Holiday Party Time

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I reached out for a towel as I stepped from the shower, and wrapped it around my waist without bothering to get dried, knowing that I’d dry off soon enough in the heat of the early morning sun. I grabbed another towel and rubbed my hair as I walked through the bedroom and out onto the balcony of my hotel room. The heat hit me straightaway — it was going to be another hot day, which was hardly surprising as the heat wave that had hit southern Europe had lasted over a month already.

I looked across to the Turkish coast, which was only a few miles away from this part of Kos. The hills were shrouded in a mist which would soon burn off as the sun rose higher. Glancing over towards the hotel pool, I spotted a few people already sat out despite the early hour, eager to enjoy some sun before it became unbearable. I didn’t mind the heat, so I was happy to take my time. After all, I was on holiday — a holiday I really needed.

I tossed the towel over the back of a chair, sitting down as I brushed my sandy hair back with my fingers. I swung my legs around, and rested my feet on the balcony rail. I slide down a little in the chair, the towel around my waist coming loose as I got comfortable. I closed my eyes and leant back, enjoying the feel of the sun on my face.

I’d been here for just over a week now, with the rest of the fortnight I’d booked still to come. The hotel suited me fine — it was fairly up market, in a quiet location, with a good pool and no kids around to spoil the quiet break I was after. All I wanted to do was to try and relax after the last six months, after the change of jobs I hadn’t planned, after an accident that took several weeks out of my life — and after a bitter divorce from a woman I should never have married.

Thankfully there were no kids involved, but that was hardly surprising given that our marriage lasted about five minutes. And that felt too long! I laughed to myself — when I made mistakes, I made them big time! But at least I was still young enough to get on with my life.

Still smiling, I stood up, not worrying as the towel dropped away from my waist. I made a half hearted grab for it, and trailed it after me as I walked back into the hotel room. I glanced around, looking at the usual jumble of half worn clothes that I always managed to collect on holiday. I grabbed a pair of shorts from the chair I’d dropped them on the previous evening, and looked around for some swimming trunks. I soon found what I needed, and walked back through the sitting area to the bedroom.

As I walked, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I’m not normally vain, but I had to stop and look as I realised how well my tan was coming on — and how white my bum now looked in contrast! I know it’s probably not the best thing to do, but somehow having a tan has always made me feel good, especially now. At a little under six feet, I suppose I’m of pretty average height, but my time in the gym has at least kept me lean and firm.

I reached for my cock while I stood there, idly stroking my shaft. I grew rapidly, my cock standing out thick and firm within seconds. It was hardly surprising given the lack of exercise I’d had in that department over recent months!

“You must be feeling better,” I told myself in the mirror, before walking back towards the bedroom, my cock waving in front of me as I gathered up some more clothes before dressing quickly.

I walked down to breakfast, my bag over my shoulder. I felt happier and more relaxed than I had all week, perhaps for months. I wandered through the restaurant and out onto the veranda. I quickly found a table out in the open, and smiled brightly at Eleni, the waitress. The restaurant staff were happy for you to sit wherever you liked, but somehow having met Eleni on my first night at the hotel, I was more than happy to stay in her area. Maybe the fact that she was extremely pretty was something to do with it!

“How are you this morning?” she enquired in her slightly accented English.

“I’m feeling great,” I told her emphatically, her eyebrows rising at the strength of my feelings.

We both smiled, and chatted for a few moments while she poured the coffee she knew I’d have to kick start my day. We talked as I took longer over breakfast than I normally would, as she popped back to the table. She really was easy to talk to, and we talked far more than over the previous few days. It wasn’t long before her eyebrows were raised again as our chat became more and more flirtatious.

I couldn’t help but watch her as she moved around the other tables near me. She moved with an elegant ease, and I quickly realised that she wasn’t just extremely pretty, she was quite beautiful. I would guess that she was in her mid twenties, petite and maybe a few inches over five feet tall. Her hair was black, hanging half way down her back. Her olive skin looked soft, and was lightly tanned. Her white blouse clung softly to her breasts, her black skirt to her ass. Her legs were bare, the heels doing just enough to emphasis their shapeliness.

She turned casino şirketleri around and caught me looking at her. I looked away guiltily, suddenly aware of my stirring cock, but not before I’d seen the smile that crossed her face. Suddenly tongue tied and dry mouthed, I smiled my thanks at her and left hurriedly, thankful for the baggy shorts I’d worn.

