Coronavirus Confinement

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“I am not downplaying the seriousness of the virus that has inflicted our world. This story is a work of fiction and is meant to be taken as such. I can only hope that everyone stays healthy and safe.”


My family life has always been over the top cool. We live a modest lifestyle and all our belongings can be packed up into a shipping container with relative ease, which considering our lifestyle, works in our favor. You see, my parents are teachers and have worked in some of the best universities in the world. So, for as far back as I can remember they have hauled my sister and I off to exotic foreign countries.

My first memory of adventure was the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Then we moved to Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. Switzerland. Again, very cool, but very different. No beaches, but the skiing was over the top. The 4 years that we spent there taught us plenty about European culture, history and cuisine. From there we went to the University of Technology, Monterrey, Mexico for 4 years, where we spent our formative years improving our Spanish, while travelling throughout Mexico and Texas.

It is the latest stop on our journey is where this tale takes place. Just over a year ago my parents, Todd and Louise McDermid accepted positions at a University that would be our home for the next 3 to 5 years. Apparently, it was a chance of a lifetime and there was no way that they could pass it up. Their sales pitch is what sold us. Deanna, my sister and I, Ben, would get a university degree and be debt free when we graduated. Also, when we graduated, the family would move back to the good old home base of California where my parents would work at Cal Tech.

Sounded like a dream come true. So, for the last time, the McDermid family packed our personal belongings, bid Mexico adieu and headed to our new home, Wuhan University founded 1893, in Wuhan City, in the Hubei Province of, China.

My sister and I started our classes and became immersed in the Chinese culture. Any spare time that we had was spent together travelling the Yangtze River to dark and mysterious places. Wuhan City itself is a very strange mix of old and new, from the old traditions of cooking up cats and dogs as street side delicacies, to having some of the most high-tech buildings in the world. It is almost comical to see a rickshaw next to a Range Rover.

Deanna and I stood out in a crowd in China. Firstly, because we stayed in pretty good physical shape. We eat well and worked out. Dee said that years of water skiing and downhill skiing made her ass and legs like rock. We were both tallish, I stand about 6’2″ and Dee is just under 5’8″, which in China is very tall for a woman and most men.

Secondly, being tall blonde haired, blue eyed kids with tanned skin also made us stand out. I had no problem with the ladies, they loved me or at least the idea of someone like me. Deanna on the other didn’t fare so well. Her height and beauty scared of any possible suitors. This was a first for Dee, in other countries she had been a goddess, all the boys her age chased after her like lost puppies, but here as she transitioned into a woman, she was alone.

I couldn’t stand to see her sad, so we spent every waking minute together. I’m not one of those guys that is blind to their sibling’s beauty, not in the least. Dee is very pretty, has a smokin hot body that is accented with soft features, but she is after all, my sister, so I pretend not to notice.

On our eighteenth birthday our parents treated us to a night out at Zen5es at the Westin Wuhan. It is a great restaurant with great food, probably the best we had eaten in China. Another good thing is the drinking age in China is 18, so mom ordered an expensive bottle of wine from near her birth home in Napa Valley. Our meal was topped off with a fudge brownie cake and Happy Birthday sang to us in very broken English. I suppose that I should have mentioned that Dee and I are twins. Dee was born before me and has no problem telling anyone that will listen that we share everything but birthdays. Yeah, Deanna McDermid was born January 28th, 2002 at 11:45pm. Ben McDermid was being stubborn as usual and hung out in the womb until 12:24am January 29th.

Back at the house, we were given the obligatory, “now that you are adults” talk. It would be business as usual, Dee and I had a short summer vacation and planned to travel a bit. Past practices were embedded into our brains, because while our parents had allowed us to date, sex in any of the countries that we had lived was forbidden, “We will not be grandparents to a child not born in the United States of America”, but with there not being a significant other in either of our lives, that wouldn’t be an issue.

Summer flew by and in September we were back at school. Everything was going great until Christmas, when mom and dad started talking about COVID-19, a virus that was taking the city by storm. As the days passed by, the news and numbers of deaths caused from what was commonly being referred to as casino şirketleri the coronavirus, escalated.

