Henry’s Home for the Summer Ch. 04

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This story is part of a series. It will make more sense if you read the earlier chapters. If you are offended by bodily functions or female domination, please read no further. Everyone in the story is 18 or over.


Henry woke up the next morning after the get-together with Kathy and Margaret ready to go to the office and wondering what might happen next. It was quite an exciting evening to have had sex with both his girlfriend and the young woman who had been hired to be his governess.

Margaret had come into his room while he was dressing that morning and left him a pair of tiny red panties to wear that day. He was hoping that as promised, she would let up on making him wear panties in another day or so. He put on a conservative suit to go to the investment bank where his dad had set him up with a summer job and enjoyed himself as usual. The others there were not threatened by him because he was a summer employee so they seemed to enjoy his easy humor and willingness to work.

When he came home that day, his parents had gone out for the night, which was common, since his father and mother kept a busy social schedule in their set. Margaret had arranged for a light supper for the two of them and then she invited him again to join her in her room, which had been his room.

She told him that Kathy had called and asked to stop by soon after dinner which brightened Henry’s spirits. He was fond of his blonde girlfriend, who had shown her moxie by taking on Margaret. The governess, while in her 30s, had been awed by the audacity of Kathy, whom Henry had not recalled as showing such as strongly dominant side. He figured Margaret had gotten more than she had planned for and was now showing her own submissiveness.

Soon Kathy joined them and the three all cuddled on Margaret’s ample bed and everyone took their clothes off. Kathy commented on Henry’s red panties, and Margaret answered that he now no longer needed to wear them daily.

Kathy grinned and said that his initiation was just beginning.

She put on a minimal harness and inserted a sizeable dildo into the slot on the harness. Then she had Henry get up on the bed on all fours and hold his cheeks open while Margaret prepared him by rubbing some lube around his tight little anal opening and then inserting her lubed finger into his hole.

Henry liked that feeling of her finger massaging his prostate inside his anal opening. Then Kathy came over with her own lubed dildo protruding naughtily from her harnessed crotch (she had picked a double that extended deep into her own vagina too). She placed the tip right up against Henry’s anus and softly let it pass through his anal ring as she slowly eased his sphincter to allow her entry.

Henry had been wearing the thin buttplug that Kathy had inserted in his anal cavity but now he was learning what it was like to be filled. It did stimulate his prostate even more and he felt himself getting hard. Kathy began moving her dildo in and out of him, always slowly and gently. Henry was amazed—in a weird way he realized, once he had gotten past the pain he had experienced when the thick dildo first penetrated his rectum, he was learning what he had figured only girls ever knew: what it was like to be fucked.

Margaret had crawled round so that now she was next to him with open arms and legs and as she embraced him, she also tugged on his erect cock. Finally she positioned herself so that Henry could proceed to enter her waiting vagina and engage in some nice sex with the governess while his girlfriend kept fucking him in his ass.


Later that day, Margaret was relaxing in the living room when Henry’s father appeared home a bit early from his office. He smiled at Margaret and asked her how she was enjoying herself.

Recalling how Henry’s mother had commented on his father’s casino şirketleri sloppiness in terms of wiping himself as evidenced by the skid marks in his undershorts, combined with how she had so readily submitted to Margaret’s dominance, the young governess decided to test these waters.

She smiled at Henry’s father, whose name was Edward, and said that Henry’s behavior had improved significantly. Then while continuing to smile affectionately at the confident businessman who was about 50 and in good shape, she commented that she had understood from Henry’s mother that Edward had been negligent in keeping his underwear clean.

Edward almost involuntarily cringed and his face reddened. He was not accustomed to being criticized at all, and for his personal hygiene habits to be so directly criticized by this attractive and clearly assertive young woman took him by surprise. It did, however, appeal to his desire to be taken in hand by just such a woman. He himself had been subjected to a governess’s control when he was a young boy. Immediately his mind was transported back to those days when Miss Denton had ruled his life.

Gazing at Margaret, he recalled how he was unable to look Miss Denton in the eye. She was merciless, he remembered now. She spanked him and put him to bed early as punishment. And when he got in trouble for sneaking into his sister’s panty drawer, she made him wear a bra and red panties for several days. He had fantasized about Miss Denton’s lingerie, not that she ever let him get the slightest glimpse of her undergarments.