I headed straight down to the pool, and found a free sun bed and umbrella. It wasn’t that hard, as most people headed off to the beach during the day, leaving the pool area nice and quiet. I dropped my bag next to a sun bed, and quickly stripped off my shirt and shorts. After pulling the sun bed out from under the shade of the umbrella, I settled down in the sun with a book.

The morning drifted by as I read a bit, swam a bit and just relaxed, retreating under the sun umbrella from time to time as the sun got hotter. From under the shade, I looked around the pool. It was a bit busier now, with most people enjoying the sun or a swim. It was mainly couples dotted around, and for the first time since I’d arrived I took a real interest in some of the women around me in their skimpy bikinis, some of them topless.

I smiled to myself yet again as my cock stirred. I rolled over on my sun bed, my brain telling me to behave, my cock saying something totally different.

After one more swim, I quickly rubbed my hair, dropped my towel back on the sun bed, and wandered around the pool to the outdoor bar for a cold beer, combing my hair back into place with my fingers as I walked. The barman smiled as I approached, and the beer was waiting for me by the time I slipped onto the bar stool in front of it. I watched the world go by as I sipped at my drink, occasionally chatting to the barman between customers.

I was only aware of the couple sliding onto the stools next to me when the barman set their drinks down in front of them. I half listened as they chatted to him for a few moments, before he went off to serve someone else.


Her voice was husky, and at that moment incredibly sensual.

“”Hi,” I murmured back, suddenly all too aware of her as she leant closer to speak.

“So what are you here to get away from?” she asked.

I looked at her quizzically.

“Young man like you,” she laughed, “On his own … must be getting away from something.”

She looked at me intently, and it suddenly struck me that she must have noticed me around the pool as much as I’d noticed her. I’d seen her most days, and found it hard not to stare. She seemed to be in her early thirties, but looked younger, about my age, while the man she was with — her husband judging by the slim gold ring on her finger – was maybe a few years older again.

“Come on,” she insisted with another laugh, “Job … Wife … Girlfriend?”

As she spoke, she turned towards me. I felt her leg accidentally brush against mine for just a second before she pulled it away.

I laughed with her now, “Two out of three … and does it show that much?”

She looked at me openly, frankly, her eyes moving from my face to my bare chest.

“It did,” she told me softly, her hand resting on mine, “but not so much now.”

I looked away, and gestured to the barman for more drinks, my mind a whirl of uncertainty. I turned back to her, conscious of her hand, of her leg brushing against mine again. This time it was deliberate as she pressed against me, her knee warm against the outside of my thigh.

“What about you? Are you just on holiday?” I asked, my voice catching slightly.

“Just a few days away from the children,” she told me, “Twins — and they really are a handful at times.”

“Twins!” I exclaimed without thinking, my eyes dropping to her flawless body.

“I do try to look after myself,” she told me softly, all too aware of my eyes raking across her softly curved body.

Her skin was totally unmarked. She was dressed in a black bikini that contrasted with her golden brown tan. Her bikini wasn’t particularly skimpy, but showed off her full breasts and soft curves to perfection. Although I hadn’t seen her lying out topless, I somehow knew that her tan covered all of her. Her shoulders and neck were still sprinkled with water from a recent swim, and I couldn’t help but watch as drops ran down between her full breasts.

Barely able to drag my eyes away from the outline of her nipples, I glanced at her husband again. He looked tall and well built, with a broad chest and narrow hips, his hair cropped short.

“I’m Elsa by the way,” she told me, before introducing her husband, Mark.

I dragged my eyes back to her face, my cheeks suddenly flushed at my all so obvious staring.

“Simon,” I told them, before gesturing at their glasses and adding, “Another drink?”, not sure of what else to say.

“Maybe later,” Elsa smiled, “I’d — we’d — like that.”

As she spoke, she pressed her leg against mine, the length of her thigh along mine, my cock bulging against the tight confines of my trunks.

“See you later,” casino firmaları she told me as she slid off her bar stool, before leaning over and kissing me softly on the cheek, her eyes glancing down knowingly.