Our parents put us on a self-imposed lockdown quarantine very early in the new year and by the second week of January things had gone for a real shit over here. Everything was closed or closing and the whole country basically came to a grinding halt.

With enough fresh bottled water and dry good supplies to hold us over for a century, we closed ourselves off to the world.

Being born into a scientific family and living in a country that produces a vast majority of tech related products that are shipped worldwide has its advantages. Our house was like NASA. We had access to all the online school curriculum, access to all the news from the outside world and the ability to keep ourselves entertained.

Todd and Louise laid down the law. They were not to be disturbed during what would be regular school hours, they both had projects that they were prepping, and they would be working on class syllabus for when regular classes resumed. There main floor office was off limits. Dee and I were expected to continue our studies and learning, while not taking our incarceration as a joke or vacation. As dad put it, “none of the Chinese will be resting”.

Day one was exactly what dad and mom didn’t want, I slept in until 11:00am and in China, that’s half the day. I would have felt bad about it until I realized that Dee was still sleeping. Skipping breakfast, I heated up a batch of Pho soup, taking two bowls back upstairs.

Dee and I never knock before entering one another’s room, and it wasn’t an issue. “Hey, get your lazy butt outta bed before you get us in shit.”

Stretching her arms up over her head like a cat, Dee let out a moan, “Come on Ben, you’re killin me. You know that I heard you getting up only a few minutes ago, don’t you?” Looking at my hands she sat up surprised, “Oh, what’s that, breakfast in bed?”

“Yeah, if breakfast is served at noon. After we eat, lets set-up a game plan so that when mom and dad ask, we can tell them that we some sort of routine.”

“Oh, come on. I just want to relax for a few days. Let’s be American and misbehave for once.” Her pouty face almost had me convinced that she was serious.

“Whatever you want, but tonight at supper they’ll want to know what’s up.”

Being the “older” child Dee did come up with a plan, we moved all of her electronics and desk into my room and my thick memory foam mattress into her room next to her bed. School and games room were set-up in my room and sleeping would be done in her room.

She was actually pretty proud of the arrangements. Our mom’s only concern was the fact that we had the Xbox hooked up in the room where we were to be studying. Really? The idea of two 18-year-olds, one male, one female, sharing the same room to sleep didn’t warrant any questions. I would imagine that our past history and the fact that we had cohabitated bedrooms in other countries put her mind to rest.

The rest of the week went just like my parents wanted, them working and teaching, us learning. Dee and I mentioned to each other how odd that it was that our parents didn’t check on us. When Dee mentioned it at supper, dad stated the obvious and said, “well we don’t check up on you when you at school, do we?”

After supper the first night of our weekend, mom suggested the four of us play a card game. Neither Dee nor I declined. Playing any game with my family was fun. Mom would whip up some snacks and dad would break out the booze. In Mexico I loved the tequila, but here in China they have some alcohol that takes some getting used to. My parents seem to enjoy Baijiu and Huangjiu, which are both derived from century old recipes, Dee and I tend to stick with Tsingtao, a local beer, but the whole family stays away from the bottle of “Snake wine” that dad received as a gift. The name says it all, it’s a bottle of wine filled with small sized snakes. Nope, not a chance.

Breaking free from the aggravation of being locked up in solitude, everyone drank more then they normally would. Predictable as always, Dee and dad teamed up, cheated and won, now mom and I would be stuck doing the dishes until the following weekend.

With the game put away, dad wrapped mom in his arms and danced along to Solomon Burke belting out “Cry to Me”. We knew this move oh too well. Our father was feeling frisky and was not so subtly letting our mother know. The whole family joined in, dancing along to the hits of the early sixties. Sweating and laughing we called it a night just before midnight, looks like no one wanted to turn back into a pumpkin.

“Holy shit that was fun.” Said Dee as she flopped backwards onto her mattress, smelling like sweet cherry blossom soap from her recent shower. I know that it was the beer playing tricks with my mind, but my thoughts of Dee took a turn. Watching her flop around like a child brought back lots of fond memories from our youth, but when she stopped moving a lay still, it was hard not to notice now casino firmaları much of a woman she had become.