“Oh,” he responded in an attempt to deal with this inquiry in an off-handed manner, “I suppose I don’t always take the time to be as tidy as I might.”

Margaret made a tsk-tsk sound and Edward found himself incredibly excited by her dominant tone.

She noticed his reaction and also the bulge in his suit trousers.

“I think I see indications”—she lowered her eyes to focus on his crotch, making him aware she had seen his bulge—”that you may need some supervision,” she said firmly.

“You know,” he said calmly, giving away the story he had kept to himself for so long, “I did have a governess for a time when I was young.”

“So I may conclude that you agree that this is something you both need and want,” Margaret responded brightly.

“Yes,” Edward answered hesitantly. “But you won’t be too severe with me, now will you, dear? I haven’t had anyone take charge like this for a long time.”

“There’s no time like the present then, is there?” Margaret responded, moving in on her prey.

“I suppose not,” he replied shakily. “No one else is here now, is there? Perhaps we had better go to my room.”

“No, let’s go to mine,” Margaret answered, making sure she would control the scene as well as the location.

They walked quickly upstairs to Margaret’s room, which had been Henry’s until it was given over to the young governess.

Margaret began by telling Edward, “We’ll need to check your temperature in the traditional way, so drop your trousers and your undershorts and get across my lap,” as she sat herself on an armless chair and patted her tweed-skirted lap.

Edward unbuckled his heavy belt and let his trousers fall, then pulled down his blue undershorts, disclosing a semi-erect cock, and lay down on the governess’s lap, feeling about as old as he had been more than 40 years ago as a boy.

Margaret reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a rectal thermometer. She opened a tube of Vaseline and dabbed some on the silver tip of the thermometer. Then she took another dab and ordering Edward to spread his cheeks, she inserted her finger into his anal opening and moved it to spread the Vaseline.

She then took the thermometer and inserted it slowly but completely into his rectum. Then she spoke to him as if he were a casino firmaları child, “We’re going to find out if you have a temperature that has made you behave badly and soil your underpanties.”

After leaving the thermometer in for three minutes, she withdrew it, inspected it, and said, “Just as I thought, this naughty boy has a bit of a temp. Edward, we’re going to go now into the bathroom and clean you out back there.”

Realizing he was in for an enema, Edward protested but Margaret shushed him and said, “You know how naughty boys always say they don’t need this but it always helps.”

She soon had him over the tub edge with his bottom cheeks bare and spread. She filled the pink enema bag and inserted the nozzle into his anus. Then she released the clamp and filled him in small increments to avoid cramping.

Soon he was pleading for relief. “Miss, I need to go,” Edward whined. “I don’t want to lose control here.”

“Oh I’m sure you won’t or you will feel my little cane, boy,” she answered.

When she had emptied the bag into his bowels, she inserted a black butt plug. Edward felt miserable.

“Please let me go, Miss,” he pleaded. “I know I’ll keep my pants cleaner and feel better.”

“You will indeed,” Margaret said in her motherly tone.

Finally, she told him he could sit on the toilet. Then after making him wait still longer, she reached behind him, had him raise his bottom, and she reached in as if he were a small child, and she pulled the plug from his bottom-hole.

In a few moments, the fluid rushed out along with some large pieces of excrement and the whole mass of solid and liquid also smelled quite strong. Edward had a shamed look on his face from being clearly the cause of the trenchant odor.

Margaret now came back and wiped him with soft wipes. Then she told him to get up on the counter so she could examine him.

Edward was now totally abased and Margaret instructed him to lift and hold his legs up so he was in the ignominious diaper position, exposing his balls, cock and bottom-hole to her.

She took out her small plastic rod and gently tapped on his bottom above his bottom hole. Gradually she increased the taps so they were akin to cane strokes and left a red line where the rod had struck his white bottom.

After reddening his bottom and getting him to call out for her to stop, she did so and then took some talcum powder and powdered his bottom and his balls as if he were a child.

Then she handed him some of Lucille’s control panties—beige Spanx—and helped him pull them up.

She told him he would be wearing these for a time to get him used to being controlled for his own betterment.