I watched them as they walked away, hand in hand, thinking how it felt like I’d known them for a long time, rather than just the half an hour we’d been talking. And as I watched, it was the sway of Elsa’s hips and ass my eyes were locked on, the way her bikini clung to her.

I didn’t see them again until I went down for dinner. The restaurant was open from early evening, but I preferred to go down later, when it was quieter. I’d spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool, reading and enjoying some sun and the odd swim, but my mind was never far away from Elsa and Mark, thinking about them and wondering.

Back in my room, I showered away the heat of the day, before sitting out on the balcony and watching the world go by. By the time I’d dressed for dinner and made my way downstairs to the restaurant, I was looking forward to something to eat.

“Hi again.”

It was the same husky voice.

I turned around, and smiled at Elsa and Mark as they walked towards me, the lift door still closing behind them. She was wearing a short black skirt, and a sleeveless white blouse which was unbuttoned just enough to offer tantalising glimpses of her cleavage as she moved. Her short, blonde hair was swept back, leaving her face clear apart from just a hint of makeup that emphasised her cheekbones and sparkling green eyes, her red lipstick enhancing her full mouth.

She hooked her arm through mine as they reached me.

“Why don’t you join us?” she invited.

A few minutes later, we were sat together out on the veranda, watching the sun setting while Eleni added a place setting to a table that was meant for two.

Our meal seemed to fly by, and the surprise must have shown on my face when the head waiter started to drop broad hints as he walked past us for the third time about needing to close the restaurant. I looked around, and only then realised that we were the only people left.

“It has been fun, hasn’t it,” Elsa told me, her hand on mine again, her bare leg pressed against my thigh. “Why don’t you come up to our room and help us with the bottle of wine that’s waiting for us?” she added.

Her question, her invitation, was heavy with meaning. I looked from her to Mark, and it was him who spoke, who cleared up any possible misunderstanding.

“We’d like that,” he told me in his deep voice as they both stood up, “We’d both like it very much.”

There was something in the way that he emphasised “both”, and the way he looked at me, that left my mouth dry.

“Room 632,” Elsa told me as she leant over and kissed the corner of my mouth, her breasts threatening to burst free of the flimsy bra I couldn’t avoid seeing as her blouse gaped open in front me.

As they walked away, I watched Elsa’s soft curves, the way she moved. Mark had his arm around her waist, and as his hand slid slowly down onto her ass to caress her softly, Elsa turned and looked at me over her shoulder. I sat still for a few more moments to let my racing mind slow down, to let my bulging cock show some semblance of decency before I stood up. Then I finished my drink, and headed upstairs.

Back in my own room, I quickly changed back into some shorts, as I did every night after dinner. Without thinking anymore about it, I grabbed my key card, and headed back towards the stairs. A few minutes later, I was stood outside room 632, my heart racing. Even before I tapped on the door, it swung open and Elsa was stood in front me, her face lit up by a wide smile. She’d changed as well, and was wearing a tight vest top instead of her blouse, a top that clung to every curve of her breasts, breasts that were clearly naked beneath.

“We hoped you’d come,” she told me as she ushered me into the room.

I turned back towards her as she stepped closer– and then she was stood on tiptoes, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me close, her breasts pressed to me as she gave me a lingering kiss, her tongue moving across my lips as I kissed her back, my hands on her hips, her tongue just slipping into my mouth for a second before she broke the kiss and stepped back breathlessly.

Without speaking, she took my hand and led me towards the balcony. I glanced at the bed as we passed it, and at the seating area, my mind running away again. Outside, Mark passed me a glass of wine, and then raised his and made a toast to “new friends”. Elsa was stood very close beside me, and as she raised her glass, I felt her body warm and soft against my arm.

We stood and chatted for a while, Elsa still close to me. We watched the world go by, the lights of the ships out at sea as they slipped between Kos and Turkey, the people far below us waiting for the taxi’s and buses to take them into town. All the time, I was aware of Elsa, aware of her so close to me, aware of the taste of her kiss. I started to güvenilir casino feel nervous, asking myself if I had misjudged the situation, but all the time I came back to that kiss, to her closeness.


It was Mark who spoke, a smile on his face as he sensed my uncertainty.

“Here,” Elsa told me, “sit down.”