The swell of her breasts pushed her light night shift up and away from her chest, while her log golden legs drew your gaze so that you were enticed to follow their length up to the “V” where they met. The thin material of the night shorts that she wore did little or nothing to hide the treasures beneath. The round cheeks of Dee’s ass peeked out the back in all or their glory, while the faint hint of a camel toe lingering in the front.

Although we hadn’t been there in over 12 years, my sister Deanna was a real-life California girl, blonde haired, blue eyed, bronze skin. If we were in the states, she would have been the prom and homecoming queen for sure. Yes, the all-American girl, was laying a in a bed next to me.

“Yeah, it was. I like how you and Todd think that no one knows you’re cheating. Miss goodie two shoes and her saint of a father.” Dee laughed a rapidly kicked her legs up and down off the bed like a 10-year-old.

“We don’t cheat, you and mom are just sore losers, cause you have to do the dishes all the time.”

“Oh, okay. We let you win. Plus, I honestly don’t mind doing the dishes with Louise. She’s pretty fun to talk to.”

“I guess.” We fell silent for a few minutes until Dee round over onto side and looked in my direction. “Can I ask you something personal?”

“You know you can.” We were twins, there was nothing to hide.

“No, I’m serious. Really personal and I’d rather you say no than lie.”

“For shit sakes Dee just ask.”

“How often do you masturbate?”

“What the hell. Where did that come from?” I couldn’t believe the question. Never in a million years would I have guessed that was what she was going to ask.

“We’ve slept in the same room for four nights and I haven’t heard a peep out of you.”

“I’m not accustom to jerking off in front of my sister if that’s what you mean.” Dee worked her way closer to the edge of her bed.

“Aren’t you just a little bit curious?” I was lost.

“What are you saying? You’re talking in circles. What kind of peep did you expect to hear and what is it that I should be curious about?”

“Sex. Don’t you wonder what it’s like. I see the way you look at the girls at school. Don’t you want to try things?” I rolled on my side so that we were facing each other.

“Yes, I do.”

“Yeah, me too, but it isn’t going to happen in China. All the guys over here think that I have the plague.”

“That’s not funny, because they might be right. The only problem is that they might be the ones to give it to you. The crazy little bastards.”

“Stop. I’m not kidding. At least the girls over here look at you. I couldn’t get laid if I tried and I can’t wait four more years.” I felt bad for Deanna, I really did. I knew exactly what she was going through because I was in the same boat. Sure, the girls looked at me but there was no way that they would talk to me, and if I tried to speak with them, they just scurried away giggling.

Not certain what she was looking for in the way for an answer, I mumbled, “me either” and rolled back over onto my back.

I must have drifted off in the unquiet slumbers for the sleepers, because an almost silent cry startled me awake. The room and house were darkened and quiet with the exception of an unfamiliar wet squishy noise. Listening intently, I didn’t move until I realized that the noise was coming from Dee’s bed. Every so often a soft cry like whimper would escape her mouth. Even with my very limited sexual experience, I knew what she was doing.

As slowly and quietly as possible, I rolled back on to my side to improve my vantage point. I’m sure that I should have let Dee have her private time, but I was desperate for a look.

Dee’s legs were parted, and her knees were ached up off the bed while her buried hand worked feverously at her crotch. From where I was laying, I would have had the perfect view, had it not been for the thick Chinese blanket that covered her. There was no privacy from me. I continued watching and hoping for a slip but there was just too much blanket covering her, yet I was in a trance watching her legs moving and the material vibrate.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up alerting me of impending danger, but I had no idea for what. My eyes had been glued to Dee’s lower body and not once had I looked at the expression on her face. When I moved my gaze, I found Dee’s eyes locked unto mine. She didn’t appear to be upset that I was looking, just indifferent, as her face looked contorted, she was biting her lower lip and her eyes were squinting.

Until Dee looked down toward my crotch, I hadn’t realized that I’d put my hand into my own pjs and was fondling myself.

What happened next would become the epic event that would change the course of my life forever. Dee took her free left hand and pulled the blanket up over her legs and off her body. Her night shirt was rolled up under her breasts and she was naked güvenilir casino from the waist down. My eyes followed her legs up to the area she was so rapidly attacking.