Edward felt very happy even though the panties were humiliating and tight.

He smiled at Margaret and she returned his smile, giving him a small kiss on his lips.


That night, after dinner, Margaret called Henry’s parents into her room. This time, she clearly was in the driver’s seat.

She began by looking sternly at both Lucille and Edward. Then she began.

“You both have indicated to me today that you need some of my kind of supervision,” she said plainly, “Now we know that I was retained to supervise Henry but I am willing to take on improving the behavior of both of you, so long as you both agree that this is in both your interests. I will add that I expect also to take steps to improve your sexual relationship, but I will only do this with your complete consent and cooperation. Do I have that?”

Edward and Lucille both nodded in the affirmative and quietly said “yes” in response to her question.

She then ordered them both to strip down to their underwear. As they did, Lucille was surprised to see that her husband was wearing the same beige Spanx control panties that she was wearing. She assumed that güvenilir casino this had been part of Margaret’s initial training he had apparently undergone that day.

Edward was pleased to see that his wife was also wearing the shameful control panties Margaret had made him put on. It did not seem quite as awful to wear them when she was doing the same thing. He actually loved his wife although he had given in to his own lust by having an affair with his young, attractive personal assistant at the office.

Now Margaret took Lucille over her lap and slowly pulled down the tight control panties. Lucille’s midsection did not look quite as svelte without the support of the lycra panties. Margaret began to spank Lucille’s bare bottom and it became quite red as Lucille began to moan and then cry out from Margaret’s hand slapping her on a bottom that was now quite red. Margaret unhooked Lucille’s bra and her large breasts flopped out. Edward had seen that his wife still had a luxurious bush, which pleased him because he liked hairy women.

But Edward was the focus of Margaret’s attention now. She pulled down his control panties and took him across her lap to be spanked. She gave him a good solid spanking and his bottom resembled his wife’s in redness.

Margaret now invited Lucille to sit next to her on the bed and told Edward to get down between his wife’s spread legs and pleasure her pussy with his tongue. Edward had not performed oral in many a year as he did not want to do that with his personal assistant nor Lucille, with whom he had not had relations for some time.

But he took to licking Lucille’s hairy cunt with alacrity. He licked her softly and then penetrated her vagina with his tongue while also tickling her rather prominent clit. Lucille was enjoying the unusual attention her genitals were receiving. She began to move her hips in rhythm with Edward’s tongue motion and soon exploded in a cum unlike any she had known for ages.

Margaret then made the two exchange places. Lucille was now told to lick Edward’s large cock and to take it lovingly into her mouth. This was something new for Lucille and she approached the task gingerly. Soon, however, she was sucking like a sexual veteran and Edward felt himself about to orgasm into her soft mouth. Margaret noticed this and had Lucille stop so that he would not lose his erection.

She positioned Lucille on the bed and bade Edward to mount her.

“I am going to tell you two exactly how I want you to make love,” she stated. “You, Edward, will now insert your member into her pussy.”

She then told him to slowly withdraw and re-enter and to establish a consistent, rhythmic thrusting motion. After a few moments of this, Edward and Lucille were pleasantly and similarly surprised at how good their closeness and intercourse was making them feel. They exuded a warmth that had been absent from their relationship for years.

Edward liked the velvety feeling inside his wife’s cunt and Lucille appreciated the girth and power of her husband’s cock as it penetrated her long-ignored vagina.

After allowing them to fuck for another quarter-hour, Margaret told them to withdraw and sit up next to one another and cuddle in each other’s arms.

They both were smiling and Lucille was crying with joy when she told Margaret how grateful she was for this. Edward smiled too and said he appreciated how she had brought the two of them back together.

Margaret decided it was time to reinforce her control through some embarrassment. She told Edward she would inspect his control panties to make sure he had no skid marks or other stains. And she turned to Lucille.

“You will inform me when you expect your period,” she said rather bluntly. “We are going to have you try using the new period panties, Thinx, and you will be doing that without wearing either a tampon or a pad. The uncertainty about this kind of protection will be good to focus you on cleanliness down there. And just as he will be punished for any pee or poo marks in his panties, so will you, my dear, if you stain your undies.”

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