She dragged a chair around and pulled me back into it, her hands on my shoulders. She stepped close behind me, and started to rub my shoulders. I immediately sighed and leant back, enjoying her touch. She stopped for a moment, but only to lean forward, her breasts soft against me as she reached for my shirt, undoing the buttons. She ran her fingers back up over my chest and belly, scratching me lightly.

With another sigh, I pushed my head back as she pulled my shirt off my shoulders and began to rub me again. I closed my eyes as her fingers worked across the muscles of my back and neck, straying forward onto my chest whenever the fancy took her. Her touch was so softly sensual, her body so close, that I could feel my cock rising, bulging against the front of my shorts.

I could hear Elsa speaking quietly as she caressed me, her fingers never still, straying lower now, across my chest and down onto my belly again, my head pressed back against her. I groaned as I felt fingers tugging at my shorts, popping the button and easing the zip down. I eased my ass off the chair an inch as I felt hands dragging my shorts and underwear down a little until my cock sprang free.

Elsa moaned behind me, her hands pressing into my shoulders, pulling me back against her. For a moment I was confused, as a hot, wet mouth dropped onto my cock. My eyes flew open. Mark was knelt in front of me, his hands resting on my thighs, his head bobbing up and down as he sucked my cock deeper into his mouth.

“Relax … enjoy …” Elsa murmured, moving to my side, her hands holding me tight, as I tried to move, as I felt another man’s mouth on my cock for the first time, as I felt another man touch me for the first time.

Elsa took my hands and pressed them to her breasts. She leant over me, and her tongue snaked into my mouth as she pressed her lips to mine, my skin jumping as she touched me, my body shuddering at the pleasure washing through me. I tugged at her top, my cock popping from Mark’s mouth as I twisted towards Elsa. He moved as well, and drew my cock back into his mouth, his hands on my shaft and balls, a finger reaching under me to rub across my ass.

Breaking our kiss breathlessly, she stood up, her eyes locked on mine. Mark’s hands and mouth stopped working their magic for a moment as we both watched Elsa. She stood up, and slowly reached for the hem of her top. Even more slowly, she peeled it upwards off her body.

Her skirt hung low on her hips, her waist pinching in above it. I stared at her smooth, flat belly, at the outline of her muscles, at the gold cross decorating her belly button. Her top inched up, the shape of her rib cage covered by a soft layer of flesh that I longed to kiss and lick and nibble.

She stopped for a moment, her top crumpled up just below her breasts. My mouth was dry with anticipation, and I moaned softly as she ran her hands over her belly and into the top of her skirt. I felt my cock jerking as I watched her hands, wondering how far down they would go, but then Elsa was pulling her skirt down, wriggling deliciously as she pushed it down over her hips and off. She turned around slowly, showing me the black thong that did nothing to hide her firm ass that was tanned as much as the rest of her, and that barely hid anything else.

Elsa looked at me as she reached for her top again. With a sudden flourish, she drew her arms up high, her breasts bursting free, bouncing lightly. She dropped the top, but held her pose for a few long, sensual seconds. I gasped at her breasts, full and firm, large and rounded, her nipples dark and erect, the rubbery flesh crying out for attention. As she stooped to kiss me again, I reached for her, her glorious breasts filling my hands as our tongues danced, my cock ready to burst.

I moaned and pulled her to me, sucking her nipples hard as she pressed herself to me, my hands all over her, touching, caressing, needing. Mark pressed a finger to my ass as he sucked on me, his tongue swirling around the tip as my hips jerked off the chair, plunging my cock deeper into his mouth. I sucked on Elsa’s nipples, drawing her breasts into my mouth, unconsciously matching Mark’s rhythm until I couldn’t take anymore.

I came with a loud groan, a thick stream of cum pouring into Marks eager mouth. He never stopped sucking as I held Elsa tight, as the shock of the pleasure they were giving rocked me. My eyes were almost glazed as they both stood up, as they kissed in front of me, as they shared my cum. And then Elsa was pulling me to my feet, my shirt undone, my shorts around my thighs, my cock still semi erect, slick from Marks mouth and my cum.

We kissed again, her hand on my cock for the first time. I could taste my cum as we kissed, as our tongues danced across each other. I caressed her breasts, my other hand reaching down for her ass. I sensed her moving, and looked down to watch as she helped Mark undo his shorts. He moaned as she pulled his cock free, as she squeezed him.

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