It was the very first live vagina that I’d ever seen and in the darkness I was able to make out her hairy mound and the pinkness that lay beneath. Dee was using two fingers on her right hand to stimulate her clit and when I moved my head to try for a better view, she used the same fingers to spread herself open for me. It was breath taking, she had big, meaty, pink lips, with a hard nub for a clit and her tiny little hole glistened with moisture.

My cock was harder than I could remember it ever being. For some unknown reason, I stood up on my mattress and dropped pjs down and off my body. Dee’s eyes took their turn being glued to me. They stayed attached to my cock for the longest time. When my strokes began to speed up, her eyes darted back and forth between my cock and my face. It was as if she were looking for a sign or signal of some kind.

Dee shifted her position so that she was directly facing me, propped some pillows behind her back and began curling her fingers into her wet pussy

This was the wildest moment so far in my life. If it was only going to be a one-time thing, I wanted to see it all. “Dee, show me your boobs. Please.” It sounded like I was begging, but she responded by using her left hand to pull the old night shirt up over her head.

The pink mounds looked so firm that I wanted to touch them so badly. They appeared to be perfect. Her nipples were small brown and hard, When Dee moved her hand up off her hard, flat stomach and twirled her nipple, I groaned out loud.

“Keep going.” Snapping out of my coma I realized that Dee was speaking to me.


“Keep going, I’m almost there and you stopped.” Holy shit, I was so turned on by the view I had stopped what I was doing and was staring at Dee’s beauty.

Picking up right where I left off, I stroked myself with all my mite. Taking two steps forward to improve my view, my legs were touching the side of Dee’s bed. I could hear her breathing hard and knew that it would only be a matter of second before one of us climaxed. It was me. Dee lifted her foot up off the bed and extended her leg so that her foot rested on my thigh and her toes touched my balls, and that was all she wrote. I exploded. My spooge shot out of me with so much force that it felt like it pushed my body back. Dee let out a surprised yip and a long, “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH” as she finished herself off by hand.

Looking Dee in the face, she tilted her head down as if to say, “can you see that”. I followed with my eyes to see what she was looking at. In the glow of the evening light I could see the shiny droplets of cum that had shot up onto her leg, stomach and chest. Only losing eye contact long enough for her to pick out the biggest load, I watched as Dee scooped it up with her finger and pushed it into her mouth.

As God is my witness, my legs were shaking like leaves in a windstorm. I had no idea what to do next. Lucky for me, my older sister used her top to wipe up my goop, move back to her original sleeping position on the bed and covered herself with her blanket. Taking a hint, I did the same.

We both stayed silent for the next 30 minutes. I knew that she wasn’t sleeping because we were staring each in the eyes. I broke the spell. “Dee, you’re so freakin beautiful.” She knew that I was being sincere, and if I could see her face any better, I know that she would be blushing, but she only replied with, “You’re not so bad yourself.”

The next thing I remember was someone walking over my mattress. The morning Wuhan sun came bursting into the room making it nearly impossible to focus, but what I did see made me happy. Dee in all of her naked glory was walking over me so that she could go to the washroom. All the other mornings that I’d slept in this room she’d just slipped off the end of her bed unnoticed, but this morning, she made a point out of letting me know that she was awake.

Returning from her shower I made no attempts to hide my interest. I refused to avert my eyes and she had no issues with putting on a show for me. Raising her legs and putting them on the end of the bed, one at a time, she used her towel to dry them from toe to crotch. Turning her back toward me, she wiped the dampness off her firm ass cheeks before moving it up to her chest. When it appeared that she was completely dry, she bent at the waist giving me what was by far the best look at her vagina that I had seen thus far and wrapped her long hair in the towel and stood up right.

“You havin a shower Ben?”

“Not right now. I will later, but I had one just before getting into bed last night.”

“Well so did I, but someone decided to shoot his load all over me.” Shit. I was blushing so hard that my face was burning.

“Sis, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be, I hope to be able to pay you back one day soon.”

I never planned or even expected to be masturbating with or in front of my sister, but it happened. I wasn’t sure if there would be an uneasiness between us, but here was Dee making jokes about me cumming all over her. To top it off, she basically told me that it wouldn’t be a one-time thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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