightly up and down her thigh, and then moved closer to her, and using my index finger I traced the outline of her perfect 18yr old pussy lips from bottom to top, before sliding back down top to bottom. I did it again, but firmer this time, and I felt my heart skip a beat as I was rewarded by feeling soft wetness coating my fingertip as I pushed it against the silk. I slid my hand out from underneath the blanket, and pretending to yawn, slipped my finger into my mouth. Pamy tasted absolutely fantastic. I savoured the taste on my tongue, before sliding my hand back under, back to her hot, tight thong. She sat still in her seat as I ran my fingers back against her pussy lips, tracing their outline before resting my fingers on her clit, and rubbing it softly and gently. I saw her eyes close, and I knew this was getting dangerous. güvenilir casino I don’t know if it was lust-heightened senses but I was sure I could smell the sweet scent of her moist pussy, and knew I couldn’t keep this up, or we’d be caught. But the second I started to move my hand away, I felt her hand on mine, steadying it, and she guided me back to her clit while her whole body seemed to lean into mine. We stayed like this for what could only have been seconds, but felt like minutes as the light came on!

We both stayed motionless while her brother and the others took off to get some drinks, leaving the light on and the door open. As soon as they disappeared out the door I ran my fingers back against her pussy, up and down, faster and faster, before sliding them underneath the silk and slipping two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy. “Fuck I want you Pamy…” I moaned into her ear as she nuzzled my neck.

“I want you too…” and I felt her bite me softly as my fingers slipped in and out of her gorgeous tight pussy, seeking out her g-spot, feeling my fingers coated with a fresh rush of her juice. I knew we had to stop, they’d be back any minute, but as I slid my fingers out she stopped me again. ‘I don’t care’ she moaned, and she thrust my fingers back inside her pussy, fastening her lips to my neck and moaning loudly as she ground against my hand. We had to stop! They’d be back any second! And then I felt her pussy tighten and quiver against my fingers, just as I grabbed the blanket and covered us both up again. Not a second too soon, and as the guys came back in, she was still nuzzled against me, eyes closed, with her pussy pulsing and dripping over my fingers underneath the blanket, running all over my hand.

As the light went off, I leaned over and quietly kissed her. ‘I love you’ I whispered in her ear, and she opened her eyes and smiled at me before closing them again and pulling herself tighter to me.

‘Pamela asleep is she?’ her brother asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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